Cold Case: Shameka Wright and Jared ‘Lewis’ Womack murder 8/1/2003 Springfield, IL *Both shot to death in a robbery at a relative’s home; No suspects yet*

Shameka and Jared
Shameka Wright and Jared ‘Lewis’ Womack

Cold case of double murder
Dave Bakke: Cold cases, missing people are Grace’s mission
Families Still in Mourning, A Decade Later
Springfield Police Looking To Solve Double Murder 14 Years Ago

Dr. Samuel Sheppard – Did he or did he not kill his wife, Marilyn Reese Sheppard? Was he trial fair or biased?

Marilyn Sheppard2
Sam and Marilyn

Chronology of a Murder
Dr. Sam Sheppard – Guilty or Innocent
Sam Sheppard murder trial items at CSU law school
Dr Sam Sheppard Trials
DNA Test Absolves Sam Sheppard of Murder, Lawyer Says
Woman says Eberling confessed to murdering Marilyn Sheppard
Inmate claims murderer says he killed Sam Sheppard’s wife
Cabbie Says He Killed Mrs. Marilyn Sheppard
‘Fugitive’ to be buried near wife
Sheppard murder trial still not over after 45 years
Key events in the Sam Sheppard case
Sam Sheppard’s body to be exhumed in effort to clear name
Sam Sheppard to be exhumed
Marilyn Sheppard’s body to be exhumed
Tests disclose Marilyn Sheppard didn’t bite attacker
Attorneys clash over coroner’s report in Sam Sheppard case

Possible murder weapon in Sam Sheppard case found
bio: Sam Sheppard
Wikipedia: Sam Sheppard
Still Unsolved
Curiosity seekers must move on; Sheppard murder house demolished
Speaking up for Marilyn in the 60-year-old Sam Sheppard murder case: Brent Larkin

Dr. Sam Sheppard on Trial: The Prosecutors and the Marilyn Sheppard Murder
Mockery of Justice: The True Story of the Sam Sheppard Murder Case
The Sheppard murder case
The Wrong Man: The Final Verdict on the Dr. Sam Sheppard Murder Case
The Wrong Man: The Final Verdict on the Dr. Sam Sheppard Murder Case (Ohio)

Guilty or Innocent: The Sam Sheppard Murder Case
NOVA: The Killer’s Trail – The Story of Dr. Sam Sheppard
A Crime To Remember: The Wrong Man
The Fugitive (movie)
The Fugitive (TV series)

Unsolved Murder: Patricia Shea murder 7/25/1982 Prospect Park, NY

Patricia Shea
Patricia Shea

After 20 Years, Detectives Still On the Trail
Police Offering $2K Reward to Solve Decades-Old Murder Mystery
Reward offered in 1982 unsolved murder of New York woman
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Cold Case: Anna Louise LaTour murder 8/2/1957 Toledo, OH *Still unsolved, but not forgotten*

Anna LaTour
Anna Louise LaTour

Find-A-Grave: Anna L. LaTour
Two Men Face Questioning In Monroe St. Murder Case
Murders Of 3 Toledo Women Remain Mysteries
LaTour Murder Remains Mystery To Toledo Police
Police Absolve Man In Woman’s Death
Crime Total Up But More Cases Solved
Leichty Faces Quiz in LaTour Slaying
Cold-case team reheats trail of 1957 city murder

Who Killed Doris Angleton? Was it Robert Angleton? Or Was it Roger Angleton?

Doris Angleton
Doris Angleton

Suicide note won’t clear man in scheme
Suicide note confession doesn’t clear suspect
Judge may expand sentence of Angleton figure
Ex-bookie’s journal details trip before murder-for-hire trial
Lawyers want out of murder-for-hire
Jury deliberating in Houston case
Jury acquits wealthy bookmaker
Texas Confidential
Murder, She Testified
The Bookie’s Wife
Murderpedia: Roger Nicholas Angleton
Wikipedia: Doris Angleton
The Vanessa Leggett Saga

Death in Texas: A True Story of Marriage, Money, and Murder

Deadly Devotion: Bet Your Life
48 Hours: Texas Confidential
20/20: Secrets, Lies and Audiotape

The Wonderland Murders [aka Four on the Floor Murders or the Laurel Canyon Murders]

Wonderland victims

William Raymond “Billy” DeVerell
Ronnie Lee “Ron” Launius
Susan Murphy Launius (survived)
Joy Miller
Barbara Richardson

Find-A-Grave: William “Billy” Deverell
Find-A-Grave: Ronnie L. Launius
Find-A-Grave: Joy Audrey Gold Miller
Find-A-Grave: Barbara Lee Richardson
The Road Through Wonderland
Motive sought in killing of 4
Laurel Canyon Victim Linked to ’73 Slaying
LA slaying victim to be buried in Lodi (part 1)
LA slaying… scroll to the left)(part 2)
Laurel Canyon survivor able to speak
Drug Link In Brutal Slayings
Porn star John Holmes arrested for investigation in murder case
Police hold off on murder charge for porn star John Holmes
Porno Star To Stand Trial For Murder in Four Deaths
Holmes’ murder trial begins today
Jury gets Holmes’ murder case
Porno Star Acquitted Of Bludgeon Murders
Liberace’s ex-lover links drug dealer to canyon murders
On deathbed, Holmes denied seeing slaying
2 acquitted in bizarre canyon slayings
New Charges in 19-Year-Old Drug Killings in Hollywood
Return to Wonderland
Holmes’ Confession in Bathtub: Told Wife of Role in 4 Murders
CrimeLibrary: The Wonderland Murders
Wikipedia: Wonderland Gang
Wikipedia: Wonderland murders
Wikipedia: Eddie Nash
Revisiting Wonderland Crime Scene

