• This Day in Crime History

    January 16: 1936: Serial Killer Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison. He was responsible for at least 5 murders, including 10-year-old Grace Budd whose murder he was sentenced to death for.

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Family Annihilator: Ronald “Butch” DeFeo 11/14/1974 Amityville, NY

           Dawn                   Mark                     Allison         John-Matthew

       Louise                Ronald Sr.

Crime Library
Injustice: The Story of Ronald DeFeo
Find-a-Grave: Amityville Horror Murder Victims
The Horrors In Amityville
Still Bleeding After All These Years: Amityville Redux
A Message Board dedicated to this event, the house and the movies
Petition: Justice For Ronald DeFeo Jr
Amityville, Long Island ( 1974 )
The Amityville Horror: The Official Website (not associated with any movies)
Discover the Truth

DeFeo children: John-Matthew, Allison, Mark (back)
Dawn, Ronald Jr (front)

The Night the DeFeos Died
The Amityville Horror (this is NOT the story of the family, however the allegedly true story of a family that lived in the house after they did–most evidence I have read or heard suggests that this book is more fiction than truth)
Shared Madness
Murder in America
Murder, at the End of the Day and Night: A Study of Criminal Homicide Offenders, Victims, and Circumstances


The Amityville Horror 1979 (read note above about the book the movie is from)
The Amityville Horror 2005 (remake–see above)
History’s Mysteries: Amityville – The Haunting
The Real Amityville Horror
Amityville II: The Possession
City Confidential: Horror in Amityville
First Person Killers: Ronald DeFeo

      Ronald “Butch” DeFeo

         The house “High Hopes” (please remember, the house no longer looks like this)


64 Responses

  1. These murders really freaked me out

  2. I know what you mean. There is a house down the road from my mom’s that had windows at the top floor like this one and if we past it at night time I wouldnt walk, I would run past it.

  3. i would really liked to know what is all about this story and what is happeing with this house now? Can anybody live there.. if u wanna e-mail me send me any message and let me know at this e-mail :

    Best wishes, Orgesa

  4. Orgesa,

    I believe it is up to the current owners who can live there. I am guessing that the current owners live there. The house has changed somewhat over time, so it no longer looks like a face, but it still attracts tourists, which the town does not like.
    Whether it was/is haunted, I do not know, however, I believe the “hauntings” have been greatly exaggerated.

  5. this is really sad it upsets me

  6. I saw “The Amityville Horror” and I read that back and it said it was based on a true story.I didn’t believe it so I looked it up and I guess I was wrong.That guy was a nutcase!

  7. The boy really did kill his family. I heard, and of course this isnt fact, that the movie was all fictional. Some of the things they said happened in that house didnt. The only thing that I have found to be fact is that Ronald DeFeo killed his family as for everything else in the movie, it depends on if you believe in stuff like that. I personally dont. It is sad though that this man felt the need to kill his whole family. Its tragic enough with one but the whole family. This is sick….

  8. Yeah, I believe somethiemes, folks can drive us crazy, but off course it is not a reason for us to kill them. In the DeFeo case, I believe Dawn was preatty much the head of the killings and let´s not forget her and Butch were high and mad.

  9. this is badd!! i hate it .. 😦 .. i would never live there!

  10. This interests me so much. I’m so curious to see the house …its really freaky and all but i would LOVE to know whats going on now, and how the next door neighbors feel about it and stuff like that.

  11. ok- i understand a murder happened-
    I understand that it was also an indian burial ground…
    I also understand that ketcham from ketcham and killem went to that house…
    Now of every house in the u.s. why would it be that one
    No one heard the gun shots??? Thats a load of bologna-
    You know the cops are lying with that one but i guess that is the newstands for you…. well ill be back

  12. I drove past this house with a few friends this past weekend and as we approached it a very cold chill came over me. As we drove away from it the feeling went away. Evil is a very real entity wheather it physically manifests itself or not. I don’t know what to beleive sometimes when people tell me different stories but I never would doubt that something was there. You can feel it.

  13. my room has windows like that exactly

  14. i think this is interesting.i want 2 check it out 4 my self.(someday). i think this is so cool.but it’ll be a risk & i’ll take it.1 day i’m going 2 travel the world 2 video haunted places and i got 2 get ready 4 it so.i’m looking 4ward 2 it.:)

  15. Im a paranomal investigator in england and im actually going to this house in just over a week to study it and stay there while I do my investigation. I have done alot of research on this place and by far in my mind is the most scariest place I probably will ever visit. Wish me luck.

