Parents Gone Wild! McKenley Jordan Yadon charged with smothering her 3-year-old stepdaughter, Arianna Rose Stout

Arianna Stout

Arianna Stout obituary
Family mourns Utah 3-year-old believed smothered; stepmother charged in her death
Vernal P.D. releases name of toddler murdered by 23-year-old stepmother
Grandma speaks as investigation into murder of Utah 3-year-old reveals new details
Family mourns Utah 3-year-old believed smothered; stepmother charged in her death
Police: Stepmother smothered 3-year-old child to death
Vernal woman charged with aggravated murder in 3-year-old stepdaughter’s smothering death;a
Vernal woman accused of aggravated murder in death of 3-year-old
Utah woman charged after admitting to killing 3-year-old stepdaughter


Custody Status: In Custody
Age: 24
Race: White
Contact Facility:
Offender ID: 79750
Gender: Female


Chanel Petro-Nixon murder 6/18/2006 Brooklyn, NY *Suspect, Veron Primus, charged for her murder, may also be a serial killer*

Chanel Petro-Nixon
Chanel Petro-Nixon

Find-A-Grave: Chanel Petro-Nixon
Person of interest charged in the murder of Chanel Petro-Nixon
Mom & dad of Chanel beg for info
In murder investigation, police search
It’s Open Season On Young Gals
Hoping sneakers track killer
Trying to Solve Unsolved Murders
Death of Chanel Petro-Nixon
Cops are closing in on killer in one of city’s most infamous cold cases
New evidence shows man suspected of killing 16-year-old Brooklyn girl may be a serial killer
NYPD investigates whether Caribbean murder suspect is serial killer
Indictment expected in unsolved 2006 murder of Brooklyn honors student
Veron Primus, in Caribbean, indicted for murder of Brooklyn teen Chanel Petro-Nixon 10 years ago, NYPD says

Veron Primus
Veron Primus

Monsters Among Us: James Henry Hampton executed 3/22/2000; Convicted of killing 2 women

remembering the victims

Frances Keaton, 58 [8/3/1992] (beaten to death with a hammer)
Christine Schurman, 48 [9/16/1992] (shot in the head)

Cape County jury to hear murder trial at Fulton
James Hampton executed in Potosi for kidnapping, beating death of woman
State of Missouri v. James H. Hampton
James Henry Hampton #64
Murderpedia: James Henry Hampton
James Hampton executed in Potosi for kidnapping, beating death of woman
ProDeathPenalty: March 2000 (about 1/2 way dow)

Nightmare Next Door: Country Killing

James Henry Hampton

Maria Santos Corona murder 4/26/2010 Lewisville, TX *Police searching for her husband, Jose Corona, who has been charged with her decapitation murder*


Maria Corona
Maria Santos Corona

Woman Decapitated In Lewisville, Husband Suspected
Mutilated body found this morning in Lewisville
Police found chainsaw still running at grisly Lewisville murder scene
Chainsaws found at grisly Lewisville murder scene
AMW: Jose Fernando Corona
Mutilated Woman’s Husband Stole Truck from Dealer: Police
Affidavit describes bloodstained chain saws at victim’s Lewisville home
Texas Woman Decapitated in Street by Chainsaw; Police Searching for Husband

Jose Corona

Monsters Among Us: Justin Michael Weinberger sentenced to LWOP for the rape & murder of Courtney Hannah Sconce, along with federal time for child porn

Courtney Hannah Sconce

Find-A-Grave: Courtney Hannah Sconce
Suspect Arrested in Courtney Sconce Murder
Sacramento man gets time for porn
Killer ordered to life in prison Sentenced in death of teen whose body was found near Nicolaus
Confession of a Child Killer
The Signs Were There in a Child Killer Case
10 years after Courtney Sconce’s rape and murder, the community fights back against violence
The Victim…. dare we forget Courtney?