The Road Through Wonderland: Surviving John Holmes
L.A . Despair: A Landscape of Crimes & Bad Times
John Holmes: A Life Measured in Inches
Porn King: The Autobiography of John C. Holmes
Long Time Money and Lots of Cocaine

Boogie Nights
Poisoned Passions: Sex Slave

Holmes and Nash
John Holmes and Eddie Nash

Allenstown, NH Barrel murders – Do any of these composite drawings look familiar to you?

composites for barrel victims

This is so very sad. These bodies were found in 2 barrels, one found in 1985 and the other in 2000 in Allenstown, NH. So far, DNA testing shows 2 of the girls are biologically related to the adult female, but the 3rd girl is not biologically related to them. But investigators do not know who they are. I am hoping that someone who is missing their loved ones will recognize them. I hate seeing anyone unidentified for whatever reason. It truly breaks my heart when there are cases like this. I know these girls were loved and missed. If you have any clue please call:
National Center for Missing & Exploited Children: 1-800-843-5678
NCMEC Cold Case Review Unit: 1-877-446-2632
NY State Police Major Crime Unit: 1-603-271-2633 (Detective John Sonia or Capt. Mark Myrdek)

I am sure any of them will be able to help.

Mystery in Allenstown, NH (an EXCELLENT blog on these murders)
Facebook: Identify These Victims
Cold-case murders of 4 females brought back to life by new images, DNA tests
Murder of Woman and Three Young Children Haunt Town

Cold Case: Rose Marie Levandoski murder 2/1/1973 Jackson County, MS *Still unsolved after 40 years*

Rose Marie Levandoski
Rose Marie Levandoski

The only suspect was Larry Eugene Mann, who was executed in Florida on April 10, 2013.

Find-A-Grave: Rose Marie Levandoski
Cold case — Searching for Rose’s killer
Searching for Rose’s Killer
Larry Eugene Mann
Web Link Could Solve Cold Cases
MS – Rose Marie Levandoski, 13, Ocean Springs, 1 February 1973

Guest Post: The 10 Most Notorious Unsolved College Crimes


If all you watched on TV was CSI, you’d start to think it’s impossible to get away with murder these days. With all the dusting, printing, X-raying, and blue-lighting, the technology would seem to have closed the book on the idea of the perfect murder. And yet, we know that’s not the case. There has always been a small segment of horrible crimes that go unsolved, and even with all our forensic advancements, trails still go cold and files get shelved. These are the notorious stories of 10 college victims whose murderers have never been brought to justice.

Betsy Aardsma

The bizarre case of Betsy Aardsma has confounded police for over 40 years. A cute, smart grad student at Penn State, Aardsma was well-liked and had recently become engaged. She was so studious, she was in the library over Thanksgiving break when she was stabbed once in the heart with a small knife. A man hurriedly leaving the section told a librarian, “Somebody better help that girl,” and several witnesses were able to describe him. Aardsma died five minutes later. Police never identified the man, and today the murder is officially a cold case.

Read the rest of the article at THE 10 MOST NOTORIOUS UNSOLVED COLLEGE CRIMES

Guest Post: 5 of History’s Most Notorious Unsolved Murders

5 of History’s Most Notorious Unsolved Murders

We would all like to fantasize about a world where crime truly doesn’t pay and the bad guy always gets caught. Unfortunately, heinous crimes are committed on a regular basis where the bad guy wins quite often. Whether it is a high profile case, or a lowly individual found in a peculiar manner, murders happen often enough without the suspect being apprehended.

1. Black Dahlia – January of 1947, the body of Elizabeth Short was found cut in half in Los Angeles. Although many people confessed to Elizabeth’s murder, none were arrested.

2. The Bordens – In 1892, Andrew and Abby Borden were brutally murdered and mutilated in their home. Their daughter, Lizzie, was the only arrest in the case and she was acquitted of the murders. While many suspected that Lizzie Borden was indeed the killer, the courts decided otherwise.

3. The Zodiac – Between 1968 and 1969, seven men and women lost their lives to the Zodiac serial killer. Although some 2,500 suspects were investigated, forensic evidence couldn’t support a positive match linking any of them to the murders.

4. JonBenét Ramsay – In Boulder, Colorado in 2003, JonBenét Ramsay’s body was found in the family basement shortly after being reported missing. The murder was a media frenzy without a solid suspect. However, a mixed blood sample found on JonBenét’s person is still checked weekly with CODIS in an attempt to match DNA.

5. Jack the Ripper – One of the most notorious murderers in history is the infamous Jack the Ripper. In London, England during 1888, five prostitutes were brutally strangled, arteries cut, then dismembered. The murders were committed in such a clean fashion that London law enforcement didn’t have a leading suspect. Seemingly, Jack the Ripper had then disappeared into the fog never to return.

The world can be a hateful place, sometimes. However, we mustn’t give in to feelings of paranoia or fear. While murders happen quite often without justice, we can’t be afraid to continue living. Just live the best you can and if your time is up, look back and be proud of your life’s accomplishments.

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