  16. Ok, this freaky shit has got to stop coz Im a Dofeo too and my grandpa is the youngest next to muderer! !!!

  17. “I loved my father he was my best friend”
    Ronald “Butch” DeFeo ,Amityville, NY

  18. i was wondering where Ronald Defeo is now? is he still in jail

  19. man I am sorry about that family and I am sorry about defeo he shouldn’t listin to that house and if he still cant stop listing to that house he should get out of that house sted of staying till his mom and dad get home he should leave the house whin his mom and dad gon because his mom and dad is not going to belivie in him wen he tell them if he don’t get out of the house I will kill all of yall and I am very very sorry about him and his family they should burn that house if it got hell in side that house that make you kill your family and wen I wach that movie that scare the SHIT out of me!

  20. weirdos

  21. How could Ronald Jr. do something like this??Why would he want to kill his own family?!?!Thats so freakin stupid..Even though if I don’t know the Defeos, I still have feelings for them..

  22. nobody really knows what went on in the house the night the defeos were killed only ronald himself knows the absolute truth and he wont tell but i agree the house looks creepy and i feel deeply sorry for the people who were killed but does this mean its haunted i dont know there has been so many hoaxed claims its hard to be sure because i havnt found one shred of evidence to say one way or the other it is an interesting case though

  23. Vic do u think that the place looks awfully weird,I do!

  24. The eyes in the house looks very creepy,and probably 1 day, i’ll have to go check that place looks really neat..i just still dont get why ronnie jr. would kill his own family.sikko!hes a prev.i even heard that him and dawn were getting high in the basement with other friends and dawn and ronnie was having sexual intercouse with each other!!GROSS!!i mean their brother and sister!!why would they do a nasty thing like that??!
    WRITE A.S.A.P.

  25. To All Commentors on this post:

    The house no longer looks like this. It has been changed.

  26. okay

  27. I think it’s awfully rude that you would use a famous person’s name and make them look like a total jackass!

  28. who?

  29. if ur talking about me then fuck you!go get a life.cuz that is my real name u whore.go suck some bitch.

  30. oh yeah the little girls name is jodie not Joanna stup DUMBASS!

  31. thank u for the answers, i really would like to go into a haunting house cuz i’ve never been in any. I want to joy those feelings of poor spirits and i want to feel something SUPERNATURAL!!

    Anyway i believe in these stories about High hopes House!


  32. Let me set the record straight for ALL of you.

    There is nothing wrong with the house. I know… as I slept over a million times.

    The murdered members of the family were great people!
    Mr. DeFeo would give you the shirt off his back.
    Mrs. DeFeo always made sure you had enough to eat.
    Dawn would give me rides home when my parents couldn’t come pick me up.
    Allison… was simply the cutest girl in the world to me… boy what a crush I had.
    John Matthew… some times a “pain” being the little brother… but overall was a really good kid.

    Marc… my best friend… words cannot describe the loss we have all suffered. We would have won a few more championships when your hip got better. Our 1974 Championship year was all for you and the family. Your father use to call me “Indestructible.” Your death has proven him wrong. I have never felt such pain in my 45 years… from 1974 to the present. You never leave my thoughts. It’s coming up on 33 years and I still never forget your birthday or the day you died… the night we all found out at practice and then watching on the news as they removed your bodies.

    I wish my parents let me attend the services. Perhaps then I could have said “good-bye.” The next time I am in New York, I promise to come visit.

    I would write a comment for Butch… but he would find a way to file a lawsuit against me.

    That’s all there is to Amityville. Move on with your lives people. There is nothing to see other than a murder scene. No ghosts… no paranormal… no nothing. Just a beautiful house in a beautiful neighborhood… all destroyed by the actions of one person.

  33. well…dear DeFeo friend i’m not such a big fan of the High Hopes house but why did they die in that way and why did the family after the DeFeos left the house, just for their desire? Well i dont think that a beautifull house as u said would be left in the way like this case. Maybe i’m not sure for this but most of the people do have some facts and some reasons but you are right some other people always take care about others and not for themselfs but the truth is that i do really believe that something is not normal or in not compare with other houses and this one(HIGH HOPES)

    i hope to heard forward from you… Orgesa!

    p.s Maybe it was not Ronald the one that killed his own family this is all about a deep mystery that i hope someday will be discovered!

  34. Joanna,

    Calm down! There was a post on here by “Miley Cyrus”. It was removed. That is who I was talking about.

