Psycho For Love: Christopher Haag beat his wife, Rose Marie Haag to death; Sentenced to life in prison

Police: South Daytona man arrested for beating wife to death
Police: South Daytona man arrested for beating wife to death
Slain wife never spoke to friends about abuse
Man pleads no contest to second-degree murder charge in wife’s death
South Daytona man pleads no contest in wife’s killing
Wife killer gets life in prison
South Daytona man convicted of beating wife to death gets life in prison



Deadly Husbands: Andre McDonald convicted of manslaughter in the death of his wife Andreen; Sentenced to 20 years in prison

Andreen Nicole McDonald

Andreen McDonald obituary
Find-A-Grave: Andreen Nicole Anderson McDonald
Andreen McDonald finally laid to rest months after remains found
Air Force Major Andre McDonald admitted to killing his wife, victim’s family testifies
Andre McDonald arrested in murder of wife Andreen McDonald in San Antonio
The most shocking things Andre McDonald said during his trial confession about killing wife, disposing of her body
Former Air Force Major Accused Of Wife’s Murder Gives Shocking Details During Testimony
‘The Claw Got Stuck in Her Neck’: Air Force Major Andre McDonald Describes How He Mutilated His Wife with a Can of Gas and Hammer
Missing Texas mom feared Air Force major husband would kill her, affidavit says
Andre McDonald convicted of manslaughter in 2019 death of his wife, Andreen
Sheriff gifts handcuffs to father of Andreen McDonald
Andre McDonald to serve maximum time in prison of 20 years
Judge hands down maximum sentence to Air Force Major who admitted to killing wife, beating remains with claw hammer
Judge sentences Andre McDonald to max of 20 years in prison after manslaughter conviction
Air Force major gets even more prison time for burning wife’s body and beating remains with claw hammer
Andre McDonald accepts plea deal for tampering with evidence charge following death of Andreen McDonald

“It’s Andre.” – The Murder of Andreen McDonald


Age 43
Gender Male
Race Black

Ethnicity Unknown
Date of Birth Feb 19, 1979
ID Number 0424792
Custody Status Date Feb 03, 2023 08:13 PM CST
Custody Status In Custody
Custody Detail Bexar County Jail
Book Date Feb 03, 2023 07:36 PM CST

Bexar County Jail
100 Dolorosa
San Antonio, TX 78205
(210) 335-2011

Psycho For Love: Mark Anderson shot and killed his wife, Tiereney Nicole, but tried to make it look like she did it herself – it did not work; Sentenced to 38 years in prison

Tiereney Nicole Anderson

Tiereney Nicole Anderson obituary
Suspect Arrested, Charged In 2019 Fatal Shooting At 10122 Wild Hollow Lane
Houston man convicted for killing his wife in 2019 and shooting himself to fake crime scene, DA says
DA: Houston man gets 38 years in prison for staging crime scene after killing wife
Man sentenced to 38 years in prison for fatally shooting his wife inside NW Houston home in 2019, DA says
Texas husband sentenced to prison for murdering his wife after ‘obvious’ attempt to blame the victim blows up in his face


Psycho For Love: Victor Lopez killed his wife, Samantha Quintanar-Lopez during an argument; Sentenced to 25 years to life in prison

Samantha Quintanar-Lopez

Samantha Teresa Quintanar obituary
Facebook: Samantha Teresa Lopez-Quintanar
‘She touched a lot of lives,’ coworker says of Porterville murder victim Samantha Lopez
Murder victim hoped to turn suspect ‘back to man she fell in love with’, friend says
Porterville Man Convicted of Killing Wife
DA: Porterville man convicted of killing wife in 2018
Porterville man convicted of killing wife
Man faces life sentence following murder conviction in Tulare County
Porterville man sentenced to life for wife’s murder
Porterville Man Sentenced to Life in Prison for Wife’s Murder
Man gets life sentence for suffocating wife with bag, body found under blankets
Tulare County man sentenced to life in prison for suffocating his wife to death


Monsters Among Us: Robert Spangler killed 2 wives and 2 children

Nancy Spangler, 45
David Spangler, 17
Susan Spangler, 15
Donna Sundling, 58

Find-A-Grave: Nancy Jane Stahlman Spangler
Find-A-Grave: David Andrew Spangler
Find-A-Grave: Susan Elizabeth Spangler
Find-A-Grave: Donna Rae Marsh Spangler
Profile: Robert Merlin Spangler “The Black Widower”
FBI: The Case of the Homicidal Husband
A Killer Who Thinks He Is ‘Interesting’
Murderer who shoved wife into GC admits guilt
Murderpedia: Robert Spangler
Wikipedia: Robert Spangler
Find-A-Grave: Robert Merlin Spangler

Married To Murder

Into the Killing: S3 Ep68: Robert Spangler
My Favorite Murder: Mr Zip
Park Predators: The Widower
Mask of Sanity: Robert Spangler – Colorado Serial Killer and Child Murderer

Investigation Discovery: Blood Relations: Robert Spangler
Devil Among Us: A Trail of Blood
Crime Stories: A Way with Murder
Killer In Plain Sight
Cold Case Files: Pride and the Fall
The Investigators: The Black Widower

Wife Killer: Robert Spangler (YouTube video)


