Serial Murders: Gypsy Hill killings and The San Mateo Slasher – Rodney Halbower

Veronica “Ronnie” Cascio, 18 [1/8/1976 San Mateo County, CA]
Tatiana Marie “Tanya” Blackwell, 14 [6/6/1976 [Pacific, CA]
Paula Louise Baxter, 17 [2/4/1976 Millbrae, CA]
Carol Lee Booth, 26 [3/15/1976 Colma, CA]
Denise Lampe, 19 [4/1/1976 Daly City, CA]
Michelle Mitchell,

Find-A-Grave: Veronica Ann “Ronnie” Cascio
Find-A-Grave: Tatiana Marie “Tanya” Blackwell
Find-A-Grave: Paula Louise Baxter
Find-A-Grave: Carol Lee “Beedy” Chapin Booth
Find-A-Grave: Denise Lynn Lampe
Wikipedia: Gypsy Hill killings
FBI links Peninsula cold case murders to Reno killing in 1976
Suspect, 71, charged in ‘Gypsy Hill’ cold-case killing of Denise Lampe
Alleged Gypsy Hill Killer gets two life sentences in raucous hearing
Man Convicted In ‘Gypsy Hill’ Killings Sentenced To Life In Prison
‘Gypsy Hill Killer’ convicted of murdering, raping two teens in 1976
Wikipedia: Gypsy Hill killings
Wikipedia: Rodney Halbower
Where Is Rodney Halbower Now?
10 Disturbing Facts Of The Gypsy Hill Murders

Rodney Halbower: The Gypsy Hill Killer

On the Case with Paula Zahn: Crime and Injustice



Update: Cathleen Krauseneck murder *Husband, James Krauseneck convicted of her 1982 murder; Sentencing will be November 7*

Cathleen Krauseneck

Cold Case: James Krauseneck Jr charged with the ax handle murder of his wife, Cathleen; Trial has begun *The Brighton Ax Murders*
Brighton neighborhood remembers Krauseneck murder
The Brighton ax murder
Trial Begins For Upstate New York Man Accused Of Wife’s 1982 Ax Murder
Brighton Ax Murder Trial: James Krauseneck left town 24 hours after his wife was murdered in her bed
Closing arguments in the Brighton ax murder trial
James Krauseneck found guilty in Brighton ax murder trial
Jury convicts James Krauseneck of 1982 murder of his wife in Brighton
Man Found Guilty of 1982 Ax Murder of His Wife After the Case Went Unsolved for Nearly 40 Years
Former Professor Convicted in 1982 Murder of Wife Who Died from a ‘Strike in the Head with an Ax While She Slept’
Husband Found Guilty 40 Years After Murdering His Wife With an Axe
‘There was no reasonable doubt’: Juror in ax murder trial speaks on guilty verdict


Cold Case: Donald Maier charged with the 1985 murder of Benny Scruggs, who was stabbed to death in his Wisconsin Rapids home

Benny Scruggs

Find-A-Grave: Benny Eugene Scruggs
Wisconsin DOJ Announces Charges in 1985 Murder of Benny Scruggs
Charges filed in 37-year-old Wisconsin Rapids murder case of Benny Scruggs, found stabbed to death in bed
Wisconsin inmate charged with murder in 1985 cold case
Convicted Stalker Charged With 1985 Murder Of Wisconsin Dad Stabbed To Death In Bed
‘I’m Glad I Killed That Motherf***er’: Wisconsin Stalker Linked to Decades-Old ‘Butcher Knife’ Stabbing Murder After Allegedly Bragging About It Behind Bars
Wisconsin prison inmate charged with first-degree murder in 37-year-old cold case
Suspect in 1985 cold case murder refuses to leave cell to attend court hearing


Cold Case: James Krauseneck Jr charged with the ax handle murder of his wife, Cathleen; Trial has begun *The Brighton Ax Murders*

Cathleen Krauseneck

Find-A-Grave: Cathleen R. “Cathy” Schlosser Krauseneck
Cops baffled by ax slaying
Husband charged in 1982 ax killing of wife; chief calls it one of ‘worst outcomes of domestic violence’
1982 Ax Murder of N.Y. Mom Went Unsolved for Nearly 40 Years — But Now Her Husband Is Charged
Brighton Police cite “extensive investigation”, DNA evidence in 1982 ax murder arrest
Expert establishes a new time of death to challenge husband’s alibi in Brighton ax murder
Monroe Co. D.A., U.S. District Court judge take stand in Brighton ax murder hearing
Man to Stand Trial in New York for Murder of Wife Who ‘Died From a Single Blow to the Head From an Ax’ in 1982
DA asking FBI for file of convicted killer in 40-year-old Brighton ax murder
Netflix horror film inspired by New York ax murder
Jury selection begins in 1982 Brighton ax murder trial
Trial Begins For Upstate New York Man Accused Of Wife’s 1982 Ax Murder
‘Brighton Ax Murder’: Case Against Former Economics Professor Heads to Trial More Than 40 Years After Wife’s Death
Update: Cathleen Krauseneck murder *Husband, James Krauseneck convicted of her 1982 murder; Sentencing will be November 7*

ll Things Cease to Appear

Things Heard and Seen

James Krauseneck Jr

Cold Case: Jerry Arnold Westrom stabbed Jeanne Anne Childs 65 times to death in 1993, shown by DNA

