Robert Hollis murder 618/2015 Inglewood, CA *Found in his apartment dead and decapitated*

Robert Hollis
Robert Hollis

Blind Man Found Decapitated in Inglewood Apartment: Coroner’s Official
Inglewood man found decapitated inside apartment
Man’s body found decapitated in Inglewood apartment
Elderly Calif. man found decapitated at home, cousin says
Blind Senior Found Decapitated in Inglewood: Neighbors

Psycho For Love: Donnell Clyde “Spade” Cooley beat and stomped to death his wife, Ella Mae Evans


Ella Mae Evans
Ella Mae Evans

Find-A-Grave: Ella Mae Evans Cooley
Ex-Western Bandleader Arrested in Wife’s Death
Bandleader Charged In Wife’s Death
Spade Cooley convicted in wife’s murder
People v Cooley 1962 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Heart Attack Is Fatal For ‘Spade’ Cooley
Murderpedia: Donnell Clyde Cooley
Spade Cooley held in wife’s death
Wikipedia: Spade Cooley
Biography: Spade Cooley
Find-A-Grave: Spade Cooley

L.A. Despair: A Landscape of Crimes & Bad Times

Tabloid: Fame and Misfortune

Donnell Spade Cooley
Donnell ‘Spade’ Cooley

Wrongfully Convicted: Susan Mellon was convicted of killing Richard James Daly, mostly on the word of June Patti, who lacked all credibility

remembering the victims

National Registry of Exonerations: Susan Mellon
Innocence Matters: Susan Mellen (several videos and a timeline)
Petition for writ of habeas corpus 2014
Witness’ dubious history puts a 16-year-old murder conviction in doubt
The June Patti brief
Judge Releases Woman He Believes Is Innocent 17 Years After Her Murder Conviction
Calif. woman exonerated in murder case after 17 years

June Patti
June Patti

Deadline: Crime with Tamron Hall: Murder in the Mellen Patch

Susan Mellen

Susan Mellen – wrongfully convicted, released 2014
Chad “Ghost” Landrum – convicted, sentenced to LWOP
Santo Alvarez – never charged


Chad Landrum

CDCR#: J53474
Age: 41
Current Location: Sacramento
California State Prison-Sacramento
100 Prison Road
Represa, CA 95671
(916) 985-8610

Deadly Duo: Jimmy Dale Kelley Jr and Kimberly Jayne Michaud killed 3 people; Michaud made a plea deal and Kelley got the death penalty

remembering the victims

Patty Crevoisier, 49
Ward Phillips, 37
William Landers, 43

2 Arrested in Yucca Valley Triple Slaying; Police See Link to Drugs
Triple-homicide trial in October
Prosecutors seek death penalty in triple-killer case
Triple-homicide suspect takes plea bargain
Woman takes plea bargain in Yucca Valley triple homicide
Man pleads guilty to three murders
Man changes pleas to guilty in 3 deaths
Confessed killer apologizes at trial
Jury recommends death for SoCal desert killings
Kelly sentenced to death
Yucca Valley killer who asked for death sentence, gets it
Jimmy Dale Kelley, Jr. – California Death Row
Jimmy Dale Kelley Sentenced to Death in 2004 CA Triple Murder
Yucca Valley woman sentenced for her part in 2004 triple murder

Snapped: Killer Couples: Kimberly Michaud and Jimmy Dale Kelley

Kimberly Michaud – pled guilty, sentenced to 8 years in prison (has been released)
Jimmy Dale Kelley – pled guilty, sentenced to death

Kimberly Michaud
Kimberly Jayne Michaud


Jimmy Dale Kelley

CDCR#: AE5282
Age: 47
Admission Date: 08/23/2010
Current Location: San Quentin
San Quentin State Prison
San Quentin, CA 94964
(415) 454-1460


Boyfriends From Hell: Juan Rivera arrested for the murder of his girlfriend’s 6-year-old daughter, Jadianna Larsen

Say NO to Child Abuse

Jadianna Larsen
Jadianna Larsen

Few clues in disappearance of 6-year-old south Sacramento County girl
Sheriff: Body found in Glenn County is Jadianna Larsen; man arrested
Burned Glenn County Body Identified as Jadianna Larsen; Mother’s Boyfriend Arrested
Neighbors, shaken by killing, remember Jadianna
Jadianna’s body found in Glenn County; questions raised about care
Child’s body found in Glenn County amid reports of missing Sacramento girl
Detectives: Body Found In Glenn County That Of Jadianna Larsen; Suspect Arrested
Search for missing California girl called off, mother’s boyfriend arrested on homicide charge


Gladys Conrad murder 9/1/2001 Carlsbad, CA *Alejandro Avalos Fernandez pled guilty, sentenced to 34 years to life in prison*

Gladys Conrad
Gladys Conrad

The Killing of Gladys Conrad
Carlsbad Senior Raped, Murdered
Carlsbad Police Track Gladys Conrad’s Murderer Back to Mexico
DNA Solves Brutal Cold Case Rape And Murder
Suspect In Rape, Murder Of 84-Year-Old In Custody
Man Pleads Not Guilty In Rape, Murder Of 84-Year-Old
Man Accused Of Raping, Killing Elderly Woman To Stand Trial
DNA Match Links Man to Elderly Woman’s Rape, Murder: Cops
Man sentenced for rape, murder of elderly woman
CARLSBAD: Rapist, killer of elderly psychiatrist sentenced

Cold Blood: Unnatural Causes


Alejandro Avalos Fernandez

CDCR#: AF9220
Age: 38
Admission Date: 01/24/2011
Current Location: Pleasant Valley
24863 West Jayne Avenue
Coalinga, CA 93210
(559) 935-4900

Murder In The Family: Dana Ewell killed his family – for money, of course; Now he will call prison home for the rest of his life


Ewell Family

Dale Ewell
Glee Ewell
Tiffany Ewell

The Malefactor’s Register: Pure Greed (GREAT post)
Wheels of justice grind slowly in Ewell murders (part 1)
Wheels of justice grind slowly in Ewell murders (part 2)
Slaying of Family Remains a Mystery
Son jailed in parents’ death after three years
2 Cops Work 5 Years To Prove Son Had Family Killed
Son, Friend Convicted of Killing Parents, Sister
20 year anniversary of Ewell family murders
Murderpedia: Dana Ewell
Biography: Dana Ewell
Suspect Son
Wikipedia: Dana Ewell
Write-A-Prisone: Dana Ewell
Inmate Classified: Joel Radovcich

Seeds of Evil
Catch Me If You Can: A California Saga of Murder, Greed, and Two Heroic Detectives

Forensic Files: Two in a Million
The New Detectives: Family Plots

Dana Ewell – convicted, sentenced to LWOP
Joel Radovcich – convicted, sentenced to LWOP


Dana Ewell

CDCR#: P04759
Admission Date: 07/23/1998
Age: 44
Current Location: California State Prison, Corcoran
4001 King Avenue
Corcoran, CA 93212
(559) 992-8800


Joel Radovcich

CDCR: P04766
Age: 44
Admission Date: 07/23/1988
Current Location: Mule Creek State Prison
4001 Highway 104
Ione, CA 95640
(209) 274-4911


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