2006 November: The Chicago Outfit

November: Organized Crime – The Chicago Outfit

The Chicago Outfit
American Mafia
Gang Land
Raven’s Organized Crime Menu
Crime Magazine
Hymie Weiss

al-capone.jpg Al Capone

mafia_nitti.jpg Frank Nitti

jaiuppa.jpg Joey Aiuppa

samgiancana.jpg Sam Giancana

taccardo1.jpg Tony Accardo

rocco-infelise.jpg Ernest Rocco “Rocky” Infelise


3 Responses

  1. Sorry to bring back an old post, but I just saw this while reading about the Channon Christian tragedy.

    You forgot both Mayors Daley in your list of famous Chicago gangsters.


  2. Please help. I am researching information on my great grandfather “Diamond Louis Cowan” Al Capones bondsman. He was murdered in front of the Clifford Theatre with his bodyguard Joseph Corngold at his side. Any information helps. Thank You! Kim


  3. Kim,

    I hope this gets to you some way (you didn’t leave an email address).

    I am Louis Cowen’s (not Cowan) great grand son. Is Mildred your great grandmother? I am his great grandson by his first wife, Sarah. There is only one other great grand child that I know of and she’s adopted.

    Email me and we can talk.



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