2008 July: Missing People and Fugitives: Maryland

This month I will concentrate on fugitives, missing people and missing children from Maryland.

Maryland Missing Persons
Someone Is Missing – Maryland
Clarksburg woman aids families of the missing
The Doe Network
Missing Children: Maryland

             Bob Luis Boyes

     Christopher Corban Fulcher

        Kenneth Warren Hager


7 Responses

  1. i am so sorry for these kids i reallly i am i hope they fing them


  2. Dear Bonnie,
    I was hoping you could help me with a little problem of mine.
    I had a good friend through out high school who I continued to hang out with after graduation this pass year into the summertime of may 2008.
    His name was Christopher Andrew Lynch, born december 31st 1990. Biracial. in the state of PA.

    He was a child of the system, state care, unfortunately. The program which took care of him and was responsible for his care is called DSS -department of social services.

    He went missing around may, and rumor around town is he is filed as a missing person or a runaway. by dss. His branch of dss was from snowhill MD. His workers supervisor was tracy davis.

    Out of curiosity and a need to calm my nerves about where he is and how he is faring, I was wondering if you could do some searching, I have tried and been unsuccessful numerous times, I was hoping you would have better luck. I sincerely am hoping you can find out if he is truly a missing person or a runaway. It would upset me, but at least I would know he is missing due to his own actions.

    PS> although his DSS branch resides in snow hill MD, he resides in baltimore city-county of maryland.

    Thanks, and hoping to hear from you,
    Pasha Emille Romanovich


  3. Kenneth Hager is one of my uncles, and one of the oldest missing persons in MD. He will never be forgotten ..


  4. Ashley kenneth hager can u ask ur dad ware he was missing cuase he look a little like my dad can u ask ur dad ware he was missing.cuase my dad say to my that he was kepnap wen he waas at a beach.so can u write back to my at preciosa_prx@yahoo.com.mx thank. If it posible


  5. Hi sorry just came across this there is a biracial guy who is a drag queen in atlanta whos name is Christoper Andrew Lynch and he was born around the same time his drag name was pasha nicole so your first name is pasha and his drag name was pasha he is now in douglasville co jail faceing 35 years for human trafficing i was friends with him


  6. kenny was my uncle .. he went missing from his house in baltimore city. if u go to http://www.myspace.com/kenny1947 u can read his story there ..


  7. To expand on what Robert Hunt posted back in March 2011, that is accurate and Christopher Andrew Lynch AKA Pasha Nicole (Romanovich) is headed to prison for 14 years for after pleading guilty to a lesser charge of pimping. When I last checked the GDC website, he is still in the Douglas County Jail. I am assuming that he will not be sent to prison until he testifies in his co-defendent Stephen Lemery’s case. The whole case was crazy and I am sorry that his short stint in the south came to such a foolish end. I really fear for his well being in prison and I hope that the GDC will place him in a single man cell because the men in prison are waiting for him.


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