Update: Huntsman babies murders *Megan Huntsman pled guilty, sentenced to 15 years to life in prison; First parole hearing in April 2064*

child abuse prevention

News Archive: Huntsman babies murders
Woman killed at least 6 newborn infants over 10-year period, police say
Utah mother pleads guilty to murdering 6 newborns, faces up to life in prison
Pleasant Grove mother accused of killing 6 babies pleads guilty
Utah woman gets max for deaths of six newborns
Utah mom admits killing 6 babies after giving birth
Killings of 6 babies described during sentencing of Utah mom who pleaded guilty to murders
Woman serving 15 to life for killing 6 babies ineligible for parole until 2064
Murderpedia: Megan Huntsman



Offender Number: 221913
DOB: Wed, 26 Feb 1975
Height: 5 Feet 3 Inches
Weight: 110
Sex: F
Housing Facility: TIMPANOGOS
Parole Date: N/A

Psycho For Love: Jacob Lee Boyd charged with killing his girlfriend, Racheal Jean Wiest, for refusing to have sex with him

Dating Violence

Racheal Jean Wiest
Racheal Jean Wiest

10th Grade Irving ISD Student Killed, 11th Grade Student Arrested
17-year-old Irving Nimitz High School student charged with choking 16-year-old girl to death
Irving Teenager Killed, Boyfriend Arrested: Police
Texas boy, 17, accused of strangling, killing girlfriend
Irving Teen Charged With Choking 16-Year-Old Ex-Girlfriend to Death
Irving Nimitz junior arrested for murder of fellow student
Irving teen accused of murdering estranged teen girlfriend

Jacob Lee Boyd
Jacob Lee Boyd

Serial Killer: Dennis Andrew Nilsen *The Muswell Hill Murderer and the Kindly Killer*

Nilsen victims

Stephen Dean Holmes, 14 [12/29/1978]
Andrew Ho, [8/1979] (no picture)
Kenneth Ockendon, 26 [12/3/1979]
Martyn Duffey, 16 [5/1980] (no picture)
William ‘Billy’ Sutherland, 27 [8/1980]
Douglas Stewart [8/1980]
Malcolm Barlow, 24 [9/18/1981]
Paul Nobbs, 25 [11/23/1981] (survived)
Toshimitsu Ozawa, [12/31/1981] (survived) (no picture)
John Howlett [3/1982] (no picture)
Carl Stotter, 21 [4/1982] (survived)
Archibald Graham Allan [1982]
Steve Sinclair, 20 [1/26/1983]

On This Day: 1983: Nilsen ‘strangled and mutilated’ victims
Murderpedia: Dennis Andrew Nilsen
Bio: Dennis Nilsen
Wikipedia: Dennis Nilsen
Dennis Nilsen – The Muswell Hill Murderer
Man Pleads Innocent To 6 London Murders
Nilsen ‘confessed he had no tears for his victims
Witnesses tell of brush with death in U.K. mass murder trial
Nilsen ‘like man drowning in nightmares,’ jury told
Mass-murderer Nilsen tells why he killed
‘House Of Horrors’ Killer Sentenced to Life In Prison
Confessed Murderer Gets Life In Prison
Serial killer Dennis Nilsen brands himself a ‘creative psychopath’ with an ‘overwhelming desire to kill’ in never-before-seen letter
Dennis Nilsen Documentary: ‘Serial Killer Had Sex with Dead Victims Before Boiling Their Brains’
The Serial Killer Next Door: Dennis Nilsen

Dennis Nilsen – The Muswell Hill Murderer
Dennis Nilsen
Killing For Company: The Case of Dennis Nilsen

The Killing Hour: Killing For Company
Real Crime: A Mind To Murder
Serial Killers: Dennis Nilsen
Countdown to Murder: Nilsen’s First Kill

Dennis Nilsen
Dennis Nilsen

Update: Melanie Layton Callison *Husband, Edward Callison, pled guilty, sentenced to 15 years to life in prison, with the recommendation from Judge Marvin Bagley that he never leave prison unless it is in a hearse*


Melanie Layton Callison

“You are an evil person,” 6th District Judge Marvin Bagley told him. “It’s my recommendation that you never leave prison, unless it is in a hearse.”

