Unsolved Homicide: Barbara Valerie Gibbons murder 9/28/1973 Canaan, CT *Almost 50 years later, still a mystery*

Barbara Gibbons

Find-A-Grave: Barbara Valerie Gibbons
Waiting for a call
Barbara Gibbons in a photo made April 1, 1973
New witness found in 1973 Reilly case
Son finally cleared so who killed Barbara Gibbons
Woman Claims Hearing Gibbons Killer Confess
Barbara Gibbons death will be probed again
Two brothers are named in Gibbons murder case
Who Murdered Barbara Gibbons?
Famous Homicide Case Still Unsolved
Victim of the State: Peter Reilly
Murder confession ignored?
A Death in Canaan book review
Peter Reilly proven innocent of Murder, despite the evidence, the Police still say he did it. (an EXCELLENT article on this)

Death in Canaan
Guilty Until Proven Innocent

American Justice: A Son’s Confession
A Death in Canaan

The Investor Murders: The biggest unresolved murder case in Alaska history – 8 people were murdered aboard The Investor boat

The Coulthurst Family

Mark Coulthurst, 28
Irene Coulthurst, 28
Kimberly Coulthurst, 5
John Coulthurst, 4
Michael Stewart, 19
Jerome Keown, 19
Dean Moon, 19
Chris Heyman, 19

Lot At Sea: Remembering the Victims of the F/V Investor Murders
After a Two-Year Manhunt Police Arrest a Suspect in Alaska’s Brutal Fishing Boat Murders
Suspect had worked on boat where 8 died in ’82
New Witness to Testify in Alaska’s Costliest Case
Ex-Crewman Acquitted in 8 Boat Killings in 1982
8 killed in 1982 Investor murders remembered in Blaine exhibit
A Look Back At Alaska’s Worst Unsolved Mass Murder
Cold Case – Alaska’s Worst Unsolved Mass Murder
33 years later, a tribute for slain family members
Fisherman Settles Case Over Trials In Slayings — Man Gets $900, 000; State Admits No Wrongdoing

People Magazine Investigates: Murder at Sea

John Kenneth Peel (acquitted at trial)

Chandra Levy murder: Still unsolved, still a mystery – If Ingmar Guandique didn’t kill her, who did?

Chandra Ann Levy

Chandra Ann Levy obituary
Find-A-Grave: Chandra Ann Levy
Who Killed Chandra Levy?
Levy Parents ‘Bittersweet’ Over News of Expected Arrest in Daughter’s Murder
Affidavit: Chandra Levy suspect kept her photo in his cell
Ingmar Guandique Convicted in Killing of Chandra Levy
Ingmar Guandique convicted of first-degree murder of former intern Chandra Levy
Jury Convicts Ingmar Guandique in Chandra Levy’s Murder
Guandique sentenced to 60 years for Levy murder
Chandra Levy’s Killer Sentenced to 60 Years
Ingmar Guandique, man convicted of killing Chandra Levy, gets new trial
The recording that undid the Chandra Levy murder case
Prosecutors Drop Murder Charge Against Man Accused of Killing Chandra Levy
Charges dropped in Chandra Levy murder
Man Convicted in Chandra Levy’s Death Won’t be Retried
Deportation closes another chapter in sensational Chandra Levy mystery
Chandra Levy’s mom still seeks justice; man once charged in murder is deported
Wikipedia: Chandra Levy
Chandra Levy case revisited in TLC special

Chandra Levy: An American Murder Mystery
Who Killed Chandra Levy?
20 Most Shocking Unsolved Crimes

Ingmar Guandique

Kreston Jamall Holland murder 8/20/2007 Lincoln Heights, OH *Found shot to death; Still unsolved, family wants help solving his murder*

Kreston Holland
Kreston Jamall Holland

If anyone knows anything, no matter how insignificant you think it is, please call Crimestoppers: 513-352-3040 or email at OhioUnsolvedHomicides@OhioAttorneyGeneral.gov

Facebook: R.I.P. Kreston Jamall Holland
Man Dies In Overnight Shooting
Three People Shot Within the Span of One Hour
MySpace: Kreston “aka” Kres Streets

Cold Case: The Unsolved Murder of Donna Marie Frislie 2/13/1962 Palmdale, CA

Donna Marie Frislie

Find-A-Grave: Donna Marie Frislie
Missing Teenage Girl Found Dead In Desert Sand
Mother’s Letter to Editor Aimed at Unknown Murderer
Solve a cold case: Donna Marie Frislie
Donna Marie Frislie high school freshman’s murder still unsolved since 1962

Dorothy Dexter Moormeister murder 2/21/1930 Salt Lake City, UT *Still unsolved, lots of suspects*

Dorothy Mooremeister
Dorothy Dexter Moormeister

Find-A-Grave: Dorothy Grace “Dexter” Hugentobler Moormeister
Road Rage (GREAT article)
The Moormeister Mystery
Denies murder
A final record: The Doctor’s Wife
Victim of slaying
Mining Promoter Held In Utah On Murder Charge
Mine Promoter Held As Killer
Bring Suspect To Utah? Wait Expected
Hearing For Sadler Jan. 6 In Slaying
Husband Still Hopeful Mystery of His Wife’s Murder Will Be Solved
The Moormeister Affair
Dr. Moormeister Foils Armed Thug In Holdup Attempt
City of Saints

