2006 December: Family Murders/Family Annihilators

December: Family Murders/Family Annihilators

Family Slayings
Wikipedia – Mass Murder


DeFeo Family Massacre

Greist Family Killings

John List

Ronald Gene Simmons

Marcus Wesson

Neil Woodman

Stewart Woodman

Neil Entwistle

Shawn Bentler

Dana Ewell


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  1. Are these People in these pictures, People who you are interested in or People you want the world to know about ?
    Im not being rude, I find it interesting.
    Im just curious.


  2. I love reading about true crime. I go to Barnes and Nobles just to buy the true crime new releases. It just amazes me how normal people suddenly turn into murders.


  3. Parents killing their kids, listed alphabetically, by state at http://www.FamilyLawCourts.com/kids.html

    Also, when the criminals are wearing badges.


    and worse, at http://www.badcopnews.com

    When it comes to family values, gradually the public will learn via the internet, (not throught traditional media) that the U.S. is a third world county.

    See more media misses at


  4. Interesting…

    Are you at all familiar with the Texarkana Phantom Murders. It was captured in a good, but little seen film called, “The Town That Dreaded Sundown” from 1975 or 1976.

    The crimes themselves happene din the late 40’s. Fascinating read if you’re not familiar with it

    Enjoyed your site.


  5. Laurie,

    Yes, I am familiar with the Phantom Murders and I own a copy of that movie! Currently a documentary is in the works on it also. I heard it should be out this summer. I will be doing a post on these murders the next time I do a serial killer month.


  6. Any updates on the Vaughn family?


  7. Just wondering what happened to the woodman boys their wives and families..


    • Both Wives Successfully Divorced those 2 dirtbags……all the kids seem to have grown up Successfully and made honest successful families and lives…..in spite of what they had to endure. Both wives re-married and I have no information current on either Maxine or Melody.


  8. Joanne,

    I will be posting on them this weekend, but I can tell you that Stuart turned State’s evidence against his brother. Both got prison, but I don’t remember the exact sentences off the top of my head.


  9. This people in the picture does show their evil faces. Really scary look.


  10. Regarding the Woodmans — life in prison without possibility of parole.




  12. Why did Stewart gain so much weight? He couldn’t have weighed over 170 the last time I saw him which was quite a long time ago. He and his family were close and he still lived at home, in LA. What happened to him?
    He had everything going for him.
    So sad.
    I thought he loved his father and mother.




    • Hello–Sounds like you knew the Woodman family very well. I am working on a series that is interested in covering this case. Would you have some time to chat?


      • Are you still interested in the woodman case, I would like to read/see it. I worked for Stewart and Neil for several years before as their bookkeeper.


  14. Thank you so much. It still hasn’t sunk in yet.

    Stewart and I were only 21 years old. His dad, mom were so nice to me. I can’t believe I knew a family that had such a violent future ahead of them. I bet you did too.

    Stewart didn’t like my baby blue GTO, thought I spent too much money.

    I must have been living in a cave not to have turned on the TV to see until 2 weeks ago. It brought back a multitude of memories. Of all the people in the world to meet and get to know.

    I had never met such a kind, handsome man in my entire life that worshiped his father and loved his mother.

    He was so dedicated to his dad. He sure did talk on the phone a lot. He was always coming to Texas back then. Builder’s Convention, this was 68 too. He was so grown up to be so young, he gave his whole life to his family. He lived at home before they moved to the larger house they were building, this was 69. They keep giving different ages on Stewart, he couldn’t have been 20, his dad sure did put him to work young.

    Stewart was not materalistic back then either. The whole family was frugile. He worked to please his dad.

    I am so glad he has children that love him.

    I wonder how he stayed out of the draft?I forgot to ask him. He must have been real unhappy to gain so much weight.

    I guess he got in with a nightmare of a crowd. This just doesn’t seem real.

    Stewart couldn’t go to college, I always wondered, but that’s the way it was.

    Guess his dad changed his mind.

    May God have Mercy on his soul and one day he can get out and be with his children.

    He lost his moral compass, I’m so sorry.


  15. Stewart’s cooperation had earned him a sentence of 25 years to life in prison. At his sentencing, as he did while testifying, Stewart apologized.

    Neil was a different matter. At his sentencing, he talked about how his brother had always hated him even though he remained loyal. He said he didn’t have any previous knowledge of the crime. “I want the court to know, as I sit here, I’m not guilty of this crime,” Neil said, according to a story by City News Service. The judge handed down a sentence identical to Stewart’s.