  35. Joanna,
    Not only was that comment disrespectful and rude, but it lacked class. There is no room for that here. I think we are all pretty much on the same team here. Though it’s none of my business, your comment to Melissa bothered me. Please be nice.

    Thank you.

  36. Orgesa,

    I’m not sure if you just crawled out from under a rock some where or were just too young to know what happened here. With your broken English, I’ll assume you’re not in North America. Butch (Ronald Jr.) killed the family… that is how they all died. The Lutz family fabricated their story. Yes, they left after 28 days but do you really think someone could afford to leave a house and all its belongings without a huge lump sum of money coming for saying these things happened? Heeeelllllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooo!!!

    Please, wake up before you write.

  37. oh i thought you were talking to me SORRY,so very sorry.

  38. didnt mean to do all the language i just got mad cuz i thought you were talking to me

  39. pleas 4give me

  40. Defeo Friend,

    I do believe that you knew the DeFeo’s,but no,the DeFeo’s father wouldn’t have done that,because their father always had a bad temper and always abused his wife and children.Now I DO believe that you knew them,but no,their father was mean.Oh yeah and since you said you knew the DeFeo’s will you please tell me how old you are??Then i’ll really believe that you knew them..Because if your like 13 or in your teens,then you weren’t around when the DeFeo’s were.EVERYBODY even knows i’m not THAT stupid.

  41. =)

  42. Joanna,

    I’m 45 and Marc was my best friend. I can pull out sports articles with us both in it… team rosters… team pictures… even an 8mm film of us going off to football camp.

    Here it is 33 years later and I couldn’t even find an open Church tonight to light a candle! Where do you come off as an expert about the family? How many times did you sleep over or eat dinner there? I don’t recall any friends of Allison’s or Dawn with your name.

    Mr. DeFeo, THE Mr. DeFeo I knew was an incredible man. I could tell you some incredible stories of Butch and his drug induced trips to Brunswick Hospital. They (police) should have left that bastard to die from his drugs.

    I’m the “Real Deal” when it comes to a DeFeo friend… I miss my friend dearly and all I can pray for is a long and painful death for Butch with an eternal life time in hell.

  43. Defeo Friend,
    Let me first say how sorry I am for loosing your
    best friend. That must really stink. I couldn’t picture
    loosing my best friend.

    I would like to know a little more about Allison DeFeo.
    The only information I can find is “She was shot in the head.” “She was nice.” “She liked puzzles.” But I can’t ever
    find any actual info on her.
    Was she shy, did she hang out with the “Popular Crowd”,
    If you have any information you can remember about her, I would appreciate it 🙂 Thanks!

  44. Harrison,

    I would love to give you info on Allison, however, and I hope you will understand and respect this answer… I don’t know you from a hole in the wall. Why did you pick Allison to find out information? The attributes you’re quoting are out there on one of the Amityville websites.

    The author of one of the books (Rick O) tried contacting me under a false name… almost got pictures and film footage from me. Then, on an Instant Messenger service, the contact name changed from “X” to “Rick” and he was busted!

    I will tell you she was a beautiful… beautiful girl and from what I recall she was also very smart.

  45. Joanna,

    Why don’t you read my original posting? You just might see how old I am in there.

  46. Defeo Friend,
    I am actually doing a report on the Defeo family for
    my class, and I couldn’t find any information on her, so
    I was just wondering. I’m actually only a kid, so I’m not
    actually looking for like pictures or anything. I just wanted a
    little information. Sorry for bothering you

  47. Harrison,

    No bother to me. What class would make you do a paper on this? What sick kind of teacher do you have that would make or allow this as a topic?

    What do you have about the DeFeo family that you would be “reporting” considering everything in the world about them has been exposed on the internet or lied about by authors. Good try.

  48. Defeo friend,

    oh ok i belive you now.sorry

  49. no,no,no.i dont know the defeos.i didnt mean i knew them.i just heard about them from my friends at only 13 years old.i was born in 94 so no i dont know friends just told me to look them up on the computer..

  50. ok i read it.i just saw it.:|

  51. wait!was the dad nice or mean??why does people keep on saying that he was abusive???im confused.

  52. Defeo Friend,

    What’s your name by the way?

