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Cold Case: Missing: Zachary Bernhardt from Clearwater, FL since 9/11/2000 *Did someone lure Zachary from his home?*

NCMEC: Zachary Bernhardt
Charley Project: Zachary Michael-Cole Berhardt
NamUs: Zachary Bernhardt
What Happened to Zachary Bernhardt?
Clearwater boy Zachary Bernhardt, 8, vanished in 2000
Search for Zachary Bernhardt: Clearwater cold case gets national attention

Disappeared: About a Boy


Barron “Bookie” Victor Jr. murder 2/21/2000 Slidell, LA *Rapper McKinley “Mac” Phipps convicted, sentenced to 30 years in prison*

No Limit’s Mac indicted on murder charge
No Limit rapper Mac charged with first-degree murder
No Limit rapper’s manslaughter conviction questioned by investigation, website reports
Years after rapper was convicted for killing, questions raised about his case
Convicted St. Tammany rapper’s parents plead for a new trial for their son
No Limit rapper who maintains his innocence applies for clemency in murder conviction
Fiancée Of Slain Man Says Ex-No Limit Rapper Mac Is Innocent
See For Yourself: Bodyguard Confesses To Club Shooting That Sent Rapper To Prison
Wikipedia: Mac (rapper)
Crime Watch Daily investigates the murder conviction of rising rapper Mac Phipps
Facebook: McKinkley ‘MAC’ Phipps, Jr

Reasonable Doubt: Southern Justice


Custody Status: In Custody
Age: 39
Location: Elayn Hunt Correctional Center
Race: African American
Contact Facility: Louisiana Department of Corrections

Psycho For Love: Matthew Blankswade killed his girlfriend’s father, Jeffrey Brisebois; Sentenced to life in prison

Jeffrey Brisebois

Jeffrey Brisbois obituary (about 1/2 way down)
No suspects yet in death of Wainiha man
Two arrested in Brisebois murder case
Suspect arraigned in killing of girlfriend’s Kauai father
Murder suspect confesses
Police: Murder suspect cried as he confessed
Blankswade pleads no-contest to murder
Shot ended one life, changed others
Kauai man gets life sentence in killing of girlfriend’s father
Man convicted of Kauai killing to serve 45 years
Kauai man ordered to serve at least 45 years for 2000 murder

Detective: Warm Revolver


Custody Status: In Custody
Location: Saguaro Correctional Center, Arizona
Contact Facility: Hawaii Department of Public Safety

Psycho For Love: Dennis Michael Salerno killed his estranged wife, Michelle Rizzi, and his lover, Larry McClanahan; Sentenced to life in prison

dv awareness

Michelle Rizzi and Larry McClanahan

Find-A-Grave: Michelle Margaret Rizzi
Salerno accused of murder
Salerno arraigned for murder charges
Truck-stop killer on trial
Michigan waits for accused killer’s arrival in state to face charges (part 1)
Michigan (scroll up) (part 2)
Prosecutor: Salerno killed wife to hide lifestyle
Salerno convicted of murdering wife
Court TV to re-examine area slaying
Remembering victims
Transcript Forensic Files

Forensic Files: Sole Survivor
Forbidden: Dying for Love: Married With Secrets

Dennis Michael Salerno – convicted of both murders; sentenced to 20 years to life in prison in Ohio for Larry McClanahan’s murder (can apply for parole in 2022); Then he must serve life in prison for Michelle Rizzi Salerno’s murder



Number: A412224
DOB: 07/06/1970
Gender: Male
Race: White
Admission Date: 05/18/2001
Institution: Marion Correctional Institution

Offense Information
Counts: 1
ORC: 2921.34 4
Committing County: Wood
Admission Date: 05/18/2001
Degree of Felony: Second

Counts: 1
ORC: 2903.01 4
Committing County: Wood
Admission Date: 05/18/2001
Degree of Felony: AM

Sentence Information
Stated Prison Term: 2 years
Expiration Stated Term: 09/23/2022
Mandatory Sentence: 20 years
Indefinite Sentence Min: 20 years
Indefinite Sentence Max: Life Sentence
Expiration of Max Sentence: Life Sentence

Parole Hearing Information
Next Parole Board Hearing/Review Month: August, 2022
Latest Parole Board Hearing/Review Type & Results: FIRST HEARING/

Psycho For Love: James Bottomley killed his girlfriend, Marietta Cordero Birbilis over a cancelled date; Sentenced to 40 years to life in prison

dv awareness

Attorney convicted of killing client/lover resigns from bar
Former attorney to serve 40 years to life for girlfriend’s murder
Attorney convicted of murder faces civil trial
James Bottomley v James Tilton 2008 (habeas corpus denied)
‘Self-absorbed murderer’ writes a book