  16. I knew Neil and not Stewart. I was introduced to him in 1982— I was introduced to Neil by my partner in business and he lived large and talked big. He was open about hating his parents.

    When the murders happened I was shocked but did not immediately think that Neil did it. I never knew Stewart.

    Later when the murder for hire put Neil and Stewart in jail my partner put up money for his defense. I begged him not to put up the money for the defense but they had been close friends.

    I thought that Neil had paid for the murders but stopped following the case.

    My take on Neil was that he was egotistical and living large. I did not know he was living beyond his means.

    Maxine was sweet funny and the kids Jenifer and Paul nice kids. It was sad to see money become the reason to kill their mother and father. But more then money Neil spoke opening about hating his mother and father.

    I only spent about 7 or 8 total days with the Woodman’s in the 3 years before the murders but it was enough to know that I did not like him and tolerated his rudeness because he was my partner’s best friend


    • I am working on a docu-series and we are researching the Woodman case. Would you be interested in chatting?


      • Any new Docu-Series will be better than the original one which Melody was involved with……Melody did NOT KNOW what the husbands were up to or was purposely ignorant for the $$$


      • Unfortunately…i was there thru it all! There are alot of “Total” Fabrications and In-Accuracies with the Family Blood Book and TV Mini-Series “Murder in the Family”! Why now in 2016 would a “Docu-Series” be popular with old sad disgusting facts of this horrible case? 928-581-7355…….I have no problems chatting……if it is “Factual” what comes out of it. Rick Wilson




  18. I met Stewart’s brother, wife and the first newborn baby. 1969.
    Neil didn’t speak, but his wife did and was very nice.
    They lived in a nice apartment. I can’t remember where. They were proud of the tiny newborn.

    His father was critical, but very nice. They just had a regular ranch house, with a swimming pool. The front just had a lot of cement.

    I walked down the hall, and Stewart laughing told me to come back, I think he had bunk beds or something. That’s how young he was. His mom was in the kitchen. He was funny.

    Stewart was just a kid. Now I realize that. He was a baby almost.

    I have not been back to California in decades.

    Stewart must have married the year after I last saw him in Texas.

    He sure got big. I know his dad hated that. I gained 3 pounds and he made a comment. I knew I could never gain an ounce and be around him.

    I left Beverly Hills so long ago.

    I am not Jewish. It’s amazing we got along. Stewart was not prejudice back then. Neither was I. He was just a cute guy that adored his parents. It was not an act either,
    But was only 20 years old. Very strange.
    There is no way to contact them either.
    How sad, it’s just does not add up, does it?


  19. I worked for the Woodman’s in another location. I used to hear Mr. Woodman on the phone screaming berating poor Neil. Sometimes when Neil called back, Mr. Woodman was still screaming. Neil came to our locality two times and spent several days on each visit.

    I found him to be different personalities. He could be very nice and down to earth, very generous. He was also very braggadocious and played the big shot, letting us know we were “diminutive”. haha. He also displayed a horrible, scary temper. The type of meaness that comes from the inside with hatred, not just screaming and yelling, but real scary hatred. We all decided we didn’t want to be around him and he wanted to take us to dinner. I said “if you all go, then I will go”. So we all went.


    • According to family members, Stewart Woodman succumbed to diabetes while still in prison on October 11, 2014, just after Yom Kippur (29 years after the murders).[citation needed]Neil Woodman was convicted in 1996.[3][4]Robert Homick was sentenced to life without parole.Steven Homick, who also had another murder conviction in Nevada, was sentenced to death in January 1995. He remained on death row at San Quentin State Prison in California for almost twenty years. On November 5, 2014, he died of natural causes in a nearby hospital.[5][6]

      (Site’s Neil’s Appeal/Denied)

      Also a couple of different books both titled “Family Blood”
      One of them has nice family photographs.


    • I am working on a docu-series and we are researching the Woodman case. Would you be interested in chatting?


      • Give me a call 928-581-7355 as a more accurate version might be interesting……isnt is too “Old News” to sell anymore?


  20. Wow, something was wrong with all three of them.

    I wonder how they kept their wives from leaving them, fear?

    There is so much more to life than money.

    They had to be demented to kill their mother.