CDCR#: T43721
Age: 39
Admission Date: 02/22/2002
Current Location: Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility
Main Phone: (619) 661-6500
Physical Address: 480 Alta Road, San Diego, CA 92179
Release Date: LWOP

Register Number: 18815-051
Age: 39
Race: White
Sex: Male
Released On: 05/02/2011

This Week On America’s Most Wanted

Los Palillos – This week, John Walsh and the AMW crew were on location in San Diego, hunting down members of a violent drug gang known as Los Palillos, which is Spanish for “The Toothpicks.” That was the nickname of the gang’s founder in Mexico. When he was killed in a drug cartel feud, his brother moved the gang north to the San Diego area and began terrorizing American citizens.

Gabriel Morris – Cops say Gabriel Morris, his wife, Jessica, and their 4-year-old daughter, Kalea, recently moved to Bandon, Ore., to live near his mother. However, police say the family was torn apart Feb. 8, 2010, when Morris murdered his mother and her boyfriend in their home. Now law enforcement agencies in several states are on the lookout for the fugitive family man.

Gabriel Morris

Larry Arbuckle – Cops in Camden County, Mo., tell AMW that Larry Anthony Arbuckle is now their No. 1 fugitive. The 50-year-old is accused of preying on a mentally-handicapped woman and her 2-year-old son. Now, they need your help to bring this accused sexual predator to justice.

Larry Arbuckle

Gilberto Vargas – Cops are looking for 22-year-old Gilberto Angel Vargas, a dangerous member of a notorious Chicago street gang called the “Spanish Cobras.” According to police, Vargas shot an innocent man to death for no reason other than that he wrongly targeted the man as a rival gang member.

Gilberto Vargas

Cameron Taylor – Retired Air Force vet Gilbert Leon was on his way to his Phoenix home after spending time with his family — but he never made it. Cops say it’s because of one man: Cameron Taylor. They need your help in tracking down this gangbanger who they say pulled the trigger.

Cameron Taylor

Dale Batt – A court convicted Dale Batt of abusing his wife but gave him a chance to change his life. Instead, cops say Batt thumbed his nose at justice, and the race is on to find him. Now, authorities need your help in tracking down this criminal.

Dale Batt

Unknown Brittani Marcell Attacker – A sweet mother-daughter tradition was forever changed when an unknown man invited himself to their lunch date. Now Brittani Marcell fights to recover with her mother’s aid, but they need your help to get justice.

Unknown Brittani Marcell Attacker

Kayla Berg (missing child)– On the night of Aug. 11, 2009, 15-year-old Kayla Berg had been hanging out with her friend, driving around town — but she never made it home. Now, police in Antigo, Wis., have turned to AMW in hopes that we can help bring Kayla back to her family.

Kayla Berg (missing child)

This Week On America’s Most Wanted

Jesus De La Herran – On Sept. 28, 2006, Joseph Drake, his wife Patricia, and a truckload of his family were driving home to Glendora, Calif. from a friend’s home in Pasadena. Chaos erupted when police say a drunk driver, Jesus De La Herran, smashed into the truck and fled the scene. Now an amputee, Joseph recalls to AMW about hearing a sound similar to a bomb just before he looked down to see his leg was practically gone. Now, cops are on the lookout for Jesus De La Herran, and they’re hoping to get some justice for a family that will never be the same.

Jesus De La Herran

Manson Brown – The hunt for Manson Brown ended the evening of Jan. 3, 2010, when an officer with the DeKalb County Police Department in Georgia arrested him at a gas station. Detectives in DeKalb County received information about Brown’s whereabouts from an alert AMW tipster.

Manson Brown

Albert James Turner – Cops in Rosenberg, Texas, want correctional officer Albert “James” Turner back in his home away from home: prison. But this time Turner won’t be guarding inmates — he’ll be one. Now, police need your help to lock up this accused double murderer.

Albert James Turner

Leah Peebles (Missing Person) – John Peebles spends most of his free time on the streets. It’s not the life he envisioned for himself, but he says he has no other choice. He won’t rest until he finds out what happened to his missing daughter, Leah. It’s a quest that has turned his life inside out, and a journey that has taken him into an underground world he never imagined.

