Person of interest named in Trenton Duckett disappearance

trenton.jpg Trenton Duckett, a 2 year old boy from Leesburg, Florida, has been missing since August 27, 2006. His mother, Melinda, claimed he had been abducted from his room and she noticed when checking on him. However, much of her story has turned out to be either untrue or not believeable. Melinda and Trenton’s father, Joshua, were apparently getting a divorce and there was a dispute over custody. She refused to take a lie-detector test, and then went on The Nancy Grace Show, which turned out to not be in her favor. Melinda committed suicide on September 9, however, the search for Trenton has continued. Joshua is determined to find his son.
It has also come to light that Melinda has been a suspect from the beginning. There were inconsistencies in her apartment (possible blood stains, fresh paint, etc.) and she also threw away in the dumpster all of Trenton’s toys, photographs and even one os his sonograms from her pregnancy. Why would a mother do that unless she knew he was not coming home and did not want him home? Most mother’s of murdered children hold on to anything and everything that belonged to their child. To me, this was a bad sign.
Now, Melinda’s family is trying to sue Nancy Grace, saying she drove Melinda to suicide. Well, in my opinion, that is a crock! She did it out of pure guilt. I realize her family is mourning her loss, and I do feel bad for them, as they loved her very much. Sometimes things in life are not easy to live with or come to terms with. I hope that this situation will have some resolution soon. I do hope and pray that Trenton is alive and well. He has a father and a family that loves him and wants him home. Miracles have happened before!

Help Find Trenton Duckett
Person of interest named in Trenton Duckett disappearance
Investigators Re-Interviewing Potential Witnesses In Duckett Disappearance
America’s Most Wanted


Cold Case: Aaron Wood murder 4/16/1989 North Philadelphia, PA *Trial of Thomas Gibison – jury now deliberating*


Authorities Charge Man With 1989 Slaying
Suspect in ’89 slaying has violent past
Authorities charge man with 1989 slaying, ethnic intimidation
Delaware Man Charged In 1989 Philadelphia Slaying
Del. Man Charged in 1989 North Phila. Murder
Our target was the black man
Suspect in ’89 slayking has violent past
Hearing set in Black man’s death
Feds: Childhood friend gave up skinhead in ’89 killing
Murder victim on drugs and alcohol, jury told
A third witness IDs defendant as killer in ’89 case
Tape comes back to haunt skinhead
Driver testifies in 1989 N. Phila. shooting
Jurors hear arguments in ’89 murder blamed on racism
Prosecution near close in racial-murder trial
Attorneys deliver heated closing arguments in skinhead’s murder trial
Final arguments, varying scenarios in skinhead trial
Jury in Gibison trial talks, does not decide
Philadelphia jury weighs murder case against skinhead
Update: Aaron Wood murder *Thomas Gibison acquitted of murder; convicted of conspiracy and firearms violations; sentenced to 12 1/2 to 25 years in prison*

Thomas Gibison

Update: Atlantic City murders

kim-raffo.jpgKim Raffo

tracy-ann-roberts.jpgTracy Ann Roberts

barbara-breidor.jpgBarbara Breidor

1129rdilts-b.jpgMolly Jean Dilts

Task Force Formed In Atlantic City Murders
Strangulation Indicated In Atlantic City Murders
Similarities in Bodies of Four Women Fuel Speculation of Ritual or Serial Killer in New Jersey
Autopsy on First of Four Women’s Bodies Found in N.J. Ditch Indicates Murder
Atlantic City murder mystery

Update: Atlantic City murders 4th victim identified

molly-jean-dilts.jpgMolly Jean Dilts

Fourth Victim Identified in Quadruple Murder Outside Atlantic City
Final body ID’d in resort mystery
Blairsville woman among Atlantic City ditch deaths
All 4 victims found in ditch had risky lives
Fourth A.C. Murder Victim Identified

This Week’s Carnival of the True Crime Blogs


Carnival of the True Crime Blogs LII

This Day in Crime History: Sherita Williams murder 2003 *Warren Dixon pled guilty, sentenced to 20 years in prison*

