Deadly Duo: Coty Martinez & Jeremy Brooks killed Patrick O’Dea and Ruth Ouverson on a multi-state crime spree

Hugh Patrick O’Dea, 69 [7/24/2007] KY
Ruth Ann Ouverson, 58 [8/3/2007] MN

Hugh Patrick O’Dea obituary
Find-A-Grave: Hugh “Patrick” O’Dea
Ruth Ouverson obituary
Find-A-Grave: Ruth Ann Wahnschaffe Ouverson
Greenwood Man Wanted In Minnesota Murder
Louisiana fugitives sought in slaying
Following the fugitives
Louisiana couple to be charged in Louisville murders
Suspect in murder admits ‘doing some bad things’
Ouverson murder suspects indicted on first degree murder charges
Caddo Parish Man Pleads Guilty In Minnesota Murder
Text of Killer Couples: Coty Martinez & Jeremy Brooks

Snapped: Killer Couples: Coty Martinez and Jeremy Brooks
Wicked Attraction: Superstar

Coty Martinez – pled guilty, sentenced to 30 years in prison
Jeremy Brooks (aka Travis Guntenaar) – convicted, sentenced to LWOP




Boyfriends From Hell: Jose Lopez killed his girlfriend’s daughter, Mia Alvarez, but did not show up to hear the guilty verdict; Sentenced to 24 years in prison, no parole

Mia Alvarez

Find-A-Grave: Mia Sirae “Rae Rae” Alvarez
Arizona City man a no-show at end of child murder trial
Eloy Man guilty of 1st Degree Murder is Missing
Man convicted in child’s death arrested in Las Vegas
Fugitive Jose Lopez convicted in the 2007 murder of a toddler in Pinal County arrested
Man convicted in child’s death arrested in Nevada
Man sentenced to life in prison in toddler’s death
Lopez sentenced to max for killing 1-year-old girl in Az City


Monsters Among Us: David Neal Cox killed his wife, Kim Kirk Cox – at his execution he confessed to killing his sister-in-law, Felicia Cox

Kim Kirk Cox, 40 [5/15/2010]
Felicia Cox , 40 [7/2/2007]

Find-A-Grave: Kim Everette Kirk Cox
Find-A-Grave: Felicia Cox
Mississippi man kills wife, holds children hostage for hours
‘He’s evil’: Victims’ family prepares for killer’s execution
Victim’s family speaks out about David Cox, that fateful night, upcoming execution
Father of Kim Cox, killed by estranged husband David Cox, says execution will give closure
Mississippi completes execution of David Cox. Here’s how it happened.
Mississippi Man Executed For Killing Wife, Sexually Assaulting 12-Year-Old Daughter
David Neal Cox admits to another killing before execution, which could resolve cold case
Before Execution for Wife’s Murder, ‘Evil’ Man Drew a Map That Led Investigators to Sister-in-Law’s Presumed Remains: DA
Man executed for wife’s murder confessed to 2007 murder of missing sister-in-law
Man recently executed for killing his wife confessed to killing his sister-in-law as well
Woman’s remains found in Mississippi after tip from man who confessed to killing her just before his execution

David Neal Cox

Monsters Among Us: Kylr Yust killed Jessica Runions and Kara Kopetsky; Sentenced to life in prison

Kara Kopetsky, 17 [5/4/2007]
Jessica Runions, 21 [9/8/2016]

Find-A-Grave: Kara Elise Kopetsky
Find-A-Grave: Jessica Runions
One set of remains found in Cass County identified as Jessica Runions of Raymore
Disappeared: Kara Kopetsky
Teen argued with teacher, left school and vanished
Second Set of Human Remains Found in Missouri Has Been Identified as Kara Kopetsky
Remains of Missouri Teen Identified 10 Years After Disappearance: ‘We Can Finally Put Her to Rest’
Teen who vanished in 2007 will finally be laid to rest after remains identified
Man Accused Of Killing Two Women Nearly 10 Years Apart Because They Rejected Him
‘We won’: Victims’ families thankful after Yust sentencing
Mo. Man on Trial for Allegedly Murdering 2 Women 10 Years Apart After They Spurned Him
Mo. man charged in deaths of two women who vanished a decade apart
THE TRIAL OF KYLR YUST: Defense focuses on ‘mismanaged investigation’ in opening statement (There are links to each day of the trial there)
Day 2 of Kylr Yust trial: Kara Kopetsky’s mother, friends testify about alleged abuse by Yust
Missouri man convicted of killing 2 girlfriends, including teen, 10 years apart for rejecting him
Man convicted of killing 2 women who disappeared 10 years apart
Kylr Yust found guilty in deaths of Kara Kopetsky, Jessica Runions
Kylr Yust found guilty in deaths of Kara Kopetsky, Jessica Runions
Judge sentences convicted murderer Kylr Yust to 15-years for death of Kara Kopetsky, life for Jessica Runions
Jury recommends max sentence, including life, for man accused of killing two women
‘Kara and Jessica won:’ Family members of Kara Kopetsky and Jessica Runions react to sentencing of Kylr Yust
Hometown Tragedy: Kara Kopetsky and Jessica Runions
MO – Kara Kopetsky, 17, Belton, 4 May 2007 – #4

