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Update: Maren Sanchez murder *Christopher Plaskon pled no contest, sentenced to 25 years in prison*

school violence

Maren Sanchez

Maren Sanchez murder 4/25/2014 Milford, CT *Fellow student, Chris Plaskon, arrested; Motive possibly because she turned him down for prom*
No contest plea in fatal Milford school stabbing
No contest plea in Conn. high school student’s prom day stabbing
Lawsuit Claims Maren Sanchez Warned School That Plaskon Was Dangerous
Maren Sanchez, who was fatally stabbed in 2014, warned school that the prom killer was dangerous, suit claims
Plaskon Could Be Paroled After 13 Years In Prom Day Slaying
Plaskon sentenced to 25 years for killing Maren Sanchez
Law High School killer gets 25 years
Plaskon Sentenced To 25 Years In Prom Day Slaying
Conn. teen who killed classmate over prom rejection sentenced

Christopher Plaskon2
Christopher Plaskon

Maren Sanchez murder 4/25/2014 Milford, CT *Fellow student, Christopher Plaskon, arrested; Motive possibly because she turned him down for prom*

school violence

Maren Sanchez
Maren Sanchez

Maren Sanchez, 16, stabbed to death at Milford’s Jonathan Law High School
Girl fatally stabbed at Connecticut school on day of prom
16-year-old Connecticut girl killed by jilted teen after she refused to go to junior prom with him
Teen girl stabbed to death at school after rejecting prom invite
Maren Sanchez Killed: Jonathan Law High School Student Allegedly Stabbed By Chris Plaskon For Rejecting Prom Invitation
Chris Plaskon ID’d as Jonathan Law High School Stabbing Suspect; Allegedly Killed Maren Sanchez
Friends Remember Maren Sanchez on Twitter
Murder Charge In Milford High School Stabbing
Connecticut teen stabbing victim’s autopsy released
Update: Maren Sanchez murder *Christopher Plaskon pled no contest, sentenced to 25 years in prison*

Chris Plaskon
Chris Plaskon

Purdue University shooting: Cody Cousins is in custody for the murder of Andrew Boldt

Andrew Boldt
Andrew Boldt

Student held in fatal shooting at Purdue University
Purdue shooting suspect Cody Cousins fatally shot Andrew Boldt, cops say
Purdue University shooting: One dead, another in custody
Purdue Shooting: Victim, Shooter Identified
Purdue University shooting leaves 1 dead
Purdue shooting suspect surrenders after allegedly killing fellow student
Purdue victim was TA, Eagle Scout
Suspect in deadly Purdue shooting was a teaching assistant at the school
Hundreds mourn Purdue shooting victim at candlelight vigil
Police search for motive in deadly Purdue shooting
Purdue shooting suspect due in court, students offered counseling
Victim in Purdue shooting suffered gunshot, stab wounds, court documents say

CodyCousins jail mug
Cody Cousins

Sparks Middle School shooting: 12-year-old shooter killed teacher, Mike Landsberry, wounded 2 others then killed himself

Mike Landsberry
Mike Landsberry

Facebook: Rest Easy Mr. Landsberry
Facebook: In Loving Memory of Our #1 Hubby/Dad Mike Landsberry
Coaching colleagues praise Michael Landsberry
Former Students Remember Michael Landsberry
Nevada School Shooting: Shots fired at Sparks Middle School, police say
Nevada school shooting 911 call: ‘I got a kid down who’s been shot’
Nevada student opens fire at middle school, killing teacher and injuring 2
Sparks PD Investigating School Shooting as Homicide
Slain Nevada teacher Michael Landsberry calmly gave others time to escape
Michael Landsberry survived 2 Afghanistan tours, died protecting his students in Sparks
Sparks Middle School shooting: Shooter’s motive remains a mystery
Sparks Middle School No Longer A Crime Scene
Vigils Planned Tonight for Victims in Sparks School Shooting

Sparks Middle School

Kids Who Kill: Philip Chism raped and killed his Danvers High School teacher Colleen Ritzer; Sentenced to life in prison