Jeanne Anne Childs

Isanti man indicted for 1st-degree murder in 1993 homicide case, to make first court appearance
Isanti businessman charged in 1993 murder
Trial starts for Jerry Westrom, accused of Jeanie Ann Childs’ 1993 murder
Trial begins for man charged in 1993 Minneapolis cold case murder
Jury finds Isanti man guilty of murder in 1993 cold case
Jerry Westrom found guilty of murder in cold case killing of Jeanie Ann Childs
Isanti man convicted of murder in 1993 cold case
Jerry Westrom found guilty of 1st, 2nd-degree murder in 1993 cold case
Hennepin jury convicts Jerry Westrom in cold case killing
Minnesota Man Convicted Of 1993 Cold Case Murder Based On DNA From A Hot Dog Napkin
Minnesota Man Convicted in 1993 Cold Case Murder of Woman Stabbed 65 Times After Investigators Obtained His DNA from Used Hot Dog Napkin at Hockey Game


Cold Case: Garry Artman charged with the rape and murder of Sharon Kay Hammack and dumped on the side of the street

Sharon Kay Hammack

Find-A-Grave: Sharon Kay Hammack
Delayed Justice: Sharon Kay Hammack
KCSO Makes Arrest in Cold Case Homicide
‘We got him’: Florida trucker arrested in 1996 rape, murder of Grand Rapids woman


Cold Case: Michael Allan Carbo Jr raped and killed Nancy Jane Daugherty in 1986 in her home; Sentencing will be Sept. 30, 2022

Nancy Jane Daugherty

Find-A-Grave: Nancy Jane Oswald Daugherty
DNA match leads to arrest in Chisholm cold case homicide
Murder charges filed in Chisholm cold case
Arrest made in connection to 1986 Chisholm homicide case that went cold
Iron Range man charged in unsolved 1986 homicide, but connection to victim unclear
‘Never give up’: Chisholm man guilty of 1986 murder
Minnesota man convicted in woman’s 1986 rape and murder in a case revived by genealogy database analysts
Chisolm man convicted in 1986 cold-case murder
Chisholm Man Found Guilty Of Nancy Daugherty Cold Case Murder
Minnesota man convicted in woman’s 1986 rape and murder in a case revived by genealogy database analysts
Man Found Guilty Of 1986 Rape And Murder Of Minnesota Nursing Home Aide Found Dead In Her Home
Minnesota Man Convicted of Sexually Assaulting and Murdering ‘Wonderful Woman’ in Her Home More Than Three Decades Ago


Cold Case: Tony Garret Haase charged with the murders of Timothy W. Mumbrue and Tanna M. Togstad, along with their dog

Timothy W. Mumbrue, 35
Tanna M. Togstad, 23

Find-A-Grave: Timothy Wendall “T. W.” Mumbrue
Find-A-Grave: Tanna M Togstad
Weyauwega man charged with two counts of murder in 30-year-old Waupaca County cold case
Charges filed in 1992 double homicide
Suspect charged in 1992 Waupaca County double homicide
Criminal Complaint
Old Waupaca County Murders back on the front burner
Wisconsin man charged with 1992 killings of woman and boyfriend in apparent revenge for 1977 snowmobile accident
Man Allegedly Cops To 1992 Double Murder To Avenge Father’s Snowmobile Death As A Child
‘Holy F***, What Did I Do’: Wisconsin Foundry Worker Accused of Killing Couple, Dog in 1992 in Drunken Rage Over Father’s Snowmobile Death
State of Wisconsin v Tony Garret Haase criminal complaint


Age 51
Gender Male
Race White

Date of Birth Dec 22, 1970
ID Number 73425
Custody Status Date Aug 11, 2022 01:59 PM CDT
Custody Status In Custody
Book Date Aug 11, 2022 01:48 PM CDT

(715) 256-4466

Cold Case: Deadly Duo: James Christopher Johnson and Bobby Joe Leonard charged with the murder of Andrea Cincotta

Andrea Cincotta

Find-A-Grave: Andrea Appel Cincotta
Two Charged in 1998 Homicide
She gave a man a computer. Police say her fiance hired him to kill her.
2 men charged in decades-old Arlington homicide
2 men, including fiancé, charged in Virginia woman’s alleged 1998 murder-for-hire death
Virginia Man Pleads Guilty To 1998 Cold Case Murder Of Librarian

James Christopher Johnson –
Bobby Joe Leonard – pled guilty,

Cold Case: Jeremy Clarke Brock charged with stabbing his 76-year-old grandmother, Helen Vogt, over 50 times in her home

Helen Vogt

Find-A-Grave: Helen K. Vogt
Victim’s grandson arrested in connection to 34-year-old Pennsylvania murder case
Cold case resolved as grandson charged in 34-year-old murder of Erie’s Helen Vogt
Cold case arrest made for 1988 murder of Helen Vogt
Grandson Arrested for Allegedly Stabbing His Grandmother More Than 50 Times in 1988 Cold Case
How did Helen Vogt die? What happened to Helen Vogt?
Man Arrested for Killing Grandmother in 1988 Erie Cold Case
Report: Suspect in 1988 Pennsylvania murder arrested in Austin
Jeremy Brock biography: 13 things about Austin, Texas man

Jeremy Brock

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