Deadly Duo: Amber and Jamie Waterman charged both state and federally with kidnapping, crossing state lines, and the murder of pregnant Ashley Bush, killing both her and her unborn child and leaving them in 2 locations

Ashley Bush

Ashley Bush, 31
Valkyrie Grace Willis, unborn child

Fiancé of missing pregnant woman in Benton Co. pleads for her safe return
Missing Arkansas woman, baby found dead in Missouri
Arkansas pregnant woman found dead after going for job interview; baby found separately
Couple charged in death of woman, baby found dead in southwest Missouri
Missouri woman accused in fatal kidnapping planned to claim pregnant woman’s baby as her own, authorities say
‘There Is Evil in the World’: Missouri Husband and Wife Under Arrest After Remains of Pregnant Woman and Unborn Child Found in Separate Locations
Deputies: Couple charged with murder of pregnant Arkansas woman planned to claim child as their own
Pineville Couple Charged in Kidnapping, Murder of Pregnant Arkansas Woman
Missouri Husband and Wife Now Face Federal Charges in Alleged Kidnapping and Murder of Pregnant Arkansas Woman
‘There Is Evil In This World’: Couple Arrested After Pregnant Mom, Baby Are Killed During Supposed Job Interview
Woman Accused of Kidnapping Ashley Bush Allegedly Wanted to Keep the Woman’s Unborn Baby as Her Own
‘She wanted to claim unborn as her own’: new details released in kidnapping murder
Former FBI agent gives perspective into Ashley Bush case
Missing pregnant Arkansas woman and unborn baby found dead in separate locations in Missouri
Missouri Woman Accused of Luring Pregnant Woman for Job Interview and Murdering Her to Steal Unborn Child
Benton County prosecutor seeking death penalty against Amber Waterman

Amber Waterman
Jamie Waterman




Fetal Psycho: Taylor Rene Parker killed 21-year-old Reagan Michelle Simmons Hancock, then cut her unborn child from her womb, Braxlynn Sage Hancock, to pass her off as her own, but the baby died; Sentenced to death

Reagan Michelle Simmons Hancock, 21
Braxlynn Sage Hancock, unborn

Find-A-Grave: Reagan Michelle Simmons Hancock
Find-A-Grave: Braxlynn Sage Hancock
Reagan Michelle & Braxlynn Sage Hancock obituary
Reagan Hancock’s parents recall night of daughter’s death
Jury hears frantic 911 calls in Taylor Parker trial, victim’s husband testifies
‘I knew she wasn’t pregnant:’ Tearful testimony in day 6 of Taylor Parker trial
Jurors watch interrogation videos after arrest of Taylor Parker
Grisly New Details Emerge In Texas Woman’s Trial For Murder Of Pregnant Friend
Shocking Details Emerge at Murder Trial About Death of Pregnant Texas Woman Whose Unborn Baby Was Cut from Her Womb
State, defense rest in Taylor Parker trial; closing arguments Monday
Taylor Parker found guilty of capital murder
Texas woman found guilty of killing expectant mother to take unborn baby
Taylor Parker found guilty in capital murder trial; sentencing phase begins Oct. 12
Texas Woman Convicted of Murdering Pregnant Woman and Cutting Unborn Baby Straight from Her Womb
Texas woman convicted of killing pregnant mom and cutting the baby from her womb
Closing arguments Wednesday in Taylor Parker capital murder sentencing trial
Jurors deciding Taylor Parker’s fate are expected to start deliberating Wednesday
Taylor Parker sentenced to death for murder of mother, unborn baby
Taylor Parker sentenced to death on capital murder conviction
Killer Sentenced to Death for Stabbing Pregnant Woman 100 Times, Trying to Steal Her Baby
‘You Tore Her Open and Ripped Her Baby from Her Stomach’: Texas Woman Sentenced to Death for Killing Pregnant Friend, Stealing Unborn Child


Fetal Psycho: Geraldine Jones kidnapped Samantha Fleming and killed her for her baby; Sentenced to 40 years in prison