  53. why do people want to know more about Allison then all the others i wonder:|

  54. hey “DeFeo Friend” why wheren’t u appeared in the TV media first of all and saying all these BULLSHITS!!You think all the books and films where bullshits? I dont’ think so…So does everybody! What about the family wich lived after them in that house?? And my English isn’t North American but british and i use it very clean and pure…and if its broken don’t try to fix it! I hope you’ll give up with your assumes. And for more information i’m not adult but i’m still a teenager:)!

  55. uum ok “orgesa if your still a fucking teenager then get the hell of his case cause obviously hes 45 and your still a teenager so first of all what in the hell would you know about the defeos?!!and actually yes the films were pretty shitty if you ask me because while the lutzes were in the house,none of that stuff that happened in the movie was real!even a 5 year old would know that!!some af the books that relate to the movies are fake too.the only book that isnt bull is “the night the defeos died” because that book was telling the truth about the whole thing.and why dont you mind your own business okay.he was particularly talking to me-joanna and “harrison”.so we dont need for you to but in stupid boy,oh i meant girl..>:(

  56. Orgesa,

    You’re a teenager… and your opinions and thought process certainly reflect that. “Why wheren’t u appeared…” That is your version of “clean and pure” “English”… are you kidding? You best do some more studying.

    Why am I not on TV? Simple… I will not, in any way, shape or form, benefit (financially or socially) from my friends murder.

    I have a personal handwritten note from the family after the Lutz’s… the Cromarty’s. I went back and got to visit them one year. They too experienced absolutely nothing just as I did when I slept there.

    My advice to you is to stay over on your side of the Atlantic, you know what that is, right… and worry about murders over on your side. You know nothing about the DeFeos and have no reason to know.

  57. Wow, normally I wouldn’t respond to crap like this, but I found myself reading this whole thread just shocked out how freaking dumb you all sound, geez! Now unlike all of you, I’m 28 years old, I can spell, and live here in the U.S. I’m in college, majoring in criminal justice and I have to put together a crime scene and story, true or not. So I picked the Amityville murders simply because it has always interested me. I was browsing for photos to add to my powerpoint presentation and got caught up in all of your ramblings. First off everything you have said “Defeo’s friend” could easily be said by even me. You have said nothing that only a “true” friend of the family would know. Which means you’re either just some weird lonely guy playing around on the internet, or that your psycho and need about as much help as Butch Defeo needs.

    Orgesa.. seriously. If you’re going to sit here and post online where everyone and their dog can read, at least try to act like you know what you’re talking about.

    And Joanna, WOW! You’re worse than Orgesa. You give new meaning to the phrase young and dumb. Shouldn’t you be playing around on myspace or something? Why the hell are you typing anything on this site? Everything you said was completely ignorant and I feel embarrassed for you. Reading everything you wrote honestly made me feel like I lost a few brain cells. Get a life.

    So now I’m off to search for photos and more crime scene info. I can guarantee that I already know more about all of this than you do, Mr. FAKE Defeo’s friend. Now continue on with your double personality and to argue with 12 year olds on the internet. But girls, don’t be surprised when he tries to cyber with you both on messenger!

  58. Defeo Friend,

    Your memories about Ron Sr are interesting. For years, we’ve heard him described as “bad tempered” and “abusive.” But the only “support” for this alleged abusiveness seems to come from two sources: Butch Defeo and Butch Defeo’s lawyer. All the films and books took their word at face value and have portrayed Ron Sr this way. But is their any corroborating evidence for this alleged abusiveness? Do you or any of your family or friends remember him this way? Sure, he may have always been fighting with Butch, but with a son like that what father wouldn’t? I don’t doubt he could be loud and strict, as most Brooklyn dads were in those days. But that’s not the same as being abusive. If William Weber (Butch’s lawyer) could admit to concocting the “Amityville Horror” story over some bottles of wine, he’s not above concocting anything. Yelling “abuse” is the oldest lawyer trick in the book. Any light you can shed on this is appreciated.

  59. u know what??? PEACE 😀

  60. omg…some of you people sure do have a way with words!!
    will you please stop the cursing.thank you.

  61. i av read the book in 2 days and i find it really intresting to read and murders.
    i would like to see the but i live in the uk so it is too far from me.


  62. your all a bunch of idiots,
    You tell us WHY any of us would OR should give a shit about what you think or say. While your searching for more photos and crime scene info, see if you can find some CLASS for yourself.

  63. LOL, Shaucey,
    That was the best laugh I have had all day.. Your so funny

  64. Same here! And now, this post is dead, since other than a couple people, you cannot be adults. I have removed some comments and am now tired. Bye!

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