Crime Junkie: MURDERED: Kara, Kelsey, & Jessica

Disappeared: Gone at 17


Deadly Husbands: Edward Stenberg killed his wife, Laura Ann, after serving a year in jail for beating her; Sentenced to life in prison

Laura Ann Stenberg

Laura Ann Stenberg obituary
Find-A-Grave: Laura Ann Stenberg
Husband sought in shooting
Michigan man accused of killing wife arrested in Fort Pierce
Missing slaying suspect arrested in Florida
People of the State of Michigan v Edward Albert Stenberg 2010 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Crimes ranged from gruesome to bizarre (about 1/2 way down)
2007 Domestic Violence Homicides in Michigan (about 2/3 down)


Mothers From Hell: Tara Indrakosit Brazzle charged with killing her newborn baby girl, Baby Mary Anne, and leaving her in a dumpster

Find-A-Grave: Baby Mary Anne
“Baby Mary Anne” obituary
10 years later, Baby Mary Anne case no closer to solved
12 years later, police still search for the family of Baby Mary Anne
‘That floored me’: Community reacts to arrest made 14 years after Baby Mary Anne was found dead in 2007
Mom identified by DNA, arrested 14 years after death of baby tossed in trash
Mother arrested in 14-year cold case of newborn found dead in dumpster
Arrest made in decade-old homicide cold-case of Baby Mary Anne in Lancaster County
Alleged mother of ‘Baby Mary Anne’ arrested for 2007 homicide in Lancaster
Woman Admitted She Discarded Her Newborn Daughter in a Dumpster, Then She Flew to California: Prosecutors


Age 44
Date of Birth Jan 21, 1977
ID Number EGH507
Custody Status Date Jul 02, 2021 09:54 PM PDT
Custody Status In Custody
Custody Detail Elmwood Women’s Correctional Complex

Elmwood Women’s Correctional Complex

Deadly Duo: Paul Trucchio and Robert Mackey killed and decapitated Lorraine Hatzakorzian, then prayed to the “Alligator God”; Didn’t really work as they both were sentenced to prison

Lorraine Hatzakorzian

Find-A-Grave: Loraine Hatzakorzian
Lorraine Hatzakorzian
Roommate, Grocery Bag Help Nab Suspects in Florida Decapitated Woman Case
Men Charged With Murder Months After Head Found In Canal
2 arrested in decapitation of L.I. woman
Bragging led to arrests in case of woman’s head
Two men face murder charges in human head case
Opening statements Wednesday in murder, dismemberment trial in Broward County
Killer’s Clue to I-Team May Help Solve 11-Year-Old Mystery of NY Woman’s Head Found in Everglades
Opening statements Wednesday in murder, dismemberment trial in Broward County
Man Accused Of Beheading Woman Pleads No Contest
No contest plea in Mastic woman’s Fla. slay
Man On Trial For Dismemberment Murder Said to Have Prayed to “Alligator God”
No trial after murder suspect pleads no contest
Man sentenced in dismemberment case with Port Orange connection
Covering up a killing
Convicted tree trimmer gets 30 years in Broward beheading case
Body of Evidence – New search for remains of decapitated victim
FL – Lorraine Hatzakorzian, 41, severed head found in Everglades, April 2007

Florida Man Murder: Alligator God

Robert Mackey – convicted, sentenced to 30 years in prison
Paul Trucchio – pled no contest, sentenced to 30 years in prison



Serial Killer: Joseph Brant – killed at least 4 women

unidentified woman “Jane Doe”, [10/17/2007 New Orleans, LA] (no picture)
Jody Johnson, 47 [1/11/2008 New Orleans, LA]
Jessica Lou Hawk, 32 [8/11/2008 Bywater, LA]
Kirsten Brydum, [9/27/2008 New Orleans, LA]

