Parents Gone Wild! Keith Thibeault killed his 2-month-old son, Everette James Thibeault; Sentenced to LWOP

Everette James Thibeault

Everette James Thibeault obituary
Find-A-Grave: Everette James Thibeault
Autopsy done in Portland twin’s death
Thibeault arrested in felony murder of twin son
Portland father facing felony charges in death of 3-month-old twin son
Michigan Man Charged In March Death Of Infant
Michigan man convicted in 2012 death of infant
Ionia County jury finds Portland man guilty of murdering his 3-month-old twin son
Portland man’s guilty verdict stands in baby twin’s death
Ionia County father gets life in prison for killing his 3-month-old
Ionia County father gets life in prison for killing his 3-month-old
Man who killed 3-month-old denied a new trial after claiming prosecutor mocked his defense


MDOC Number: 881975
SID Number: 4240611X
Racial Identification: White
Gender: Male
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5′ 8″
Weight: 160 lbs.
Date of Birth: 04/03/1985 (32)

Current Status: Prisoner Earliest Release Date: LIFE
Assigned Location: Lakeland Correctional Facility
Maximum Discharge Date: LIFE
Security Level: II

Tattoo- Back Right Shoulder – Tatoo of sons’ footprint with his date of birth and date of passing


Deadly Duo: Duane Allen Haley and Judy Ann Britton robbed and killed Hamadi Swei on Christmas 2010; Both sentenced to prison

3100 block of West Normandale St

Cops: Valley knifers kill man on Christmas Day
2 Arrested in 5 Month Old Murder Case
Couple arrested in Virginia in Fort Worth slaying
Virginia man gets life for Christmas slaying
Duane Allen Haley v State of Texas 2013 (conviction and sentence affirmed)

Love Kills: We Were Like Fire


SID Number: 08907655
TDCJ Number: 01788854
Race: W
Gender: M
DOB: 1964-05-04
Maximum Sentence Date: LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE
Current Facility: BILL CLEMENTS
Projected Release Date: LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE
Parole Eligibility Date: LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE

Offense History:
Offense Date: 2010-12-25
Sentence Date: 2012-05-24
Case No.: 1242262D
Sentence (YY-MM-DD): 5555-55-55


SID Number: 04183940
TDCJ Number: 01793645
Race: W
Gender: F
DOB: 1967-04-08
Maximum Sentence Date: 2051-06-05
Projected Release Date: 2051-06-05
Parole Eligibility Date: 2031-06-05

Offense History:
Offense Date: 2010-12-25
Offense: MURDER
Sentence Date: 2012-06-19
Case No.: 1242263D
Sentence (YY-MM-DD): 40-00-00

Deadly Girlfriends: Erin Nicole Everett shot her lover, Tory Elizabeth Minnick twice in the head while she was sleeping, then beat her with a hammer

Tory Elizabeth Minnick

Tory Elizabeth Minnick, 21 obituary
Facebook: Tory Minnick
Woman Charged In Somerset County Murder
Jerome woman faces charges in friend’s slaying
Trial Begins for Woman Who Killed Her Lover with a Claw Hammer
Expert witness still sought in Pa. murder trial
Defense Wants Murder Evidence Dismissed
Judge: First-degree murder in hammer slaying
Father testifies in murder trial
Judge: First-Degree Murder in Lover’s Claw Hammer Slaying
Murderer gets life sentence; defense vows to appeal
Jealous woman convicted of killing girlfriend over sex with man has life prison term upheld
Erin Nicole Everett Found Guilty and Sentenced to LWOP in 2011 PA Slaying of Tory Elizabeth Minnick

Deadly Women: Green-Eyed Monsters
Snapped: Erin Everett


Inmate Number: OW1737
Name Name Type
Age: 31
Date of Birth: 12/22/1985
Height (in): 5′ 02″
Gender: FEMALE
Citizenship: USA
Complexion: MEDIUM
Current Location: MUNCY
Permanent Location: MUNCY
Committing County: SOMERSET