  21. Does anyone remember David Hendricks, who killed his wife and three children in their beds with knives and an axe, back in 1982? It happened here in my town, Bloomington, IL, and he was convicted, but he got off on a technicality on appeal.
    I always wondered what happened to him, and found that he has opened a business in Orlando, FL., doing what he does best..he is (and was) an orthopedic prosthetic inventor, and he has been able to keep his identity secret down there, people have no idea what he did, or who he is. He is very highly respected in his field, winning awards and praise..It kind of makes me sick…he is a millionaire, after what he did to his young family.
    Does anyone else have any info on him, personally?? Is he married now, etc??


  22. Candi,

    I always wondered about that one myself. I have not heard anything about him in years. Maybe someone in Orlando can find out (just don’t ask the Anthonys to help)


    • I just read on another website that David Hendricks is living in Orlando, FL and is on his 3rd marriage. He does own another prosthetic company H.O.P.E (Hendricks Orthopaedic Prostetic Enterprises). Got away with murder. My best friend from high school was one of the models that testified against him & was pictured in the book “Reasonable Doubt”.


      • There is strong evidence that David did NOT commit the murders of his wife, Susan, and their three children. There is also a family member (a lady who was married to one of Susan’s brothers) who claims that her former brother-in-law and a friend of his DID commit these murders. After reading the book twice, I think that the second jury came to the right conclusion: NOT guilty. Sadly, the people who most likely DID kill David’s family will probably never be brought to justice…at least not while on this earth. I truly believe David did not commit this crime, and I hope he has been able to find peace in his life.


  23. It is so sad to know the misery these people have caused. What scares me is these people often look so ordinary and you would not believe they would kill their families.


  24. this happened not very far from where I lived and it sickenened. She was a sweet child……….olice Gather Evidence In Case Of Girl Neglected To Death
    Target 11 Obtains Court Documents In Case
    Rick Earle

    4:57 p.m. EDT August 15, 2003 – updated: 5:30 p.m. EDT August 15, 2003
    PITTSBURGH — Police surveyed the house Friday where 4-year-old Kristen Tater (pictured, below) was found dead in a cooler, gathering evidence for their investigation.Kristen Tater

    A state police helicopter circled the neighborhood, taking aerial photographs of the house and the shed where the girl’s body was found last week as investigators continue to piece together the events leading to the death.

    Investigators continue to build their case against the parents and part of that case is detailed in court documents.

    According to court documents obtained by Target 11, a heavy shoe lace — frayed at one end — was tied to the girl’s ankle.

    Police say they found what appears to be the other piece of the shoe lace tied to a bed in the home, suggesting Kristen may have been restrained.

    According to the affidavit of probable cause, Kristen’s 6-year-old brother told police that Janet Crawford and James Tater frequently placed Kristen in the attic for long periods of time as punishment and that they withheld food from her.

    On one occasion, he said Kristen was able to sneak out of the attic and eat in his bedroom.

    When she was caught by their parents she was put back in the attic, he said.

    And when Kristen’s 15-year-old stepsister stayed at the home in June and July, she was told not to go into the master bedroom because there was bad water in the crawl space under the house, causing an odor. She also told investigators towels had been placed at the bottom of the door to keep the odor inside.

    During one visit, she said she entered the bedroom and detected a strong odor but it didn’t smell like bad water or sewage.

    James Tatar and Janet Crawford are scheduled to appear in court Aug. 22.

    Copyright 2003 by Wpxi.com. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.


  25. R.J.Wilson
    I am trying to find out what prison Stewart and Neil are in to write, it seems you are visiting them, I worked with you before the move to The new bldg, also am looking for Steve.

    Let me know


    • According to family members, Stewart Woodman succumbed to diabetes while still in prison on October 11, 2014, just after Yom Kippur (29 years after the murders).[citation needed]Neil Woodman was convicted in 1996.[3][4]Robert Homick was sentenced to life without parole.Steven Homick, who also had another murder conviction in Nevada, was sentenced to death in January 1995. He remained on death row at San Quentin State Prison in California for almost twenty years. On November 5, 2014, he died of natural causes in a nearby hospital.[5][6]

      (Sites Neil’s Appeal/Denied )


    • Lorraine………Steve Strawn is in Seattle Washington


      • Rick

        where are you, I have moved to AZ are you still here


        • Lorraine Yes I am now retired in Yuma Arizona arjay1954@gmail.com or 928-581-7355 (lol) no one calls me anymore anyways…..Bonnie…don’t worry I don’t think Neil will call and Threaten Me anymore??? lol Lorraine…..for goodness sake email me or call me before one of us gets too old to hold the phone…….Your Pal…Rick Wilson


  26. David Hendricks is now remarried and resides in Georgia, and still has his buisness!


  27. David hendrix is in orlando andit really is unfare to say that he killed his family when actually he was aquitted due to them having no evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. I have been reading the book and am now reading it again. It is very interesting and I really wish the crime would be solved. I’m just not sure he did it. None of their circumstancial evidence shows me that he is guilty. The book really leaves me wanted to crack the case………


    • Wonder what could be done to get it on a “Cold Case File?”
      You’d think if he loved his family so much & didn’t have anything to do with their deaths that he’d be wanting to find out who did it…..just saying.


