Boyfriends From Hell: Christopher A. Grimmett charged with the murder of his girlfriend’s 2-year-old daughter, Adalin Stamper, who was found in a shallow grave

stand up for children

1935 Sue Ave Warsaw IN

Warsaw toddler found buried in shallow grave; mother’s boyfriend arrested
Coroner releases cause of death for Warsaw 2-year-old
Police: Indiana man killed girlfriend’s 2-year-old daughter, buried her in shallow grave
Babysitter arrested after toddler found buried in shallow grave
2-year-old Warsaw girl murdered
Indiana man charged with killing girlfriend’s 2-year-old

Christopher A. Grimmett

Mass Murder: Opal Juanita Collins killed her in-laws when they would not move out of her home

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Julia Collins, 48
Benjamin Collins Jr, 28
Martha Ann Collins, 14
Mary Sue Collins, 11

Wife Admits Killing Paraplegic Husband
She’ll die in chair
Woman to be executed
Death Sentence Charge Doubted
Opal Collins v State of Indiana 1981
Only One Woman Hits Sparing of Opal’s Life
Woman slayer of 4 guarded to balk suicide
Death penalty debate? Ask Opal Collins

Murders in the United States

Deadly Women: Killer-in-Laws

Opal Collins

Parents Gone Wild! Amber Pasztor charged with killing her children, Liliana Hernandez and Rene Pasztor, after abducting them from their grandparents home; Her possible involvement in 2 other murders are being looked at

stand up for children

Liliana Hernandez and Rene Pasztor

Liliana Hernandez, 7
Rene Pasztor, 6
Frank Macomber, 65 (suspected)
Rene Hernandez (suspected)

Funeral services canceled for Liliana Hernandez and Rene Pasztor
Vigil held for Indiana children smothered to death by their mother
Children in Fort Wayne, IND, Amber Alert found dead
Amber Alert deaths of 2 children: What we know now
Mother Charged After Her Two Children Found Dead In Backseat OF Her Car (GREAT article)
Autopsy: Murdered Ft. Wayne children died of asphyxiation
Mom charged with murdering her children after abduction
Mom accused of smothering children found in car enters plea
Not guilty plea entered in Amber Alert killings
Fort Wayne woman at center of Amber Alert case pleads not guilty; prosecutor weighs death penalty



General Inmate Information
Facility Elkhart County Correctional Complex
Name Amber Susan Pasztor
Age 29
Inmate ID 124816

Charge Murder
Bail Amount $0
Additional Info 20C011609MR8
Charge Hold For Other Jurisdiction
Bail Amount $0
Additional Info 02D051609CM3774

Next Court Appearance 10/27/2016 at 8:30 AM

Monsters Among Us: Sebastian Wedding charged with killing 3 people in Sumava Resorts, IN

Sumava Resorts scene

Justin Babbs, 20
Richard Thomas, 23
Kimberly Spears, 39

Cedar Lake man arrested in connection to triple homicide
Man held after three found dead in Sumava Resorts
1 arrested in connection with triple homicide in Sumava Resorts
Man charged after 3 found dead in NW Indiana home
Person arrested in connection with 3 found dead in Newton County home
Police make arrest after 3 people found dead in northwestern Indiana
Man arrested in triple-murder in northwestern Indiana home

Sebastian Wedding
Sebastian Wedding

Monsters Among Us: Brian Eugene Jones killed Brook Baker and Erika Norman; Sentenced to LWOP

Brook Baker and Erika Norman

Brook Elizabeth Baker, 19 [9/7/1997]
Erika Elaine Norman, 21 [7/4/1999]

Find-A-Grave: Brook Elizabeth Baker
Find-A-Grave: Erika Elaine Norman
`If It Can Happen Here, It Can Happen Anywhere’
Unsolved Mysteries Wiki: Brook Baker
Unsolved Mysteries Wiki: Erika Elaine Norman
Student’s body found in field
Police Await Id On Found Body
Positive Id Made Of Found Body
Student named as suspect in woman’s death
Man sentenced in slaying of fellow college student
Local jurors to hear Vincennes murder case
Indiana man pleads guilty in strangling of student
Vincennes man sentenced to life in jail
Brian E. Jones v State of Indiana 2002 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Brook Baker: ID’s ‘Six Degrees of Murder’ Airs Death of Indiana Journalism college coed
Amateur Sleuth: Brook Baker wanted to be a journalist

Six Degrees of Murder: Crime Writer
Motives & Murders: Where Murders Go Unsolved


Brian Jones

DOC Number 102703
First Name BRIAN
Middle Name
Last Name JONES
Date of Birth 09/03/1976
Gender Male
Race White
Facility/Location Wabash Valley Level 4 Facility
Earliest Possible Release Date 00/00/0000

Sentence Information
Date of Sentence 01/12/2001
Description MURDER
Term in Years / Months / Days LIFE
Type of Conviction M
Indiana Citation Code 35-42-1-1
Cause Number 42D01-9907-CF-034
County of Conviction KNOX
Projected Release Date 00/00/0000

Sentence Information
Date of Sentence 01/12/2001
Description RAPE
Term in Years / Months / Days 20 00 00000
Type of Conviction FB
Indiana Citation Code 35-42-4-1
Cause Number 42D01-9907-DF-034
County of Conviction KNOX
Projected Release Date 06/16/2009

Sentence Information
Date of Sentence 09/08/2000
Description MURDER
Term in Years / Months / Days 60 00 00000
Type of Conviction M
Indiana Citation Code 35-42-1-1
Cause Number 42C01-9912-CF-53
County of Conviction KNOX
Projected Release Date 11/10/2029

Psycho For Love: Tangelia Elizabeth Brown stabbed her lover, Antonio Swanson to death; Sentenced to 30 years in prison

dv awareness

Antonio Swanson
Antonio Swanson

EPD: Woman killed lover, hid body in woods
Shopping Cart Used To Dispose Of Victim’s Body
No charges for teen girl in murder case
Details emerge in slaying
Woman pleads guilty in death
IN – Antonio Swanson, 24, stabbed to death, Evansville, 14 Sept 2008

Women in Prison: The Good Wife and the Quiet One


Tangelia Elizabeth Brown

DOC Number 183047
Middle Name
Last Name BROWN
Date of Birth 10/18/1974
Gender Female
Race Black
Facility/Location Rockville Correctional Facility
Earliest Possible Release Date 09/15/2030

Sentence Information
Date of Sentence 05/07/2009
Description MURDER
Term in Years / Months / Days 45 00 00000
Type of Conviction M
Indiana Citation Code 35-42-1-1
Cause Number 82C01-0809-MR-01017
County of Conviction VANDERBURGH
Projected Release Date 09/15/2030

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Update: Tiffanie Adams murder *Stepbrother, Johnus Orr convicted of killing her and her unborn son; Sentencing will be July 29, 2016*

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Tiffanie Adams

Murder In The Family: Johnus Luke Orr charged with killing his pregnant stepsister, Tiffanie Adams and her unborn son, Brysten; Trial to start June 27, 2016
Rape allegation at the center of pre-trial hearing in Johnus Orr murder case
Rape allegations surface in Sullivan homicide trial of Johnus Orr
Text messages from Tiffanie Adams’ phone read aloud during Sullivan County murder trial
Cell phone evidence at the center of testimony on Thursday in Sullivan County murder trial
Ex-wife testifies in Johnus Orr homicide trial
Trial of Johnus Orr to conclude today
Jury finds Johnus Orr GUILTY in the death of Tiffanie Adams and unborn son
Johnus Orr Guilty
The Testimony That Convinced a Jury

Johnus Orr
Johnus Luke Orr

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