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Hi everyone! I hope that all of you are doing well and none of you are sick, including with the coronavirus. So far no one I know has it and I hope it stays that way. I hope we are over the worst, but I have a feeling it will get worse before it gets better. So everyone please be careful. Wash your hands! Don’t touch your face. And stay home! There are lots to do. Watch a movie marathon. Read some books! Catch up on your favorite shows. Actually I need to take this advice myself! I have so many things in my queue! Unfortunately, I have been dealing with a horrible headache that I can’t get rid of. That is why I have posted so little lately. I do not have this horrible virus (although my sister is very worried about me getting sick, so I have been very careful, I just have a horrible immune system and usually get whatever goes around.) I did not actually have to do a self quarantine as that is how I live normally right now! I don’t drive anymore so I have to have others do things for me. I hate making others go out of their way for me. I am grateful to have friends and family who are so good to me. I love them very much. I don’t know what I would do without them. However, I have made the very hard decision to move back to Utah. I am not sorry to have moved here. Just the opposite, actually. I have been able to spend time with family that I would not trade for the world. I want to be closer to my family in Salt Lake. Plus, last year I had to have my hip replaced again and one of the doctors told me that there were only 2 surgeons in Idaho that could do the surgery because of how bad it was (my hip was collapsing), So, I want to be somewhere that I won’t have that kind of stress. Salt Lake has the University of Utah hospital there, which is also a research hospital. That will give me more security in being able to take care of my health issues. I will also be able to go out and do things – go to a movie, shopping, etc. because there is a good bus system there. Here, nothing is the same since my friend, Matt, died the day before Thanksgiving. He is an administrator on this blog and we had been friends for over 33 years. I am still having trouble adjusting and everything here reminds me of him. Emotionally, moving is the best thing for me. So, I will be moving in a couple months or so. Depends on everything around us and what I can do.

Now, on to my blog. I am way behind on updates! Yup, there you have it! So, if you find any that need to be updated, please let me know so I can get to them. Also, same goes if you find any broken links or bad information. I would like to keep everything is as accurate as possible. Also, if there is a story that I have not covered yet that you know about, please tell me.

I really hope that everyone is doing well and staying safe and healthy. I will try to keep all of you in my thoughts and in my heart as well. Hopefully this will all come to an end soon. And just because, if you want, just leave a comment saying how you are doing! I would love to know how all of you are doing, even if we rarely hear from you. Everyone counts and everyone matters here! My love to all of you! And please take care!!!!!!

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Parents From Hell: Christopher Payne and his girlfriend, Reina Gonzales, killed his children, Ariana & Tyler Payne; Christopher is now on death row, but Tyler’s body has not been found

It is not hard to imagine a cute pair of siblings, boy and a girl ages 4 and 3. Both had sparkling eyes and beautiful big smiles, especially when they were together. Ariana, 3, loved to color and play with her dolls. Tyler, 4, loved Scooby Doo and cooking. Sounds like your average little children, right? Unfortunately, these two beautiful children are dead, at the hands of their father, Christopher Payne, and his girlfriend, Reina Gonzales. Christopher was a non-custodial parent to these two children, and should not have even had them. However, he got them for a visit and never returned them to their mother, Jamie Hallam. Jamie tried to get her children back, but no one would help. The police asked CPS for help, which apparently was a bad idea. CPS told the police that Jamie was under investigation because of drug abuse (called into them by an “anonymous” source). But she was not under investigation. Someone at CPS did not close out the previous inquiry where she was cleared of any wrongdoing. Now, Christopher, on the other hand, was about $19,000 behind on child support, but he still filed for temporary custody in 2006. Jamie begged both the police and CPS to help her get her children back. She should not have had to do that since she had full custody. The next thing she knew, the situation took a dark turn. Christopher, being the genius that he is, stopped making payments on his storage unit. When management went through the unit to get it ready for auction in February 2007, they discovered Ariana’s body in a plastic tub. Tyler’s body was nowhere to be found. To make a long story short, Christopher was convicted and is currently enjoying life on death row. His girlfriend, Reina Gonzales, turned State’s witness and testified against Christopher. She talked about how his abuse of these 2 children increased when he lost his job. Yeah, children really deserve to have this happen to them. They starved the children to their deaths. But mind you, their child, Christopher Jr. was alive and healthy. They did nothing wrong with him. This seems to be the end of it, right? NO. Not at all. Where is Tyler’s body? Nothing seemed to be happening about finding Tyler’s body. No one seems to know anything about this. Reina testified against Christopher, but from what I have heard and read, she did not tell anyone where Tyler’s body is. I do not believe for even a moment that she does not know where Tyler’s body is. She knew everything else, but not this one very important fact? I don’t believe it for a moment.
Of course, this brings us back to Tyler and his missing body. Jamie deserved to have both of her children returned to her. Without it, she may never be able to get over what happened to her children. After all, she begged for help and the people who should have helped her, didn’t. Not even to try and find Tyler’s body. I, personally, would never be able to heal from such a thing without having my child’s body. It is so important to Jamie and her family, those who love Tyler. So, here comes the children’s advocate, Miranda Yonts. Thankfully, Miranda could be counted on to help out in any way she could, even though she was in a different state (Jamie was in Arizona and Miranda was in Illinois). Miranda stepped up to the plate and done everything she could. She has posted in many true crime forums, plastered the information and pictures all over her social media. So far, none of this hard work has found Tyler. But she keeps trying. I admire her resilience, her dedication to helping her friend find her child’s body. Can you imagine thinking about this every single day? I also admire her persistence. It seems like she finds a different way to work this issue, which is not easy when she is perhaps a thousand miles from Arizona. So, especially if you are in or close to Tuscon, or if you know anything about where Tyler is or could be, please contact the Tuscon police or Miranda Yonts. Tyler deserves to have his body returned so he can be buried.

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