  28. R.J., I haven’t seen you since I was a kid. If you would like to send my dad a letter just email me the letter and I will get it to him. Hope things are going well for you.


  29. My email address is iwoodman@verizon.net


  30. David Hendricks was guilty. He never checked into the hotel in Wisconsin until the afternoon the day after the murders. There was a Hardee’s receipt dated like 7:19 AM for a cup of coffee he got there when he first got to town. It was only about a 6.5 hour drive, tops. If you do the math, he left at about 12:45 AM. He told authorities he left at about 12 AM when he arrived back home. Then when on the stand and after hearing all the arguments, he realized he needed to leave earlier because food content was still in his family’s stomachs so someone had to do the murders after he left, but still before midnight at least. So he said he left at 11 PM on the stand. He lied and is guilty. This I know.


  31. Hendricks also admitted to the murders to an inmate while in prison by the name of Danny Wayne Stark. Stark told the court that Hendricks gave him details on how he committed the crime so Stark could help come up with a plan to lay the blame on someone else. Stark took a lie detector test and passed. His testimony was later discredited when the defense presented three inmates who testified that Stark was known as a liar. He still passed the lie detector test though! Hendricks was acquitted in the retrial because the jury felt the motive given in the first trial was irrelevant and prejudicial. So he walked.


  32. I worked for the Woodman’s in the early 70’s. Gerry was extremely arrogant and constantly belittled his sons in front of everyone. Neil and Gerry fought daily, there was a huge power struggle between them. Stewart came and went from the office, but when there, both his father and brother put him down. Neil and Stewart argued all the time.

    Neil was much more the leader than Stewart who acted more of a spoiled child than anything else. Years later when I heard about the murders, I wasn’t that surprised. Gerry was arrogant and abusive, and his sons were greedy little men who had a huge sense of entitlement.

    I have to say that Vera seemed like a nice woman. I couldn’t imagine her own sons having her killed. This was all so sad.


  33. David did it.


    • Jim:
      I dated David Hendricks for several months, starting in August 1993, shortly after he divorced his second wife – and including the “paranoid” period around the 10th anniversary of the murders that November. David was one very tightly wound psychological mess – which I took some wicked delight in unwinding a bit. We should have a chat about David sometime.


  34. David did it, not Jon. Read Reasonable Doubt again with that knowledge and you will understand.

    The robbery was staged. Why would a random murderer do that? The ax was from the garage. A random murderer would know that? Jon didn’t know where it was hanging either. And David just coincidentally left the door unlocked that night? No. He changed what he said about the time that he left during the trial. Because he had to if he wanted to get out of it. So he said 11pm. He initially said 12am to the first detective when he came back that night. Even that wasn’t right. It was later than that. The wounds to the boy were the worst. They showed mental anguish on the part of the killer. David didn’t want to kill them all, but knew he had to if he wanted to get away with it. He is a psychopath, so he did it. Like I said, reread Reasonable Doubt with that knowledge and you will see. He did it. This I know.

    He also took a lie detector test. And failed. The defense had him take it. And it was their choice whether to use it or not. Obviously they chose not to use it. And they didn’t tell the prosecutors. At least not until it was all over. This was never made public by the way.

    Why didn’t David want to go after Jon? Because he knows Jon didn’t do it. David did. Why didn’t the prosecutors go after Jon all these years later when you pushed them to? Because they know David did it as well. And they can’t retry him.

    He will never have to pay for those murders. At least not in this life. I presume he will regret what he did when he passes away though. Justice will be served then.


  35. He WAS tied physically to the crime. Everywhere. The problem is he lived in the house. So his fingerprints were everywhere. Footprints were everywhere. Skin, clothes particles, everything was all over the place. So the evidence could never be used as a definite sign he was the killer.

    There is a substance that you can sprinkle on to things to bring blood out. There is a reason why when they sprinkled it on the shower floor in the upstairs bathroom that it lit up. The whole shower floor lit up. That is how he got cleaned off. They say, well, sometimes household cleaners can do that. No. That is where he cleaned up.