Colleen Ritzer

Teen Accused Of Stabbing Math Teacher To Death Inside High School Bathroom (GREAT post)
Danvers High School Student Accused Of Killing Math Teacher
Danvers High Teacher Murdered, Body Found in Woods Behind School
14-year-old charged as adult in murder of Danvers teacher
Teen charged with first-degree murder in teacher’s death
Philip Chism, 14, held without bail in Danvers High School teacher Colleen Ritzer’s death
Massachusetts Teen Charged as Adult in Stabbing Death of Danvers Teacher
14-year-old student held without bail in slaying of Danvers High teacher
Prosecutors: Video Shows Murder Suspect Follow Teacher Into Bathroom
Box cutter used to kill Massachusetts teacher, sources say
Student Says Slain Teacher Asked Philip Chism to Stay After Class for Math Help
Teen suspect saw movie moments after allegedly killing beloved Massachusetts teacher, report says
Teen accused of murdering teacher allegedly said “I became the teacher”
Surveillance Shows Chism Pulling Barrel Through Danvers High School After Murder
Jurors Hear Grisly Testimony and Tour Crime Scene in the Trial of Philip Chism, Accused of Killing his Teacher
Defense admits Mass. teen killed his teacher, cites mental illness
5 things to know about the Philip Chism trial
Jury finds Philip Chism guilty of first-degree murder
Philip Chism Found Guilty Of First-Degree Murder
Life in prison for Philip Chism in rape, murder of high school math teacher: “He is pure evil”
Philip Chism Sentenced To At Least 40 Years For Rape, Murder Of Colleen Ritzer
Ritzer Family Calls Chism Sentencing ‘Unacceptable’
Thousands Run 5K In Honor Of Slain Danvers Teacher


Offender Name: CHISM, PHILIP
Custody Status: In Custody
Location: Souza Baranowski Correctional (Maximum Security)
Contact Facility: Massachusetts Department of Corrections

Santa Monica College Rampage – Seven people dead, including the gunman, who has not been identified yet

Santa Monica College

7 Dead, Several Wounded in Santa Monica Shooting Rampage
7 dead in Santa Monica College shooting, gunman may have had help
Police: Gunman killed 6 in Santa Monica shootings
Seven dead, including gunman, in shooting rampage near Santa Monica College
Police: 6 dead in S. California shootings; gunman also killed
Santa Monica shootings leave multiple victims, gunman dead

Update: Sandy Hook Elementary School Rampage *All victims have been identified; Investigation continues*

Sandy Hook victims

Charlotte Bacon, age 6
Daniel Barden, age 7
Rachel Davino, age 29
Olivia Engel, age 6
Josephine Gay, age 7
Ana Grace Marquez-Greene, age 6
Dylan Hockley, age 6
Dawn Hocksprung, age 47
Madeline F. Hsu, age 6
Catherine V. Hubbard, age 6
Chase Kowalski, age 7
Jesse Lewis, age 6
James Mattioli, age 6
Grace McDonnell, age 7
Anne Marie Murphy, age 52,
Emilie Parker, age 6
Jack Pinto, age 6
Noah Pozner, age 6
Caroline Previdi, age 6
Jessica Rekos, age 6
Avielle Richman, age 6
Lauren Russeau, age 30
Mary Sherlach, age 56
Victoria Soto, age 27
Benjamin Wheeler, age 6
Allison Wyatt, age 6
Nancy Lanza, age 54

Sandy Hook Elementary School Rampage: At least 29 dead (including at least 20 children), shooter 24-year-old Adam Lanza dead, possible other suspect being questioned
Names of victims in Newtown school rampage released
Victims Remembered Fondly
Police: Gunman in school massacre forced his way into school
Killer’s Mother, His First Victim, Was a Gun Enthusiast, Friends Say
Officials release ID’s of 26 victims killed when a gunman opened fire inside a Connecticut school
‘Probably The Worst I Have Seen’ Medical Examiner Says Of Sandy Hook Victims
Connecticut School Shooting: Police find ‘very good evidence’ on gunman
Elementary School Rampage
Adam Lanza’s family: Mom liked parlor games, guns; dad, a tax exec, remarried
Family Of Nancy Lanza Releases Statement On Shooting
Lanza family speaks out

Adam Lanza 2005
Adam Lanza

Sandy Hook Elementary School Rampage: At least 29 dead (including at least 20 children), shooter 24-year-old Adam Lanza dead, possible other suspect being questioned

Connecticut School Shooting

This is an ongoing situation. I will add to this as more information comes up. It also appears that the shooters mother, Nancy Lanza, and father (name?) has also been found dead. Also, suspect being questioned is possibly shooter’s younger brother (possibly Adam Lanza).

