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Mass Murder: Opal Juanita Collins killed her in-laws when they would not move out of her home

dv awareness

Julia Collins, 48
Benjamin Collins Jr, 28
Martha Ann Collins, 14
Mary Sue Collins, 11

Wife Admits Killing Paraplegic Husband
She’ll die in chair
Woman to be executed
Death Sentence Charge Doubted
Opal Collins v State of Indiana 1981
Only One Woman Hits Sparing of Opal’s Life
Woman slayer of 4 guarded to balk suicide
Death penalty debate? Ask Opal Collins

Murders in the United States

Deadly Women: Killer-in-Laws

Opal Collins

Cascade Mall Rampage: 5 are killed; No known motive, all shot in Macy’s cosmetics department; Arcan Cetin


Shyla Martin, 52
Chuck Eagan, 61
Belinda Galde, 64
Beatrice Dotson, 95
Sarai Lara, 16

Cascade Mall shooting victims: Remembering the 5 people killed
Cancer survivor Sarai Lara identified as victim in Cascade mall shooting
16-year-old cancer survivor among the dead; victims’ families grieve
Mount Vernon sophomore and cancer survivor among Cascade Mall shooting victims
Hunt on for gunman who killed 5, including 4 women, at Washington mall
The victims in the Cascade Mall shooting
Suspect in Washington state mall shooting in custody
Cascade Mall shooting: Witness describes carnage inside Macy’s
Mall shooting suspect was ‘zombie-like’ when arrested, officials say
Man suspected of killing 5 people at Burlington mall arrested near Oak Harbor
Cascade Mall shooting suspect to be arraigned Monday
Mall suspect ‘creepy, rude and obnoxious’



Offender Name: CETIN, ARCAN
Custody Status: In Custody
Age: 20
Location: Skagit County Jail
Race: Unknown
Contact Facility: Skagit County Jail


Monsters Among Us: Sebastian Wedding charged with killing 3 people in Sumava Resorts, IN

Sumava Resorts scene

Justin Babbs, 20
Richard Thomas, 23
Kimberly Spears, 39

Cedar Lake man arrested in connection to triple homicide
Man held after three found dead in Sumava Resorts
1 arrested in connection with triple homicide in Sumava Resorts
Man charged after 3 found dead in NW Indiana home
Person arrested in connection with 3 found dead in Newton County home
Police make arrest after 3 people found dead in northwestern Indiana
Man arrested in triple-murder in northwestern Indiana home

Sebastian Wedding
Sebastian Wedding

Citronelle Mass Murder: Derrick Ryan Dearman charged with six counts of capital murder, including an unborn child of a pregnant woman

Citronelle Five

Robert Lee Brown, 26
Chelsea Marie Reed, 22 (pregnant)
Justin Kaleb Reed, 23
Joseph Adam Turner, 27
Shannon Melissa Randall, 36

MCSO: 5 victims at ‘gruesome’ Citronelle homicide scene; suspect in custody
Citronelle slaying victims identified, suspect charged with six counts of murder
Murder suspect turns himself in after 5 found dead in Alabama home
MCSO: 5 victims at ‘gruesome’ Citronelle homicide scene; suspect in custody
Infant survives grisly murder of 5 in Alabama home
Man arrested in ‘vicious’ murders of five people at Alabama home
5 people killed in Alabama home; 4-month-old boy survives
Who is Derrick Dearman? Citronelle quintuple murder suspect identified, in custody
Names Released Of Five People “Gruesomely” Murdered In Citronelle, Including Pregnant Woman
Names of Citronelle murder victims released by officials
Suspect’s Ex-Girlfriend Lived at Alabama Home Where 5 Slain
Citronelle quintuple homicide: What we know today
How the victims in the Citronelle murders were related
Alabama man charged with killing five people and abducting girlfriend once held knife to wife’s throat
Citronelle murder suspect Derrick Dearman bound for Mobile
Family of Five, Including Pregnant Woman, Killed for Protecting Woman From Boyfriend
Suspect in gruesome Alabama murder of 5 offers explanation
Derrick Dearman, Citronelle quintuple murder suspect: ‘Don’t do drugs’
Accused Citronelle killer used ax first to murder victims; made several stops while fleeing to Mississippi

