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Murder In The Family: Dallas Hamilton is charged with the murder of his uncle, Jerimiah Randall James

dv awareness

Jerimiah Randall James
Jerimiah Randall James

Jerimiah Randall James obituary
Teen boy arrested in suspected Wayne County homicide
Warrant: Homicide investigation uncovers weapons, possible child pornography
Juvenile charged in Fremont man’s strangulation death
Fremont man accused of killing uncle now faces charges as adult
Wayne County teen charged with manslaughter
Juvenile booked for manslaughter after man found dead in Wayne County

Sione Mangisi murder 10/14/2015 Bountiful, UT *Heneli (Henry) Kalainiski Kaufusi charged with his murder*

Sione Mangisi
Sione Mangisi

Man found dead on Bountiful street, suspect in custody
Man killed in Bountiful beating was the ex-husband of alleged attacker’s wife
Father Killed In Apparent Domestic Dispute Identified
Bountiful police identify man killed in fight
Man stomped victim, took cellphone photo, homicide report says
Man charged with murder of wife’s ex-husband
Utah man charged with murder in beating death of girlfriend’s ex-husband


Heneli Kalainisi Kaufusi

Booking Number: 201507614
When Booked: 10/14/2015 3:49:04 PM
Age: 35
Gender: M
Arresting Agency: BOUNTIFUL PD
Housing Unit: Bravo

State Statute MURDER
Court Farmington District Court
Bail Fine
Type No Bail

Monsters Among Us: David Brigham Driscoll killed his girlfriend, Brittany Engstrom; He also faced a hearing about 4 charges of sexual assault of a child

dv awareness

Brittany Engstrom
Brittany Engstrom

Man kills self in standoff with police after girlfriend was found dead in Orem
Police identify victim of Utah homicide; boyfriend who killed himself was ‘person of interest’
Man wanted for questioning in homicide kills himself in standoff
After woman’s body found in Orem, man kills himself in Eagle Mountain standoff
Police: Man wanted for questioning in Orem homicide kills himself in Eagle Mountain standoff
Woman killed in Orem was expected to testify against her suspected killer

David Brigham Driscoll
David Brigham Driscoll

Eric Carter murder 12/22/2015 West Valley City, UT *3 people, Jay Urry, Jesse Searle, and Jeanette Miner, have been arrested for his murder*

Eric Carter
Eric Carter

Friend remembers murder victim as West Valley City PD seeks third suspect
Police responding to report of vehicle theft find dead body
West Valley City police identify man run over and killed by trailer
West Valley City police identify suspects in murder
Police: Thieves run over, kill man trying to retrieve stolen trailer
3rd suspect arrested in murder of WVC resident Eric Carter
Third suspect in WVC murder turns himself in
3rd arrest made in death of man run over while trying to stop theft

Carter defendants
Jay Urry
Jesse Searle
Jeanette Miner

Bruce Larson murder 3/28/1990 Salt Lake City, UT *Eugene Nate Woodland “Captain Nemo” convicted of his murder; sentenced to 5 years to life in prison*

Eugene Nate Woodland “Captain Nemo” has been denied parole and will not get another parole hearing until March 2018. At that time he would be about 89 years old. I think he is in bad health, so I doubt he will still be alive. Update: Eugene Woodland died on 1/8/2015.

From Woodland’s appeal:

Around 1986, defendant entered into a contract with the firm of Peacock and Larsen for construction of the Woodland Dinner Theater Garden Complex in Salt Lake City. After a significant period of work, Woodland fell behind in his payments to Peacock and Larsen and was eventually forced into bankruptcy.   During the bankruptcy proceedings, Peacock and Larsen filed a lien on Woodland’s property to protect its interests.   Following Woodland’s bankruptcy, Peacock and Larsen bid on and eventually purchased Woodland’s property.   In September 1989, Woodland contacted Harry Peacock by telephone to discuss the status of his former property.   During their conversation, Woodland expressed his frustration over the fact that Peacock and Bruce Larsen had purchased the property.   Woodland indicated that if Peacock and Larsen refused to settle with him, he would “settle it with other means.”   Woodland then demanded to speak with Bruce Larsen;  Peacock referred him instead to their lawyer.

On March 28, 1990, Woodland entered his former dinner theater and shot and killed Bruce Larsen.   After the shooting, two workers who had witnessed the event followed Woodland to a nearby apartment complex.   They tackled Woodland in an attempt to detain him until police could arrive, and in the struggle, Woodland shot one of them in the hand.

Slaying touches lives of thousands who knew victim as their friend
Competency ruling will delay ‘Captain Nemo’ murder trial
`Captain Nemo’ again faces murder charges
State v Woodland 1997
Captain Nemo proclaims his innocence
Board Denies Parole for ‘Captain Nemo’
Eugene Woodland, whose homicide case led to changes in Utah state law, has died
Convicted murderer known as ‘Captain Nemo’ dies while on parole at care center


Eugene Nate Woodland prison mug

Offender Number: 77969
DOB: Sun, 7 Jul 1929
Height: 6 Feet 1 Inches
Weight: 230
Sex: M


Jack Croasdale murder 8/15/1980 Salt Lake City, UT *Daniel Edward Shaffer convicted, sentenced to life in prison*

East CanyonOn August 23, 1980, the naked, partially decomposed body of Jack Croasdale was found in a brushy area 20-30 feet off the road in East Canyon in Salt Lake County. The medical examiner performed an autopsy on the body and concluded that the cause of death was a single bullet wound to the forehead. Approximately four months later, on December 12, 1980, the defendant was arrested in Portland, Oregon. At the time of arrest, the defendant was driving Mr. Croasdale’s van and was using the name and identification of the victim.

