2008 June: Women on Death Row

This month I will be looking at the women on death row (since I did not get to do any of this last month). Some are very high profile, where others may not be. But it is a fact that not as many women are sentenced to death as men. Currently there are approximately 51 women on death row, about 2% of the death row population.

Women of Death Row
Women and the Death Penalty
Case Summaries for Current Female Death Row Inmates
Women on Death Row in Texas
Wmen on Death Row
Women on Death Row in North Carolina

Lisa Montgomery

Darlie Routier

Brittany Holberg

Blanche Taylor Moore


17 Responses

  1. Why Are Those Women In Death Row?
    Please Inform Me Why They Will Be Dead Shortly?


  2. Beth,
    Death Row is reserved for those who can’t, won’t or don’t want to be rehabilitated. Death Row is for people like Ted Bundy, and countless others who can and will kill you at the drop of a hat without an ounce of remorse. It’s for people who know right from wrong, but don’t give a s**t anyways. Death Row is for people who think the laws of our land don’t apply to them, because they think they are above the law. It’s for people who MURDER innocent people like you and me, and they will KILL AGAIN if they are free.
    Tell me this. If a killer looks you in the eye and says, “Execute me, because if you don’t, I will kill again. And this time it may be YOUR loved one”.
    You would let someone like that live???


  3. i don’t think anyone deserves to die. regardless of what they have done. if someone knowingly killed a member of my family,i would be no better than them if i or someone else was to take their life in return. i do believe that they should suffer for their actions but to kill another human being for whatever reason right or wrong is still wrong. i feel pity on countries that still carry out death penalties. SHAME ON YOU ALL.

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  4. KT,

    Shame on YOU for judging others on their BELIEFS. That would be like me saying “shame on you” for believing in God” if I was an atheist. This is subject that is very hotly debated, just like religion and politics. You have no right to condemn people for their beliefs, especially since the death penalty is not a crime. And I hope you know that your statements were a slap in the face for victims families and loved ones that do believe in the death penalty. Thanks for victimizing them yet again and making them the bad guy.

    And you may not feel the way you do if a loved one was murdered. I promise you that. I have had a loved one murdered. It is something you do not get over.

    You have your right to believe as you do, and so do others who do not believe the same as you. Why do you feel you need to shame people into changing their beliefs?

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    • Hi πŸ‘‹ I second what you said. I’m sorry for your loss. It might be very painful πŸ˜– Please take care πŸŒΌπŸŒΈπŸ™πŸΌ


  5. I aswell, dont agree with the death penality, It breaks my heart that people can kill, espically when they are children, but i think they should have to stay in jail in a cell by themselves forever, it makes me sick to look at someone who can harm kids, and id love them to be tormented in jail for the rest of there lives, they will answer to the guy above.

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  6. The death penalty is great kill the sorry peases of crap.Kt who the hell do you think you are god says you will judged by a jury of your peers if death is there choise then they die read your bible.IF you do away with the death penalty totally people will start killing more and more.Because they wont be worrying a bout being put to death.And you are a liar if you say you wouldnt wont them to die if they killed one of you family members.If They TOOK YOUR SON OR DAUGHTER AND SCREWED THEM IN THE BUTT BEAT THEM RAPED THEM AGAIN THEN CUT THEM UP IN LITTLE PEASES YOU SAY THATS OK I DONT WONT YOU TO DIE FOR DOING IT YOU ARE STUPID KT OR RETARDED ONE

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  7. haha.
    great thoughts Barry πŸ™‚

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  8. KT SORRY FOR CALLING YOU STUPID.I shouldnt have called you that but it is true that we need to keep the death penalty.People are killing left and right they dont care who they kill kids grandmas there own moms and dads where does it end.If we do away with the death penalty it would just make it twice as worst.Ive heard people say if it wasnt for the death penalty ied kill this or that person.IN some countrys the murder rate is low because the exucute your ass the day after they convict you.We are to nice know to death row people we give them cable tv cells by them selves. Prisons would be so full they would be falling out the door if it wasnt for the death penalty.I know a street person who commints crimes just so he will have a warm place for the winter.he doenst do it know because we have the 3 strikes your out law here know.So thank god for death penalty and the 3 strikes your out laws.This world is crazy enough with out making it worser


  9. DP should certainly be preserved, or in case of my native country (Latvia) – restored. It is not about effectiveness of punishment , it is about justice. If someone kills me i want this person to be killed as well , it is as simple as that. Am i asking for too much?


  10. If these people do not want to be rehabilitated and know they will murder no matter what, then how does having a death penalty stop them? If they kill indiscriminately and mindlessly then surely the death penalty doesn’t prevent them. Also in other countries where the death penalty is illegal, there was no increase in murders or violent crime.

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  11. The death penalty is an excellent deterrent. Countless lives have been saved because a criminal thought twice before killing his robbery or rape victim.
    I defy anyone to prove otherwise.
    People who kill other people for their own sick reasons have forfeited their right to live amongst other human beings.
    The only solution is to terminate their lives with dispatch.
    Countries that do not have the fortitude to remove these monsters from society deserve them.


  12. If the minuet that some one was put in the chair,the person that they killed came back alive,then that would be ok,but that person is not coming back,so killing that peorson is nothing,let them rot in jail the rest of their life,knowing that they will never ever get to walk the street free again.
    AND putting people in the chair,has not stopped crime.people are still killing–

    note from blog owner
    However, the death penalty is a specific deterrant – that person will never ever kill again. But I have to ask, how can you say put them in prison means they won’t be back on the streets to kill again? It HAS happened before. There have been many prison break outs and people have murdered while on the run. So, what guarantee do you have that by not executing a person that they will never kill again either? After all, besides breaking out and killing someone, there are other people in prisons, including guards and prison employees. How can you guarantee that the killer won’t kill them?


  13. Freedom is worth dieing for.God expects us to presere our freedom by maintaining capital punishment and a government that supports freedom.It took a long time for me to understand that I must be willing to give my life for the freedom of others.


  14. I don’t know what ALL these women did but I know what Darlie Routier did and IF she really did do it. she deserves death. Reason for IF is because they say “they have new evidence” Evidence that I haven’t seen or read yet. BUT SHE DESERVES WHATS COMING TO HER. I think the needle is to light for death because you only go to sleep. Sorry if that sounds cruel but her children died an awful awful death. So I think she should too. jmo.


  15. While I am a firm believer in the death penalty and believe most incarcerated are guilty as sin, I do not believe Darlie Routier to be guilty. It is the one and only case that has ever given me pause.


  16. America:
    We kill people who kill people,
    because killing people is wrong..

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