Monsters Among Us: Jerry Walter “Animal” McFadden killed 3 people; Executed on 10/14/1999

McFadden victims

Suzanne Denise Harrison, 18
Bryan Drew Boone, 19
Gena Lee Turner, 20
Rosalie Williams (Turner), 24 (survived)

Find-A-Grave: Gena Lee Turner
Largest manhunt in Texas happened 25 years ago
Texas Murder Suspect Recaptured After 2 Days
Texas manhunt snares ‘Animal’ after two days
Jerry McFadden v Gary L Johnson 1999 (habeas corpus denied)
Texas Executes ‘Animal’ for Rape-Killing of Cheerleader
Texas Execution Information Center: Jerry McFadden
Murderpedia: Jerry Walter McFadden
Former dispatcher recalls being taken hostage by escaped inmate, ensuing manhunt 25 years ago

They Call Him Animal


JerryMcFadden mugs

No last statement


Monsters Among Us: Nathan Dunlap “Chuck E Cheese Killer” killed 4 people for revenge after getting fire; Sentenced to death

Dunlap victimsFrom Dunlap appeal: In February 1996, Mr. Dunlap was convicted of four counts of capital murder and various other crimes in connection with the murder of three teenagers and a 50-year-old mother of two at a Chuck E. Cheese’s restaurant in Aurora, Colorado. In May 1996, in accordance with jury verdicts, he was sentenced to death on the four murder counts and consecutive terms totaling 113 years on the
other counts.

In July 1993, Mr. Dunlap had been fired from his position as a cook at the restaurant and wanted to “get even.” On the night of December 14, 1993, he hid in the bathroom until closing, then emerged and shot employees Sylvia Crowell, Colleen O’Connor, Bobby Stephens, Marge Kohlberg, and Ben Grant. Mr. Stephens was hit in the face at close range but survived. Mr. Dunlap’s sentence was upheld by the Colorado Supreme Court on direct review.

Sylvia Crowell, 19
Colleen O’Connor, 17
Ben Grant, 17
Marge Kohlberg, 50

4 workers killed in shooting spree
Four dead in Colorado shooting
Dismssed employee arrested in shooting
Shots kill 4 pizza workers
Suspect charged in restaurant killings
Aurora’s Other Massacre Victims’ 20-Year Wait for Justice
Condemned killer Nathan Dunlap says he’s sorry for ‘horrible things I did,’ pleads for his life
Emotional Interview of father of Chuck E. Cheese Murder Victim (Hickenlooper reprieved murderer)
Nathan Dunlap v Tom Clements 2012 (denied habeas corpus)
Nathan J Dunlap v State of Colorado 2013 (affirmed)
Murderpedia: Nathan Jerard Dunlap
Election results favor Colorado death row inmate
Victims’ families furious after governor stays execution of notorious Chuck E Cheese killer because he now doubts the death penalty
Murder Victim’s Father Calls Hickenlooper A Coward


Age: 40
Ethnicity: BLACK
Gender: MALE
Hair Color: BLACK
Eye Color: BROWN
Height: 5′ 11″
Weight: 140
DOC Number: 89148
Est. Parole Eligibility Date:
Next Parole Hearing Date:
Est. Mandatory Release Date:
Est. Sentence Discharge Date: 12/31/9999


News Archive: Petit Family murders

Petit Family

William Petit, (survived)
Jennifer Hawke-Petit, 48
Hayley Petit, 17
Michaela Petit, 11

Three killed in Connecticut home invasion 7/23/2007 Cheshire, CT *2 men, Joshua Komisarjevsky and Steven Hayes, arrested*
Update: Deadly Home Invasion in CT *Suspects named: Joshua Komisarjevsky and Steve Hayes; charges include Aggravated Sexual Assault *
Update: Petit Family murders *Deaths ruled homicides, more charges expected; suspects arraigned in court, bail set at $15 million each*
Update: Petit Family murders *State is seeking the death penalty*
Update: Petit Family murders – Private funeral held for family
Update: Petit Family murders *Search warrants released – new details given*
Update: Petit Family murder *Trial for Steven Hayes begins Monday*
Update: Petit Family murders *Steven Hayes convicted; faces death penalty*
Update: Petit Family murders *Both defendants convicted and sentenced to death*

Murder in Connecticut: The Shocking Crime That Destroyed A Family And United A Community

Dateline: The Family on Sorghum Mill Drive
The Cheshire Murders



Inmate Number: 97425
Date of Birth: 5/30/1963
Latest Admission Date: 5/5/2003
Current Location: NORTHERN CI
Bond Amount: 0
Controlling Offense*: CAPITAL FELONY F
Date of Sentence: 12/2/2010
Maximum Sentence: 999 Year(s) 99 Month(s) 999 Day(s)
Maximum Release Date: Not Applicable
Estimated Release Date: Not Applicable
Special Parole End Date: Not Applicable
Detainer: NONE


Joshua Komisarjevsky

nmate Number: 299047
Date of Birth: 8/10/1980
Latest Admission Date: 3/11/2002
Current Location: NORTHERN CI
Bond Amount: 0
Controlling Offense*: CAPITAL FELONY F
Date of Sentence: 1/27/2012
Maximum Sentence: 999 Year(s) 99 Month(s) 999 Day(s)
Maximum Release Date: Not Applicable
Estimated Release Date: Not Applicable
Special Parole End Date: 10/5/2017
Detainer: NONE

Monsters Among Us: Alfonso Ignacio Morales stabbed to death the Ruiz-Trejo Family, leaving blood all over the house; Now he lives on death row

Jasmine L Ruiz
Jasmine Ruiz

Ana Martinez, 75
Miguel A “Mike” Ruiz, Jr, 38
Maritza L Trejo, 41
Jasmine Ruiz, 8

