Mass Murder: Richard Wade Farley shot & killed 7 co-workers and injured 4 others after stalking Laura Black for 4 years; He now resides on death row

Laura Black
Laura Black

Joe Silva, 43
Buddy Williams, 23
Glenda Mortiz, 27
Ron Reed, 26
Helen Laparter, 49
Lawrence J. Kane, 46
Ron Doney, 36
Laura Black (survived)
Gregory Scott, 39 (survived)
Richard Townsley, 44 (survived)
Patty Marcott (survived)

Black obsession leaves 7 dead, 4 wounded in California
Spurned suitor kills 7, wounds 5 at defense plant
Spurned suitor arrested after killing 7
Farley arraigned on seven counts of murder
Gunman says he quite when ‘fun’ wore off
Man to be tried in slaying of seven over unrequited love
Man is accused of killing seven
‘Unrequited love’ killer on trial
ESL plant shooting survivor recalls ’88 massacre
The Devil and the Death Penalty: Richard Farley (GREAT article)
Murderpedia: Richard Wade Farley
Wikipedia: Richard Farley

Deadly Demands: You Will Be Mine
I Can Make You Love Me



CDCR#: H23501
Age: 67
Admission Date: 01/22/1992
Current Location: San Quentin Death Row
Main Phone: (415) 454-1460
Physical Address:
San Quentin, CA 94964

Monsters Among Us: David Conley charged with the murder of 2 adults and 6 children

Jackson family

Dewayne Jackson, 50
Valerie Jackson, 40
Dewayne, 10
Honesty, 11
Caleb, 9
Trinity, 7
Jonah, 6

Texas Police: 5 children, 3 adults found dead inside home
Houston sheriff: ‘We’re all hurting’ after mass murder
Houston Police Arrest Suspect David Conley After Finding Eight Bodies Inside Home
Grisly details emerge in murder of 6 kids, 2 adults
Accused killer of Houston family: “I’m only human”
Texas Man David Conley Accused of Killing 2 Adults, 6 Children in Dispute With Ex
Man Charged in Houston Slayings: Kids Were Becoming ‘Monsters’
Family of Houston mass murder victims reveals pleas for help before murders took place
4 things to know about David Conley, accused of killing 8 inside Texas home

David Conley
David Conley

Monsters Among Us: William Hudson charged with killing 6 people, including one child, at a private campsite

Anderson campsite victims

Carl Johnson, 77
Kade Johnson, 6
Hannah Johnson
Thomas Kamp
2 others not yet identified

Six dead at East Texas campsite
Family confirms 6 killed at Anderson County campsite, including 1 child
Sheriff: Six killed in campsite homicide, suspect charged
Man arrested after six found dead in East Texas
Man charged after 6 found dead at Texas campsite
Sheriff: 6 dead in Texas campsite attack; man charged with murder

William Hudson
William Hudson

News Archive: Aurora Movie Massacre

Veronica Moser Sullivan, 6 (top row)
Rebecca Wingo, 32 (top row)
Alex Teves, 24 (top row)
Alex Sullivan, 27 (top row)
Micayla Medek, 23 (top row)
Matt McQuinn, 27 (top row)
Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class John Thomas Larimer, 27 (bottom row)
Jessica Ghawi, 24 (bottom row)
Air Force Staff Sgt. Jesse Childress, 29 (bottom row)
A.J. Boik, 18 (bottom row)
Jonathan Blunk, 26 (bottom row)
Gordon Cowden, 51 (bottom row)

Movie Massacre: James Holmes in custody for shooting at The Dark Knight Rises; 12 dead, at least 50 wounded
Update: Aurora Movie Massacre: James Holmes has first court appearance; Also, gunman’s gun club membership denied
Update: Aurora Movie Massacre *James Holmes convicted, sentencing phase will now start*

James Holmes conviction
James Holmes

Update: Aurora Movie Massacre *James Holmes convicted, sentenced to life plus 3318 years in prison*

Veronica Moser Sullivan, 6 (top row)
Rebecca Wingo, 32 (top row)
Alex Teves, 24 (top row)
Alex Sullivan, 27 (top row)
Micayla Medek, 23 (top row)
Matt McQuinn, 27 (top row)
Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class John Thomas Larimer, 27 (bottom row)
Jessica Ghawi, 24 (bottom row)
Air Force Staff Sgt. Jesse Childress, 29 (bottom row)
A.J. Boik, 18 (bottom row)
Jonathan Blunk, 26 (bottom row)
Gordon Cowden, 51 (bottom row)