Psycho For Love: Edward Callison is charged with the murder of his wife (since April) Melanie Layton Callison
Friend of murder victim speaks out
Murder suspect admits guilt
GUILTY Melanie Layton Callison, 46, Richfield, UT September 25, 2014
Judge sentences ‘evil’ Richfield man to prison for gruesome death of his wife
Utah man pleads guilty to killing, dismembering wife
‘Evil’ Richfield man sentenced to prison for gruesome death of his wife



Offender Number: 212090
DOB: Sat, 30 Apr 1955
Height: 5 Feet 10 Inches
Weight: 286
Sex: M
Housing Facility: CUCF HENRY
Parole Date: N/A

Gladys Conrad murder 9/1/2001 Carlsbad, CA *Alejandro Avalos Fernandez pled guilty, sentenced to 34 years to life in prison*

Gladys Conrad
Gladys Conrad

The Killing of Gladys Conrad
Carlsbad Senior Raped, Murdered
Carlsbad Police Track Gladys Conrad’s Murderer Back to Mexico
DNA Solves Brutal Cold Case Rape And Murder
Suspect In Rape, Murder Of 84-Year-Old In Custody
Man Pleads Not Guilty In Rape, Murder Of 84-Year-Old
Man Accused Of Raping, Killing Elderly Woman To Stand Trial
DNA Match Links Man to Elderly Woman’s Rape, Murder: Cops
Man sentenced for rape, murder of elderly woman
CARLSBAD: Rapist, killer of elderly psychiatrist sentenced

Cold Blood: Unnatural Causes


Alejandro Avalos Fernandez

CDCR#: AF9220
Age: 38
Admission Date: 01/24/2011
Current Location: Pleasant Valley
24863 West Jayne Avenue
Coalinga, CA 93210
(559) 935-4900

Psycho For Love: Timothy Blackwell killed his mail-order bride, Susana Remerata Blackwell, after only about 2 weeks of marriage

memorial plaque

Susana Remerata Blackwell, 25
unborn daughter of Susana
Phoebe Dizon, 46
Veronica Laureta, 42

Man kills pregnant mail-order bride
Three die in shooting
Attack in Seattle claims fourth life
Murder Suspect Said Wife Duped Him From The Start Blackwell Testified At Annulment Hearing Days Before Shootings
Man Held in Fatal Shooting of Wife, Her Friend in Court
Witnesses In Blackwell Trial Recall Courthouse Shootings
Man guilty of killing 3 women
Killer gets life sentence for courthouse shootings
Death Of A Dreamer — Susana Remerata Blackwell 1969 To 1995
Murder by Mail-Order: Susana Remerata Blackwell
Mail-Order Marriage, Immigrant Dreams and Death
President Signs Bill To Protect Mail-Order Brides
17 years later, pain still lasts but message found

Mail Order Murder: The Courthouse Killing


DOC Number: 752923
Location: Airway Heights Corrections Center
11919 W. Sprague Avenue
PO Box 1899
Airway Heights, WA 99001-1899
(509) 244-6700 Main
(509) 244-6710 Fax

Monsters Among Us: Curtis “The Bully of Toulon” Thompson killed 3 people; Sentenced to death, but committed suicide while on death row

Streicher and Giesenhagens

Deputy Adam Streicher
Jim Giesenhagen
Janet Giesenhagen

Officer Down Memorial Page: Deputy Sheriff Adam V. Streicher
Find-A-Grave: James R Giesenhagen
Find-A-Grave: Janet L German Giesenhagen
Years of harassment culminate in 3 killings
Shootout leaves couple, sheriff’s deputy dead
Long-held grudge linked to deaths
Town lives in fear until awful night of horror
Downstate suspect accused in deaths of deputy, couple
The Bully of Toulon
Trial opens for man charged with Toulon, Ill., murders
Trial opens for man charged with Toulon, Ill., murders
Illinois bully convicted in three shooting deaths
Toulon, Ill., bully on Death Row found dead in cell
Toulon killer dies of apparent suicide

American Justice: The Bully of Toulon
Fear Thy Neighbor: Home Bloody Home

Curtis Thompson
Curtis Thompson


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