Find-A-Grave: Ana Martinez
Find-A-Grave: Miguel A “Mike” Ruiz, Jr
Find-A-Grave: Maritza L Trejo
Find-A-Grave: Jasmine L Ruiz
Unsolved Homicide Case: Ruiz Family
Neighbor arrested for stabbing deaths of family of four
Arrest made in California stabbing deaths
Neighbor Convicted of Murdering Whittier Family of Four
Neighbor Is Convicted of 4 Slayings
Jury convicts Whittier man of murdering four family members
Jury recommends death in quadruple murder
Investigators: LA Homicide
Alfonso Ignacio Morales – California Death Row
Ruiz-Trejo Family murders – Alfonso Ignacio Morales convicted multiple murderer


CDCR#: V93910
Admission Date: 08/29/2005
Current Location: San Quentin
San Quentin, CA 94964
(415) 454-1460

Charlotte NC Triple Homicide: Emmanuel Jesus Rangel has been charged with killing 3 people

Charlotte triple and Matthews

Mirjana Puhar, 19 (former contestant of America’s Next Top Model)
Jonathan Cosme Alvarado, 23
Jusmar Isiah Gonzaga-Garcia, 21
Rosool Jaleel Harrell, [victim from 2/22/2015 in Matthews, NC]

Matthews PD charges suspect in fatal weekend shooting
Teen charged in triple homicide involving ‘America’s Next Top Model’ contestant
‘Next Top Model’ contestant dead in Charlotte triple homicide
Mirjana Puhar, stunning ‘America’s Next Top Model’ contestant, among 3 murdered at Charlotte home
Former ‘America’s Next Top Model’ contestant among 3 killed in Charlotte
Ex-‘America’s Next Top Model’ Contestant Among 3 Dead in NC
Reports: America’s Next Top Model contestant among dead in triple homicide

Emmanuel Rangel
Emmanuel Rangel

Family Annihilator: Thomas Jesse Lee charged with killing his family and a family friend


Lee home scene

Christie Lee, 33
Bailey Burtron, 16
William Burtron, 69
Sheila Burtron, 68
Iiaonna Green, 18

Georgia man accused of murdering five taken into custody, sheriff says
Georgia man accused of killing wife, 4 others
Suspect wanted after five bodies found in LaGrange home
Georgia Home Massacre: Five Found Dead In Single House, Hunt Is On For Thomas Jesse Lee
Thomas Jesse Lee Hunted After 5 Found Dead in LeGrange, Georgia: Cops
Suspect in 5 Troup Co. killings in custody
Man suspected in Troup Co. murder arrested in Miss.
Suspect in quintuplet homicide arrested in Mississippi

Thomas Jesse Lee
Thomas Jesse Lee

The Texas Tower Sniper – Charles Whitman


Margaret Whitman (mother)
Kathleen Frances Leissner Whitman (wife)
Edna Townsley, 51. Bludgeoned and shot by Whitman in the Tower reception.
Marguerite Lamport, 56. Killed by a shotgun wound to the chest.
Mark Gabour, 16. Killed by a shotgun wound to the head.
Claire Wilson, 18. Lost the baby she was carrying after being shot through the abdomen.
Thomas Eckman, 18. Shoulder wound. Kneeling over Claire Wilson when he was shot
Dr. Robert Boyer, 33. A physics professor killed by a single shot to the lower back.
Thomas Ashton, 22. A Peace Corps trainee killed by a gunshot to the upper left chest
Karen Griffith, 17. Gunshot wound through the lung. Died August 8.
Thomas Karr, 24. University senior. Killed by a single shot through the spine.
Billy Speed, 23. Police officer. Killed by a shot to his shoulder which traveled into his chest.
Harry Walchuk, 38. Doctoral student. Killed by a single shot to the chest.
Paul Sonntag, 18. Shot through the mouth while hiding behind construction barriers.
Claudia Rutt, 18. Fiancé of Sonntag. Killed by a gunshot to the chest.
Roy Schmidt, 29. An electrician killed by a single shot to the stomach.
David Gunby, 58. Gunshot wound of lower back. Died in 2001. Death ruled a homicide.

Allen, John Scott
Bedford, Billy
Ehlke, Roland
Evgenides, Ellen
Esparza, Avelino
Foster, F. L.
Frede, Robert
Gabour, Mary Frances
Gabour, Michael
Garcia, Irma
Harvey, Nancy
Gunby, David[71]
Heard, Robert
Hernandez Jr., Aleck
Hohmann, Morris
Huffman, Devereau
Kelly, Homer J.
Khashab, Abdul
Littlefield, Brenda Gail
Littlefield, Adrian
Martinez, Dello
Martinez, Marina
Mattson, David
Ortega, Delores
Paulos, Janet
Phillips, Lana
Royuela, Oscar
Snowden, Billy
Stewart, C. A.
Wilson, Claire
Wilson, Sandra
Wheeler, Carla Sue

Whitman letter
Whitmn, Charles Joseph
The Cops Who Stopped Charles Whitman
crimelibrary: Charles Whitman: The Texas Bell Tower Sniper
Murderpedia: Charles Joseph Whitman (Has a lot of pictures)
Wikipedia: Charles Whitman
Kickstart Your Weekend: ‘Tower’
Houston McCoy, police officer who shot UT Tower sniper Charles Whitman, dies

A Sniper in the Tower: The Charles Whitman Murders
The Case of Charles Whitman

The Deadly Tower
A Sniper in the Tower
A Crime To Remember: The 28th Floor

Charles Whitman
Charles Whitman

Deranged Killers: Charles Whitman (2009)


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