Privacky Family Murders: Seth Stephen Privacky killed 5 people at his home for Thanksgiving; Sentenced to LWOP

Stephen Privacky, 50
Linda A. Privacky, 49
John J. Privacky, 78
Jedediah Privacky, 19
April A. Boss, 19

Find-A-Grave: Stephen Charles Privacky
Find-A-Grave: Linda Ann Watts Privacky
Find-A-Grave: John J. Privacky
Find-A-Grave: Jedediah J. “Jed” Privacky
Find-A-Grave: April Anne Boss
18-year-old charged in five family deaths
5 killed in shooting; son, 18, arrested
Two 18-year-olds held in killings of one suspect’s parents, 3 others
The Muskegon Chronicle archives, Nov. 30, 1998: Family slain; son caught, police have no motive in crime
Son confessed to killing family and friend
A timeline of the Privacky murders
Steven Wallace: Not guilty, but other misdeeds led to prison
Murderer killed in prison escape
A Nightmare In Muskegon
State Department of Corrections confirms Muskegon mass murderer Seth Privacky killed during escape attempt at Kinross Correctional Facility
Murderpedia: Seth Stephen Privacky
Wikipedia: Seth Privacky
Find-A-Grave: Seth Stephen Privacky
Question remains 20 years after Thanksgiving family massacre: Why?

Already Gone: The Privacky Family Murders

Seth Stephen Privacky – convicted, sentenced to LWOP, killed in an escape attempt
Steven Clayton Wallace – acquitted at trial (gone on to prison for other offenses)

Family Annihilator: Robert Dreesman killed 6 family members, then killed himself

John Ubbe Dreesman, 79
Agnes Dreesman, 74
Marilyn Chuang, 48
Jason Chuang, 12
Jennifer Chuang, 11
Joshua Chuang, 8

Find-A-Grave: John Ubbe Dreesman
Find-A-Grave: Agnes Alexa Brown Dreesman
Find-A-Grave: Marilyn Dreesman Chuang
Find-A-Grave: Jason Matthew Chuang
Find-A-Grave: Jennifer Angela Chuang
Find-A-Grave: Joshua Alexander Chuang
Jealousy may have driven Iowa man to kill six relatives and himself
Police find family killed at home in Iowa
7 in Algona family shot to death
Family violence leaves 7 dead in Iowa (part 1)
Killed (part 2)
7 killed in Iowa murder-suicide
Authorities Say Loner Accused of Killing Family May Have Felt Neglected
Iowa murder-suicide still puzzling authorities
Autopsies on Iowa victims show 4 were shot in head
The reclusive son of a prominent Algona family shot…
Murderpedia: Robert J. Dreesman
Find-A-Grave: Robert J. Dreesman

Family Annihilator: Eben McDowell, suffering from a schizophrenic break, killed his family, then started shooting at the police, who killed him

Charles Klepetar, 78
Robert H. McDowell, 59
Elizabeth McDowell, 48,
Daniel McDowell, 22

Find-A-Grave: Dr Charles Klepetar
Find-A-Grave: Robert Hume McDowell
Find-A-Grave: Elizabeth Klepetar McDowell
Find-A-Grave: Daniel H. McDowell
Find-A-Grave: Eben H. McDowell
Elizabeth and Robert’s wedding announcement
Coping with grief
Police Kill Suspect in 4 Slayings
Suspect In Quadruple Murder Slain By Police
Man who murdered family had history of mental illness
McDowell Family Murders

Your Worst Nightmare: Cabin in the Woods

Eben McDowell

Family Annihilator: I am having a bad day… *Parole denied in 2019, must serve at least 10 more years*

Walter Harvey Shrout, 43
Becky Shrout, 44
Kristen Shrout, 14
Lauren Shrout, 12

Find-A-Grave: Walter Harvey Shrout
Find-A-Grave: Rebecca Johnson Shrout
Find-A-Grave: Kristen Elizabeth Shrout
Find-A-Grave: Lauren Rebecca Shrout
Honors Student Kills Family, Goes to Class
Honor student charged in shooting deaths of family
Teen Remains Jailed as Four Family Members Are Buried
Youth Spared in 4 Slayings
Schoolhouse Rocked
Clay Shrout: An Analysis
Clay Shrout: Florence teen killed his parents, sisters in their home almost 20 years ago
The Clay Shrout killings, 20 years later
The story of Clay Shrout and is his old house haunted?? (There is a nice article about what happened and possible haunting – read the comments, very insightful)
Class Held Hostage: Clay Shrout
Murderpedia: Clay Nathaniel Shrout
Clay Shrout tells board ‘I hate what happened. I hate the way my life has turned out’
Parole denied: Clay Shrout, who killed family, faces at least 10 more years in prison
Parole denied for NKY man convicted of killing parents, holding class hostage