Sherita Williams
Sherita Williams

Sherita Williams
Police Mystified Over Girl’s Death 1 Year Later
Unsolved child homicide
Jersey Teen’s Murder Still Unsolved 3 Years Later
Man charged with 2003 murder of Pennsauken teen
Parents Face Man Accused of Killing of Sherita Williams
Guilty plea in 2003 killing of NJ teen
Former classmate pleads in notorious cold-case killing
Teen girl’s murderer sentenced in NJ
Pennsauken teen’s killer gets 20 years
How investigators caught the killer

Nightmare Next Door: Out of the Past


WarrenDixon prison mug

Warren D Dixon
SBI Number: 000947899C
Sentenced as: Dixon, Warren D
Race: Black
Ethnicity: Black
Sex: Male
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5’5″
Weight: 150 lbs.
Birth Date: July 5, 1985
Admission Date: June 3, 2011
Current Facility: NSP
Current Max Release Date: January 30, 2026
Current Parole Eligibility Date: January 30, 2026


Offense: 1 count of : 2C:11-4A*1 Manslaughter-Aggravated /1
Offense Date: November 29, 2003
Sentence Date: June 3, 2011
County of Commitment: Camden
Commitment Order: 10-06-01680-I
Mandatory Minimum Term: 16 Years 11 Months 30 Days
Maximum Terms: 20 Years

Offense: 1 count of : 2C:5-114X*2 Criminal Attempt,Sex Offense /2
Offense Date: November 29, 2003
Sentence Date: June 3, 2011
County of Commitment: Camden
Commitment Order: 10-06-01680-I
Mandatory Minimum Term: 8 Years 6 Months
Maximum Terms: 10 Years

Monsters Among Us: Moe Maurice Gibbs sexually assaulted and killed Mindy Jo Morgenstern and raped several others; Sentenced to life in prison*

Mindy Morgenstern

Mindy Morgenstern obituary
Find-A-Grave: Mindy Jo Morgenstern
VC Keeps Mindy Morgenstern’s Memory Alive With Garden – See more at:
Mindy Morgenstern Investigation
Former New Salem Resident Found Dead
Remembering Mindy Morgenstern
Tips Coming in on Valley City Murder
Funeral Services for Mindy Morgenstern
Suspect Arrested in Morgenstern Murder
Gibbs Appears on Murder Charges
Death Penalty Debate Just Beginning
Background Check
Authorities Say New Law Needed on Name Changes
Gibbs Assaulted Inmates, Says Stenehjem
Gibbs Officially Charged with Rape
Trial in N.D. Student’s Death Begins
Prosecution wraps up first day of Gibbs case
Gibbs trial starts week with DNA testimony
Gibbs pleads guilty
Moe Gibbs ordered to serve 15 more years for jail assaults, rape
Judge dismisses man’s appeal of conviction in VCSU student’s death
N.D. Supreme Court upholds Gibbs’ murder conviction
History of the Moe Gibbs trial
State of North Dakota v Moe Maurice Gibbs 2009
After A North Dakota College Student Is Killed In Her Apartment, Police Look At One Of Their Own


An Unexpected Killer: A Predator Within
Murder in the Heartland: The Farmer’s Daughter


This Day in History: de la Roche Family murder 1976

schoolphoto.jpgThanksgiving Weekend, 1976, Harry de la Roche was home from The Citadel to spend the holiday weekend with his family: his father Harry Sr., his mother Mary Jane and brothers, Eric and Ronald. To the outside world this family appeared to be “the perfect family”, but in reality, that was just not the truth. Harry Sr. was very demanding and controlling, sometimes making life extremely hard for his family. Harry was attending The Citadel, a military college. NJIt was a situation he hated and wanted to quit. It was rough and demanding and Harry was not keeping up well. Like high school, he felt alienated from the other students and had problems with bullying and hazing. He started missing classes and his grades were dropping. He wanted to drop out, but his father would not let him. They fought over this time and time again. Finally, over the holiday weekend, things boiled over and would never be the same.

