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Monsters Among Us: Brian Williams charged with the horrific murder and dismemberment of 67-year-old Melody Gambetty

Melody Gambetty

Police describe ‘disturbing’ murder of woman in Clarksville, say it was likely a botched robbery
Man held without bond in Clarksville murder, arson
Indiana man charged after woman’s decapitated body found
Clarksville Police believe botched robbery led to woman’s ‘heinous’ murder
Indiana man charged after woman’s decapitated body found
Indiana Man Dismembered 67-Year-Old Woman During ‘Botched Robbery,’ Put Her Body Parts in a Suitcase, and Returned to the Scene a Day Later: Police


Offender Name: WILLIAMS, BRIAN
Custody Status: In Custody
Age: 36
Location: Clark County Jail
Race: African American
Contact Facility:
Offender ID: 54003
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 12/28/1984

Psycho For Love: Devonta Lashawn Roberts charged with the murder of his girlfriend, Victoria Moore, and their 3-year-old daughter Datoria Roberts

Victoria Moore, 22
Datoria Roberts, 3

Police found 3-year-old mortally wounded outside apartment; her mother was dead in kitchen
1 arrested after double homicide in Lafayette
Man, 27, arrested in connection with the shooting death of a Lafayette woman and child
Man arrested in deadly shooting of mother, daughter in Lafayette
Chicago man charged with murder of Lafayette mother, 3-year-old daughter
Chicago man charged for murder of girlfriend, daughter in Lafayette
Arrest made in deadly shootings of Lafayette woman and her 3-year-old daughter
Suspect charged with double homicide
Court doc: Man shot and killed 3-year-old daughter, girlfriend in Lafayette


Monsters Among Us: Steven Timothy Judy killed Terry Chasteen and her 3 children; He said he would kill again if ever released, so he was given the death penalty

Terry Lee Chasteen, 23
Misty Ann Chasteen, 5
Steven Michael Chasteen, 4
Mark Louis Chasteen, 2

Find-A-Grave: Terry Lee Zollars Chasteen
Find-A-Grave: Misty Ann Chasteen
Find-A-Grave: Steven Michael Chasteen
Find-A-Grave: Mark Louis Chasteen
Steven Timothy Judy #4
Indiana murderer executed at prison
Retro Indy: 4 killed in chilling case
Murderpedia: Steven Timothy Judy
Excerpt from “Notorious 92”
Steven Timothy Judy – Indiana Execution – March 9, 1981
Find-A-Grave: Steven Timothy Judy
Wikipedia: Steven Timothy Judy

Burn, Judy Burn: A String of Murders from Louisiana to Indiana Made Steven Judy a ‘Star’
Hunting Humans

Morbidology: Indiana’s Most Brutal Killer – Steven Judy

Steven Timothy Judy

Childs Family Massacre: Raymond Ronald Lee Childs III charged with killing 5 family members, including a pregnant young woman ready to give birth

Raymond Lee Childs Jr,
Kezzie Childs, 42
Elijah Childs, 18
Rita Childs, 13
Kiara Leshay Hawkins, 19
Kiara’s unborn child

Raymond Lee Childs Jr obituary
Kezzie S. Childs obituary
Elijah D. Childs obituary
Rita R. Childs obituary
Kiara Hawkins obituary
gofundme: Help with funeral for, Kiara Hawkins and Baby K
Family, friends remember those killed in mass murder on Adams Street
What we know about 17-year-old Raymond Childs III, charged in Adams Street killings
5, including pregnant woman, fatally shot in Indianapolis, police say
Murder charges filed against 17-year-old accused of killing family members
Teen faces 6 murder counts in shootings at Indianapolis home
‘A Different Kind Of Evil’: Teen Arrested In Indianapolis Mass Murder Of Pregnant Woman And 4 Family Members
Indianapolis teen charged in fatal shootings of family
Neighbors react to ‘mass murder’ on Adams Street; 6 dead including an unborn child, juvenile critical
Teen Accused Of Massacring Family Was Reportedly Angry About Being Reprimanded For Leaving Home Without Permission


Offender Name: CHILDS, RAYMOND
Custody Status: In Custody
Age: 17
Location: Marion County Jail
Race: African American
Contact Facility:
Offender ID: 000000826835
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 10/31/2003
Additional Information:

Monsters Among Us: Ronald Pavey stabbed Patricia Catherine Huckins DeChristopher to death; Sentenced to 65 years in prison

