Fathers From Hell: Andrew Chance Weckesser charged with the child abuse homicide of his 3-month-old son, John Emric Weckesser

Johnston father charged with murder of 3-month-old son
Johnston County father faces murder, abuse charges in death of 3-month-old son
Johnston County man charged with murdering infant son: deputies
Father charged with murder after 3-month-old baby dies, Johnston County Sheriff says


Fathers From Hell: Rozelle Westmoreland charged with beating his 2-year-old stepson, Cincere Hathaway, to death

Cincere Hathaway

Cincere D. Hathaway obituary
Find-A-Grave: Cincere D Hathaway
Nashville man accused of beating 2-year-old step son to death because he was ‘whining’
Nashville Man Arrested for the Child Abuse Murder of His 2-Year-Old Stepson
Father of murdered 2-year-old says he wants justice against stepfather
Man charged with murder of 2-year-old stepson in East Nashville
Nashville man accused of beating 2-year-old step son to death because he was ‘whining’
Tenn. Woman Found 2-Year-Old Son Unconscious — and Now Stepdad Accused of Beating Him to Death


Fathers From Hell: Adam Price charged with the murders of his 2 children, Theodore and Emily Price

Emily Price, 5
Theodore Price, 3

Emily and Theodore-James Price obituary
Find-A-Grave: Emily “Emi” Price
Find-A-Grave: Theodore James “Teddy” Price
Funeral planned for Theodore and Emily Price on Saturday
‘If someone had just listened to me’: Mom of two children found dead in Bellevue home speaks out
Father arrested in California hours after children found dead in Nebraska house
Bellevue man to face murder charges for deaths of two children
Bellevue father charged with felony child abuse resulting in death of his two children
Charges for Bellevue father accused of killing his kids changed
Authorities: Bellevue dad smothered children
Nebraska Dad Charged with Murdering His 2 Young Children After Autopsies Show They Were Smothered
Nebraska man arrested in California after 2 kids found dead is charged with murde
Nebraska Father Charged with First-Degree Murder for Allegedly Smothering His Young Kids to Death


Fathers From Hell: Joseph Alexander Rendon charged with the child abuse homicide of his 2-month-old daughter, Araceli

Araceli Rendon

Turlock infant had ‘beautiful little smile.’ Dad, a suspect in killing, held without bail
California Man Charged with Murder, Child Abuse After He Claimed His 2-Month-Old Daughter ‘Unexplainably Stopped Breathing’: Police
gofundme: Financial support and Araceli’s Services


Fathers From Hell: Fonte Dupree Carrier charged with the murder of his 2-month-old son, A`Mauri Dupree Carrier-Carter

A`Mauri Dupree Carrier-Carter

A`Mauri Dupree Carrier- Carter obituary
Carrier, Fonte Dupree – Criminal homicide and 1 additional charge
Man charged in death of infant son in Dauphin County
Incarcerated PA Dad, 20, Killed Two-Month-Old Son, Police Say
Dauphin County man charged in child’s death 7 months after release from prison
Midstate man charged for death of two-month-old
Facebook: Fonte Dupree Carrier


Fathers From Hell: William Leigh Beasley brutally beat his 3-week-old son, Zachary, to death; Sentenced to life in prison

Zachary Beasley

Willoughby father charged with murder in death of infant son
Bond set at $100,000 for Willoughby father accused of killing 3-week-old son
Ohio Man Arrested and Charged with Murdering His 3-Week-Old Son Nearly One Year After the Infant’s Death
Trial set for Willoughby man charged with killing infant son
Lake County man charged with killing infant son rejects plea offer
Jury deliberates in trial for Lake County man accused of murdering his 1-month-old son
Lake County man found guilty of beating 3-week-old son to death in 2020
15 years to life: Lake County man sentenced for murder of 1-month-old son
Father sentenced in court for murder of 4-week-old son
Father sentenced in court for murder of 4-week-old son
Ohio Dad Sentenced for Killing Newborn Son Who Suffered ‘Violent, Traumatic, and Intentional’ Skull Injuries


Age 31
Gender Male
Race White

Ethnicity Non-Hispanic
Date of Birth Jul 24, 1990
ID Number 443329
Custody Status Date Mar 03, 2022 02:41 PM EST
Custody Status In Custody
Custody Detail Lake County Jail
Book Date Mar 03, 2022 12:00 AM EST