Shattered: A Very Bad Day


Family Annihilator: Ricky Wayne Forsyth killed his estranged wife, Jolene, their 3 kids and 2 other children

Mary Jolene Forsyth, 39
Brian Forsyth, 18
Nikki Forsyth, 17
Jessica Forsyth, 11
Martina Napodano, 9
Helen Napodano, 8

Find-A-Grave: Mary Jolene Rinehart Forsyth
Find-A-Grave: Brian Sean Forsyth
Find-A-Grave: Nikki Ann Forsyth
Find-A-Grave: Jessica Michelle Forsyth
Six found slain in Iowa
Six people found dead in home
Six killed, one critically wounded in apparent domestic dispute
Slain Girls Were More Than Just Sisters
Ricky Wayne Forsyth v John Ault II 2008 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Murderpedia: Rick Wayne Forsyth
The Dark Side of Iowa: Ricky Forsyth


Name Ricky Wayne Forsyth
Offender Number 1057661
Sex M
Birth Date 06/30/1950
Location Anamosa State Penitentiary
Commitment Date 05/31/1994
Recall Date
Mandatory Minimum (if applicable)


Family Annihilator: Edward Chen killed his parents and brother, left them in their house for about 4 years, then dumped their bodies in the Chesapeake Bay

dv awareness

Yeh-Mei Chen and Chen home

Wu-Hung Chen, 53
Yeh-Mei Chen, 52
Raymond Chen, 25

Son Arrested in ’95 Deaths
Son Charged with Murdering Family in Great Falls
Police: Bodies kept in home for years (part 1)
Deaths: Police plan to search Chesapeake for three bodies (part 2)
Bodies Left in Home 4 Years, Police Say
Fairfax Man Admits Killing Parents, Brother
Court gives man 36 years for murdering his family
Man Gets 36 Years in Family Murder
Ex-Girlfriend of Va. Killer Admits Helping Him Hide Theft
Killer’s Former Girlfriend Jailed for Taking Money
Love and Murder in Great Falls
For Love or Money
‘Ghosts of Great Falls:’ Chen Family Murders in ’95 Featured on Investigation Discovery Channel

Deadline: Crime with Tamron Hall: The Strange Case of Edward Chen

Edward Chen – pled guilty, sentenced to 36 years in prison
Vickie Henry – pled guilty (for her part in the money aspect, she was not involved in the actual murders); sentenced to jail time


Edward Chen

SEX: Male
RACE: Asian or Pacific Islander
LOCATION: Augusta Correctional Center

Family Annihilator: Thomas Jesse Lee charged with killing his family and a family friend


Lee home scene

Christie Lee, 33
Bailey Burtron, 16
William Burtron, 69
Sheila Burtron, 68
Iiaonna Green, 18

Georgia man accused of murdering five taken into custody, sheriff says
Georgia man accused of killing wife, 4 others
Suspect wanted after five bodies found in LaGrange home
Georgia Home Massacre: Five Found Dead In Single House, Hunt Is On For Thomas Jesse Lee
Thomas Jesse Lee Hunted After 5 Found Dead in LeGrange, Georgia: Cops
Suspect in 5 Troup Co. killings in custody
Man suspected in Troup Co. murder arrested in Miss.
Suspect in quintuplet homicide arrested in Mississippi

Thomas Jesse Lee
Thomas Jesse Lee

Family Annihilator: Ronald Gene Simmons killed 16 people, mostly family; In return, he was executed

