Mothers From Hell: Ruth DiRienzo Whitehead charged with the murder of her 11-year-old son, Matthew, allegedly over financial issues

Matthew Whitehead

Mother charged with murder after 11-year-old son found in Horsham Township home
Mom charged with murder of 11-year-old son in Horsham, Pennsylvania then fleeing to New Jersey
Mother of 11-Year-Old Boy Found Dead Charged With Murder
Mother strangled her son to death with father’s belt because she did not want him to grow up with money problems: Authorities



Mothers From Hell: Santos Asucena Caseres Cruz charged in the murder of her newborn son, who was found in a cardboard box in a field

Whitewater woman charged in death of baby boy
Charges filed, bond set for mother of baby found in Whitewater field
Complaint: Mother charged after leaving dead newborn in box in Whitewater field
Records: Whitewater mother accused of watching baby die before leaving him in a field
Wisconsin mom charged after dead newborn found stuffed inside cardboard box in abandoned field

Santos Asucena Caseres Cruz

Mothers From Hell: Shamaiya Hall charged with stabbing 3 of her children to death in their home in Italy, TX

Mother allegedly stabbed her five children, killing three, after CPS visit in Italy, Texas, sources say
3 children dead, 2 injured in stabbing at Texas home during CPS visit: Sheriff
Mother charged with capital murder in deaths of 3 children in Italy, Texas, family says
Texas mom charged with capital murder of 3 children has a twin sister in state mental hospital for 7-year-old girl’s stabbing death
Texas mom charged with the fatal stabbing of her 3 children has criminal history, records show
Who is Shamaiya Hall? North Texas woman arrested after allegedly stabbing, killing 3 of her kids
Questions remain about mother charged with capital murder in deaths of 3 children in Italy, Texas
Mom Who Killed 3 Kids During CPS Visit Has Twin Sister Who Murdered 7-Year-Old Daughter
Texas woman charged with capital murder of 3 children has twin sister in state mental hospital for girl’s stabbing death


Mothers From Hell: Lanaya Brittany Cardwell charged with the murder of her 2-year-old daughter, Nevaeh Allen and putting her in a suitcase; Her boyfriend, Phillip Gardner, is also charged

Nevaeh Allen

Find-A-Grave: Nevaeh Liyla “NuNu” Allen
Baton Rouge toddler died after mom punched her torso, causing her to hit head, police say
DCFS confirms active case involving death of Nevaeh Allen
FBI joins search for 2-year-old who disappeared from apartment complex in La.
A Louisiana Toddler Was Found Stuffed in a Suitcase in a ‘Makeshift Grave Deep in the Woods.’ The Baby’s Mother Is Now Charged with Murder.
Mother, her boyfriend plead not guilty in toddler’s death
Mother, her boyfriend plead not guilty in toddler’s death
Mother accused of killing 2-year-old daughter returns to court
Court hearing rescheduled for woman accused of killing 2-year-old daughter
Facebook: Lanaya Cardwell

Lanaya Brittany Cardwell
Phillip Gardner



Update: Eli Hart murder *Mother, Julissa Thaler, convicted of his murder; Sentenced to LWOP*

Eli Hart

Mothers From Hell: Julissa Thaler charged with killing her 6-year-old son, Eli Hart, and putting him in her car trunk
Julissa Thaler guilty of 6-year-old son’s murder
Minnesota Mom Convicted of Murdering Her 6-Year-Old Son After Going to Gun Range for Shooting Practice
Minnesota mom convicted of murdering 6-year-old son with shotgun blasts in ‘one of the most horrific’ cases prosecutors have ever seen
Minnesota woman convicted of killing her 6-year-old son just days after regaining full custody of him
Julissa Thaler sentenced to life without parole in son’s murder
Julissa Thaler sentenced to life in prison for murdering 6-year-old son, Eli Hart
‘This monster’: Mom curses court, professes innocence, is sentenced to life without parole over shotgun murder of 6-year-old son


Mothers From Hell: Nakira M. Griner beat her 23-month-old son, Daniel Jr, then dismembered and burned his body; Sentenced to LWOP