Serial Killer: Dana Sue Gray – killed 3 elderly women to support her spending habits

Norma Davis, 86 [2/14/1994]
June Roberts, 66 [2/28/1994]
Dorinda Hawkins, 57 [3/10/1994] (survived)
Dora Beebe, 87 [3/16/1994]

Find-A-Grave: Dora Marguerite Price Beebe
To Die For
Justice Story: Serial killer Dana Sue Gray offed elderly women so she could shop with their credit cards
Murderpedia: Dana Sue Gray
Wikipedia: Dana Sue Gray
Dana Sue Gray, Californian Lady-Killing Lady Serial Killer – 1994

To Die For: The Shocking True Story of Serial Killer Dana Sue Gray
Girl Strangler : The True Story of Serial Killer Dana Sue Gray
Dana Sue Gray: Serial Killer: When Greed Turns To Murder
2016 Serial Killers: True Crime Anthology

Diabolical Women: Dana Sue Gray
20/20 on ID: Gold Girl Gone Wrong
Deadly Women: The Disturbed
Unusual Suspects: Overkill
F2: Forensic Factor: Shopping Spree Murders
The New Detectives: Bloodlust


Inmate Name: GRAY, DANA SUE
CDCR#: W76776
Age: 59
Admission Date: 10/28/1998
Current Location: Womens Facility

Mary Helen Kendrick Williams murder 6/22/1968 Shelby, NC *Robert Roseboro convicted, sentenced to death; Death sentence overturned, sentenced to life in prison*

From Roseboro’s appeal: In substance, the evidence disclosed that on June 22, 1968, the deceased, Mary Helen Kendrick Williams, a white woman, operated “Mary’s Custom Towel Outlet” in Shelby, Cleveland County. The one story shop had three doors, one on the north and one on the south of the building, and a double door for loading on the east. The north and south doors apparently had glass panels. The double door on the east was secured from the inside by a 2×4 resting in hooks attached to the door facings. The main room of the shop contained display tables. There was a bathroom located off the display room.

Mrs. Lola Williams, mother-in-law of Mary Helen Kendrick Williams, called the towel shop over the telephone at 10:45 on the morning of June 22, 1968. Mary Helen answered. She seemed busy and the mother-in-law did not engage her in any further conversation.

At approximately 11:15 a.m., Mrs. Alberghini, a prospective customer, found the entrance door locked. Through the glass she saw a person, whom she identified as the defendant, inside the display room. She banged on the door in order to ascertain whether the shop would be opened. She turned away for a moment to speak to her daughter who was in an automobile parked near the door. When she looked again, the person inside had disappeared. “. . . I saw him . . . on the floor, looking around a table. . . . His face was right on the floor. . . .” The witness went to a place of business next door and had the police notified.

Officers Blankenship and Lowery arrived at about 11:30. They found all doors locked or barred. They saw the defendant inside the shop with a pistol in his hand. They also saw a human body and blood on the floor. They commanded the defendant to come out with his hands up. Instead, he concealed himself in the building. The officers then broke open a window and threw in a tear gas bomb. After a short interval, the defendant, forced out by the fumes, surrendered. He was unarmed. He had a bunch of keys in his pocket and a cigarette lighter with the letters “Bob” engraved thereon.

As soon as the fumes permitted, the officers entered the building. They found the nude body of Mrs. Williams behind one of the display tables. The body was warm and covered with blood.

The autopsy conducted by Dr. Gentry, a Pathologist, disclosed “gaping” head wounds and four penetrating stab wounds in the chest, and one in the abdomen. The chest wounds were five or more inches deep, two had penetrated the heart. In the opinion of Dr. Gentry, the stab wounds in the chest caused death.

A search of the room disclosed a part of a broken pistol grip near the body. The articles of clothing which the victim wore to work that morning were found on the floor of the bathroom. The undergarments were in disarray. Some were turned wrongside out. Near the clothing, the officers found a pair of sun glasses, a pocket knife and a pistol with the grip broken. The broken part found near the body fitted the broken grip of the pistol found in the bathroom.