  36. Right. Luminol.


  37. I happen to know for a fact the David murdered them. So deal with that. It wasn’t Jon.

    The prosecutors know as well. Ever wonder why they never pursued Jon when you came to them with all the new evidence in recent years? Because they also know David is the one who did it.


  38. I can’t believe you think Jon did it. That guy is truly crazy. You think he could have done it without leaving a trace of evidence and then kept his mouth closed all these years? Not a chance. There was only one person clever enough to pull it all off. That was David. He wouldn’t have risked hiring someone else to do it and then end up getting ratted out (you think the hired person wouldn’t rat him out if caught?) when he knew he could do it himself. And he did. I seriously can’t believe you think Jon did it. And you are using demonic rants of a confession to some couple in CA as your proof (if that even happened)? Weak. Very weak. All your other proof is weak. Bloody clothes? He worked in a hospital! He had a key? A lot of other family members have keys to each others homes! Because he borrowed an ax? David handed him the ax. He didn’t go in the garage and get it himself. And besides, just because he knew where it was isn’t proof. And because he liked Friday The 13th movies? That was the strangest proof I have ever heard of. A lot of girls are named Pam!

    David did not check into the hotel the next day in Wisconsin until the afternoon (after a few morning appointments)! There is a Hardee’s receipt of his when he ate breakfast in Wisconsin at like 7:50am. What, he left at 11pm (which he said on the stand months later despite saying 12am in the first interview with the detective right after it all happened!), took the 6.5 hour drive to the town he was going to, then drove around for 2 hours or more instead of checking into the hotel? No. He left at around 12:45am or 1am. It took him time to clean up, stage the burglary, etc.

    David just happened to forget to lock the door that night? No. He said he always locked the door. He even made a special lock for it. Although in his first interview with the detective when he came back from Wisconsin, he offered up that maybe he forgot to lock it that night. Of course he said that. He knew he had to come up with a way for an “alleged” killer to enter his house without a key or any evidence of a forced entry. David planned the whole thing. It also wasn’t a coincidence that he told reports that some things were missing before the police notified him that there was evidence of a potential burglary as well. As smart as he was, he still let that one slip!

    When he said he left at 11pm on the stand, the prosecutors knew they were going to lose. David did too. That is why he said it.

    Again, I know for a fact David did it. So deal with that. This is the only chance you will ever have to know the truth. So now you know.


  39. And he’s on Facebook.


  40. I don’t think Steve Vogel’s one comment about you invalidates the whole book. And besides, that book has nothing to do with me knowing that David did it. I know for another reason.


  41. Well, David did it. This I know. Reread the book and you can piece together potentially how he did it. I don’t know the exact details for sure. Just that he did it.

    Those criminologists said just one person could have easily done it. I don’t think a single criminologist said it could have only been done by multiple people. (And it wasn’t.) He also did have the time to do it. He left at closer to 1am. He lied on the stand. He said 11pm. That is why he lied in fact! So people would say he didn’t have time to do it. He actually had to pick just the right time to leave as well. He had to pick a time long enough after people last saw him in order to give him time to clean everyone up and put them to bed, and then for an “alleged” killer to do the deed. But the time couldn’t be too late because the stomach contents indicated some rough estimate of time when the murders happened. He had the majority of the trial to hear about all this stuff about the stomach contents and everything else, and he was still forced to pick a time where there was some questions (he didn’t have much choice). So basically he apprehensively chose 11pm. Couldn’t have chosen much sooner or later or he could have gotten convicted. Of course he told the detective on the first night (so like only a day or two later) that he left at 12am. He even lied there. He left later.


  42. Let me clarify why he chose 11pm.

    First, he initially said 12am to the detective on the first night (when it was a day or two fresh and he would obviously know). So whatever time he chose on the stand couldn’t deviate too far from that. And he wouldn’t choose later because food contents were still in the stomachs indicating time of death in the 9pm-12am or 1am time range. So he had to lie and say he left BEFORE 12am. And he was certainly sweating on the choice given the stomach contents.

    He was last seen at 8pm at the book mobile. And someone saw him in the driveway around 9:15pm I believe. He had to get the kids baths and ready for bed. And his wife had to go to bed. So obviously he couldn’t really choose before 10pm really. Oh, and of course on the stand he said the kids ate huge amounts of pizza, were really active playing around at Chuck E’ Cheese and then they played a very exhaustive and impromptu game of hide and seek when they got home (huh?). This was to make people believe they had lots of food in their stomachs, and the heavy activity slows down digestion, so the time of death could potentially be much later. He over did all that stuff essentially to help him get off. If he wouldn’t have said that, the criminologists would have said the time of death was closer to 9pm or 10pm without a very wide range of possibilities beyond that (they would have been right).

