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    August 18: 1987: Ember Kimberly Mars, 27, was raped and murdered in her Kearns, UT apartment by David Franklin Young.  He was convicted and sentenced to death.  His conviction and sentence was overturned. He was reconvicted and sentenced to LWOP.  He was also convicted of murders in Illinois and Indiana.  He is serving his sentences out of the State of Utah.

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Kids That Kill: Alek Nicholas Wright charged with killing his grandmother, Judith Anne Rose

Judy Rose

Judy Rose obituary
Keno woman murdered
Keno woman killed; juvenile relative arrested
Stabbing death
Stabbing turns into a murder in Keno
Klamath Falls teen pleads ‘not guilty’ to murdering grandmother

Alek Nicholas Wright


Monsters Among Us: Mark Ramos charged with killing 70-year-old Helen Davis and then wrapping her body in a rug

70-year-old woman found bound, wrapped in rug
70-year-old found dead inside townhome
Cops: Man tied up, killed 70-year-old DeKalb woman who had Alzheimer’s
Disturbing details in murder of 70-year-old woman
Arrest made in 70-year-old woman’s death


Sex: M
DOB: 09/1961
Height: 5′ 7″
Weight: 165 POUNDS
Race: African American

Spree Killer: Jeremiah Diaz Bean killed 5 people and then laughed about it; Sentenced to death [plus 78-195 years in prison]

Bob Pape, 84 [5/10/2013 Fernley, NV]
Dorothy ‘Dotty’ Pape, 84 [5/10/2013 Fernley, NV]
Eliazar Graham, 52 [5/13/2013 Mustang, NV] (no picture)
Angie Duff, 67 [5/13/2013 Fernley, NV]
Lester Leiber, 69 [5/13/2013 Fernley, NV] (no picture)

Dorothy and Robert Pape obituary
Angie Duff obituary
Jeremiah Bean: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
Man arrested after five found dead in northern Nevada
All Fernley Victims ID’d; New Charges Pending Against Suspect
Murder charges sought against Fernley man, 25, in string of 5 northern Nevada killings
Timeline Reveals Elderly Couple Killed Three Days Before Bodies Found
Bean jury seated; Fernley residents still shocked by violence
Jeremiah Bean Murder Trial Begins With Startling Statement
Jury Convicts Jeremiah Bean of Murdering Five People in 2013
Nevada man convicted of 5 murders in 2013 spree
Jeremiah Bean sentencing grows emotional with family testimony
Jeremiah Bean sentenced to death for Lyon County killings
NV – Five people slain in 2-county crime spree, Jeremiah Bean charged, May 2013
Jeremiah Diaz Bean – Nevada Death Row

Murder by Numbers: Murder Calling


Serial Killer: Andrew Dillon killed 5 elderly women; For one of them, he let 2 innocent men go to prison for 10-12 years

M. Geneva Long

Goldy Snyder, 86 [10/4/1994]
M. Geneva Long, 67 [3/11/1994]
Lucy Crable, 81 [7/4/1995]
Agnes Deluca, 86 [10/30/1990]
Neda Hoerner, 77 [3/13/1995]

Is David Gladden innocent? (3 parts)
New evidence for a new trial?
National Registry of Exoneration: David Gladden

The Coroner: I Speak for the Dead: Internal Trauma

Wrongfully Convicted:

David Gladden and James Carson


Inmate Number: CA6024
Name Name Type
X COUNTRY Also Known As
Age: 53
Date of Birth: 06/27/1964
Height (in): 5′ 08″
Gender: MALE
Citizenship: USA
Complexion: DARK
Current Location: HUNTINGDON
Permanent Location: HUNTINGDON
Committing County: LACKAWANNA
Last Updated Time: 7/31/2017 4:00:16 AM

Monsters Among Us: Jameion Hernandez charged with killing Lisa Ann Stukey with a baseball bat; May face the death penalty