Lake County Jail
104 East Erie St.
Painesville, OH 44077
(440) 350-5601

Fathers From Hell: David Moyer charged with the murder of his 6-week-old son, who vomited on him, then took an Uber to the hospital

Third-Degree Murder charges filed against David Moyer for the death of 8-week-old son
Montgomery County father charged with third-degree murder in death of 8-week-old son
Pennsylvania man slammed infant son face down onto bed after being vomited on, prosecutors say
DA: Man who waited for Uber to take unresponsive infant son to hospital charged with murder
Montgomery County Father Charged In Death Of 8-Week-Old Son
Pennsylvania man accused of killing 8-week-old son after newborn vomited on him


Offender Name:MOYER #1, DAVID
Custody Status:In Custody
Contact Facility:Montgomery County Correctional Facility
Offender ID:1601959
Date of Birth:02/15/1998
Additional Information:

Fathers From Hell: Jacob Stephen Wootton beat his 2-year-old son, Ryder Stephen, to death; Sentenced to 52 years in prison

Ryder Stephen

Ryder Alexander Rae Stephen obituary
Find-A-Grave: Ryder Alexander Rae Stephen
Family remembers Madison County toddler, court documents reveal more details
Madison County man charged after 2-year-old dies
2 face murder charges in 2018 death of young Indiana child
2 face murder charges in 2018 death of young Indiana child
Mother arrested in Elwood toddler’s death
Man sentenced to 52 years in death of Madison County toddler
Wootton sentenced to 52 years in death of son
Indiana Dad Sentenced in Death of 2-Year-Old Son Which a Prosecutor Counted Among ‘the Worst of the Worst’ Crimes
Hearing continued for Elwood mom charged with murder
IN – Ryder Stephen, 23 mos, murdered, mom & stepdad arrested, Elwood, 26 Oct 2018

Jacob Stephen Wootton – convicted, sentenced to 52 years in prison
Alyson Stephen – awaiting trial



Fathers From Hell: Simon Peter Nelson killed his 6 children because their mother was divorcing him; Sentenced to 100-200 years in prison

Nelson Family

Jennifer Nelson, 12
Simon Nelson III, 10
Andrew Nelson, 9
Matthew Nelson, 7
Roseann Nelson, 5
David Nelson, 3
Pretzel, family dog

Find-A-Grave: Jennifer “Jenny” Nelson7
Find-A-Grave: Simon Peter Nelson III
Find-A-Grave: Andrew Nelson
Find-A-Grave: Matthew Nelson
Find-A-Grave: Roseann Nelson
Find-A-Grave: David Nelson
From the Archives: Simon Peter Nelson murders his six children, family dog
Rockford father slays six children: beats wife
Dad charged with slaying his six sleeping children (part 1)
Slaying (part 2)
Accused murderer’s wife was planning a divorce
Murderpedia: Simon Peter Nelson
Simon Peter Nelson, who killed his six kids in 1978, has died
Notorious Rockford Murderer Dies in Prison
Rockford Man Who Murdered His Six Children In 1978 Has Died In Prison
Wikipedia: Simon Nelson
Find-A-Grave: Simon Peter Nelson
What Happened at 1425 Camp Avenue?

Mask of Sanity: No One Heard A Thing: The Simon Peter Nelson Murders – Rockford IL

Simon Peter Nelson

Fathers From Hell: Tyler Zaugg killed his 8-week-old son, Noah James Locke, by drowning after beating him; Sentencing set for 4/7/2022

Noah James Locke

Find-A-Grave: Noah James Locke
Man accused of injuring 7-week-old baby in Glens Falls
7-week-old baby, hospitalized after violent assault, has died
Glens Falls infant dies from injuries after father allegedly beat him
Suspect in death of 7-week-old child charged with murder, manslaughter
Glens Falls man pleads not guilty to beating infant to death
Glens Falls teen pleads guilty to assaulting baby who died
Glens Falls man admits to killing infant son
20-year-old pleads guilty to assaulting, killing infant
Teen Who Commented ‘They Always Blame the Dad’ for Abuse Admits Punching and Biting Infant Son, Killing Baby by Holding Him Underwater


Age 20
Gender Male
Race White

Date of Birth Sep 04, 2001
ID Number 20379
Custody Status Date Jul 05, 2021 04:21 PM EDT
Custody Status In Custody
Custody Detail Warren County Jail
Book Date Jul 05, 2021 04:14 PM EDT

Warren County Jail
1400 State Route 9
Lake George, NY 12845
(518) 743-2500

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