Derrick Dearman

Cold Case: Robison Family Murders: Family found murdered in their vacation home; Prime suspect is Joseph Raymond Scolaro III, who had been an employee of Richard Robiso

Robison family

Richard Robison, 42
Shirley Robison, 40
Ritchie Robison, 19
Gary Robison, 17
Randy Robison, 12
Susan Robison, 8

Suspect Joseph Raymond Scolaro III committed suicide when he heard of his upcoming arrest for the murder of the Robison Family.

Police Seek Clues In Murder Of Wealthy Family In Michigan
Mass Murder Investigation Continues
Link to a Mass Murder?
More Work Needed In Murder Case
Robison family murders considered solved by many 45 years later
Mysteries of Northern Michigan: Good Hart Robison Family Murders
Summerset (Robison Family Murder Tragedy)
Murder & Mystery
A Web of Intrigue
After 40 years, unsolved Good Hart slayings still mystify and fascinate
Wikipedia: Robison family murders
Websleuths: MI – Robison Family, murdered in Good Hart, 1968
Q&A with Mardi Link, author of When Evil Came to
Good Hart

When Evil Came to Good Hart

Passport To Murder: Mystery at Good Hart Cottage

Joseph Raymond Scolaro
Joseph Raymond Scolaro III

Monsters Among Us: Ricky Abeyto killed 7 people, including his estrange girlfriend, Ignacita Sandoval, because she move out and had a restraining order against him

Martinez and HuberFrom Abeyto’s appeal: There are differing versions as to what occurred at Defendant’s home in Chimayo on January 26, 1991. The following account is a necessarily incomplete recounting of the events surrounding the seven deaths that occurred that Saturday afternoon. Because of the large number of persons involved, we give a brief summary of their relationship to the Defendant or Ignacita Sandoval, his girlfriend, and their role in the events. We use first names to avoid confusion and give the approximate ages of the children when this event occurred. Defendant and Ignacita had lived together about two years. Ignacita’s fourteen-year old son, Eloy; her nineteen-year old daughter, Mary Ellen; Mary Ellen’s twenty-one year old boyfriend, Macario; their six-month old son, Justin; and Ignacita’s sixteen-year old sister, Celina, had lived with Defendant and Ignacita at various times during this period. Ignacita decided to leave Defendant the previous Wednesday and these family members were helping her pack up her belongings. Ignacita’s twenty-five year old sister, Cheryl, along with her two young children, Roland and Nicky, also helped with the move. In addition, Ignacita hired Peter Martinez, a neighbor whom she met that morning in Chimayo, to assist with the loading.

Defendant’s mother, Mrs. Abeyta, lived next door with Defendant’s two sisters, Dora and Sandra. Mrs. Abeyta and Dora were at the scene at various times during the day. Sandra joined the group after she got home from work Saturday afternoon. Sandra’s boyfriend, Lawrence Taraddei, arrived about the same time.

Fearing Defendant would become violent, Ignacita had called for police protection while she moved. Rio Arriba County Deputy Sheriff Jerry Martinez supervised as Ignacita began packing, but he left shortly afterwards to investigate a tip on a stolen car. State Police Officer Glen Huber stopped by to assist Deputy Martinez as the packing began. After finding that everything was under control, Officer Huber left. Huber later returned when he heard about the shooting.

Following a quarrel with Defendant on the preceding Wednesday, Ignacita decided to move out of Defendant’s home and filed for a restraining order against Defendant. Ignacita and Defendant had separated on three prior occasions, and each time Ignacita removed all her possessions. Defendant asserts that each time Ignacita removed most of his possessions as well. Defendant anticipated that Ignacita would once again remove his possessions with hers.

