News Archive: Bart and Krista Halderson murders

Bart and Krista Halderson

Murder In The Family: Chandler Halderson charged with killing and dismembering his parents, Bart and Krista Halderson
Update: Bart and Krista Halderson murders *Son, Chandler, has murder trial begin*


Update: Bart and Krista Halderson murders *Son, Chandler, has murder trial begin*

Bart and Krista Halderson

News Archive: Bart and Krista Halderson murders
What to know ahead of the Chandler Halderson trial
TIMELINE: Order of events leading up to Chandler Halderson’s trial
Wisconsin man accused of murdering parents begins trial | Nationwide
Accused of killing and dismembering his parents, Chandler Halderson goes to trial
Opening statements begin in trial of Chandler Halderson
Prosecutor: Halderson’s father about to expose son’s lifestyle lies before homicide
Trial opens for Wisconsin man accused of killing parents
Prosecutors claim Chandler Halderson killed parents after lies about college were exposed
Wisconsin Man on Trial for Allegedly Murdering, Dismembering Parents (you can watch it here)


Monsters Among Us: Timothy M. Banowetz pled guilty to the horrific murder of Randy Gori and holding his family hostage; Sentenced to 70 years in prison

Randy Gori

Find-A-Grave: Randy Lee Gori
Prominent Attorney, 47, Killed Over The Weekend
Suspect in downstate lawyer’s death was cash-strapped pharmacy student
Convicted Murderer Banowetz Stalked Gori and Family Because He ‘Resented Wealthy People’
Prosecutor: Suspect Banowitz Allegedly Planned to Burn Gori’s House Down With Victims In It
Trial starts for man accused of killing high-profile Edwardsville lawyer Randy Gori
Madison County State’s Attorney: Evidence against Banowetz provided ‘overwhelming’ proof of guilt in killing of Randy Gori
‘I am hoping Randy can finally be at peace’ | Wife of Randy Gori releases statement after surprise guilty plea
Wentzville man pleads guilty to gruesome killing of Illinois lawyer
‘Greed and envy in a warped mind’ | State’s attorney reacts to surprise guilty plea to murder of Randy Gori
After Complaining About Judge and His Attorneys, Man Enters Last-Minute Guilty Plea to Killing Prominent Attorney
Man Accused Of Attorney’s ‘Gruesome’ Murder Enters Surprise Guilty Plea At Outset Of Trial
‘This nightmare continues,’ family of Edwardsville attorney Randy Gori tells his killer
Man sentenced to 70 years in killing of Edwardsville attorney Randy Gori
Wentzville man sentenced to 60 years for killing Edwardsville attorney


Psycho For Love: Brittany Wilson charged with killing Harrison Stephen Foster with a sword to set him free from ‘entities’

Harrison Stephen Foster

Cape Girardeau woman charged with killing boyfriend with a sword
Cape Girardeau woman charged with killing boyfriend with a sword
Cape Girardeau woman accused of killing boyfriend with sword to appear in court Monday
Missouri woman charged with killing boyfriend with a sword
‘Setting Him Free’: This Smiling Woman Allegedly Stabbed Boyfriend to Death with Sword on Christmas Eve
Woman Smiles For Christmas Eve Mugshot After Allegedly Killing Boyfriend With Sword
Missouri woman accused of fatally stabbing boyfriend with sword to set him free from ‘entities’


Suspected Serial Killer: Willy Suarez Maceo charged with the murders of 3 homeless men

Man fatally stabbed in downtown Miami
Miami real estate agent in custody as cops announce arrest of ‘suspected serial killer’
Miami Police: Suspected Serial Killer Willy Suarez Maceo Arrested
Police arrest ‘serial killer’ who targeted homeless people in Miami
Police: Shooter arrested after targeting homeless people
Police say Florida real estate agent ‘brutally targeted’ homeless people, killing 1
Miami Real Estate Agent Labeled a Suspected Serial Killer Following Attacks on Homeless Men: Police
Suspected serial killer of homeless denied bond
Miami real estate agent labeled 4‘suspected serial killer’ in targeted attacks on homeless men
Porsche-Loving Miami Realtor Accused of ‘Execution Style’ Murder Spree


Monsters Among Us: James David Russell charged with the murder and cannibalism of 70-year-old David M. Flaget

David Flaget

David Flaget obituary
Man accused of murdering 70-year-old Clark Fork man held without bond
Idaho man charged with murder and cannibalism after body parts found in microwave
Idaho man charged with murder, cannibalism after body parts found in microwave, police say
Suspect Charged With Killing, Eating Man’s Flesh To ‘Cure His Brain’
‘Post-mortem mayhem’: Court docs detail cannibalism charge in North Idaho murder
Cannibalism suspected in Bonner County killing
North Idaho man Charged With Murder and Cannibalism
Alleged cannibal believed eating victim’s remains would ‘cure his brain’


Age 39
Gender Male

Date of Birth Feb 03, 1982
ID Number 142126
Custody Status Date Oct 28, 2021 08:15 PM MDT
Custody Status In Custody
Custody Detail Idaho Maximum Security Institution

