Mothers From Hell: Leannah Gardipe charged with the stabbing murders of her 2 young children

daughter, 3
son, 5

2 children found dead in Missoula home, woman detained
2 children found dead inside a Missoula house
Missoula woman accused of killing her two young children
Missoula mother charged in deaths of 2 young children
Missoula woman accused of killing 2 young children
Missoula woman to appear on charges she killed her two children
Mom arrested and charged with murdering her two children
Woman Said She ‘Saved Her Babies’ by Stabbing Them to Death with a Steak Knife: Prosecutor
Missoula woman held on $10M bail for allegedly killing her children
Affidavit of Probable Cause


Mothers From Hell: Addison Perdew charged with beating her 2-month-old son to death, causing 33 rib fractures, skull fractures and other injuries, Texted that she was “bout to kill him”

Addison Perdew Charged For Allegedly Beating Infant Son To Death
Mother charged with murder after allegedly beating infant to death
Addison Perdew brutally killed an infant: Police
Charges: Minneapolis woman fatally beat infant son
‘Im Bout to Kill Him’: Minnesota Mom Charged With Vicious Murder of Baby Who Died With 33 Rib Fractures, Collapsed Lungs, and Multiple Skull Fractures


Mothers From Hell: Brittany Suzanne Peevyhouse charged with the murder of her newborn left in a trash can

Infant Death Investigation
Perris Woman Arrested Nine Months After Infant’s Body Found in Trash
Mother Arrested After Baby Found Dead In Perris Trash
Mother Charged in the Death of Her Newborn, Which Was Found Abandoned in Trashcan in Winter
California Mother Charged With Murder After Newborn’s Body Found ‘Discarded in the Trash’
Perris Woman Accused of Killing and Discarding Her Newborn Baby Charged With Murder
Facebook: Brittany S Peevyhouse


Mothers From Hell: Alvory C. Chavez Ramos charged with killing her newborn son and burying him in the backyard

She said she hid her pregnancy from her family so they would not be mad at her. However, I have to wonder now, are they proud of what she did instead?

Woman charged with killing newborn, burying him in backyard of Leyden Township home
Leyden Township woman charged with murder of her infant child
Woman charged with killing newborn and burying the boy in the backyard of home
Leyden Twp. woman accused of suffocating newborn
Woman Killed, Buried Newborn So Her Family Wouldn’t Be Mad: Cops
Ill. Woman Allegedly Smothered Crying Newborn, Buried Body in Backyard
Illinois Woman Accused of Suffocating Newborn, Placing Boy’s Body in Plastic Bag and Burying Him in Backyard


Mothers From Hell: Lakeisha Mitchell charged with the murder of her 4-year-old foster daughter, Joy King-Castro, even filming herself saying, “Die, Bitch, Die” to a 4 YEAR OLD CHILD

Joy King-Castro

‘The most heinous crime’: Brevard County foster mom accused of murdering 4-year-old girl in her care
Woman Charged with the Murder of a Child
‘I couldn’t do anything’: Mother of girl who died in Brevard foster care says the system failed her
Titusville girl dies after being found unconscious in bathtub; foster mother charged with first-degree murder, police say
Titusville Woman Charged With First-Degree Murder in Connection to Death of 4-Year-Old Child
Foster Mom Films Herself Saying ‘Die, B***h, Die’ to 4-Year-Old She Beat & Strangled to Death: Prosecutor
Documents give new details into Brevard County foster mother charged with murder, child abuse
Florida Woman Drowned 4-Year-Old Foster Child She Thought Was ‘Faking Unconsciousness,’ ‘Speaking with Demons’: Sheriff


Mothers From Hell: Paula Sims killed her 2 infant daughters, because she only wanted boys; Sentenced to life in prison

Heather Lee Sims, 6 weeks old [4/29/1989]
Loralei Marie Sims, 8 days old [6/17/1986]

Find-A-Grave: Heather Lee Sims
Find-A-Grave: Loralei Marie Sims
A timeline of events leading to the conviction of an Alton mother who killed her babies
The People of the State of Illinois v Paula J Sims 2001 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Paula Sims eligible for parole; Alton mom was found guilty of killing infant kids
Paula Sims v Lynn Cahill-Mashing 2005 (habeas corpus denied)
Paula Sims case: IL woman who confessed to killing 2 infant daughters granted parole
Illinois woman who killed infant daughter granted parole
Paula Sims granted parole after 30 years in prison for killing daughters
Murderpedia: Paula Marie Sims
‘Precious Victims’ Mother Who Killed 2 Newborn Daughters Has ‘Postpartum Psychosis,’ Gets Early Parole