On Saturday morning, Defendant carefully locked his home and gate before leaving for work in Santa Fe. Deputy Martinez attempted to deliver Ignacita’s restraining order that morning but declined to leave it with Defendant’s mother, Mrs. Abeyta, stating that it was improperly prepared. Around noon, Ignacita and her family arrived at Defendant’s house. Eloy cut the gate to the house with wirecutters. At that point Deputy Martinez arrived and gave the group permission to enter the house and retrieve Ignacita’s possessions. Mrs. Abeyta and Dora met Ignacita at the gate to keep her from taking Defendant’s property. Deputy Martinez again presented the restraining order to Defendant’s family, assuring them that it was now valid. Ignacita and her family proceeded to pack up her possessions while Mrs. Abeyta and Dora waited outside.

The State’s evidence tended to show that Eloy and Macario were outside the home loading the U-Haul truck. Mrs. Abeyta and Dora watched the loading and at one point Dora retrieved Defendant’s quilt that had been dropped on the ground by the porch. Shortly afterwards Defendant rapidly approached the home carrying a rifle and a revolver and engaged in an altercation with Eloy. Following that encounter, Defendant shot Eloy, wounding him in the shoulder. Defendant then shot Macario in the back with his rifle as Macario stood inside the rear compartment of the U-Haul. Upon hearing the shots, Mary Ellen grabbed her six-month-old son, Justin, and ran outside. Both mother and child were shot in the head and killed as they fled. The State’s evidence is unclear whether mother and child were killed by the same or different bullets.

Abeytas homeAccording to the State’s evidence, Defendant then entered his home where Ignacita, Cheryl, and Celina were packing. He yelled that they would pay and then shot Cheryl in the back of the head as she knelt on the kitchen floor. Defendant shot Ignacita twice, first hitting her finger, then fatally shooting her in the face. Defendant may also have hit Ignacita twice on the back of the head, possibly with the gun.

The State’s evidence indicates that as Defendant left the house, he shot Eloy a second time, wounding him in the groin. Defendant encountered Deputy Martinez who had just returned and shot him in the head twice at close range while Martinez stood next to his police car. A short time later Officer Huber arrived at the scene. Defendant had already reached his mother’s house up the hill. He shot Huber in the head as the officer stood with one foot in the patrol car and the radio still in his hand. Defendant then fled to the hills behind his mother’s house. He turned himself in late the next day in Albuquerque.

Defendant’s testimony as to the events surrounding the killings differs significantly from the State’s evidence. The Defendant testified that he returned in the late afternoon from working in Santa Fe. He came home on the back road and parked at his mother’s house so he did not notice the vehicles parked at his house. He then took the paint he had purchased earlier that day down the hill to his garage. Upon seeing the moving operation, Defendant testified that he decided to take his rifle and revolver out of the garage and take them up to his mother’s house out of concern that Ignacita would also pack up everything from his garage. *fn1 He placed the revolver in the back of his waistband and picked up the rifle by the sling. As he started back up to his mother’s, he noticed that some of his clothes were being taken to the U-Haul. He went over to the house to ask them to leave his stuff. Defendant testified that as he reached the bottom of the steps, Eloy accosted him with a knife and during the scuffle cut his left hand twice. Defendant forced Eloy to drop the knife. Macario was in the back of the U-Haul where Defendant saw some of his possessions. When Defendant asked Macario what was going on, he testified Macario responded that he didn’t know, but “don’t try and stop us ’cause you won’t see tomorrow.” Defendant then saw Eloy pointing a handgun at him from the cab of the U-Haul. Defendant testified that he reacted automatically by lunging to the side and shooting, not knowing whether he had wounded Eloy. Defendant placed another round in the chamber of his rifle and put it on the porch railing. Defendant was struck on the head from behind and fell. His rifle slipped off the railing. As he grabbed at it, it discharged. *fn2 He continued to recover the rifle and unintentionally caused a third round to be injected into the chamber. He testified that he felt someone grab his revolver from the back of his waistband. As he turned around to see who had hit him, he caught a glimpse of someone walking by with a baby. Defendant testified that he was hit on the head again, and again the rifle discharged after falling out of his hands. *fn3 It landed at the bottom of the steps, where Defendant left it.

