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Monsters Among Us: Travis Trevino Runnels killed Stanley A. Wiley, a prison employee

Stanley A WileyFrom Runnels appeal: Appellant did not enjoy working as a janitor at the prison boot factory. On the morning of the day of the murder, he expressed anger at the fact that he had not been transferred to being a barber as he had requested. He told fellow inmate Bud Williams that he was going to be “shipped one way or another” and that “he was going to kill someone.” Appellant said that he would kill Wiley if Wiley said anything to him that morning. Appellant told another inmate, William Gilchrist, that he planned to hold the boot-factory plant manager hostage in the office after the other correctional officers had left. Finally, after appellant had arrived at the boot factory, he told fellow inmate Phillip Yow that he was going to do something.

During the first shift at the boot factory, appellant approached Wiley, raised a knife, tilted Wiley’s head back, and cut his throat. Appellant then wiped the knife with a white rag and walked back toward the trimming tables. When Yow later asked appellant why he had attacked Wiley, appellant said, “It could have been any offender or inmate, you know, as long as they was white.” In response to Yow’s explanation that appellant could get the death penalty if Wiley died, appellant responded, “A dead man can’t talk.”

Wiley did die from the injury. It was later determined that the cut was a twenty-three centimeter long neck wound that transected the external carotid artery and the internal jugular vein and extended in depth to the spine. A medical examiner found that the force required to inflict the wound was “moderate to severe.” Appellant was twenty-six years old when he committed the offense.

Stanley A. Wiley obituary
Officer Down: Supervisor Stanley A. Wiley
Local prisons honor state’s fallen officers in ceremony
Clements fatal attack first since unit opened in 1990, official says
Texas Prison Supervisor Killed in Inmate Attack
Amarillo inmate charged with murder after attack on prison factory supervisor
Capital murder trial moves to punishment phase
Travis Trevino Runnels – Texas Death Row
Death Row Offender Information: Travis Trevino Runnels

The Mind of a Murderer: Cut Throat Criminal


Runnels, Travis Trevino - TDCJ inmatePic Loc: NR2/ EA/ Local News

SID Number: 05134562
TDCJ Number: 00999505
Race: B
Gender: M
DOB: 1972-12-17
Maximum Sentence Date: DEATH ROW
Current Facility: POLUNSKY
Projected Release Date: DEATH ROW
Parole Eligibility Date: DEATH ROW

Runnels history

Parents Gone Wild! Deasia Watkins charged with beheading her 3-month-old daughter, Janiyah

Say NO to Child Abuse

Jayniah Watkins
Jayniah Watkins

Who is Deasia Watkins? Documents reveal troubled childhood of woman accused of beheading baby
‘It’s a very violent scene’: 911 call after Cincinnati mom allegedly beheaded infant describes grisly scene
Ohio mother accused of decapitating baby held on $500K bail
Ohio mother accused of decapitating baby>held on $500K bail
Woman accused of decapitating daughter bail set at $500K
Ohio Mom of Decapitated Baby Faces Aggravated Murder Charge
Mom was in hell long before she claimed to speak to demons
Records: Mom accused of decapitating baby has family history of mental illness
Murder charges in beheaded baby case

Deasia Watkins
Deasia Watkins

Monsters Among Us: Jeremy Valdes killed Pamela Jeffries & Matthew Roddy; Sentenced to 30 years to life in prison

Pamela Jeffries & Matthew Roddy
Pamela Jeffries & Matthew Roddy

Double homicide discovered in Roy
2 people arrested in Roy double homicide
Roy murder suspect briefly escaped from police custody
Police reveal motive, causes of death in Roy homicides
Man on trial for double murder rejects plea, expects apology
Woman sentenced to prison in Ogden double murder case
Woman describes killings in Roy double murder case
Girlfriend tells how mom, son were murdered
Woman sentenced to prison in Ogden double murder case
Murderer tells how two people died at his hands
Man pleads guilty to 2009 double homicide
Valdes to serve two consecutive life sentences for murder
Man sentenced to at least 30 years in Utah double murder
Jeremy Valdes Sentenced to Minimum 30 Years in 2009 UT Murders of Pamela Jeffries and Matthew Roddy


Jeremy Valdes

Offender Number: 178402
DOB: Fri, 17 Sep 1976
Height: 6 Feet Inches
Weight: 290
Sex: M
Housing Facility: N/A
Parole Date: N/A