Updated information: The shooter was Adam Lanza, not Ryan. The father is apparently alive, but someone is dead in the NJ home. The girlfriend of Adam Lanza is missing at this time. Police are questioning Ryan Lanza.

Source: 29 dead, including 22 children in Newtown shooting
Report: Gunman’s Mother Was Target and School’s Kindergarten Teacher
Connecticut School Shooting Update: At least 27 dead, more than 12 children
Connecticut Elementary School Rampage: 27 Dead, At Least 18 Kids
MASSACRE: Up to 27 people, including 20 children, shot dead at elementary school in Connecticut
At least 26 dead in shooting at Connecticut elementary school
Children and adults gunned down in Connecticut school massacre
Connecticut School Shooting: 1 Gunman Confirmed Dead
Gunman Identified as Ryan Lanza in Connecticut School Massacre
Elementary school massacre: 26 dead, including 18 kids, in Connecticut
Police Raid Sandy Hook Home Hours After Shooting
Conn. School Shooting: Mother says her son’s 2nd grade class was told to “cover their eyes” as they evacuated
Reports: Shooter’s mother was teacher at school
Update: Sandy Hook Elementary School Rampage *All victims have been identified; Investigation continues*

Guest Post: The Most Dangerous Schools in America

Much has been made about a crisis in education in America concerning falling grades and budget tug-of-wars. While the debate about how to fix the problem rages on, we can all be thankful that at least school violence has been trending down over the last two decades. Yes, despite what the heavy coverage of horrible school shootings would seem to indicate, grade school and college campuses are actually safer, in general, than they used to be.

That being said, there is no shortage of violent schools, at the university level and as early as middle school. By using our own research and sources like The Daily Beast and Elite Daily, we’ve made our designations for some of the most dangerous schools (and school districts) in America.

Abraham Lincoln High School, Philadelphia:

It has been federal law since 2006 that states must designate schools that meet a certain number of crimes per student for two or more consecutive years as “persistently dangerous.” Under Pennsylvania’s criteria, six schools are now listed as persistently dangerous (a 40% drop from the previous year), but Lincoln High has made the list every year since the rule took effect. In March 2011, a teacher whose life was threatened by a student with scissors was the fourth Lincoln teacher to be assaulted in two weeks. In their own words, Lincoln students and their parents have described the experience at Lincoln as “getting more violent” and “scary.”

University of California, Santa Barbara:

A recent article that appeared in The Bottom Line, a weekly paper produced by UCSB students, explained the flood of calls and emails to campus police of late were not a sign of an uptick in crime, just in notifications — crime remained as high as usual. In fact, crime was high enough to place the school 19th on The Daily Beast’s list of dangerous schools, with a whopping 119 aggravated assaults and 159 burglaries between 2008-2010. Assaults went up another 15% between 2011 and 2012. There was even a Molotov cocktail attack. As for the students themselves, they believe the problem seems to be getting worse.

DeWitt Clinton High School, New York:

If not for the metal detectors, this school in the Bronx would be as dangerous inside the walls as it is just outside. Weapons like brass knuckles, guns, and knives were seized 33 times during “routine screenings” in 2010, earning it the nod for New York’s “most heavily armed” school. The same year, DeWitt had 252 reports of violent or disruptive behavior. The school’s academic grade of “F” has put it in danger of being closed, although it has thus far managed to escape being shuttered.

Wilkinsburg Middle School, Wilkinsburgh, Penn.:

A recent study by Pennsylvania think tank Commonwealth Foundation found the worst-performing schools in the state to be five times more likely to be the location of violent crimes. Of those bottom-5% schools, Wilkinsburgh was found to have the highest crime rate in Pennsylvania with 137 incidents per 100 students. Wilkinsburgh Senior High followed with a rate of 78 incidents per 100 students, with the two combining for 192 assaults on both teachers and students in 2010-2011.