Idaho Maximum Security Institution
13400 S. Pleasant Valley Rd
Kuna , ID 83634
(208) 338-1635

Idaho Department of Correction
1299 N. Orchard St.
Suite 110
Boise, ID 83706
(208) 658-2000

Monsters Among Us: Douglass Taylor killed his roommate, Hermann Hans Woerrlein, because he thought he was trying to start a Nazi cult; Sentencing will be 2/9/2022

Herman Woerrlein obituary
Idaho Falls man admits stabbing roommate 15 times and slicing his throat
Idaho Falls man to face murder charge
Man in court after saying he killed roommate he thought was starting Nazi cult
Judge orders murder defendant committed for mental treatment
Man pleads guilty to killing roommate he thought was starting Nazi cult
Douglass Taylor pleads guilty to killing roommate because of Nazi cult
Idaho Man Admits He Brutally Stabbed’ Roommate He Claimed Was Starting a Nazi Cult; Says He ‘Did Not Tolerate Proselytizing’
Idaho Man Pleads Guilty In Murder Of His Roommate At A Sober House
Douglas Taylor Charged in 2020 ID Murder of Hermann Hans Woerrlein


Age 33
Gender Male
Race White

Date of Birth Feb 03, 1988
ID Number 142018
Custody Status Date Mar 11, 2020 02:22 AM MDT
Custody Status In Custody
Custody Detail Bonneville County Jail
Book Date Mar 11, 2020 02:13 AM MDT

Bonneville County Jail
900 Environmental Way
Idaho Falls, ID 83401
(208) 529-1315

Kids That Kill: Izaak Joseph Vijil charged with stabbing Melissa Dawn Wood because she complained about him using racial slurs

Melissa Dawn Wood

Melissa Dawn Wood obituary
Find-A-Grave: Melissa Dawn Wood
Friends remember Murray woman stabbed, killed by teenager
Boy, 16, charged with murdering woman who confronted him about racial slurs
Boy, 16, charged with murdering woman who confronted him about racial slurs
Teen accused of fatally stabbing Murray woman to face murder charges as adult
16-year-old suspect charged as adult in case of fatal stabbing of Murray woman
Stabbing death of 34-year-old woman is 2nd homicide in 2 days for Murray neighborhood
Teen will stand trial for murder in slaying of woman who lectured him about using a racial slur
Murray teen stands trial for murder after stabbing woman over racial slurs

Serial Killer: David Leonard Wood *Desert Killer*

Ivy Susanna Williams, 23 [5/30/1987]
Desiree Autumn Wheatley, 15 [6/2/1987]
Karen Baker, 20 [6/5/1987]
Angelica Frausto, 17 [8/8/1987] (no picture)
Rosa Maria Casio, 24 [8/12/1987] (no picture)
Dawn Marie Smith, 14 [8/28/1987] (no picture)

Find-A-Grave: Ivy Susanna Williams
Find-A-Grave: Desiree Autumn Wheatley
Find-A-Grave: Angelica Frausto
Find-A-Grave: Dawn Marie Smith
David Wood indicted in desert deaths
Death in the Desert: The David Leonard Wood murders 30 years later
33 years later, El Paso’s “Desert Killer” still awaits execution
Murdered, missing women tied to serial killer David Leonard Wood
Legal saga of ‘Desert Killer’ David Leonard Wood remains tied up in court system
David Leonard Wood v State of Texas 2018
Murderpedia: David Leonard Wood
‘Bodies Will Talk To You’: Texas Serial Killed Buried His Victims In The Desert, Dead Or Alive

The Mark of a Serial Killer: Deaths in the Desert
On the Case with Paula Zahn: Buried Dreams


Deadly Duo: Samuel Clark Gallamore and James John Steiner killed Clayton and Juliana Kenney, and their daughter Adrienne Arnot;

Verle Clayton Kenney, 83
Juliana Kenney, 75
Adrienne Arnot, 44

Clayton Kenney obituary
Juliana Kenney obituary
Find-A-Grave: Juliana Hess Arnot Kenney
Adrienne Arnot obituary
Find-A-Grave: Adrienne Arnot
Two Arrested In Triple Murder That Terrorized Town
Triple murder suspects arraigned
Death row inmate who fatally stabbed, beat paralyzed woman, two others set to die
Death sentence upheld in slayings
Sorry I Murdered That Old Man, His Paralyzed Wife and Daughter
Gallamore executed in 1992 triple murder
Texas Executes Man for 1992 Triple Murder
Texas killer executed for three slayings
Samuel Clark Gallamore #821
Murderpedia: Samuel Clark Gallamore
Find-A-Grave: Samuel Clark Gallamore
What Brought To Some ‘Gruesome’ Texas Triple Murder? A Nursing Aide’s Shocking Confession
Revisiting the unthinkable
What Led To A ‘Gruesome’ Texas Triple Murder? A Nursing Aide’s Shocking Confession
Execution of the Day: 14 January 2003 Samuel Clark Gallamore

Juliana and Adrienne

Family Massacre: Kenney

Samuel Clark Gallamore – convicted, sentenced to death, executed 1/14/2003
James John Steiner – convicted, sentenced to life in prison, eligible for parole 7/21/2028



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