Miranda Statler

Offender Number: 181057
DOB: Thu, 30 Dec 1982
Height: 5 Feet 8 Inches
Weight: 150
Sex: F
Location: PAROLE
Housing Facility: N/A
Parole Date: N/A

Teens That Kill: Ashlee Martinson charged with killing her stepfather and mother, Thomas and Jennifer Ayers


Thomas and Jennifer Ayers
Thomas and Jennifer Ayers

Teenage suspect in WI double homicide arrested in Indiana
17-yr-old murder suspect blogged about death, killing
Wisconsin teen arrested in Indiana accused of killing mother, stepfather
Wisconsin girl suspected in double killing taken into custody in Indiana
Wisconsin Teenager Charged With Killing Mother, Stepfather
Two weapons used in parents’ killing
Teen girl suspected in couple’s deaths posted dark writings
Teen to face five felony charges in parents’ homicides
Oneida County homicides UPDATE: man killed by firearm, woman killed by knife; extradition hearing today for 17-year-old suspect
Report: Wis. girl accused of killing parents blogged about killing

Ashlee Martinson
Ashlee Martinson

Randy Bent murder 3/08/2015 Watertown, NY *Kyle Box charged with his murder; Allegedly has confessed to the murder*

Randy J. Bent
Randy Bent

Randy J. Bent obituary
Carthage teen confesses to murder of Morrison St. resident
West Carthage Teen Charged in Murder of Watertown Man
Police: Teen stabbed 62-year-old man, then set him on fire
North Country 18-year-old charged with murder after cops find man stabbed to death in a burning home
Carthage teen charged with stabbing man to death, lighting body on fire

Kyle Box
Kyle Box

Monsters Among Us: Franklin Lee Reed raped and killed 13-year-old Mollie Pittman; Sentenced to life in prison

Mollie Pittman
Mollie Pittman

Mollie Pittman (about 1/3 way down)
Police have no suspects in stabbing of teen girl
Arrest Is Made In 1986 Slaying
A `Surreal’ Murder Scene
17-year-old Dna May Be Enough To Convict Murder Suspect
2 Men Who Knew Slain Girl Take Stand
Convicted Killer Insists He Is Innocent, Gets Life Term
Trial Dispute Leads Defender To Resign
Man Sentenced in Murder of Girl,13
New Trial Sought In Girl’s Rape, Death
Florida Department of Law Enforcement – Sexual Offender / Predator Flyer

Unusual Suspects: Left Alone


Franklin Reed prison mug

DC Number: 908407
Hair Color: BROWN
Eye Color: BLUE
Height: 6’05”
Weight: 266 lbs.
Birth Date: 10/31/1957
Initial Receipt Date: 12/18/2003
Current Facility: BLACKWATER C.F.
Current Custody: CLOSE
Current Release Date: SENTENCED TO LIFE


Current Prison Sentence History:
Offense Date Offense Sentence Date County Case No. Prison Sentence Length
05/11/1986 1ST DG MUR/PREMED. OR ATT. 12/12/2003 ORANGE 0103695 SENTENCED TO LIFE
05/11/1986 SEX BAT/ WPN. OR FORCE 12/12/2003 ORANGE 0103695 SENTENCED TO LIFE

Note: The offense descriptions are truncated and do not necessarily reflect the crime of conviction. Please refer to the court documents or the Florida Statutes for further information or definition.

Incarceration History:
Date In-Custody Date Out-of-Custody
11/17/1987 05/03/1988
12/18/2003 Currently Incarcerated

Prior Prison History: (Note: Data reflected covers periods of incarceration with the Florida Dept.of Corrections since January of 1983)
Offense Date Offense Sentence Date County Case No. Prison Sentence Length
01/08/1982 SHOOT/THROW MISSILE-BLDG/VEH. 11/06/1987 ORANGE 8200148 2Y 6M 0D

Psycho For Love: William Groseclose hired 2 men, Phillip Michael Britt and Ronald Rickman, to kill his wife, Deborah Groseclose

