Murder In The Family: Dallas Hamilton is charged with the murder of his uncle, Jerimiah Randall James

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Jerimiah Randall James
Jerimiah Randall James

Jerimiah Randall James obituary
Teen boy arrested in suspected Wayne County homicide
Warrant: Homicide investigation uncovers weapons, possible child pornography
Juvenile charged in Fremont man’s strangulation death
Fremont man accused of killing uncle now faces charges as adult
Wayne County teen charged with manslaughter
Juvenile booked for manslaughter after man found dead in Wayne County

Murder In The Family: Israel Tiharihondi killed his family; Sentenced to LWOP

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Ahimbisibwe Family

Rev. Israel Ahimbisibwe
Dorcus Ahimbisibwe
Israel “Jay” Ahimbisibwe, Jr, 5

Priest, wife and son among victims of deadly surge
Police: Pastor, wife and son found dead in West Houston apartment
Houston priest and family found beaten to death
Priest’s son charged with killing him, mother, and brother
Son of slain priest speaks from behind bars
Hundreds attend funeral service for slain Ahimbisibwe family
Son back in Houston to face charges in family’s death
Possible defense options for murder suspect Isaac Tiharihondi
Texas pastor’s son accused of triple murder faces judge
Son gets life sentence for family’s slaying
on of Rev. Israel Ahimbisibwe sentenced to life in prison for murder of his father, mother, and brother

Israel Tiharihondi
Israel Tiharihondi

Monsters Among Us: Renwick Gibbs, his girlfriend Yvette Gay, and her sister, Doris Gay, killed Gibbs’ wife’s family

remembering the victims

Louise Brilay Farris, 40 [Gibbs’ mother-in-law]
Shamika Farris, 16 [Farris’ daughter]
William Farris, Jr., 13 [Farris’son]

Neighbor: 3 victims were working to rebuild lives
Twins charge in triple slaying
Woman found guilty in triple murder case
Guilty verdict given in murders
Woman found guilty in slaying of three people
State of North Carolina v Yvette Gay 1993
State of North Carolina v Renwick Gibbs 1993

Evil Twins: Hell Hath No Fury


Renwick Gibbs – convicted, sentenced to death, which was overturned, now sentenced to LWOP
Yvette Gay – convicted, sentenced to death, which was overturned, now sentenced to LWOP
Doris Gay – pled guilty, sentenced to life in prison, released 2012


RenwickGibbs prison mug

Offender Number: 0144649
Inmate Status: ACTIVE
Gender: MALE
Ethnic Group: AFRICAN
Birth Date: 05/07/1964
Age: 51
Current Location: HYDE CI

RGibbs sentencing


YvetteGay prison mug

Offender Number: 0143357
Inmate Status: ACTIVE
Gender: FEMALE
Ethnic Group: AFRICAN
Birth Date: 02/07/1963
Age: 52
Current Location: SOUTHERN CI

YGay sentencing


Offender Number: 0143266
Inmate Status: INACTIVE
Probation/Parole/Post Release Status: INACTIVE
Gender: FEMALE
Ethnic Group: UNKNOWN
Birth Date: 02/07/1963
Age: 52

DorisGay sentencing

Monsters Among Us: Kevin Davis killed his mother, Kimberly Hill, by ligature strangulation and then he used a hammer to beat her with, and then had sex with her body when she was dead

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Kimberly Hill
Kimberly Hill

Affidavit Details Son’s Admission to Brutally Murdering His Mother
Texas man gets life sentence for killing mother with hammer, defiling her corpseENT: Teen confesses to killing mother and defiling her body
Texas teenager, Kevin Davis, commits horrific crime against mother
Sicko Texas teen gets life in prison after killing mom with hammer, raping corpse
Corpus Christi teen sentenced to life in prison for murder of mother
Son, 18, who beat his mother to death with a hammer, SMILES as jury hears how he sexually abused her to lose his virginity

Kevin Davis confession


Kevin Davis mugshot

SID Number: 50010490
TDCJ Number: 01959482
Race: B
Gender: M
DOB: 1995-12-27
Maximum Sentence Date: LIFE SENTENCE
Current Facility: JESTER IV
Projected Release Date: LIFE SENTENCE
Parole Eligibility Date: 2044-03-25
Offender Visitation Eligible: CALL

Offense History:
Offense Date: 2014-03-26
Offense: MURDER
Sentence Date: 2014-10-08
County: NUECES
Case Nu.: 14-CR-1069-F
Sentence: 9999-99-99

Murder In The Family: Michael Gallagher charged with killing his mother, Patricia Ann Gallagher, because of…bedbugs

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Charges: Man Killed Mother In Minneapolis Apartment Over Bedbugs
Michael Gallagher Beat Mother To Death With Statue Sculpture Of Himself
Charges: Son, upset about bedbugs, killed mother
Minnesota Man Charged With Killing Mom, 89, Over Bedbug Infestation
Man murders mother with statue of himself over bed bugs
Man kills mom, 89, because of bedbugs, police say

Michael Gallagher
Michael Gallagher

Murder In The Family: Robert Peernock killed his wife, Claire, and tried to kill their daughter, Natasha for financial gain; Sentenced to LWOP

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car where it stopped

Find-A-Grave: Claire L Peernock
Man Goes On Trial in Wife’s Fatal Beating
Man Convicted of Killing Wife Gets Life Term
Daughter, 18, Says Father Threatened to Murder Her
Wikipedia: Robert Peernock

A Checklist for Murder: The True Story of Robert John Peernock
True Confessions

LA Forensics: Family Secrets
A Checklist for Murder
The Prosecutors: In Pursuit of Justice: Short Fuse


CDCR# H14797
Age: 78
Admission Date: 11/14/1991
Current Location: RJ Donovan
480 Alta Road, San Diego, CA 92179

Murder In The Family: Shawn Leroy Multine was killed on 10/21/2014; His stepdaughter, Clarissa Bullets, and 2 other men have been charged with his murder

Shawn Leroy Multine “Bolt”
Shawn Leroy Multine “Bolt”

Slain man’s stepdaughter arrested in connection with his death; family member speaks out
Police arrest two more in the Multine murder case
Stepdaughter, 1 other arrested in connection with man’s murder
Two charged in connection with Cedar City homicide
Two in Multine murder have cases bound over for trial
Stepdaughter, one other charged with murder in Cedar City man’s death
Cedar City murder case bound over for trial
Woman gets prison for her part in stepfather’s death
Plea bargain turns defendant into witness

Carrasco and Rodriguez

Angelo Seth Carrasco
Eric Rodriguez
Clarissa Bulletts – pled guilty to driving the car; Sentenced to 1-15 years in prison


Clarissa Bulletts

Offender Number: 225181
DOB: Sun, 10 Dec 1995
Height: 5 Feet 2 Inches
Weight: 190
Sex: F
Race: Native American
Location: IRON CO JAIL
Housing Facility: N/A
Parole Date: N/A


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