Guest Post: What Makes A Killer?



2 Responses

  1. It is clear that in countries where firearms are not allowed there will be fewer deaths by firearm. Our 2nd Amendment protects the rights of Americans to possess firearms – period.

    The spreading thug mentality and liberal attacks of long-standing traditions and values jeopardizes all our freedoms. Liberal causes help to create the very problems they attribute to the traditions and values attacked. You will not stop criminals from committing violent crime by disarming law abiding gun owners. Yes, we are screwed.


    • stan,

      Actually, your first sentence is not completely clear. In Norway, gun ownership is very common, but violence and murder are not. It is estimated there that 1.4 million have guns, but in 2005, they only had 5 homicides committed with a gun. Not all years are equal there, but their violence rate is much lower than the US.


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