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Dan Fryman murder 1/12/2004 Prospect, TN *Ex-wife, Donna Fryman, acquitted of murder as it was in self-defense*

Danny Fryman

Find-A-Grave: Melvin Daniel Fryman
Couple find contemporary furniture has local Pizazz
Jury Will Decide Whether Woman Murdered Ex-Husband Or Killed In Self Defense
Woman Acquitted In Ex-Husband’s Death
Woman found not guilty after shooting her X husband
Taylor woman convicted of murdering husband to be featured on TV show, ‘Snapped’
Facebook: Donna Fryman

Snapped: Donna Fryman
Hear No Evil: Death by Design

Donna Fryman


Not Guilty: Cherelle Baldwin acquitted of killing ex-boyfriend Jeffrey Brown, while trying to escape his abuse

Jeffrey Brown

Jeffrey Brown obituary
Woman Killed Boyfriend With Car: Cops
Connecticut woman crushes lover to death with car: cops
Mistrial for Woman Accused of Ramming Boyfriend to Death
This Woman Is On Trial For Killing A Man She Says Tried To Kill Her
Jury Begins Deliberations In Trial Of Woman Accused Of Killing Her Alleged Abuser
Woman found not guilty in boyfriend’s death
Bridgeport Woman Accused of Fatally Hitting Boyfriend With Car Found Not Guilty
Woman Accused Of Murdering Her Abusive Ex Goes Free After Almost 3 Years Behind Bars
Cherelle Baldwin on Being Found Not Guilty for Defending Herself Against Abusive Ex
Facebook: Cherelle Baldwin is Innocent

Scene of the Crime with Tony Harris: Abused or Abuser?

Cherelle Brown with her son

Deadly Wives: Janice Bonnell killed her husband, Brett Bonnell for the insurance money; Sentenced to 45 years in prison

Brett Bonnell

Brett Bonnell obituary
Wife and her sister charged in husbands murder
Wife indicted in husbands death
Wife pleads guilty to killing husband
Wife pleads guilty to killing husband

Fatal Vows: Love in Flames


SID Number: 08214560
TDCJ Number: 01535831
Race: W
Gender: F
DOB: 1963-01-13
Maximum Sentence Date: 2053-06-28
Projected Release Date: 2053-06-28
Parole Eligibility Date: 2030-12-28

Offense History:
Offense Date: 2008-04-24
Offense: MURDER
Sentence Date: 2008-10-23
Case No.: 208-08-6797110240
Sentence (YY-MM-DD): 45-00-00

Psycho For Love: Shawn Williams killed his pregnant girlfriend, Josephine Estrich when she broke up with him; Sentenced to LWOP

Suspect in Anderson stabbing arrested in Alabama
Murder suspect arrested
Shawn Williams found guilty of murder and death of a child in utero by Anderson County jail
Upstate man gets life for stabbing death of girlfriend
Anderson man sentenced to life
Shawn Williams killed pregnant girlfriend.


Psycho For Love: Donald Cleaver arrested for the murder of his 70-year-old wife, Mary Cleaver, to death – and he drove himself to jail

Husband charged with murder, assault in stabbing of his wife
Dayton man, 81, accused of fatally stabbing his wife
Police: 81-year-old man kills wife, drives himself to jail
Police: 81-year-old man kills wife, drives himself to jail
Husband charged with murder, assault in stabbing of his wife
Man admits to killing his wife, faces murder charge


Deadly Wives: Colleen Batten Harris was acquitted of killing one husband, Jim Batten, but convicted of killing another, Robert Harris; Sentenced to 50 years to life in prison

Bob Harris

Ex-LTBMU Forest Service chief Bob Harris killed
Deja vu murder suspect held: Husband shot dead Sunday in same area as husband killed in 1985
El Dorado County woman accused of murder — again
Same place, second dead husband: Colleen Harris goes on trial again in Calif. for killing another spouse
Placerville woman on trial again for killing another husband
Prosecution: Harris killed out of love
Placerville woman accused of murder ‘devastated’ by husband’s affair
Attorney begins defense of Placerville woman accused of murdering husband
Defendant Harris Takes The Stand In Murder Trial
Prosecution portrays Placerville grandmother as ‘cold, calculating’ killer
Jury finds Placerville grandmother guilty of first-degree murder
Harris found guilty of first-degree murder
USFS Worker’s Wife Guilty of His Murder
Placerville’s Colleen Harris gets 50 years to life for killing her husband
Harris sentenced to life
‘Shotgun Weddings’ tells the story of Colleen Batten Harris

Shotgun Weddings

Evil Stepmothers: A Murder You Can’t Ignore


CDCR#: WF2509
Age: 75
Admission Date: 06/24/2015
Current Location: Womens Facility

Psycho For Love: Former Police Sergeant James Allan Kulbicki shot and killed his mistress, Gina Nueslein over child support; Sentenced to LWOP

Gina Nueslein

Baltimore policeman charged with shooting girlfriend
Woman ‘scared’ of officer, court told at his murder trial Sergeant is accused of shooting ex-date
Court overturns officer’s conviction in ’93 slaying
Kulbicki trial has taken heavy toll on the survivors of Gina Nueslein
A Murder Conviction Torn Apart by a Bullet
Family spared third ordeal
Ex-cop to get a new trial
Ex-Baltimore Cop Convicted In Mistress’ Murder Granted Retrial 20 Years Later
Prosecutors assessing retrial in murder case
Officer’s murder verdict stands
Supreme Court reinstates 1995 murder conviction of Baltimore cop
Supreme Court reinstates murder conviction of former Baltimore police officer
State of Maryland v James Kulbicki 2015

Double Jeopardy


First Name: JAMES
Middle Name: ALLEN
Date of Birth: 09/18/1956
DOC ID: 2539663
Holding Facility: Western Correctional Institution

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