Guest Post: A Shocking ‘Crime Watch Daily’ Undercover Investigation Shows How Easily Someone Can Drug Your Drink



A Shocking ‘Crime Watch Daily’ Undercover Investigation Shows How Easily Someone Can Drug Your Drink

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (November 24, 2015) — In an alarming Crime Watch Daily social experiment, correspondent Andrea Isom helps demonstrate how easily unsuspecting partygoers can be “roofied” by a complete stranger. Crime Watch Daily invited several men and women to a mixer … what the attendees didn’t know was that Andrea planted someone in the crowd whose sole mission was to “spike” their drinks. Luckily, he was only using water because he was able to “roofie” a staggering 13 drinks in just one hour!

To watch the complete experiment and see our guests’ reactions to learning that they were targets in this informative roofie sting, tune in to Crime Watch Daily.

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The Benefits of Moderation

If you know someone who is struggling with an alcohol problem and they are resistant to changing their lifestyle, moderation may be a great option to present. When approached by a family member or a loved one about the idea of getting help, drinkers oftentimes think this means complete abstinence. The idea of giving up a behavior that is well engrained in their lives can be scary for someone who drinks excessively on a regular basis. Many drinkers are completely ambivalent about giving up alcohol entirely. They just can’t imagine their lives without it! That is why the notion of moderating their alcohol usage can be useful as an introduction to change along with the benefits of drinking moderately.

A person who actually asks for help to overcome their drinking problem is most open to a lifestyle change. But, for the person who is not expressing a desire to change, suggesting moderation may be something they can believe is attainable. You may also want to point out some benefits that alcohol moderation can provide. In fact, a study from the Journal Studies on Alcohol and Drugs shows that people who moderated their alcohol usage over a six year period with just one alcoholic beverage per week regularly, experienced an increased quality of life in comparison to those who completely abstained altogether.

While alcohol is widely overused, there are actually benefits to drinking alcohol in moderation that you can present to your loved one. Here are just a few:

A Longer Life. Studies have shown that moderate drinkers live longer than those who abstain or who drink excessively. There are psychological effects of moderate drinking and longevity is highest amongst groups who drink alcohol in moderation.

Anxiety and Stress Reduction. Low levels of alcohol can reduce stress and help generate an overall peaceful feeling. Alcohol consumers have reported that moderate amounts of alcohol helped them to feel more relaxed and to feel less anxiety. They also reported getting a more restful sleep.

Increased Cardiovascular Health. Moderate amounts of alcohol are known to increase insulin production and improve factors that cause blood clotting. This tends to help prevent against small blood clots that can form in the neck, heart, or brain which decreases the chances of suffering a heart attack or stroke. A moderate amount of alcohol also raises HDL (good cholesterol) levels which protects against heart disease.

Improved Libido. New research shows that moderate drinking improves sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction. In a 2009 study published in the, Journal of Sexual Medicine, found that the chances of experiencing erectile dysfunction amongst those who drank in moderate amounts reduced by 20 to 30 percent.

The benefits listed above are psychological or health related, but there are still more benefits connected with moderate drinking that are associated with increased life satisfaction. For example, relationships with family and friends tend to improve, along with improved career status and financial situation. This happens as a natural progression of the drinker living their life more responsibly. While suggesting moderation along with its benefits may possibly get your loved one thinking and moving toward the direction of a lifestyle change, the decision to moderate or quit altogether is personal and ultimately up to the individual to choose to do it.


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Bio: The following is a guest post by Susanne, Director of Business Development for Saint Jude Retreats – a non 12 step alternative to conventional alcohol and drug rehab.

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