On Sunday November 28, 1976, Harry killed his family one by one, shooting each one at least twice and bludgeoning both brothers, who put up a struggle. Harry has told several versions of the story over years, even confessing to killing all of them at one point. But he normally says that he only killed his brother Ronnie, after Ronnie had killed the rest of the family. He says that he came home from being at a disco to find his family murdered and his brother Ronnie sitting on his bed in a drugged state. Harry says that their father caught Ronnie with drugs and threatened to turn him into the police and Ronnie killed them all. This was the story he told the police and took a lie detector test for. The test showed deception, and that is when he confessed to all four murders. Harry pled not guilty by reason of insanity, even testified in his own defense, along with a psychiatrist who said that the thought of Harry going back to The Citadel drove him “mad”. However, the jury found him guilty and he was sentenced to serve 4 life sentences to run concurrently. He is still in the prison, currently in the South Woods State Prison. His next parole hearing will be in 2008. *Update* He has been denied parole thus far.

The de la Roche Family (clockwise starting upper left hand corner: Harry Sr., Mary Jane, Eric and Ronnie

Next parole hearing should be Oct. 2023

Find-A-Grave: Harry De La Roche Sr.
Find-A-Grave: Mary Jane De La Roche
Find-A-Grave: Ronald “Ronnie” De La Roche
Find-A-Grave: Eric De La Roche
Thanksgiving break bloodbath
Teen kills parents; 2 brothers
N.J. student held in slaying of 4 in family (scroll to the right on the next page)
Cadet held for killing family
De La Roche Won’t Go To Funeral
De La Roche Says He Brother For Killing Family
Unusual Method Used For Unbiased Jurors
Testimony Begins In Murder Trial Of De La Roche
‘Quiet Son’ Was A Ticking Time Bomb
He just couldn’t bear to go back to school
De La Roche Admits Lying To Police In Statements
De La Roche’s Friends Testify In His Behalf
Friends had varying views of de la Roche Family
Life Fixed for Killer of Family
Slayer of Kin Gets Life Sentence
Anyone’s Son (click on Synopsis, then Articles and there are a lot!)
Harry de la Roche v New Jersey State Parole Board 2009
Harry de la Roche v New Jersey State Parole Board 2015
Try To Scare Me: De La Roche Family Murder : Montvale, NJ
Courtroom Sketches: Harry De La Roche Jr.
NJ man who killed parents, brothers in 1976 denied parole for sixth time
De La Roche Family Murder : Montvale, NJ

Anyone’s Son (I first read this book when I first started college and really got into it. I found it fascinating, along with a couple of other “true crime classics”: Helter Skelter, In Cold Blood, and Fatal Vision (although these 3 I read in junior high school, so many years ago! These books all started my interest in murder and criminal psychology.)

Anyone’s Son (trailer)
Anyone’s Son
Harry: A Communication Breakdown
Killer Kids: Full Metal Jacket


Update: Atlantic City murders: 3rd victim identified

barbara-breidor.jpgBarbara Breidor

Authorities identify 3rd of 4 women found dead in Atlantic City
Officials Identify 3rd of 4 Women Found Dead in Atlantic City
Fear a serial killer lurks in A.C.
Third Victim Identified In Egg Harbor Murders
Angels hit Atlantic City street in effort to catch killer

Update: Anna Svidersky murder *David Barton Sullivan ruled legally insane during the murder

Anna Svidersky

Anna Svidersky murder 4/20/06 Vancouver, WA
This Day in History: Anna Svidersky murder 2006
Find-A-Grave: Anna Esther Svidersky
Mental Experts: McDonald’s murder suspect competent for trial
Vancouver man accused of killing teen at McDonalds to stand trial
McDonald’s stabbing suspect is arraigned
Man accused of Vancouver stabbing death pleads insanity
Insanity Plea In Fatal Stabbing Of Teen McDonald’s Worker
Vancouver man ruled insane at time of McDonald’s killing

David Barton Sullivan
David Barton Sullivan

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