Find-A-Grave: Jessica Lou Hawk
Find-A-Grave: Kirsten Brydum
Accused serial killer back in court
Huntsville prisoner suspected to be serial killer linked to another death
New Orleans ‘serial killer’ admits to 3 more murders, DA says
Accused serial killer Joseph Brant pleads not guilty to three New Orleans murders
DA: Man confesses to serial killings of 4 women in New Orleans 10 years ago
Alleged post-Hurricane Katrina serial killer, Joseph Brant, cleared for April trial
‘Serial killer’ convicted of 2008 Bywater murder now accused of killing 3 more New Orleans women
New Orleans serial killer pleads guilty to murdering three women after Hurricane Katrina
Serial Killer Confesses To More Murders He Committed In Aftermath Of Hurricane Katrina
Websleuths: LA – Joseph Brant, 48, New Orleans, 2007-08


Age 51
Gender Male
Race Black

Ethnicity Non-Hispanic
Date of Birth Jul 13, 1969
ID Number 00545933
Custody Status Date Oct 06, 2020 03:28 PM CDT
Custody Status In Custody
Custody Detail Louisiana State Penitentiary

Louisiana State Penitentiary
17544 Tunica Trace
Angola, LA 70712
(225) 655-4411

Murder In The Family: Jesse Bernard Winnick killed his mother, Hadas Winnick; Sentenced to 15 years to life in prison

Hadas Winnick

The Homicide Report: Hadas Winnick, 55
Calabasas teacher slain; son is held
Man is arrested in mom’s stabbing death
Son arrested after mother killed in Calabasas
Man who stabbed mother found mentally incompetent
Man Pleads No Contest To 2007 Stabbing Death Of His Mother
Man pleads no contest to stabbing mother to death
Calabasas man gets 15 to life for stabbing death of mother who taught math at Canoga Park High
Son who fatally stabbed teacher mom gets life
Man Who Fatally Stabbed Mother in Calabasas Is Sentenced

Working for Justice: One Family’s Tale of Murder, Betrayal, and Healing (very good book)


CDCR Number AK1015
Age 39
Admission Date 10/26/2011
Current Location California State Prison, Los Angeles County
Parole Eligible Date (Month/Year) 07/2021
Parole Eligible Date Information
The Parole Eligible Date displayed above is subject to change.

The parole eligible date shown above is the first date the inmate is (or was) eligible for a parole suitability hearing by the Board of Parole Hearings to determine if the inmate should be released. Inmates may earn credits for participating in rehabilitative programming, which may move their parole eligible dates to an earlier date. Inmates could also be found guilty of an institutional rules violation, which could result in a loss of credits that may move their parole eligible dates further into the future. Parole eligible dates may also change based on a variety of other reasons, including court orders, changes in law, and routine audits. Parole eligible dates displayed on this website are updated regularly.

Parents Gone Wild! Banita Jacks killed her 4 daughters, possibly due to mental illness: Sentenced to 120 years in prison

N’Kiah Fogle, 6
Aja Fogle, 5
Britney Jacks, 16
Tatianna Jacks, 11

Find-A-Grave: N’Kiah “Chunky Munk” Fogle
Find-A-Grave: Aja “Red Baron” Fogle
Find-A-Grave: Brittany Marie Jacks
Find-A-Grave: Tatianna Mecca Danielle Jacks
Marshals serving eviction notice find 4 bodies
Woman With Bodies to Face Murder Charges
Mother charged in grisly deaths of her four children
SE Woman Says Four Daughters Were ‘Possessed’
Mother Guilty of Killing 4 Girls Whose Bodies Decomposed in Home
Jacks Prosecutor Calls Mother’s Home a “Prison of Torture.”
Banita Jacks Found Guilty of Murdering Her Daughters
Banita Jacks Found Guilty of Murder
D.C. Mother Convicted of Killing 4 Daughters
Banita Jacks Sentenced to 120 Years
Banita Jacks Case: Breakdowns, Lies, And Laziness
Murderpedia: Banita Jacks
Wikipedia: Banita Jacks
D.C. to pay $2.6 million in deaths of 4 children slain by Banita Jacks


Register Number: 42211-007
Age: 45
Race: Black
Sex: Female
Release Date: 06/05/2110
Located At: FCI Hazelton

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