Yes, another abandoned baby! What the hell is wrong with people?

What the hell is wrong with some people? This newborn was abandoned in an apartment building with only a blanket around her. And in Chicago right now, the temperature is about 19 degrees. This baby is so lucky to have not frozen to death. Thank goodness someone noticed the baby and called police. I hope that the parent(s) are located and prosecuted. This is uncalled for, especially when there are Safe Haven Laws. And don’t cry about there being too much snow and the weather there. The parent could have called the fire department or police department for help. They would have helped too rather than having the baby just abandoned like trash.

Baby Found Abandonded In Apartment
Newborn Girl Found In Bag Near Uptown Building


Parents Gone Wild! Hours old newborn abandoned at McDonald’s


What is wrong with these people? Don’t they understand what the Safe Haven Laws are for? Why just abandon a beautiful newborn in the bathroom of a fast food restaurant? I am just amazed. Now, both parents could face charges and SHOULD.

Hours-Old Infant Abandoned at McDonald’s
Baby found abandoned at McDonald’s
Newborn Abandoned In McDonald’s Restroom
Newborn abandoned in area McDonald’s has safety leaders promoting a better way

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