Killinois with Bird and Cam: Paula Sims

Dying Dreams
Precious Victims (great book)

Forensic Files: Similar Circumstances
Precious Victims


Update: James Robert Hutchinson murder *Mother’s boyfriend, James Hamilton, pled guilty, Sentenced to 15-19 years in prison

James Robert Hutchinson

News Archive: James Robert Hutchinson murder
Boyfriend of woman convicted in son’s murder pleads guilty to several charges
Middletown man details how he abused 6-year-old, siblings before child’s death
Police release interview tapes of man charged in connection with death of 6-year-old Middletown boy
James Hamilton details abuse of 6-year-old, siblings before child’s death
Middletown man gets at least 15 years in killing, kidnapping of girlfriend’s children
Man sentenced for role in 6-year-old Middletown boy’s death
Father of murdered Middletown boy pleased with sentencing of James Hamilton
Brittany Gosney’s Boyfriend Revealed How the Couple ‘Punched’ and ‘Hog-Tied’ Her Children Before Her Son’s Murder

Brittany Gosney – pled guilty, sentenced to life in prison
James Hamilton – pled guilty, sentenced to 15-19 years in prison



Mothers From Hell: Debra Jenner stabbed her 3-year-old daughter, Abby Lynn Jenner, more than 70 times; Sentenced to 100 years in prison

Abby Lynn Jenner

Find-A-Grave: Abby Lynn Jenner
State of South Dakota v Debra Sue Jenner 1990 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Debra Jenner v Robert Dooley 1999 (habeas corpus denied)
Woman Convicted Of Killing Daughter Gets Sentence Reduced
Parole board denies request of mother who murdered her child
Debra Jenner, serving 100 years in prison in Pierre for slaying 3-year-old daughter, has parole hearing in July
Should Huron child murderer Debra Jenner get parole?
Looking back: Debra Jenner and the Janklow factor
Mother who killed daughter gets parole after 30 years
Convicted 1987 child killer, Debra Jenner, granted parole in unpublicized hearing


Mothers From Hell: Krisinda Ann Bright charged with the murders of her 2 children, Jeffrey and Jasmine Cannady; State seeking the death penalty

Jasmine Cannady, 22
Jeffrey “JJ” Bright, 16

Jasmine Alycia Cannady obituary
Find-A-Grave: Jasmine Alycia Cannady
Kiara Janae Bright obituary (Jeffrey)
Find-A-Grave: Kiara Janae “JJ” Bright
HRC Mourns Jeffrey “JJ” Bright & Jasmine Cannady, Trans & Non-Binary Siblings Killed in Pennsylvania
Beaver County LGBTQ+ group holds vigil for siblings killed in Ambridge shooting
‘Please Don’t Shoot’: Krisinda Bright Accused Of Shooting, Killing Her 16-Year-Old, 22-Year-Old Children
Pennsylvania Mom Arrested After Allegedly Fatally Shooting Her 2 Children
Mother called 911 after shooting, killing 2 children inside Ambridge home, police say
Trans and Nonbinary Siblings Shot to Death; Mother Charged
Ambridge woman arraigned on homicide charges in killing of her two children
‘Gruesome scene’ in Ambridge home where police say mother shot, killed 2 children
Ambridge mother accused of killing her two children will face trial
DA to seek death penalty against woman charged with shooting, killing two of her children in Ambridge, Beaver County
D.A. Seeks Death Penalty Against Mom Who Allegedly Murdered Kids, Called 911, and Waited for Cops While Covered in Blood


Custody Status: In Custody
Age: 48
Contact Facility:
Offender ID: 2100204
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 10/05/1972
Additional Information:
Alternate ID’s
Other Jail Numbers: 2100204
Booking Number: 2100204

Mothers From Hell: Stacey Schuchart charged with the murder of her 18-month-old son, Sean Buttery Jr.

Sean Buttery Jr

Sean Ryan Buttery Jr. obituary
Police: Mother charged in death of toddler in NKY
Northern Kentucky mother indicted for the death of her toddler son
Woman charged with manslaughter in toddler’s death
‘Absolutely not’: Judge refuses request of release for woman accused of killing 1-year-old son
Dayton mother pleads not guilty to manslaughter in 17-month-old son’s beating death
In Court, More Shocking Details Shared About Boy’s Death in Dayton
Details emerge in case of woman charged with manslaughter in death of 18-month-old son in Dayton


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