Daniel “DJ” Joshua Griner, Jr. obituary
Find-A-Grave: Daniel Joshua “DJ” Griner Jr.
Nakira Griner arraigned in son’s death, pleads not guilty
Mother Charged With Killing New Jersey Toddler Doesn’t Show for Court, Attorney Claims Postpartum Depression
Woman rejects plea deal, will face trial in toddler’s death
N.J. mom charged with killing her child, burning remains rejects plea offer and will face trial
Trial starts for N.J. mom accused of killing, burning and dismembering her toddler
NJ Woman Found Guilty of Murdering Son Then Claiming He Was Abducted
Woman convicted of murder 4 years after toddler son found buried in New Jersey yard
South Jersey mother found guilty of killing 23-month-old son
N.J. mom found guilty of killing, burning, dismembering her 23-month-old son
South Jersey mother found guilty of killing 23-month-old son
N.J. Mom Found Guilty of Killing Toddler Son, Burning Body and Burying Him in Yard
Judge sentences Bridgeton woman for 2019 murder of young son
New Jersey Mother Convicted of Murdering Her 23-Month-Old Son, Dismembering Him and Burning the Remains
New Jersey mother sentenced to life without parole for murdering 23-month-old son and staging disappearance

Mothers From Hell: Jellisa Amoya Baxter charged with stabbing her 3-year-old daughter to death

3-Year-Old Girl Stabbed to Death by Own Mother in North Miami Beach Apartment: Police
3-year-old girl stabbed, killed by mother in North Miami Beach apartment: Police
Mother arrested, charged with killing 3-year-old daughter in North Miami Beach apartment
North Miami Beach mother accused of fatally stabbing 3-year-old daughter
‘I just killed my daughter’: Police release chilling 911 call after Florida mom accused of stabbing 3-year-old to death
‘I Just Killed My Daughter’: Fla. Mom Allegedly Called 911, Confessed to Stabbing 3-Year-Old to Death
Florida Mom Admitted to Killing 3-Year-Old Daughter by Stabbing Baby in the ‘Chest, Neck, and Face’: Police
Bond denied for North Miami Beach mom charged in daughter’s murder


Mothers From Hell: Jessica Williams Trefethen horrifically beat to death her 3-year-old son, Maddox; Sentenced to 47 years in prison

Maddox Williams

Find-A-Grave: Maddox A. Williams
Premature birth, premature death: The sad, tragic life of Maddox Williams
Maine mother on trial for death of son told police she had no idea how he died
Medical examiner testifies about how Maddox Williams died
Maine mother guilty of murder in slaying of 3-year-old Maddox Williams
Maine Mother Found Guilty of Murder After Severely Abusing 3-Year-Old Son, Trying to Blame It on a Dog and the Boy’s Sister
Maine mother guilty of murder in slaying of 3-year-old Maddox Williams
Maine mother sentenced to 47 years for beating 3-year-old son to death
‘A Twisted Sense of Punishment’: Maine Mom Who Viciously Beat 3-Year-Old Son to Death Will Spend Decades Behind Bars

Jessica Williams Trefethen

Mothers From Hell: Leilani Simon charged with the murder of her 20-month-old son, Quinton, whose remains were found in the landfill after searching for him for several days

Quinton Simon

Quinton Simon: Obituary remembers Georgia toddler found dead as ‘smart, loving, little monkey’
Leilani Simon, mother of missing Chatham Co. toddler, arrested and charged with murder
Quinton Simon: Police charge mother in Georgia toddler’s death after remains found
Mother of missing toddler arrested after human remains found in Georgia landfill: “Heartbreaking development”
Remains Believed to Be Those of Missing Georgia Toddler Found in Landfill, Police Arrest His Mom
Mother of 20-month-old Quinton Simon arrested in his disappearance, death
Georgia Mom Arrested For Missing Toddler’s Death After Human Remains Are Recovered In Landfill
No bond set for Chatham County mother accused of murdering her toddler
Leilani Simon arrested in death of son Quinton Simon
Judge sets date for preliminary hearing for Leilani Simon, charged in Savannah toddler’s murder
FBI confirms remains found in Savannah landfill belong to missing toddler Quinton Simon
DNA analysis confirms Quinton Simon’s remains were found in landfill, according to FBI
FBI Confirms Bones from Georgia Landfill Belonged to Missing 20-Month-Old Boy
Georgia Mother Indicted for Allegedly Killing 20-Month-Old Son with ‘Unknown Object,’ Discarding Body in Dumpster, and Lying to Police
Mother Accused of Killing 20-month-old Son Tries to Keep Dental Records From Prosecutors: Report


News Archive: Cairo Ammar Jordan murder

Body of young boy found in wooded area Washington County, IN in Las Vegas suitcase
Updated: Boy in Las Vegas suitcase *Boy identified as Cairo Ammar Jordan; Mother, Dejuane Ludie Anderson, wanted for his murder*

Dejaune Ludie Anderson
Dawn Elaine Coleman

Dejaune Ludie Anderson


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