    So he has to choose basically between 10pm and 12am. And the stomach contents indicated time of death anywhere from about 9pm to 12am or 1am. And he indicated that he left at 12am to the first detective. So obviously he has a problem here. He goes with 11pm, only 1 hr before his initial admission, so he felt he could get away with that. He knew the stomach contents could still convict him, but the defense had a few criminologists that gave wide ranges for time of death and said it couldn’t be used to accurately determine time of death anyways (given all the alleged activity). Totally contrary to the more truthful prosecutor criminologists. And there you have it. The lie was still actually not enough to get him off. The jury concluded he did it and he was convicted (they were right).

    But rest assured if he wouldn’t have said he left at 12am to the first detective, he would have just lied on the stand and said he left at like 9:45pm. He couldn’t say that though.

    Then, years later, he was acquitted on the prejudicial evidence of the models. And they also decided there was enough uncertainty over the exact time of death to let him go. That is what David was going for in the first trial actually with all the lies. It was just successful in the second.


  43. If you listen to nothing else I say, then listen to this. This should be rather chilling to you if you really think about it.

    How long does it take food contents to move out of the stomach? Answer: about 4 hours. Scroll down in the link to see the chart.


    The kids had 17% of the total food contents still in their stomachs. That would take about 3-3.5 hours of digestion to get down to that.

    Think about it. You eat lunch at noon, then you are hungry by 5 or 6. That is because your stomach is empty by then. Doesn’t matter how much physical activity you do. You could run a marathon and your stomach will still be empty by dinner time.

    The kids ate from 7:00-7:30pm. And the digestion to get to 17% took 3-3.5 hours, so the murders happened by 10pm – 11:00pm. At the latest. And David initially said he left at 12am and then said 11pm on the stand!


  44. “Another thing-Jon & I lived in the exact same city as Dave & Sue. No one else did in our family, on both sides. When David could not get a hold of Susie, he did NOT call us to see if we could go over to the house and check on Sue. Instead, he called family members over in Delavan-about an hour away! Why not call us?! Doesn’t make any sense!”

    Because David didn’t want family members uncovering the bodies for the first time. And they didn’t. And Susie was supposed to be at the Palmer’s in Delavan that night. He called to see if she made it to the party. She hadn’t.

    The kids actually ate closer to 6:45-7:00pm. It takes 4 hours for all the stomach contents to clear, and 3-3.5 hours for all but 20% or so to clear. And that is presuming the kids at the whole pizza and David ate nothing. He initially said he ate a fair portion, but when he realized he needed the kids stomach’s full, he said on the stand that he ate barely anything (another detail he changed!). The right number would be closer to 2.5 hours of stomach clearing given how much they ate, putting the time of death around 9:30pm (that is pretty close to the right time). And David said he left at 12am, then said 11pm on the stand! There it is, clear as day.

    Also, that isn’t how I know he did it. I know for other reasons. I know you want Jon to have done it. But he didn’t. Sorry.


  45. “Another thing-Jon & I lived in the exact same city as Dave & Sue. No one else did in our family, on both sides. When David could not get a hold of Susie, he did NOT call us to see if we could go over to the house and check on Sue. Instead, he called family members over in Delavan-about an hour away! Why not call us?! Doesn’t make any sense!”

    Again, it was because David knew Jon had a key. He didn’t want family members in the house to see what he did.

    And Jon was with you the whole night! He obviously didn’t slip away at 9:30pm to commit the murders! David did it. He was the one home. He was the one that wanted them dead.


  46. Also, regarding who David called from Wisconsin, he called his secretary, then his home, then the Palmer’s in Delavan, then the Cramer’s (neighbors) and then the police. No one knows where Susie and the kids are. David tells people he has been trying to track them down all day even though he called only twice (3:01pm and 5:31pm). Then he decides to drive back. He stops in Compton, IL, 90 miles north of Bloomington, to make a SINGLE phone call to get a status update. And who does he call? The police? No. His family members? Nope, not a single one. So who does he call? He calls the Cramer’s! But why? Well, he doesn’t want to talk to the police or family members if they found out what happened. They would be frantic. There would be questions. So he calls the Cramer’s. They will be able to confirm if the bodies had been found yet. They would say there were police cars there or whatever. There weren’t yet at that time. But that is how he chose to get his status update. Didn’t call a single family member! Didn’t call the police! And he told people at the Red Roof Inn that he left because of an “emergency.” Awful strange, don’t you think?