Samantha Fleming and Serenity

Cops: Woman lured, killed Ind. mom to abduct infant
Cops: Woman charged in deadly baby theft plot refuses to talk to police
Mother’s murder part of ‘elaborate scheme’ to get baby
Court docs: Anderson woman stabbed multiple times
Ind. Woman Admits Killing Young Mom and Taking Her Baby After Posing as Child Welfare Worker
Jones pleads guilty in 2015 slaying of Anderson mother
Gary woman pleads to manslaughter in 2015 deadly baby theft plot
Gary woman sentenced to 30 years prison for deadly baby theft plot
Jones sentenced to 40 years for 2015 kidnapping, murder
Geraldine R. Jones v State of Indiana 2017 (conviction and sentence affirmed)

Diabolical: Geraldine Jones
Snapped: Geraldine Jones


DOC Number 240911
Middle Name
Last Name JONES
Date of Birth 11/09/1978
Gender Female
Race Black
Facility/Location Rockville Correctional Facility
Earliest Possible Release Date 11/01/2037

Sentence Information
Date of Sentence 05/25/2018
Term in Years / Months / Days 30 00 00000
Type of Conviction F2
Indiana Citation Code 35-42-1-3
Cause Number 48C03-1504-MR-000566
County of Conviction MADISON
Projected Release Date 11/01/2037

Fetal Psycho: Felicia Scott killed Carethia Curry and then cut her fetus from her; Sentenced to LWOP

remembering the victims

Find-A-Grave: Carethia Coushea Curry
Woman charged in murder of pregnant friend
Frederick Polion pleads innocent to slaying woman, taking baby (part 1)
Polion (part 2)
Teen killed, eviscerated,
Pretrial hearings begin in Scott trial
Scott plans to testify at her capital murder trial
Guilty Verdict in Killing Of Pregnant Teen-Ager
Woman Sentenced To Life For Killing Teen For Her Fetus
Life sentence for ripping baby from womb
Angela Burton v State of Alabama 1999
Wikipedia: Fetal abduction

For My Man: Felicia Scott

Felicia Scott – convicted of capital murder, sentenced to LWOP
Frederic Polion – convicted of kidnapping, sentenced to 20 years in prison
Angela Burton – convicted of hindering prosecution, sentenced to 17 years in prison


AIS: 00203098
Race: B
Sex: F
Hair Color: BLACK
Eye Color: BROWN
Height: 5′ 5″
Weight: 176
Birth Year: 1967
Custody MEDIUM


AIS: 00211153
Race: B
Sex: M
Hair Color: BROWN
Eye Color: BROWN
Height: 5′ 8″
Weight: 166
Birth Year: 1960
Custody MIN-IN

Fetal Psycho: Darci Pierce killed Cindy Lynn Ray and cut out her baby to keep as her own; Sentenced to life in prison

Cindy Lynn Ray
Cindy Lynn Ray

Find-A-Grave: Cindy Lynn Giles Ray
A mother, a baby – and a murder
Pregnant woman killed for baby
Innocence claimed in murder-kidnap
Jury finds ex-Oregon woman guilty of murder, mentally ill
Woman gets life term for murder, kidnap
Killer of pregnant Utahn will appeal conviction
Baby theft pierces Utahn
The Murder of Cindy Ray
Desperate for a Child : On a Muggy Summer Day, Darci Pierce Decided She Would Kill to Have a Baby
Psychologist recalls evaluating woman who cut baby from mother in ’87
10 Cases of Fetal Abduction in the US
Family fears new bill could free woman convicted of killing mother-to-be, cutting out unborn child

Fetal Abduction: The Murder of Cindy Ray
Military Murder: KIRTLAND AFB: Cindy Ray

Hush Little Baby
Lullaby and Goodnight


Fetal Psycho: Geraldine Jones is charged with killing Samantha Fleming to allegedly take her newborn