A State’s witness testified that three days before the killing, he saw in the defendant’s possession a knife similar to the one discovered in the bathroom and introduced in evidence. A clerk, who worked in Blanton’s Variety Store near the shop, testified that about 9:30 or 10:00 on the morning of the homicide, she sold the defendant a pair of sun glasses. She exhibited to the jury a card which held eleven pairs of sun glasses — one space was empty. The witness stated the only sale from the card was made to the defendant. When asked whether the glasses found in the shop and introduced in evidence were the glasses she sold the defendant, she replied, “Yes, sir, I think they are.”

The victim’s daughter identified the cigarette lighter with the engraving “Bob” is belonging to her mother. This lighter was taken from the defendant’s pocket after his surrender. The three keys also taken from the defendant’s pocket were held together by two rings. One of the keys unlocked the south door, a second unlocked the north door, and the third unlocked the shop’s cash register.

An expert in blood analysis testified that the blood splotches found on the defendant’s clothing were of group A, the same type as the victim’s blood.

State of North Carolina v Robert Louis Roseboro 1970 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
State of North Carolina v Robert Louis Roseboro 1971 (conviction affirmed; sentence overturned)
Wikipedia: Murder of Brenda Sue Brown


Offender Number: 0352140
Inmate Status: ACTIVE
Gender: MALE
Ethnic Group: UNKNOWN
Birth Date: 04/30/1953
Age: 63
Current Location: LANESBORO C.I.


Psycho For Love: Terrance Demound Barnes killed his girlfriend, Rosa Pina and her brother Pepe Pina; Sentenced to LWOP

Pepe and Rosa Pina

Rosa Anna Pina obituary
Pepe Aldo Pina obituary
Find-A-Grave: Pepe Aldo Pina
Family of Angelina Co. stabbing victims feels “cursed”
Authorities still searching for weapon used in Angelina Co. double murder
Captured: Angelina Co. murder suspect found hiding under log
Man arrested in connection with East Texas double slaying
Documents offer insight into double-murder that took kids’ parents away
Angelina Co. capital murder suspect admits fatally stabbing girlfriend and her brother
Man gets life sentence in stabbing death of Lufkin girlfriend, brother


SID Number: 06075532
TDCJ Number: 01855972
Race: B
Gender: M
DOB: 1980-10-20
Maximum Sentence Date: LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE
Current Facility: ALFRED HUGHES
Projected Release Date: LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE
Parole Eligibility Date: LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE

Offense History:
Offense Date: 2012-07-26
Sentence Date: 2013-05-01
Case No.: 2012-0455
Sentence: LWOP

Monsters Among Us: Donnie Jones raped and killed Erika Megan Sharpton; Sentenced to LWOP

Erika Megan Sharpton

Erika Megan Sharpton obituary
‘Her name is Megan’: Mom wants people to know that murder victim was a person
Missing Tennessee Nursing Student`s Body Found
Woman found burning in Franklin County died of blunt force trauma
Megan Sharpton Murder Update: Arrests May Be Near
Suspect Charged in Death of Megan Sharpton
Suspect seeks to change plea in death of nursing student
Man Pleads Guilty To Megan Sharpton’s Murder
Jones pleads guilty in Sharpton murder
Man who killed Coffee County nursing student to spend rest of life behind bars
TN – Erika ‘Megan’ Sharpton, 24, raped & murdered, Tullahoma, 2 July 2012
Pain of daughter’s death too much for Tullahoma, Tenn., mom
Murder Comes to Town investigates tragedy of Megan Sharpton who was raped, burned and murdered

Murder Comes To Town: Answering The Call


TOMIS ID: 00232017
Birth Date: 04/27/1975
Race: W
Sex: M
Supervision Status: INCARCERATED
Location: TCIX
Sentence Begin: 02/04/2013
Sentence End:
Parole Eligibility :
Parole Hearing:
Hearing Result:

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