This Week On America’s Most Wanted

I am so happy that AMW has brought this back for us!

Unknown Ben Novack Jr. Killer – A huge murder mystery surrounds the small town of Rye Brook in upstate New York. Detectives say South Florida millionaire Ben Novack Jr. was beaten to death as he slept in his hotel bed. Ben, the son of the former owner of Miami’s famed Fontainebleau Hotel, was the second-largest Batman collector worldwide. Rye Brook police are hot on the trail of Ben’s killers but are looking for that one last tip to bring them in.

Unknown Ben Novack Jr. Killer

Happy Tran Pham – Houston police have been searching for 24-year-old Happy Tran Pham for more than two years. They say Pham was unhappy because the girl he was dating got back together with her ex. Houston detectives believe Pham’s jealousy led to the murder of 29-year-old Pierre Mai, and they have surveillance video of the crime.

Happy Tran Pham

Unknown Dorothy “Dot” Gay Howard Killer – Police in Colorado say they have finally cracked a 55-year-old mystery: the identity of a woman’s body found brutally beaten along the banks of Boulder Creek.

Debora Gail DeLoach Moody (Missing Person) – On Dec. 4, 2007, cops say 42-year-old Debora Gail Deloach Moody disappeared from rural Long County, Ga. Police have little to go on, but they’re working hard to piece the mystery together and bring Debora back home.

Ronald Jabalee (Suspected Ron and Christine Jabalee Killer) – A Michigan grand jury has indicted Ron Jabalee on four charges in the deaths of his parents: two counts of premeditated murder in the first degree and two counts of second-degree murder. Jabalee appeared before Judge Richard Caretti on June 30, 2009, and was released on $1 million bond.

Ronald Jabalee (Suspected Ron and Christine Jabalee Killer)

Yaser Abdel Said – They say he killed his daughters. In a crime that shocked the nation, two young women were found shot to death in the back of a taxi, and their father is one of the nation’s most-wanted men. Now, he’s been named to John Walsh’s Dirty Dozen.

Yaser Abdel Said

Viola Brown Martin (Missing Person) – Viola Martin proudly stood by her daughter, Angela Martin, as she auditioned for the hit FOX television show American Idol, three years in a row. Four months after Angela’s most recent audition, on Christmas Day 2009, Viola vanished after leaving Angela’s home.

Viola Brown Martin

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