Leah Peebles (Missing Person)

Unknown Scherer Family and Genevieve Zitricki Killer – Weeks after the murder of Jenny Zitricki, a jogger found a picture of a woman next to a pair of rubber gloves. Was it the key to cracking this case or just another red herring? Thanks to AMW tipsters, they are closer to answering that question, but they still have a long way to go.

Unknown Scherer Family and Genevieve Zitricki Killer

Rufino Castaneda – Rufino Castaneda — the rapist whose victim’s story touched everyone who saw it — has been sentenced for his brutal crimes. After being arrested by Mexican authorities in October 2007, U.S. Marshals hauled him back to Indiana for his trial. In April 2009, the courts ruled that Castaneda will remain locked up for more than a half-century.

Rufino Castaneda

Also in the show this week: AMW Allstar Contest Launch and John Walsh’s recent trip to Haiti.

AMW Allstar Contest Launch

John Walsh’s recent trip to Haiti

This Week On America’s Most Wanted

I am so happy that AMW has brought this back for us!

Unknown Ben Novack Jr. Killer – A huge murder mystery surrounds the small town of Rye Brook in upstate New York. Detectives say South Florida millionaire Ben Novack Jr. was beaten to death as he slept in his hotel bed. Ben, the son of the former owner of Miami’s famed Fontainebleau Hotel, was the second-largest Batman collector worldwide. Rye Brook police are hot on the trail of Ben’s killers but are looking for that one last tip to bring them in.

Unknown Ben Novack Jr. Killer

Happy Tran Pham – Houston police have been searching for 24-year-old Happy Tran Pham for more than two years. They say Pham was unhappy because the girl he was dating got back together with her ex. Houston detectives believe Pham’s jealousy led to the murder of 29-year-old Pierre Mai, and they have surveillance video of the crime.

Happy Tran Pham

Unknown Dorothy “Dot” Gay Howard Killer – Police in Colorado say they have finally cracked a 55-year-old mystery: the identity of a woman’s body found brutally beaten along the banks of Boulder Creek.

Debora Gail DeLoach Moody (Missing Person) – On Dec. 4, 2007, cops say 42-year-old Debora Gail Deloach Moody disappeared from rural Long County, Ga. Police have little to go on, but they’re working hard to piece the mystery together and bring Debora back home.

Ronald Jabalee (Suspected Ron and Christine Jabalee Killer) – A Michigan grand jury has indicted Ron Jabalee on four charges in the deaths of his parents: two counts of premeditated murder in the first degree and two counts of second-degree murder. Jabalee appeared before Judge Richard Caretti on June 30, 2009, and was released on $1 million bond.

Ronald Jabalee (Suspected Ron and Christine Jabalee Killer)

Yaser Abdel Said – They say he killed his daughters. In a crime that shocked the nation, two young women were found shot to death in the back of a taxi, and their father is one of the nation’s most-wanted men. Now, he’s been named to John Walsh’s Dirty Dozen.

Yaser Abdel Said

Viola Brown Martin (Missing Person) – Viola Martin proudly stood by her daughter, Angela Martin, as she auditioned for the hit FOX television show American Idol, three years in a row. Four months after Angela’s most recent audition, on Christmas Day 2009, Viola vanished after leaving Angela’s home.

Viola Brown Martin

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This Week On America’s Most Wanted

Harlem, New YorkCARLOS THOMPSON… New York cops say rapper Carlos Thompson handed a .38-caliber revolver to a 13-year-old boy and ordered him to murder another teen. Now, more than a year later, Thompson is in custody.


Stone Mountain, GeorgiaDERRICK YANCEY… Newly-released surveillance video shows Derrick Yancey, a former sheriff’s deputy accused of killing his wife and another man, in his first hours on the run. Investigators say Yancey is seen buying a Greyhound bus ticket to California, but his whereabouts are now unknown.


Whitewater, WisconsinRICKY HOWARD… Cops in Whitewater, Wisc. say Ricky Howard is a perpetual danger to society. Throughout his life, Howard’s been in and out of jail, but cops say in December of 1999, he reached a new low when he violently raped a 12-year-old girl. Nearly ten years later, Howard is still on the run and police need your help to find him.