    Trust me, reread Reasonable Doubt with the knowledge that David is the murderer and it will all become clear.


  47. Regarding Jon: “…in fact, he had gone to bed at about 8:00pm the night the bodies were found and didn’t learn of the murders until the next morning at work.”

    Jon didn’t do it. Sorry. You were with him the whole night of the murders!

    I know David did it. And I know he acted alone. It has nothing to do with the book. It is a fact. This is the only chance you will get in your life to know. And now you do.


  48. Listen, Jon was with YOU the whole night of the murders! He went to bed early that night. YOU WERE WITH HIM!!! He didn’t do it. I’m sorry, but he didn’t. Really, I am sorry. I know you want to believe that he did it so badly. It just isn’t true.

    And I said, I actually, truly, completely, totally and utterly KNOW that David did it and he acted alone. It isn’t a hunch. It isn’t based on my interpretation of the book. It is completely factual that he did it, and I know that.

    David is the murderer and he acted alone. That’s a fact.


  49. “Murphy told the jurors that there was no record of Hendricks ever leaving for a sales trip late at night on any occasion. “Or did he leave at 12:00am?” Murphy asked. “In that statement, the defendant told Detective Crowe four or five different times that he left at 12:00am, and you heard Detective Crowe testify to that.”

    “Simple math will tell you that 5 hours and 45 minutes of driving time and three stops at 15 minutes each leave you a total travel time of 6 hours and 30 minutes from 313 Carl Drive to that Hardee’s in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. Now what’s significant about that, ladies and gentlemen, is we know what time he was at the Stevens Point Hardee’s. That receipt that you are going to see is timed 7:17am. Subtraction will tell you that the defendant left at approximately 12:45am during the morning hours of November 8, 1983.”

    And there you have it, clear as day. He left closer to 12:45am. Actually a bit later. The children ate at 6:45-7:00pm! That would leave 6 hours for the food to clear! But there was 20% left in the stomachs, and that is only based on what they collected. Much was washed down the drain. As you can see, the murders happened much earlier based on the stomach content (9-11pm) and David left much later than that.

    There it is. Clear as day.


  50. Jim says:

    February 5, 2011 at 6:28 pm

    “People could get in trouble if I said how I know.”

    My question is: shouldn’t people be getting in trouble for hiding information about these poor innocent children and their awful untimely deaths and most likely torture? You are all twisted and deserve nothing more than to suffer in the way they did and their families after the fact. If there is a God, he will see that you do.


  51. In the book, I seem to remember that you told authorities about the bloody scrubs at some point. How was that followed up by authorities?


  52. Nick,

    Just for the record, I rarely will approve a comment with an email address in it. If she sent her email address to me to give to him, I would do that. It is possible she did, but I have been sick and have missed many emails, as I only glanced at emails, looking just for ones about employement.


  53. What hogwash. Either marshal your evidence and how you “know” that David acted alone, or admit that a close reading of a single crime novel is hardly as compelling or reliable as the first-hand knowledge of a family member who was close to the victims and the the accused.

    “I just know. Trust me,” is not reliable at all as a basis for your so-called “factual” assertion.


  54. You are correct, Billy. “Jim” (I’m pretty sure I know who this is, and it’s a woman) is wrong about a lot of her “facts”. Even her timeline doesn’t account for David eating the meal at Hardee’s, or time for cleanup, and I’m not sure if her times are even correct.

    The stomach contents was the central factor in his conviction in the 1st trial, and it was one expert witness out of 5 or 6 who said he could determine that the children died by 10:30. That was Dr. Baden (who has appeared on HBO and who has made a living out of being an “expert” witness). There are at least several of his opinions that have been either proven false or are in doubt. One of the biggest problems with the stomach contents is that they appeared to have been mixed together and then evenly divided into the 3 vials labeled for each child. There were mushrooms in Gracie’s vial and she absolutely would NOT eat mushrooms. And the science of stomach contents is very inexact as there are a variety of factors that can influence rate of digestion.

    This person “Jim” is an unstable woman who has changed her opinion of who is guilty in this case. One thing that is agreed upon almost universally by experts is that, based on the blood spatter patterns, it appears that there were two perpetrators. As I said, she is wrong about a lot of her “facts”. The facts support that David is innocent.