Decomposed body found in SE Idaho home
East Idaho authorities investigating possible homicide
Sheriff: Decomposing body was murder victim
Investigators: Ammon homicide victim is female, FBI now involved in investigation
Sheriff’s Office makes arrest in Ammon murder
Arrest made in Ammon homicide
Ammon man charged with murder of Lisa Stukey
E. Idaho man charged following woman’s beating death
Idaho man charged following woman’s beating death
Mug shot, new details released in Ammon murder case
Detective: Hernandez broke into Lisa Stukey’s home – killed her with a baseball bat
Man arrested in Ammon murder case appears in court for the first time


Custody Status: In Custody
Age: 20
Location: Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office
Race: White
Contact Facility: Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office

Murder In The Family: Robin Casali killed her great-aunt, Winifred Moniz, when she tried to rob her for drug money; Sentenced to LWOP

From Casali’s appeal: Commonwealth presented evidence from lay witnesses, State and Falmouth police officers, crime scene analysts, and forensic experts, from which the jury could have found the following facts. The defendant lived in a home with her grandmother and her twenty-one year old daughter (Nicole) that abutted the victim’s property. The victim’s property, where she lived with her husband, Wayne Moniz (Wayne), consisted of several acres of land, including a large field which was regularly mowed. On June 5, 2006, the defendant left her home at approximately 8:10 a.m., claiming that she had to go to work and would return later in the morning to take her grandmother to a medical clinic. Rather than going to work, the defendant drove her vehicle along a pathway into a cranberry bog, adjacent to the far boundary of the victim’s property. There, parked partially hidden from view, she changed her clothes, put on a hooded sweatshirt and a bandana-type mask, and waited until Wayne began mowing the field, a chore which ordinarily took several hours. She then entered the victim’s home where she remained until shortly after 9 a.m., stabbed the victim more than a dozen times with a buck knife, killing her, and took her wallet.

While the defendant was in the victim’s home, a neighbor telephoned the Falmouth police to report a suspicious vehicle (the defendant’s automobile) that had been parked along the cranberry bog for nearly one hour. The call was recorded at 9:04 a.m. At 9:09 a.m., the neighbor again contacted the police to report having seen a person in a dark shirt run through the wooded area between the victim’s property and the bog and speed away in the vehicle. Shortly thereafter, the defendant’s vehicle was observed near a forested nature preserve, where she entered the woods and remained for several minutes.4 Later that day, the police were alerted to this area when the victim’s wallet5 was found there by a local resident. There was no money in the wallet. With the assistance of a trained police dog, the police subsequently located a CVS Pharmacy bag hidden in the underbrush containing clothes (including a bandana, a hooded sweatshirt, and gloves) belonging to the defendant. The clothes were stained with the victim’s blood. A buck knife covered in the victim’s blood also was found “hooked over” a branch of a nearby tree.

The police interviewed the defendant later that afternoon. She denied any involvement in or knowledge about the killing and fabricated a story and a time line about her movements that morning. During two searches of her home, the police seized the beige pants she was seen wearing in the morning,6 as well as substances found in her bedroom, identified as marijuana and heroin.

Winifred Moniz obituary
Relative charged in murder
Casali admits lying to police
Robin Casali gets life for first-degree murder
“Winnie wouldn’t hurt a fly”
Robin Casali v Commonwealth of Massachusetts 2011
Some very Bad Blood as Winnie Moniz is stabbed to death in her own kitchen

Bad Blood: Bloody Secrets


Offender Name: CASALI, ROBIN E
Custody Status: In Custody
Location: MCI Framingham (Medium Security)
Contact Facility: Massachusetts Department of Corrections

Janeil Hooten Bernard murder 7/3/2017 Houston, TX *Found in her Hedwig Village home, beaten and stabbed to death, her house was ransacked*

Janeil Hooten Bernard

Ballroom dancers remember 79-year-old murder victim in Hedwig Village
Woman, 79, ‘brutally murdered’ in Hedwig Village home put up fight, officials say
79-year-old woman brutally murdered in Hedwig Village
Police: Housekeeper found elderly woman ‘brutally murdered’ in home
79-year-old woman murdered; stolen Cadillac found
Cops: Texas woman, 79, found slain in her ransacked home
Police believe woman found murdered in Hedwig Village was beaten and stabbed

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