Unsolved Homicide: Oscar Keithley Beason – shot multiple times in his basement

Oscar Beason

Find-A-Grave: Oscar Keith Beason
Unsolved Homicide: Oscar Beason
95-year-old was shot multiple times
Arrests signals end to violent months of shooting deaths, gunplay

Unsolved Homicide: Barbara Valerie Gibbons murder 9/28/1973 Canaan, CT *Almost 50 years later, still a mystery*

Barbara Gibbons

Find-A-Grave: Barbara Valerie Gibbons
Waiting for a call
Barbara Gibbons in a photo made April 1, 1973
New witness found in 1973 Reilly case
Son finally cleared so who killed Barbara Gibbons
Woman Claims Hearing Gibbons Killer Confess
Barbara Gibbons death will be probed again
Two brothers are named in Gibbons murder case
Who Murdered Barbara Gibbons?
Famous Homicide Case Still Unsolved
Victim of the State: Peter Reilly
Murder confession ignored?
A Death in Canaan book review
Peter Reilly proven innocent of Murder, despite the evidence, the Police still say he did it. (an EXCELLENT article on this)

Death in Canaan
Guilty Until Proven Innocent

American Justice: A Son’s Confession
A Death in Canaan

Cold Case: 10-year-old Amy Renee Mihaljevic was kidnapped and murdered 1989; Is there a going to be an arrest soon? Amy deserves justice!

Amy Renee Mihaljevic

If you know ANYTHING, no matter how insignificant you think it is, please call law enforcement. Amy was a child. She did not deserve this, nor did her loved ones who have had to live with this every single day since 1989. Please help if you can.

Find-A-Grave: Amy Renee Mihaljevic
Amy Renee Mihaljevic Unsolved homicide
FBI: Seeking Information (video)
City of Bay Village: Amy Mihaljevic
Who Killed Amy?
Who killed Amy Mihaljevic? The missing pieces, and a killer on the run
Amy Mihaljevic was kidnapped in 1989, and police are still searching for her killer
Possible suspect may have called Amy Mihaljevic prior to her disappearance in 1989
The Amy Mihaljevic Case: Investigators hold out hope that DNA advancements could soon help solve 1989 cold case
Court documents reveal startling new developments in Amy Mihaljevic murder investigation
Wikipedia: Murder of Amy Mihaljevic
Finding Amy’s killer: One man’s ‘compulsion’ brings him online
32 Years Later, New DNA Evidence Has Emerged In The Abduction And Murder Case Of Amy Mihaljevic

Amy: My Search for Her Killer: Secrets and Suspects in the Unsolved Murder of Amy Mihaljevic

Lake Erie Murders: Who Killed Amy Mihaljevic? Part 1: Missing
Who Killed Amy Mihaljevic? Part 2: The Hunt

The Unsolved Murder of Amy Mihaljevic with James Renne‪r‬

The Investor Murders: The biggest unresolved murder case in Alaska history – 8 people were murdered aboard The Investor boat

The Coulthurst Family

Mark Coulthurst, 28
Irene Coulthurst, 28
Kimberly Coulthurst, 5
John Coulthurst, 4
Michael Stewart, 19
Jerome Keown, 19
Dean Moon, 19
Chris Heyman, 19

Lot At Sea: Remembering the Victims of the F/V Investor Murders
After a Two-Year Manhunt Police Arrest a Suspect in Alaska’s Brutal Fishing Boat Murders
Suspect had worked on boat where 8 died in ’82
New Witness to Testify in Alaska’s Costliest Case
Ex-Crewman Acquitted in 8 Boat Killings in 1982
8 killed in 1982 Investor murders remembered in Blaine exhibit
A Look Back At Alaska’s Worst Unsolved Mass Murder
Cold Case – Alaska’s Worst Unsolved Mass Murder
33 years later, a tribute for slain family members
Fisherman Settles Case Over Trials In Slayings — Man Gets $900, 000; State Admits No Wrongdoing

People Magazine Investigates: Murder at Sea

John Kenneth Peel (acquitted at trial)

Chandra Levy murder: Still unsolved, still a mystery – If Ingmar Guandique didn’t kill her, who did?