Garland, TexasCESAR OROZCO… Authorities are searching for Cesar Orozco, a man who they say shot and killed 26-year-old Joe Castillo last March. Police suspect that Orozco killed Castillo because he thought he was seeing his ex-wife.


NationwideJOHN PARIGIAN… After being convicted of wire fraud, cops say Boston con-man John Parigian rented a plane and vanished into thin air – literally. Now, police are piecing together his trail, and believe he could be hiding out in New York or Massachusetts.

Atlanta, GeorgiaVERNON COLEMAN… The U.S. Marshals and the DEA have teamed up to bring down the Black Mafia Family, a major drug trafficking organization. They were successful in arresting all but one of the suspects, and the only straggler is Vernon Marcus Coleman, known as Big Wu on the streets.


Anchorage, AlaskaJOHN PEZZENTI KILLER…On December 3, 2007, detectives were called to a two-story shack in Anchorage, Alaska, where they found a body, soon identified as acclaimed wildlife photographer John Pezzenti, Jr. With no signs of forced entry or robbery, cops say John knew who pulled the trigger, and they hope that AMW viewers can help solve the murder.


NationwidePATRICIA PARDO… In 2000, cops say Patricia Pardo stole the identity of 17-year-old Joanna Saenz. Eight years later, Pardo was arrested but quickly disappeared after posting bond. Now, Joanna is determined to fight back and help police track down the woman they say changed her life forever. This Saturday, AMW will put Pardo on national TV in hopes of bringing her to justice.

Houston, TexasTIMOTEO RIOS… In April of 2008, 39-year-old Tina Davila headed to a Cricket store in Houston, Texas to pay her cell phone bill. But before she got inside, cops say she was attacked in an attempted carjacking by Timoteo Rios. With her 4-month-old baby in the backseat, Tina fought back, but police say Rios stabbed Tina in the chest, killing her at the scene. Cops say Rios escaped in his own car, but that this was just the beginning of a crime spree that lasted all afternoon.


Washington, D.C…. TOP COPS 2009… Once a year, the bravest and most heroic police officers — the nation’s TOP COPS — are honored in a ceremony hosted by AMW Host John Walsh. This year’s TOP COPS AWARDS showcased some truly inspiring stories, with the night’s top honor going to a Georgia Police Officer who single handedly stopped an armed robbery and saved the life of a cashier who was taken hostage.


For Immediate Release… Tuesday, June 9, 2009


FOX-TV’s “America’s Most Wanted” Highlights Florida’s First-in-the-Nation Statewide CyberCrime Sweep Using Groundbreaking Technology to Fight Online Predators

The Internet may have revolutionized communications, but it’s also provided a dark cover for some of the most twisted predators: perverts who make and distribute child pornography. State- of-the-art technology is now revolutionizing the way law enforcement fights back. This week on AMERICA’S MOST WANTED (Saturday, June 13th 9:00 PM ET/PT on FOX), host John Walsh will show viewers how authorities in Florida are using sophisticated technology – and how it’s yielded big results.

Governor Charlie Crist created Florida’s CyberCrime Unit in 2005, while serving as the state’s Attorney General, with a mission to protect children from computer-facilitated sexual exploitation. Under Florida’s current Attorney General, Bill McCollum, the CyberCrime Unit has expanded to include a staff of more than 30 in five offices throughout the state.

A task force made up the CyberCrime Unit, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, the U.S. Marshals Service and local authorities recently conducted “Operation Orange Tree.” AMW crews were on hand as agents used the new high-tech tool to pinpoint locations where child porn was being downloaded – and to take down the suspected predators. While highlighting the advanced technology, the crime-fighting TV show will also ask its viewers to help cops locate several suspected predators who’ve slipped through law enforcement’s net.

In its 22 seasons, AMW and its viewers have helped capture more than 1,060 dangerous criminals, including dozens of child predators.

AMERICA’S MOST WANTED airs Saturdays, 9 PM ET/PT, 8 PM CT on FOX. AMW is produced by STF Productions; Inc. Lance Heflin is Executive Producer. Steve Katz is Co-Executive Producer.

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