According to Defendant, he then went inside the house to find out who had hit him. He encountered Cheryl in the kitchen and, sensing trouble, grabbed her and spun her around in front of him. She screamed, “No, Rick, no Rick, stop.” Ignacita had his revolver. Cheryl screamed, “No, Ignacita,” covered her face, and started to bend over. Defendant went down with Cheryl. Defendant testified that Ignacita fired the revolver at him but hit Cheryl instead. Defendant and Ignacita struggled over the gun. Defendant testified that Ignacita again fired the revolver but her hand was in the way and the shot nearly severed the tip of her left little finger. He next saw Ignacita heading for the front door with the gun in her hand. Defendant testified that as he caught her, Ignacita bent down, trying to escape. She pointed the gun at Defendant who hit the barrel forcing it back towards her. The gun discharged, shooting Ignacita in the face. Defendant appeals his convictions based on the trial court’s refusal to give his requested jury instructions, the lack of substantial evidence in Mary Ellen’s death, and prosecutorial misconduct.

Sheriff’s Deputy Jerry Arnold Martinez, 30
State Police Sgt. Glen Michael Huber, 35
Ignacita Vasquez Sandoval, 36
Mary Ellen Sandoval, 19
Macario Gonzales, 18
Justin Gonzales, 5 months
Cheryl Rendon, 24
Eloy Sandoval, 13 (survived)

Find-A-Grave: Ignacita Sandoval Vasquez
Chimayo, NM: Looking Back at the Chimayó Massacre
Chimayo massacre victim remembered
Police seek mass murder suspect
New Mexico Man Surrenders in Slayings of 7, Including Baby
7 Shot to Death in New Mexico; After Search, Suspect Is in Custody
Suspect in Slayings of 7 in New Mexico Could Face Death
Murder suspect linked to other killings
New Mexico man charged in deputy’s slaying
Jury convicts New Mexican of slaying 7
Man convicted of seven murders
Murderer draws 146 years in prison
State of New Mexico v Ricky Abeyta 1995 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Murderpedia: Ricky Abeyta


Abeyta 1991 and 2016

Last Name: ABEYTA
First Name: RICKY
Middle Name:
NMCD#: 40689
Offender#: 15097
Offender Status: INMATE
Facility/Region: NMCD CUSTODY
Probation/Parole Officer:

Height: 5ft 5in
Weight: 140
Eye Color: BROWN
Hair Color: BROWN
Education: 0

AbeytaR info

Family Annihilator: Edward Chen killed his parents and brother, left them in their house for about 4 years, then dumped their bodies in the Chesapeake Bay

dv awareness

Yeh-Mei Chen and Chen home

Wu-Hung Chen, 53
Yeh-Mei Chen, 52
Raymond Chen, 25

Son Arrested in ’95 Deaths
Son Charged with Murdering Family in Great Falls
Police: Bodies kept in home for years (part 1)
Deaths: Police plan to search Chesapeake for three bodies (part 2)
Bodies Left in Home 4 Years, Police Say
Fairfax Man Admits Killing Parents, Brother
Court gives man 36 years for murdering his family
Man Gets 36 Years in Family Murder
Ex-Girlfriend of Va. Killer Admits Helping Him Hide Theft
Killer’s Former Girlfriend Jailed for Taking Money
Love and Murder in Great Falls
For Love or Money
‘Ghosts of Great Falls:’ Chen Family Murders in ’95 Featured on Investigation Discovery Channel

Deadline: Crime with Tamron Hall: The Strange Case of Edward Chen

Edward Chen – pled guilty, sentenced to 36 years in prison
Vickie Henry – pled guilty (for her part in the money aspect, she was not involved in the actual murders); sentenced to jail time


Edward Chen

SEX: Male
RACE: Asian or Pacific Islander
LOCATION: Augusta Correctional Center

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