Free Fall from Grace: A Lawyer’s Mental Illness, Murder Trial and Imprisonment

Forbidden: Dying for Love: Laws of Attraction



CDCR#: T20905
Age: 68
Admission Date: 07/09/2001
Current Location: San Quentin

Monsters Among Us: Joseph C. Palczynski went on a killing spree and kidnapped his ex-girlfriend after she left him



George Shenk, 49
Gloria Shenk, 50
David Meyers, 42
Tracy Whitehead, 20 (survived)
Jenifer McDonel, 36
William Louis Terrell (survived)

The Palczynski standoff: 10 years later
Victim’s Plea: ‘Please Don’t Kill Me, Joby, Please’
The tale of Joseph Palczynski’s victims
Joe Palczynski: A Legacy Of Pain
Murderpedia: Joseph C. Palczynski
Hostage-taker was shot 27 times, autopsy shows

Joseph C. Palczynski

Monsters Among Us: Rodney L. Donelson killed 2 women in the apartment complex where he worked; Sentenced to LWOP

remember-the-victimsDefendant worked at the daycare where Scott worked, and Defendant’s brother lived in the apartment below Scott’s apartment. Although police investigators questioned Defendant about Scott’s death approximately two months after her body was found, Defendant stated that he did not know anything about the murder. However, Defendant told investigators that he had been in Scott’s apartment to repair a VCR three days prior to her murder. Defendant told investigators that he might have left a bag of clothes in Scott’s apartment, including a pair of white boxer shorts. Defendant claimed that he left the clothes there because he liked to flirt with women at the daycare center and he wanted to look clean. Defendant then changed his story and said that he had been in Scott’s apartment on the night of her murder and that they were preparing to engage in sex when they heard a car door slam. Scott suspected her boyfriend was there, so Defendant gathered his clothes, ran down the rear stairs into his brother’s apartment, and left the building. Defendant’s brother, however, denied that Defendant was in his apartment on the night of the murder. When investigators confronted Defendant with his brother’s denial about Defendant’s whereabouts, Defendant subsequently changed his story again and claimed he had been at Scott’s apartment to repair a VCR.

In September 2005, Defendant was living in an apartment above the apartment of Barbara Hampton (Hampton). On September 14, 2005, at approximately 10:40 p.m., Hampton was having a telephone conversation with her daughter. Hampton interrupted the conversation to answer a knock at the door, then told her daughter that Defendant was there and wanted to use Hampton’s telephone to make a call. Hampton ended the call with her daughter.

The following day, Hampton was found dead in her apartment. She was lying on the bedroom floor with a gag tied around her mouth. Hampton’s dress and slip were pushed up, and her underwear had been removed and left near her feet. Hampton had sustained an injury to her vaginal area. Several bottles were located near Hampton’s body: dish washing liquid, laundry detergent, and an empty bottle of isopropyl alcohol. Near Hampton’s body, police investigators found the cap from the bottle of isopropyl alcohol, dried liquids and powders, a kitchen knife, and a telephone cord. An autopsy revealed that Hampton died from suffocation caused by the gag pushing her tongue back so that it blocked her airway. The autopsy also showed that Hampton had sustained a fresh injury to her vaginal area that could have been caused by a sharp object or by something stretching the tissue. Blood was found on Hampton’s slip, on a pillowcase, and on the cap from the bottle of isopropyl alcohol. DNA tests revealed that Defendant was the source of the majority of DNA found in the blood on the bottle cap. Defendant’s DNA also was found in some of the blood stains on the pillowcase. Trace amounts of DNA consistent with Defendant’s DNA was found on telephone cord and on Hampton’s slip.

Cassandra Scott, 24 [2000]
Barbara Hampton, 54 [2005]

Man simultaneously convicted of separate St. Louis murders
State of Missouri v Rodney Donelson 2011 (conviction and sentence affirmed)



DOC ID 1212123
Offender Name Rodney Donelson
Race Black
Sex Male
Date of Birth 10/24/1971
Height/Weight 5’8″ / 220
Hair/Eyes Black / Brown
Assigned Location Eastern Reception Diagnostic Corr Center
Address 2727 Highway K, Bonne Terre, MO 63628
Assigned Officer Phone Number (573) 358-5516
Sentence Summary Life W/O {life W/O, Life W/O CS}
Active Offenses MURDER 1ST DEGREE (2 CTS)
Completed Offenses Completed sentence not found
Aliases Rodney Lamont Donaldson; Rodney Lamont Donelson; Rodney L Donelson; Rodney L Donaldson; Rodney Donelson

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