  55. 1.) In that first interview that David gave to Detective Crowe when he came back from Wisconsin, he said the following. He said he left at midnight or around there. He said this 4 or 5 times to the detective! He also said Susan got home at around 10:45pm and he said they talked for about an hour (about adopting a child, her thyroid situation, etc.). Everything else he said in that interview, and it was a lot, proved to be correct. Although after David saw the whole trial unfold, he said on the stand that he left at 11pm and that his wife got home at 10:30pm and they only talked briefly. He lied. He said this because he needed to leave earlier because of the stomach content evidence. But just like all the other info he gave to the detective in that first interview, the info on his departure was accurate.

    2.) When we eat lunch, our food is cleared out by dinner time. That is just how it is. We start getting hungry around 5pm or so no matter how big our lunch at noon was. The kids ate dinner at 7:15pm. There was still a considerable amount of food in their stomachs. Even assuming it took a full five hours (not true since there was food left), that takes you to 12:15am and he said he left at midnight. Taking into account a considerable amount of food left, they died 3 or 4 hours after their last meal. That takes you to 10:15pm to 11:15pm. He left after midnight.

    3.) David ate breakfast at a Hardee’s in Stevens Point, WI the next morning and there is a receipt timed at 7:17am. It was a 5 hour and 45 minute drive (check it on Google maps if you don’t believe me). Assuming 3 stops at 15 minutes each leaves you a total travel time of 6 hours and 30 minutes from 313 Carl Drive to that Hardee’s. Simple subtraction will tell you that David left at approximately 12:45am. This is the truth. He actually told the detective midnight which was earlier than he left to cover his tracks better so to speak.

    David was home when his wife and children were murdered. That is because he is the one who killed them. He did it alone. And here is how it happened:

    The kids got to the bookmobile at 8:15pm. He had them back home and in bed by about 9pm or 9:15pm. He had Benji hop in bed with his sisters so they would all be in one room. He then drove his car out to the airport where he was storing his motorcycle and drove it back to within a few blocks of the house instead. He did this because in the unlikely event someone did walk in the house while he was in the act, he could flee the scene and high tail it out of there. His car wouldn’t be around and he couldn’t get busted. So he waited for Susan to get home around 10:45pm. He lured her up to the bedroom to make love. Then he told her he had a surprise for her. He made her cover her head with the sheets, then he pulled the ax out from under one corner of the bed. While the sheet was covering her face, he smashed her in the head with the ax. Then he moved into the bedroom of the kids silently. He first slit their throats so they would die instantly, then he smashed their faces in with the ax (overkill). He had disposable clothes on when he did this, and merely pealed them off and threw them out. He washed the knife off in the bathroom which is why the shower stall lit up with Luminol. And that is how it went down.


  56. This is fascinating. I did not live in Bloomington during the murders or acquital and just heard of them on Monday in one of my classes and I’ve been researching them and came across this blog. I wondered who “Jim” was because “he” seemed so personally invested in this. I couldn’t believe when I saw that Hendricks has a thriving business in Florida and got re-married for the 3rd time. These murders were so brutal–it makes you wonder about judgement–will whoever did this ever be accountable? Well, thanks for the interesting reading and I hope that the victims souls are at peace.


  57. Chris-

    1. Jim is NOT a woman.
    2. What evidence do you have that proves an “unstable woman” is actually unstable-
    A. Does she take psycho drugs?
    B. Does she have a criminal history?
    C. Has she been diagnosed with any mental disorder?
    D. Has she ever been in a psych hospital?
    E. Has she ever been arrested?
    F. How is her driving record?

    NO, you know the answer is NO on A-E and her driving record is clean. Just look.


  58. It’s pretty clear to me that “Jim” is Martha, Jon’s ex-wife (and Susan’s sister). And Martha really fooled us by writing as “Kim” as well. And you are correct, Puff, when she gets a theory, she uses any “facts” that support her case, ignores those that don’t, and makes stuff up if there’s not enough in her favor. By the way, she has waffled between “David is innocent and Jon is guilty” to several different versions of what she now claims.


  59. I’m absolutely disgusted in what human beings do to each other.
    It also amazes me that serious offenders have on numerous times been people who parole boards deem fit to be released into the community only to commit greater crimes.
    It’s about time that parole boards be held accountable for such decisions.


  60. […] those interested can see a clear photo of Neil Woodman. Following the article, there are quite a few comments from people who knew the Woodmans well and provides some insight into the family […]


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