Deborah GrosecloseFrom William Groseclose appeal: In February 1978, William E. Groseclose was convicted in the Shelly County, Tennessee, Circuit Court of murder in the first degree in connection with the killing of his wife, Deborah Lee Groseclose, on June 29, 1977.   Groseclose was alleged to have contacted Barton Wayne Mount, a naval recruit Groseclose met while Groseclose was employed in the Navy Recruiting Service, in an effort to find someone to murder Mrs. Groseclose.  State v. Groseclose, 615 S.W.2d 142, 144 (Tenn.1981).   Mount referred Groseclose to an acquaintance, Phillip Michael Britt, who in turn contacted Ronald Eugene Rickman, Britt’s former brother-in-law.   Rickman agreed to commit the murder in cooperation with Britt.   Groseclose agreed to pay a certain price, in which Rickman, Britt, and Mount would all share.   During its prosecution of the case, the State never ascribed one particular motive to Groseclose, but instead pointed to evidence that “[h]is motives may have been apprehension that [his wife] was about to sue him for divorce, desire to obtain [substantial] life insurance proceeds, or interest in another woman.”

The Tennessee Supreme Court described the murder as “one of the most atrocious and inhuman conceivable.”   According to the evidence presented by the State at trial, the scheme was for Rickman to accost Deborah the day before the murder and, in an attempt to divert suspicion for the later murder from her husband, “to frighten her to the point that she would report ․ the incident to the police.”  The next morning, Groseclose left his house with the couple’s infant son, leaving the back door unlocked.   Rickman and Britt then entered the house;  each raped Deborah Groseclose, and then told her “there was a ‘contract’ on her life.”  

After listening to Deborah plead for her life by offering money to her assailants, Rickman “proceeded to strangle Mrs. Groseclose into unconsciousness,” and then, because he detected a pulse, to stab her three or four times in the back.  Rickman and Britt placed Deborah in the trunk of her car, apparently believing her to be dead, “and drove the vehicle to a parking lot adjacent to the main Memphis Public Library.”   During the trip, Rickman learned that she was not in fact dead because he “could hear her cries for help from the trunk.”  Rickman and Britt nonetheless left her in the trunk of her car;  she was discovered five days later, and the medical testimony at trial suggested that while she would not have died from her injuries alone, the excessive heat in her car trunk caused her death.

During the subsequent investigation, police were led to Rickman and Mount through information given by Rickman’s roommate.   Although Rickman, Britt, and Mount all gave statements to the police, Groseclose did not.   Groseclose, Rickman, and Britt were all charged with murder in the first degree, tried jointly, and convicted.

Jury gives death sentences
Tried, Convicted, Ordered to Die. But Is He Guilty?
Murderers Re-Tried After 22 Years!! Removed from Death Row & Sentenced to Life; Now Parole Eligible
Pair convicted 20 years ago get new trial
Run-In With Uncle Navy
They’ve found Debbi….She Is Dead.
I didn’t kill her, Bill. I swear I didn’t (part one)
Groseclose (part 2)
All the jury heard was the AG. Nothing from us.
William E. Groseclose v Ricky Bell 1997 (sentence and conviction affirmed)
Groselose parole hearing at least five years away
Parole denied for Groseclose, Turner
Parole denied for one of Memphis’ most notorious murderers

Murder in Memphis

On the Case with Paula Zahn: Left Alone

William Groseclose – convicted, sentenced to life in prison
Ronald Rickman – convicted, sentenced to life in prison
Phillip Michael Britt – convicted, sentenced to life in prison
Barton Wayne Mount – pled guilty, sentenced to 10 years in prison

TOMIS ID: 00083408
Birth Date: 01/30/1948
Race: W
Sex: M
Supervision Status: INCARCERATED
Location: WTSP
Sentence Begin: 07/11/1977
Sentence End:
Parole Eligibility : 07/11/2007
Parole Hearing: 09/2019
Hearing Result:


TOMIS ID: 00083407
Birth Date: 09/15/1952
Race: W
Sex: M
Supervision Status: INCARCERATED
Location: MCCX
Sentence Begin: 07/13/1977
Sentence End:
Parole Eligibility : 07/13/2007
Parole Hearing: 09/2019
Hearing Result:


TOMIS ID: 00083210
Birth Date: 08/16/1957
Race: W
Sex: M
Supervision Status: INCARCERATED
Location: HCCF
Sentence Begin: 07/15/1977
Sentence End:
Parole Eligibility : 04/14/2000
Parole Hearing: 08/2016
Hearing Result:


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