William Sadler
Charles Peter

Las Cruces Bowling Alley Massacre – Still a mystery over 20 years later

6 Las Cruces Bowl victims

Steven Saenz Teran, 26
Paula Antoinette Holguin, 6
Valarie Rose Teran, 2
Amy Houser, 13
Stephanie C. Senac, 34 [survived, but passed away 8/13/1999]
Ida Holguin, 30 [survived]
Melissia Repass, 12 [survived] (no picture)

Find-A-Grave: Steven Teran
Find-A-Grave: Paula Holguin
Find-A-Grave: Valarie Teran
Find-A-Grave: Amy Ailleen Houser
4 people killed in N.M. robbery
3 children among 4 killed in robbery
Man, 2 Daughters Mourned
Town Shaken By Bowling Alley Massacre
Suspects in bowling alley killings still free
Bowling alley death search expanding
Mexico to get slayers’ sketches
U.S., Mexico join to probe bowling alley shooting spree
Survivors hope show will help capture bowling alley killers
Unsolved Mysteries: Bowling Alley Murder
City honors teen survivor of bowling alley shooting
Worse murder in Las Cruces history unsolved 10 years later
Bowling alley massacre that rocked Las Cruces 20 years ago remains a mystery
New Mexico murders still a mystery after 21 years
New Mexico Survivors of Homicide
Las Cruces 1990 Bowling Alley Massacre Cold Case: New Technology, New Hope
Wikipedia: Las Cruces Bowling Alley Massacre
Las Cruces Bowl massacre still unsolved; $25,000 reward for information

Las Cruces Bowl, 1201 E. Amador Ave.
Las Cruces Bowl, 1201 E. Amador Ave.

Crime Junkie: INFAMOUS: Las Cruces Bowling Alley Massacre
Jensen and Holes: The Murder Squad: The Las Cruces Bowling Alley Massacre

A Nightmare in Las Cruces (I have seen this and it is very emotional, and very good. I do recommend it for anyone wanting to know about this tragedy)

Las Cruces Bowl suspects
Older and Younger Suspects in 1990

Danny & Kathy Freeman murder 12/30/1999 Welch, OK *Their daughter, Ashley Freeman, and her friend, Lauria Bible, are still missing and presumed dead; Still unsolved*

Kathy Freeman
Danny Freeman
Ashley Freeman
Lauria Bible

Find-A-Grave: Danny Glen Freeman
Find-A-Grave: Kathy Eleta Freeman
Charley Project: Ashley Renae Freeman
Charley Project: Lauria Bible
Unsolved Mysteries Wiki: Lauria Bible and Ashley Freeman
Unsolved Mysteries: Kathy & Danny Freeman
Unsolved Mysteries: Ashley Freeman & Lauria Bible
New Information Released On Welch Girls’ Murder
New details released in Ashley Freeman/Lauria Bible investigation
Craig County Teen’s Still Missing – The Disappearance Of Ashley Freeman And Lauria Bible
Answers still elusive in decade-long mystery
Update: Freeman/Bible murders *Ronnie Dean Busick charged with the rapes and murders from 18 years ago*

Jeremy Brian Jones – Serial Killer: Jeremy Bryan Jones (aka John Paul Chapman) on death row in Alabama
Tommy Lynn Sells (serial killer)

Disappeared: Out of the Ashes
Unsolved Mysteries

Cold Case: Phyllis O’Brien Carson murder 10/27/1970 French Camp, CA *Family & detectives searching for any leads in this cold case*

Phyllis O’Brien Carson

Facebook: Phyliss O’Brien Carson
California woman hopes Facebook can help solve mom’s 1970 murder
French Camp Woman Searches For Answers In Mother’s Death Decades Ago
Facebook: San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Unsolved Homicide/Missing Persons
Daughter relentless in pursuit of justice in mother’s murder
Spreecast: Phyllis O’Brien Carson Needs Justice.
California governor offers $50,000 reward in decades-old cold case murder
Decades later, still determined

Angela Mischelle Lawless murder 11/8/1992 Benton, MO *Josh Kezer, who was wrongfully convicted, released from prison; Mischelle’s murder still unsolved*

Angela Mischelle Lawless

Find-A-Grave: Angela Mischelle Lawless
Angela Mischelle Lawless-MO- 1992 Cold Case
Lawless’ clothing to undergo new DNA test in Holland
Contact DNA test next step in Mischelle Lawless investigation
New witness found in 1992 Lawless murder
Kezer says he never met Angela Mischelle Lawless
Missouri man convicted of ’92 slaying released
Sheriff in Scott County Seeking Answers in ’92 killing

“48 Hours” probes Missouri murder mystery
On The Case With Paula Zahn: The Long Road Home

Josh Kezer after leaving prison

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