News Archive: Aurora Movie Massacre
Trial and highlights
What are the charges James Holmes is facing?
James Holmes murder trial includes gruesome evidence, tears
Aurora officers describe arresting James Holmes
Defense rests in James Holmes trial
James Holmes murder trial: Case goes to the jury
James Holmes guilty of murder in Aurora theater shooting
Wikipedia: 2012 Aurora shooting
Wikipedia: James Eagan Holmes

Theater shooter Holmes gets 12 life sentences, plus 3,318 years

Colorado movie gunman James Holmes moved out of state after prison fight
James Holmes serving life sentence outside Colorado
Inside the Prison Assault on Aurora Theater Shooter James Holmes

James Holmes conviction
James Holmes

Sutherland, NE Mass Murder: Erwin Charles Simants killed 6 people; First sent to death row, then he was sent to Lincoln Regional Center Psychiatric

Kellie Family

James Henry Kellie, 66
Audrey Marie Kellie, 56
David Kellie, 32
Florence Kellie, 10
Deanne Kellie, 7
Daniel Kellie, 5

Find-A-Grave: James Henry Kellie
Find-A-Grave: Audrey Marie Matson Kellie
Find-A-Grave: David LeRoy Kellie
a href=”″>Find-A-Grave: Deanna Lynn Kellie
Find-A-Grave: Daniel LeRoy Kellie
Neighbor called loner held in family murder
Man charged with murder for shooting family in home
Simants is found guilty of six counts of murder
Simants convicted, sentenced to death
State of Nebraska v Erwin Charles Simants 1977
Ten years later, memory of murder lingers
Murder Verdict Shocks Town
Two Mass Murder Trials Resolved
38 years later, Simants murder case still raises tough questions
Lincoln Life blog: Charles Simants at the Regional Center, the man who tended plants and patients
Erwin Charles Simants, who killed 6 in 1975, could be released from psychiatric care 2013
Darkside of Nebraska: Erwin “Charles” Simants

Simants retains privilege of supervised outings
Kellie family survivors oppose ever freeing Erwin Charles Simants
Judge orders Simants to stay at regional center
If found sane, Erwin Charles Simants will be released, danger or not
Judge won’t ‘gamble’ on releasing mass killer Erwin Charles Simants
Erwin Charles Simants still dangerous, will remain at regional center, judge rules
The Kellie Family Murders


Erwin Simants 1975 and 2014


Inmate Committed Name
First: ERWIN

Gender: MALE
Date of Birth: 10/04/1945

Sentence Information
Sentence Dates
Total Sentence: DTH Years Months Days To DTH Years Months Days
Sentence Begin Date: 01/17/1976 Good Time Law: 567 Projected Release Date: DTH

Parole Information
Parole Eligibility Date:
Parole Hearing Date:
Next Parole Board Review Date: 01/1980
Parole Discharge Date:
Parole Discharge Type:

Release Information
Release Date: 01/15/1980
Reason for Release: OTHER

Monsters Among Us: Dylann Roof charged with killing 9 people in a Charleston, SC church

Charleston 9

Ethel Lance, 70
Tywanza Sanders
Cynthia Hurd, 54
Rev. Depayne Middleton-Doctor, 49
Clementa Pinckney, 41 [State Senator, pastor]
Susie Jackson, 87
Myra Thompson, 59
Daniel Simmons, 74
Sharonda Coleman-Singleton

Charleston church shooting: The victims remembered
Charleston Shooting Victims Identified
Charleston Church Shooting: Tributes Paid to ‘Kind-Hearted’ Victims
Charleston church shooting live updates: Victims include pastors, library worker, vicar’s wife, recent grad
Coroner names 9 slain in downtown Charleston church shooting
The Only Comment on Dylann Roof’s Facebook Photo Will Bring You To Tears
Dylann Roof, 21, arrested, identified as Charleston shooting suspect
Charleston church shooting suspect arrested in North Carolina
Charleston church shooting suspect caught over 240 miles away in North Carolina
On Facebook, Dylann Roof, Charleston Suspect, Wears Symbols of White Supremacy
Charleston Church Shooting: Suspect Dylann Roof Captured in North Carolina
Charleston Church Shooting: ‘Mother Emanuel’ at Center of Rights Struggle
Survivor in church shooting says gunman let her live to give account of massacre
Dylann Roof Confessed to Killing 9 People at AME Church, Source Says
Charleston Shooting: A Closer Look at Alleged Gunman Dylann Roof
Dylann Roof’s manifesto: “I have no choice”

Dylann Roof
Dylann Roof


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