The defendant testified at trial that he met Mr. Croasdale in Reno, Nevada. Mr. Croasdale had stopped in Reno on his way from San Francisco to his home in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The defendant had hitchhiked to Reno several days earlier from Omaha, Nebraska. The defendant, who had only eighty cents, arranged to drive with the victim back to Omaha in search of better work and to collect several minor debts. At the time they met, the defendant was using the identification of Joseph Lucero, a former roommate at St. Andrews Abbey in Denver, Colorado. The defendant took Lucero’s identification when the defendant left the abbey because he feared the police would stop him and discover a probation violation related to an Arizona conviction. On August 5, 1980, the defendant had used Lucero’s identification to obtain a gun permit, a.38 caliber handgun, and ammunition in Omaha, Nebraska.

The defendant testified that on August 15, 1980, he and Mr. Croasdale drove east on I-80 in Croasdale’s van and arrived in Salt Lake City that evening. After drinking several beers in a local bar, they went to sleep in the back of Croasdale’s van. The defendant testified that early the next morning he was awakened by a homosexual attack by Croasdale. The defendant claims he stated that he wished to leave and then picked up his backpack, clothing, and sleeping bag. In the course of events, the backpack fell over, and the defendant’s loaded gun slipped out of the pack and partially out of the holster. According to the defendant, Croasdale then picked up the gun and threatened the defendant. In the ensuing struggle, the gun fired and the bullet struck Croasdale just above the right eyebrow. Although the defendant was unsure of the exact distance between the gun and the victim’s forehead, a courtroom demonstration suggested that the defendant’s version of the events required the distance to be about twelve inches.

The defendant admitted that he dumped Croasdale’s body in East Canyon that night; took Croasdale’s van and identification; spent Croasdale’s money in Salt Lake City; drove the van to Las Vegas, where the defendant used Croasdale’s name, identity, credit card, and checks; and later drove to Portland, where the defendant assumed Croasdale’s identity. Throughout the trial, the defendant insisted that Croasdale died of an accident and that the defendant made the decision to take Croasdale’s van after his death.

The State presented testimony from several witnesses to substantiate a theory of murder. The state medical examiner performed an autopsy and carefully examined and photographed the body to determine the cause of death. Based on the perpendicular entry and downward trajectory of the bullet, the clean entry wound, and the absence of stippling or other sooty deposits around the wound, the medical examiner concluded the death of Jack Croasdale was a homicide as the fatal bullet was fired from a distance at least eighteen inches from the head and from a point outside the *1304 reach of the victim. That opinion was corroborated at trial by officers from the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s office, who compared standard test fire patterns from a .38 caliber police special with the wound of the victim. The officers concluded that since there was no powder stippling or scorching, the wound was not caused by a gun fired at close range.

Because of decomposition and the fact that the body remained unclaimed for one and one-half months, it was released to the University of Utah Medical Center for disposal on October 1, 1980, and was subsequently cremated. Prior to releasing the body, the state medical examiner did not perform tests on the hands of the victim to determine the presence of chemical compounds commonly found on the hands of a person who has fired a pistol. According to the medical examiner, the presence of gunpowder residue would not have affected his opinion that the death was caused by homicide in light of all the circumstances in this case. The testimony of Mr. Donald Havekost, an FBI employee, supported the medical examiner’s opinion. He noted that after exposure and decomposition as in this case, it is “highly unlikely” that powder residue would have been found on the victim’s hands. Mr. Havekost further testified that a positive finding would not be significant in rendering an opinion as to whether the victim’s hands were on the gun when it was fired.

Hitchiker convicted of murder
1st degree murder conviction upheld by Utah Supreme Court
State of Utah v Daniel Edward Shaffer 1986

Psycho For Love: Komasquin Lopez killed his wife, Shannon Lopez; Sentenced to 16 years to life in prison

dv awareness

Shannon Chase Lopez
Shannon Chase Lopez

Shannon Chase Lopez obituary
Woman involved in car accident dies from gunshot wounds
Man charged with murdering his wife, suspect told police death was a suicide
Suicide or murder ‘in a fit of rage’? Trial begins for Midvale man
Jury finds man guilty of murdering his wife in truck
Man murdered wife as they drove in vehicle, jury determines
Lopez found guilty of murdering wife
Prison sentence ordered for man who murdered wife while driving
16 years to life for man who murdered wife while driving


Komasquin Lopez

Sex: M
Age: 45
Height: 507
Weight: 195
Hair Color: BLACK
Eye Color: BROWN

Inmate Information
Booking #: 14001614
SO#: 372751
State ID: 1306679

Alias Information


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