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News Archive: Gabriella Doolin murder

Gabriella ‘Gabbi’ Corine Doolin

Gabriella ‘Gabbi’ Corine Doolin murder 11/14/2015 Scottsville, KY *Body of 7-year-old Gabbi disappeared during a football game after she was reported missing*
Update: Gabriella Doolin murder *Timothy Madden charged with her murder; May face the death penalty*

TimothyMadden jail mug
Timothy Madden

Update: Gabriella Doolin murder *Timothy Madden charged with her murder; May face the death penalty*

Gabriella ‘Gabbi’ Corine Doolin

News Archive: Gabriella Doolin murder
Kentucky town shaken by killing of 7-year-old girl
Funeral services held in Ky. for murdered 7-year old
Timothy Madden Allegedly Raped, Murdered 7-year-old Gabriella Doolin During High School Football Game (VERY good article)
Man charged with rape, murder in 7-year-old Ky. girl’s death
Man accused in 7-year-old Ky. girl’s death pleads not guilty
20-year-old son of murder suspect Timothy Madden arrested after allegedly threatening police
Man accused of raping, murdering 7-year-old pleads not guilty
Judge sets $1 million full cash bond in girl’s kidnapping, slaying
Murder suspect Timothy Madden speaks to WDRB News
Wife of Timothy Madden: ‘He’s not that kind of person’

TimothyMadden jail mug
Timothy Madden

Monsters Among Us: Richard Speck raped and murdered 8 student nurses

Speck Victims
Corazon Amurao

Valentina Paison
Pamela Wilkening
Patricia Matusek
Suzanne Farris
Mary Ann Jordan
Merlita Gargullo
Gloria Davy
Nina Jo Schmale
Corazon Amurao (only survivor)

Find-A-Grave: Valentina Pasion
Find-A-Grave: Pamela Wilkening
Find-A-Grave: Patricia Ann Matusek
Find-A-Grave: Suzanne Bridgit Farris
Find-A-Grave: Mary Ann Jordan
Find-A-Grave: Merlita Gargullo
Find-A-Grave: Gloria Jean Davy
Find-A-Grave: Nina Jo Schmale
Chicago Sun-Times Special Section: Richard Speck 40 Years Later
Murderpedia: Richard Franklin Speck
Richard Speck, Born to Raise Hell
Wikipedia: Richard Speck
Richard Speck
Haunted Chicago
Richard Speck – Born to Raise Hell

Born to Raise Hell: The Untold Story of Richard Speck — The Man, The Crime, The Trial
The Crime of The Century — Richard Speck and The Murder of Eight Student Nurses

Biography: Natural Born Killer: Richard Speck
Chicago Massacre: Richard Speck
Richard Speck: Born to Raise Hell
Richard Speck
A Crime To Remember: And Then There Was One

Richard Speck

Murder In The Family: Lyle and Erik Menendez killed their parents, Jose and Mary Louise “Kitty” Menendez so they could inherit the $15 million estate

dv awareness

Kitty and Jose Menendez
Kitty and Jose Menendez

Both Lyle and Erik Menendez were sentenced to LWOP, and both have married while incarcerated

Jose Menendez Gave His Sons Everything. Maybe Even a Motive for Murder
Lyle Menendez says his father raped him
Jury deadlocked; mistrial declared in Lyle Menendez case
Mistrial declared in Lyle Menendez case
Lyle Menendez denies murder in cold blood
Menendez brothers going to jail for long time for slaying parents
Erik and Lyle Menendez begin life prison terms
The Menendez brothers: 25 years later
Murderpedia: Joseph Lyle and Erik Galen Menendez
Wikipedia: Lyle and Erik Menendez
Why It Took Three Juries to Convict the Menendez Brothers
bio: Lyle Menendez
bio: Erik Menendez
Lyle Menendez admits that he ‘overreacted’
Wife of Erik Menendez talks about relationship
Lyle Menendez praises self, rips nearly everyone in a new book

Blood Brothers: The Inside Story of the Menendez Murders

Mugshots: Menendez Brothers – Blood Brothers
Menendez: A Killing in Beverly Hills
Honor Thy Father and Mother: The True Story of the Menendez Murders
Barbara Walters Presents American Scandals: Menendez Brothers: The Bad Sons


Lyle Menendez mug

CDCR#: K13758
Age: 47
Admission Date: 07/03/1996
Current Location: Mule Creek
Mule Creek State Prison
Main Phone: (209) 274-4911
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 409099, Ione, CA 95640


Erik Menendez mug

CDCR#: K14101
Age: 44
Admission Date: 07/03/1996
Current Location: RJ Donovan
Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility
Main Phone: (619) 661-6500

Gabriella ‘Gabbi’ Corine Doolin murder 11/14/2015 Scottsville, KY *Body of 7-year-old Gabbi disappeared during a football game after she was reported missing*

Gabriella ‘Gabbi’ Corine Doolin

Gabriella ‘Gabbi’ Corine Doolin obituary
Gabbi Doolin Memorial Fund
Gabriella Doolin, 7, Was Victim of Homicide, Kentucky Police Say
Scottsville remembers Gabriella Doolin while police search for her killer
7-year-old cheerleader’s body found in pond minutes after she was reported missing at football game
Body of a 7 year old girl found in Scottsville
7-Year-Old Murder Victim Got ‘Lost in a Crowd’
News Archive: Gabriella Doolin murder

Monsters Among Us: David Conley charged with the murder of 2 adults and 6 children

Jackson family

Dewayne Jackson, 50
Valerie Jackson, 40
Dewayne, 10
Honesty, 11
Caleb, 9
Trinity, 7
Jonah, 6

Texas Police: 5 children, 3 adults found dead inside home
Houston sheriff: ‘We’re all hurting’ after mass murder
Houston Police Arrest Suspect David Conley After Finding Eight Bodies Inside Home
Grisly details emerge in murder of 6 kids, 2 adults
Accused killer of Houston family: “I’m only human”
Texas Man David Conley Accused of Killing 2 Adults, 6 Children in Dispute With Ex
Man Charged in Houston Slayings: Kids Were Becoming ‘Monsters’
Family of Houston mass murder victims reveals pleas for help before murders took place
4 things to know about David Conley, accused of killing 8 inside Texas home

David Conley
David Conley

Monsters Among Us: William Hudson charged with killing 6 people, including one child, at a private campsite

Anderson campsite victims

Carl Johnson, 77
Kade Johnson, 6
Hannah Johnson
Thomas Kamp
2 others not yet identified

Six dead at East Texas campsite
Family confirms 6 killed at Anderson County campsite, including 1 child
Sheriff: Six killed in campsite homicide, suspect charged
Man arrested after six found dead in East Texas
Man charged after 6 found dead at Texas campsite
Sheriff: 6 dead in Texas campsite attack; man charged with murder

William Hudson
William Hudson


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