Chandra Ann Levy

Chandra Ann Levy obituary
Find-A-Grave: Chandra Ann Levy
Who Killed Chandra Levy?
Levy Parents ‘Bittersweet’ Over News of Expected Arrest in Daughter’s Murder
Affidavit: Chandra Levy suspect kept her photo in his cell
Ingmar Guandique Convicted in Killing of Chandra Levy
Ingmar Guandique convicted of first-degree murder of former intern Chandra Levy
Jury Convicts Ingmar Guandique in Chandra Levy’s Murder
Guandique sentenced to 60 years for Levy murder
Chandra Levy’s Killer Sentenced to 60 Years
Ingmar Guandique, man convicted of killing Chandra Levy, gets new trial
The recording that undid the Chandra Levy murder case
Prosecutors Drop Murder Charge Against Man Accused of Killing Chandra Levy
Charges dropped in Chandra Levy murder
Man Convicted in Chandra Levy’s Death Won’t be Retried
Deportation closes another chapter in sensational Chandra Levy mystery
Chandra Levy’s mom still seeks justice; man once charged in murder is deported
Wikipedia: Chandra Levy
Chandra Levy case revisited in TLC special

Chandra Levy: An American Murder Mystery
Who Killed Chandra Levy?
20 Most Shocking Unsolved Crimes

Ingmar Guandique

Cold Case: Diane Marie Schofield murder 7/7/1975 Des Moines, IA *Found in the trunk of a car; Still unsolved – can you help?*

Diane Marie Schofield

Facebook: Justice For Diane Schofield
Iowa Cold Case: Diane Marie Schofield
Gone Cold: Diane Schofield, killed in 1975
The Dark Side of Iowa: Diane Marie Schofield
We seek Justice for Diane Schofields murder in 1975, Des Moines, Iowa (old petition)
IA – Diane Schofield, 21, Des Moines, 7 July 1975

Cold Case: 92-year-old George Akers was killed in his Van Buren home during a home invasion; Still unsolved

George Akers

Find-A-Grave: George D. Akers
Elderly Man Slain In Home Invasion, Police Say
Elderly Man’s Slaying Befuddles Police, Family
Esteemed Indiana farmer, 92, killed in apparent home robbery
Police searching to find who killed 92-year-old man found dead in northeastern Indiana home
Coroner: 92-year-old shot in bed at Grant County home
Indy Unsolved: Grant County man, 92, murdered during home invasion 7 years ago this week

Unsolved homicide: Jose Uribe 2/22/2007 Indianapolis, IN *Shot to death on Grant Avenue*

Jose Uribe

Man Fatally Shot On Indy’s East Side
Unsolved Homicide: Jose Uribe (about 1/2 way down)
Indiana playing cards of unsolved homicides (about 1/2 way down)

Fort Payne, AL Unsolved Murder: Shirley Sumrall found murdered in the trunk of her car

shirleys.jpgThis is the kind of story that makes me angry. 70-year-old Shirley Sumrall, of Guntersville, was reported missing on Saturday. She was out shopping on Saturday morning and disappeared around 11am. Sadly, her body was found in the trunk of her car Monday morning in the parking lot of DeKalb Regional Medical Center in Fort Payne. It is believed that robbery was the motive, as her purse is missing. Unfortunately, there is little to go on at this point.

They say it could be a tough case to crack. “Be pretty tough with no suspects. Many cases you walk into you have a suspect almost immediately. You just have to put the evidence together to either eliminate that suspect or prove it. And in this case, you start from scratch,” says Fort Payne Police Chief David Walker.

Anyone with information should contact the:
Fort Payne Police Department @ 256-845-1414
Marshall Co. Sheriff’s Department @ 256-845-2034

I do not understand what could motivate a person to beat to death an elderly person. For money? I seriously doubt she was carrying around a lot of money. This is a heinous crime and I hope that someone will come forward to help the police. A family has lost their loved one. I hope that they will be okay and remember her with love and not reflect on how she died. My thoughts are with them.

Find-A-Grave: Shirley Jean Inman Sumrall
Investigation begins into woman’s death
Authorities search for missing Guntersville woman
Police Work To I.D. Body Found In Fort Payne
Missing woman found dead
Missing Woman Found
Marshall County Woman Found Dead in Fort Payne
Body of Missing Guntersville Woman Found in Trunk
Sumrall found dead, family mourns
Police Still Searching for Grandmother’s Killer
Missing woman killed
Missing Marshall County woman beaten to death
Fort Payne Murder Mystery Update
Police searching home of Shirley Sumrall

Demetrio “Jim” Baltazar murder 1/21/2007 Oakland, CA *Still unsolved*

Demetrio “Jim” Baltazar

Guard Shot, Finishes Shift But Later Dies
Police baffled by guard shooting
Man shot dead outside liquor store in Oakland
Guard’s fatal shooting an unlikely tragedy
Oakland security guard shot in head, finishes shift and later dies

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