Register Number: 29442-013
Age: 68
Race: White
Sex: Male
Deceased: 08/05/2001

News Archive: Julie Jensen murder

Julie Carol Jensen

Psycho For Love: Mark Jensen charged with the murder of his wife, Julie, who died of anti-freeze poisoning; His trial has started
Update: Julie Jensen murder *Mark Jensen convicted; Sentenced to LWOP*
Update: Julie Jensen murder *Mark Jensen retrial began and he was convicted again; Resentencing will be 4/14/2023*


Update: Julie Jensen murder *Mark Jensen retrial began and he was convicted again; Resentencing will be 4/14/2023*

Julie Carol Jensen

Mark is facing one the following sentences:

Life in prison with 20 years parole
Life in prison with parole eligibility later than 20 years
Life in prison without parole

News Archive: Julie Jensen murder
New trial for Mark Jensen starts; murder conviction vacated
CourtTV: WI v Mark Jensen
Jury deliberations in Mark Jensen homicide retrial enter second day
Mark Jensen found guilty of killing his wife in 1998
Guilty: Mark Jensen convicted in retrial in his wife’s 1998 death
Jury finds Mark Jensen guilty in Kenosha antifreeze death
Mark Jensen Kenosha murder trial: Guilty verdict
Mark Jensen found guilty of 1998 antifreeze murder of his wife
Mark Jensen Found Guilty in Retrial for Murdering Wife Julie Jensen
Murderpedia: Mark D. Jensen
Wikipedia: Death of Julie Jensen


Valentine’s Day Murder: Danielle Bewley shot and killed her husband, Mitchell, multiple times, telling people “he got what he deserved”; Now she got what she deserved and will spend the rest of her life in prison

Mitch Bewley

Mitchell Chayce Bewley, 27 obituary
Facebook: Mitch Bewley Memorial
Find-A-Grave: Mitchell Chayce Bewley
The trial of a Pennsylvania woman accused of killing her husband begins
Homicide trial starts for Lancaster County woman accused of killing husband
Lancaster County judge convicts woman accused of killing estranged husband in 2021 Valentine’s Day shooting
Quarryville woman convicted of first-degree murder for 2021 killing at Strasburg PNC
Pa. woman convicted of ‘luring’ estranged husband to bank and killing him on Valentine’s Day
Woman gets life sentence for killing husband: ‘He got what he deserved’
Quarryville woman sentenced to mandatory life imprisonment for 2021 killing at Strasburg PNC
Quarryville woman sentenced to life in prison for shooting, killing her estranged husband on Valentines Day 2021
Woman Who Murdered Husband On Valentine’s Day And Said He ‘Got What He Deserved’ Gets Life
‘He Got What He Deserved’: Woman Convicted of Murdering Husband on Valentine’s Day Gets Life Sentence
Woman sentenced to life for ‘luring’ estranged husband to bank, fatally shooting him on Valentine’s Day


PIN: 2021-0000096
Name: Bewley, Danielle Elizabeth
Birth Date: 1/29/1992
Race: White
Sex: Female
Commit Date: 2/17/2021 11:45 AM
Commit Age: 30

Deadly Husbands: Eric James Reinbold stabbed his wife, Lissette, to death, over 20 times, leaving her body for her child to find her; Sentenced to 40 years in prison

Lissette Reinbold

Lissette Reinbold obituary
Find-A-Grave: Lissette Garza Reinbold
Suspected Wife Killer Taken into Custody in a ‘Wooded Rural’ Area of Minnesota Almost One Month After Fatal Stabbing
Eric James Reinbold found guilty of second-degree murder
Reinbold convicted of murdering his wife
Minnesota wife killer sentenced to 40 years
Reinbold sentenced to 40 years in prison
Minnesota Man Gets 40 Years For Fatally Stabbing Wife Dozens Of Times And Going On The Run
Man Gets 40 Years in Prison for Stabbing Wife Whose Body Was Found by Their Son
Eric Reinbold sentenced to 40 years in prison for murdering his wife
Oklee, Minn. man convicted of murdering wife sentenced to 40 years in prison
Minnesota man sentenced to 4 decades in prison for fatally stabbing wife 27 times


Psycho For Love: Ahmad Shareef charged with killing his wife, Leila Al Raheel, then decapitating her in their Philadelphia home

Police identify woman found decapitated in Lawndale home
Police ID wife killed by husband in gruesome decapitation
Woman’s decapitated body found inside Northeast Philly home, police say
Man Accused of Decapitating Woman Inside Northeast Philadelphia Home
‘House of Horrors’: ‘Unhinged’ Philadelphia Man Allegedly Decapitated Wife
‘Horrible experience’: Neighbor recalls finding woman decapitated inside Philadelphia home
Philadelphia Man Known by Neighbors for ‘Completely Unhinged’ Behavior Accused of Cutting Off Wife’s Head
Preliminary hearing for man accused of decapitating wife


Age 34
Gender Male
Race Unknown
Date of Birth Aug 28, 1988
ID Number 10502503
Custody Status Date Nov 30, 2022 12:26 PM EST
Custody Status In Custody
Custody Detail Philadelphia Department of Prisons
Book Date Nov 30, 2022 11:51 AM EST

Philadelphia Department of Prisons
7901 State Road
Philadelphia, PA 19136
(215) 685-7288

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