Samantha Fleming and baby
Samantha Fleming and her baby

Missing Anderson woman found dead, newborn safe
Missing Anderson mother found murdered; baby fine; suspect in a Texas hospital
Body found in Gary, Ind. home ID’d as missing mom, lured to her death
Woman charged with kidnapping and murder in Anderson mother’s death
Details emerge in death of young mother, alleged abduction
Court docs: Anderson woman stabbed multiple times
Cops: Woman lured, killed Ind. mom to abduct infant
Woman grieves loss of high school friend

Geraldine Jones
Geraldine Jones

Update: Darlene Hayes murder *Julie Corey sentenced to LWOP*

Darlene Haynes2
Darlene Haynes

News Archive: Darlene Hayes murder
Julie Corey sentenced to life in prison for murdering woman and stealing her unborn baby
In emotional court, Corey gets life term for murder of pregnant woman
Julie Corey sentenced in Worcester Superior Court to life without parole; defense plans appeal
Woman gets life for killing neighbor, cutting baby from womb
Woman sentenced to life for killing friend, cutting baby from womb

Frenemies: Mommy Dearest



Offender Name: JULIE COREY
Offender ID:A111066
Date of Birth:
Gender: Female

Custody Status: In Custody
Location of Offender:MCI Framingham (Medium Security)

Update: Darlene Hayes murder *Julie Corey convicted of her murder; Sentencing scheduled for Feb. 18*

Darlene Haynes2
Darlene Haynes

News Archive: Darlene Hayes murder
Mass. woman found guilty in cut-from-womb killing
Julie Corey sobs as jury finds her guilty of first-degree murder in Worcester fetal abduction case
Woman Convicted of Killing Woman, Cutting Baby from Her Womb

JulieCorey in court

Julie Corey

Update: Darlene Hayes murder *Julie Corey trial – Closing arguments will begin tomorrow morning*

Darlene Haynes2
Darlene Haynes

News Archive: Darlene Hayes murder
Julie Corey was 30 weeks pregnant before fetal abduction killing
Julie Corey trial: Phone records say Corey called boyfriend Alex Dion from victim’s phone
Julie Corey trial: 11 things we learned in the first week
Julie Corey trial: Thoroughness of police investigation questioned
Police case targeted by Julie Corey’s legal defense team
Defense rests in cut-from-womb trial

Frenemies: Mommy Dearest


Julie Corey

Offender Name: JULIE COREY
Offender ID:A111066
Date of Birth:
Gender: Female

Custody Status: In Custody

Fetal Psycho: Kristen Smith charged with federal kidnapping charge for the abduction of her nephew, Kayden Powell

Kayden Powell
Kayden Powell

I am so very happy that this beautiful little boy was found alive, which was a miracle in itself. However, it is beyond my comprehension that a member of his family, his aunt, his mother’s sister, could do this to him and to her sister. When my sister had her son, I spent as much time with them as I could. I even took him so she could get some rest. But not once did I ever think of doing such a thing, to her or to him. I am sure that Kayden’s mother, Brianna Marshall, is happy to have her new son home with her and his dad, Bruce Powell, but I am sure it is hurting her deeply that her own sister could cause them so much grief and pain. My heart goes out to them.

5-day-old Infant Missing in Wisconsin, Person of Interest Arrested in West Branch
Missing Wisconsin newborn search continues; Kayden Powell, 5 days, missing from Beloit bassinette
Baby Kayden found alive in Iowa
FOUND: Police find missing infant in West Branch, Iowa
Kristen Smith charged with kidnapping Kayden Powell
Infant found alive: Missing Wisconsin baby Kayden Powell; Kristin Smith, aunt, charged with kidnapping from Beloit bassinette
Kristen Smith complaint
Suspect in 6-day-old boy’s kidnapping faked pregnancy, court papers say
Court Papers: Kristen Smith Faked Pregnancy, Stole Kayden Powell
Kayden Powell’s parents speak out about ordeal

Kristen Smith
Kristen Smith

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