Find-A-Grave: Patricia Catherine Huckins DeChristopher
10 Years Ago
Monsters Among Us: Dennis J. Mitchell stabbed Marie Odette Huckins to death, sentenced to 20-years to life in prison (This is her mother)

Dead Silent: A History of Violence

Ronald Pavey – convicted, sentenced to 65 years in prison
George Liapis – convicted, sentenced to 30, not in custody now


DOC Number 104995
First Name RONALD
Middle Name
Last Name PAVEY
Date of Birth 09/07/1960
Gender Male
Race White
Facility/Location Wabash Valley Level 4 Facility
Earliest Possible Release Date

Sentence Information
Date of Sentence 12/14/2000
Description MURDER
Term in Years / Months / Days 64 11 00030
Type of Conviction M
Indiana Citation Code 35-42-1-1
Cause Number 39C010008CF55
County of Conviction JEFFERSON
Projected Release Date 10/11/2028


DOC Number 106548
First Name GEORGE
Middle Name
Last Name LIAPIS
Date of Birth 09/30/1965
Gender Male
Race White
Facility/Location Returned to court authority on release
Earliest Possible Release Date 07/15/2010

Sentence Information
Date of Sentence 11/06/2000
Description AIDING / MURDER
Term in Years / Months / Days 29 11 00030
Type of Conviction FA
Indiana Citation Code 35-41-2-4
Cause Number 78D01 9904 CF 101
County of Conviction SWITZERLAND
Projected Release Date 07/15/2010

Psycho For Love: Virgil Kirkland beat Arlene “Babe” Draves to death in 1930; Sentenced to 1-10 years in prison

Arlene Gwendolyn Draves

Find-A-Grave: Arlene Gwendolyn Draves
Kirkland jury is impaneled today
The Malefactors Register: My Brain Hurts
Youth convicted of girl’s murder in Indiana court
Tyson’s rape trial brings recollections of a famous Region

City of the Century: A History of Gary, Indiana

Virgil Kirkland

Update: Tammy Jo Blanton murder *Joseph Oberhansley found guilty; Jury recommends LWOP*

Tammy Blanton
Tammy Jo Blanton

Monsters Among Us: Joseph Oberhansley got out of prison for killing his girlfriend Sabrina Elder, now he is charged with killing another woman, Tammy Jo Blanton
Testimony begins in 2nd trial of Indiana man accused of killing, cannibalizing woman in 2014
As Indiana cannibalism case begins, attorney says evidence resembles ‘a horror movie’
‘It’s Worse Than Anything You’d See In A Horror Movie’: New Trial Begins For Man Accused Of Killing Ex And Eating Her Organs
Joseph Oberhansley trial: ‘There was blood everywhere’
‘A horror movie’: Grisly photos produced after man allegedly ate ex-girlfriend
Jury examines gruesome evidence photos during day 4 of Joseph Oberhansley murder trial
Accused Indiana cannibal Joseph Oberhansley takes stand in his own murder trial
Joseph Oberhansley pleads his innocence to Clark County jury
More outbursts from accused cannibal Oberhansley as jurors hear closing arguments
Jury finds Joseph Oberhansley guilty of murder and burglary
Joseph Oberhansley found guilty in murder of Tammy Jo Blanton
Jury finds Joseph Oberhansley guilty of 2 charges in Indiana cannibalism case
Jury recommends Joseph Oberhansley spend life in prison for Jeffersonville woman’s brutal murder
Joseph Oberhansley: Jurors recommend life in prison without parole


Joseph Oberhansley

Custody Status: In Custody
Age: 39
Location: Clark County Jail
Race: White
Contact Facility:
Offender ID:6506
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 03/29/1981
Additional Information:

Serial Killer: Shawn Grated killed at least 5 women – Sentenced to death

Stacey Stanley aka Stacey Hicks, 43 [9/8/2016]
Elizabeth Ann Griffith, 29 [8/16/2016]
Candice Marie Cunningham, 29 [6/12/2016]
Rebekah Lynn Leicy, 31 [3/16/2015]
Dana Nicole Lowrey, 23 [5/2007]
Jane Doe, [2005 or 2006]