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia:

For being the “City of Brotherly Love,” Philly certainly seems to have a lot of campus violence. The Daily Beast recently rated Penn the 13th-most dangerous school in America, while Generation Y site Elite Daily dubbed the university its No. 1 pick for most dangerous. According to the Daily Beast’s metrics there were two murders, 106 robberies, 44 aggravated assaults, 80 burglaries, 25 car thefts, and two incidents of arson from 2008-2010. Students were quick to defend their school, however, citing the heavy presence of police on campus. Of course, their presence could be a clear indication administrators are trying to get crime under control.

East Orange School District, East Orange, New Jersey:

The hometown of this school district has significantly lowered one of the country’s highest crime rates with a proactive system of high-tech law enforcement measures. However, the steps do not appear to have affected criminal activity by minors, as the district had the highest number of violent incidents in 2011-2012 with 146, despite ranking 21st in student population. Violence increased a whopping 50% for the state of New Jersey as a whole. The district also scored fifth in number of weapons confiscated, with 28.

Harper High School, Chicago:

It’s location in the famously crime-ridden neighborhood of Englewood creates a dangerous learning environment for these young students. Between August 2011 and June 2012, 27 students — former and current — were shot, eight of them fatally. Across the district, 319 students were wounded or killed by gun violence. Student fights with each other are common at Harper, and assaulting teachers is not unheard of either. Police patrol both the inside and the outside of campus to maintain order, but they can do nothing about the poor academics at the school, where failure rates per class can be as high as 50% or greater.

Johnson & Wales University, Providence:

Despite having four campuses and 16,000-plus students, some outside New England may be unfamiliar with Johnson & Wales. Unfortunately, being considered one of America’s most dangerous schools is not the publicity of choice. Both The Daily Beast and Elite Daily ranked the Providence campus in their top 5 most dangerous, at second and fourth, respectively. The Beast relates there were three murders, 29 robberies, 44 aggravated assaults, 15 burglaries, 29 car thefts, and four arsons.

Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.:

Having two forcible rapes in 2009 helped land South Carolina’s Benedict College on Business Insider’s recent list of the most dangerous colleges in America. Believe it or not, Harvard already had two rapes reported on campus in two weeks this semester, and some female students are saying they don’t feel safe. Harvard had already scored high on the danger chart because of 128 forcible rapes over a three-year period, not to mention 170 aggravated assaults and over 900 burglaries. As local police have pointed out in the aftermath of the recent rapes, Harvard has an urban environment, with all the crime problems that come with that.

South Philadelphia High School:

South Philly High is almost synonymous with bullying and racial violence. In 2009-2010, the school saw 75 severe incidents of racial violence, nearly half of them coming on a single day when roving gangs of students targeted Asian American students and beat them. There were over 530 assaults in five years at the school. The school is incredibly diverse, with 19 languages spoken at South Philly, and bullying continues to be a serious concern for everyone involved.

Article here: The Most Dangerous Schools in America

Update: Oikos University shooting *One L. Goh pled no contest to 7 counts of murder; Sentenced to seven life sentences, died in prison*


Kathleen Ping, 24
Sonam Choedon, 33
Lydia Sim, 21
Sonam Choedon, 33
Grace Eunhea Kim, 23
Doris Chubuko, 40
Judith Seymour, 53 (no picture)
Tshering Rinzing Bhutia, 38 (no picture)

Breaking News: At least 7 dead in a shooting at Oikos University in Oakland, CA *Suspect, One L. Goh, is a former student*
Suspect in California school shooting charged with 7 counts of murder
Shooting suspect angry about tuition refund denial
Oikos shooting victim: Katleen Ping
Oikos shooting victim: Tshering Rinzing Bhutia
Oikos shooting victim: Judith Seymour
Oikos shooting victim: Lydia Sim
Oikos shooting victim: Sonam Choedon
Oikos shooting victim: Grace Eunhea Kim
Oikos shooting victim: Doris Chibuko
Oikos shooting: Rampage victims mourned
Friends Remember Oikos Shooting Victims From Tri-City
Nursing director believes she was suspect’s target
Oikos University Suspect Could Face Death Penalty
California man ordered held without bail in Oakland college mass killings
Psychiatrist deems 2012 Oakland school shooter incompetent to stand trial
Oikos rampage: Defendant deemed mentally competent to stand trial
DA Nancy O’Malley Announces One Goh Guilty in Oikos University Shooting
One Goh, man who killed 7 in Oikos University shooting, dies in prison
Murderpedia: One Goh

One L. Goh

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