Simmons family

Ronald Gene Simmons Jr., 29 [12/22/1987]
Rebecca Simmons, 46 [12/22/1987]
Barbara Simmons, 3 [12/22/1987]
Loretta Simmons, 17 [12/22/1987]
Eddy Simmons, 14 [12/22/1987]
Marianne Simmons, 11 [12/22/1987]
Rebecca “Becky” Simmons, 8 [12/22/1987]
William “Billy” Simmons II, 23 [12/26/1987]
Renata Simmons, 22 [12/26/1987]
William H. “Trae” Simmons III, 1
Sheila Simmons McNulty, 24 [12/26/1987]
Dennis McNulty, 23 [12/26/1987]
Sylvia Gail Simmons, 6 [12/26/1987]
Michael Simmons, 20 months [12/26/1987]
Kathy Kendrick, 24 [12/28/1987]
J.D. Chaffin, 33 [12/28/1987]

Find-A-Grave: Ronald Gene Simmons Jr.
Find-A-Grave: Bersabe Rebecca “Becky” Ulibarri Simmons
Find-A-Grave: Barbara Simmons
Find-A-Grave: Loretta Simmons
Find-A-Grave: Eddy Simmons
Find-A-Grave: Marianne Simmons
Find-A-Grave: Rebecca “Little Becky” Simmons
Find-A-Grave: William Henry “Billy” Simmons II
Find-A-Grave: Renata Lynn May Simmons
Find-A-Grave: William Henry “Trae” Simmons III
Find-A-Grave: Sheila Marie Simmons McNulty
Find-A-Grave: Dennis Raymond McNulty
Find-A-Grave: Sylvia Gail McNulty
Find-A-Grave: Michael James McNulty
Find-A-Grave: Kathleen M. “Kathy” Cribbins Kendrick
Find-A-Grave: James David “Jim” Chaffin
Victim’s words about hatred read at funeral
Police seek motive for 16 murders; accused man silent since arrest
Simmons’ daughter wrote of nightmarish home life
Home reflected accused mass murderer, neighbors say
Hostage recounts words of accused mass killer
Family members were buried outside wall built for privacy
Simmons may have begun killing while victims slept
Son tried to save family from father
Police say Simmons foiled early arrest
Accused murderer keeps own counsel
Prosecutor to seek death penalty when Simmons comes to trial
Simmons Convicted of 2 Slayings
Simmons convicted in shooting spree
crimelibrary: Fathers Who Kill
The Encyclopedia of Arkansas History & Culture: Ronald Gene Simmons
Ronald Gene Simmons #131
Murderpedia: Ronald Gene Simmons Sr
Wikipedia: Ronald Gene Simmons

Zero at the Bone, Story of Gene Simmons Mass Murderer

Most Evil: Control Killer
Homicide for the Holidays: Christmas Rampage

Ronald Gene Simmons
Ronald Gene Simmons

Family Annihilator: Mesac Damas charged with the murders of his wife and children


Damas Family victims

Guerline Damas, 32
Meshach, 9
Maven, 6
Marven, 5
Megan, 3
Morgan, 19 months

Naples family of six found dead
5 children, woman found dead in Fla. apartment
Authorities investigate family found dead in home
Thousands mourn at Damas funeral: ‘Did not deserve to die in such a horrific way’
Thousands mourn at Damas Funeral
Police: ‘Person of Interest’ in Multiple Florida Murders Fled to Haiti
Mother, five children killed (several articles)
Dad admits killings to reporters, blames crime on ‘spirit’
Mesac Damas Placed Warning on Facebook
Mesac Damas’ mother-in-law awarded $100,000 from slain family’s life insurance
Murderpedia: Mesac Damas
Accused murderer refuses to shower, sickens other inmates
Accused killer refuses to shower

Mesac Damas
Mesac Damas

Boyfriends From Hell: Cyrano Marks killed Deleane Briskey, her children and her sister, when she tried to break up with him


Briskey scene

Deleane Briskey, 33
Craig DeCarlo Briskey, 15
Tosha Briskey, 16
David Antonio Lucas Jr., 13
Santonio Lucas, 11 [survived]
Antwan Lucas, 9
Essie Jo Hugley, 37

11-year-old pretended he was dead
How Atlanta kid survived massacre
Atlanta killer had violent past
Alleged mass killer’s motive still puzzles relatives, police
Murderpedia: Cyrano A. Marks
A Tale of Two Massacres

Cyrano Marks
Cyrano Marks

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