Stacey J. Stanley obituary
Find-A-Grave: Stacey Jo Stanley
Elizabeth Ann Griffith obituary
Find-A-Grave: Elizabeth Ann Griffith
Candice Marie Cunningham obituary
Find-A-Grave: Candice Marie Cunningham
Rebekah Leicy obituary
Find-A-Grave: Rebekah Lynn Leicy
Find-A-Grave: Dana Nicole “Vicky Dana Doe” Lowrey
Timeline: Ashland, Mansfield and Marion victims connected to Shawn Grate
Ohio Police Ignored Mom’s Disappearance Days Before She Was Found Beaten to Death, Family Claims
David Cobb: Dana Lowrey ‘just stopped calling one day’
What we know: Shawn Grate tied to 5 deaths, 1 abduction
Suspected serial killer Shawn Grate reveals “why” he murdered victims in letters to News 5
Remains identified as Candice Cunningham in Grate case
More details from exclusive interview with old friend of Shawn Grate friend
‘You told me I could leave:’ Grate jurors see video of homicide victim Stacey Stanley
Grate trial: Victim’s son recalls last time he talked to his mother
Jury finds Shawn Grate guilty on all counts of aggravated murder and kidnapping
Jury finds Shawn Grate guilty on all counts of aggravated murder and kidnapping
Judge accepts jury’s recommendation to sentence Shawn Grate to death
Marion County ‘Jane Doe’ identified; convicted killer Shawn Grate confessed to her murder
Already in prison for life, Ohio serial killer Shawn Grate admits to first murder
Death-row’s Grate gets prison term for Marion murder, his first
Man gets death penalty for strangling 2 women in vacant home
Convicted killer Shawn Grate pleads guilty to the murders of 2 women in Richland County
Ex of Suspected Serial Killer Shawn Grate Recounts Harrowing Moment: I’d ‘Never Felt Fear Like That Before’
Serial Killer Shawn Grate’s Known Victims List
Where is Christina Hildreth, Shawn Grate’s Ex-Girlfriend Now?
Wikipedia: Shawn Grate

Crime Junkie: SERIAL KILLER: Shawn Grate
Case 006 – Shawn Grate (The Ashland County Killer)

Evil Lives Here: I Didn’t Know it was Blood


Monsters Among Us: Spencer Spielman killed Patricia “Patty” Ann Dresser, a family friend who had helped him out quite a bit; Sentenced to 55 years in prison

Patty Dresser

Patricia Ann “Patty” Dresser obituary\
Find-A-Grave: Patricia Ann “Patty” Kingsley Dresser
20-year-old arrested in Greenfield woman’s murder
Man found guilty of murdering Greenfield woman who hired him for housework
Murderer sentenced to 55 years
21-year-old gets 55-year sentence for murder of friend’s mom
Spencer Michael Spielman, v State of Indiana 2018
Indiana Woman Strangled With Robe Sash By Son’s 20-Year-Old Friend

Criminal Confessions: Killer Friends


DOC Number 267263
First Name SPENCER
Middle Name M
Date of Birth 02/02/1996
Gender Male
Race White
Facility/Location Pendleton Correctional Facility

Sentence Information
Date of Sentence 08/30/2017
Description MURDER
Term in Years / Months / Days 50 00 00000
Type of Conviction M
Indiana Citation Code 35-42-1-1
Cause Number 30D01 1610 MR 001819
County of Conviction HANCOCK
Projected Release Date 08/21/2054

Sentence Information
Date of Sentence 08/30/2017
Description ROBBERY
Term in Years / Months / Days 03 00 00001
Type of Conviction F5
Indiana Citation Code 35-42-5-1
Cause Number 30D01 1610 MR 001819
County of Conviction HANCOCK
Projected Release Date 03/05/2019

Monsters Among Us: 3 Teens robbed and killed Adriana Saucedo and left her in an abandoned school

Adriana Saucedo

Facebook: Adriana Saucedo
Woman missing, in danger after meeting man from Facebook to buy marijuana, police say
Police discover body in former Gary elementary school
Body Of Missing Woman, Adriana Saucedo, Found In Abandoned Gary Elementary School, 3 Teen Suspects Identified
Police: 3 teens killed missing Indiana woman, dumped body in abandoned elementary school
3 teens suspected in missing Portage woman’s death
Teens arrested after Indiana woman shot dead during robbery, ‘callously dumped’ at abandoned Gary school, police say
Third teen nabbed in shooting death of Portage woman; police reveal more details
3 teens in custody after Portage woman fatally shot, dumped in abandoned Gary school
2 teens charged as adults in fatal shooting Portage woman, dumped in abandoned Gary school; charges pending against 3rd
Two Gary teens charged as adults with murder in Portage woman’s shooting death

Abandoned elementary school where her body was found

Shaun Thompson, 16
Jonathan Brown, 17
3rd unidentified teen, to be charged as an adult

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