Breaking News: Young woman found dead with throat slashed in her bathtub

  235 W. 22nd Chelsea New York



Update: Melissa Ann James murder *Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan have pled guilty to her murder; sentenced to prison*

Melissa Ann James

Melissa James murder 12/14/2005 Las Vegas, NV *Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan arrested for her murder*
Bodybuilding couple plead in assistant’s death
Bodybuilding Champions Plead Guilty to Killing Assistant
Bodybuilding pros plead guilty in murder case
PLEA AGREEMENT REACHED: Bodybuilder admits killing
Bodybuilders Take Plea Deal in Assistant’s Murder
Bodybuilders Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan Sentenced for Murder
Last defendant in bodybuilder murder case gets probation
Murderpedia: Craig Michael Titus
Murderpedia: Kelly Ann Ryan
Wikipedia: Craig Titus
Wikipedia: Kelly Ann Ryan

Fire in the Desert: The True Story of the Craig Titus-Kelly Ryan Murder Mystery
Killer Bodies: A Glamorous Bodybuilding Couple, a Love Triangle, and a Brutal Murder

Murder Among Friends: Muscle Bound
48 Hours Mystery: Vegas Heat
Snapped: Season 10: Kelly Ryan
Wikipedia: Snapped Episode Guide

Craig Titus – pled guilty to second-degree murder, first-degree kidnapping and arson; sentenced to 21 to 55 years in prison; eligible for parole 12/2026
Kelly Ryan – pled guilty to arson and battery with a deadly weapon with significant bodily harm; sentenced to 6 to 17 years in prison for each of her counts. Denied parole, eligible again in 2017
Anthony Gross – pled no contest to accessory to arson and conspiracy to commit arson; sentenced to probation.



Update: Michelle Gardner-Quinn murder *Brian Rooney convicted of her murder; Sentenced to LWOP*

Michelle Gardner-Quinn

Missing: Michelle Gardner-Quinn 10/7/2006 from Burlington, VT
Update: Michelle Gardner-Quinn, now murder victim *Brian Rooney charged with her murder*
Find-A-Grave: Michelle Gardner-Quinn
An online memorial to Michelle
Garnder-Quinn Murder Trial Underway in Vermont
Rooney calls for judge’s removal
Judge denies defense lawyer’s withdrawal in Rooney case
Judge tells Rooney: See you in court
Witness: Body found by chance
Day 4 proceedings cancelled (a lot from previous court days also)
DNA found on victim matches Rooney’s, expert testifies
Guilt, sadness shatter victim’s circle of friends
No evidence found in suspect’s car, detective testifies
Defense rests in Rooney trial
Jury Deliberates In Gardner-Quinn Trial
Jury convicts man in rape-killing of Vt. student
GUILTY: Jury convicts Rooney
Jurors: Guilty after 1st vote
Juror says DNA key in convicting Rooney
‘DNA Key In Convicting Rooney,’ Juror Says
Rooney’s Defense Barred From Interviewing Juror
Judge: “Rooney is Lowest of the Low”
Murderpedia: Brian L. Rooney
Wikipedia: Murder of Michelle Gardner-Quinn
Wikipedia: Brian L. Rooney


Brian Rooney

Offender Name: ROONEY, BRIAN
Custody Status: In Custody
Age: 46
Location: an out-of-state facility
Race: White
Contact Facility: Vermont Department of Corrections

Azariah Nino murder 5/27/2008 Beach Park, IL *Mother, Sofia Nino, charged with beating to death her 3 1/2 year old son for wetting his pants*

                        Sofia Nino

Police: Woman Beat Son To Death For Wetting Pants
Mother charged with first-degree murder for beating son to death
Lake County mom held on charges she beat 3-year-old son to death
Mom beat 3-year-old son to death, authorities say

Update: Rachel and Lily Entwistle murder *Neil Entwistle murder trial to begin on Monday June 2*


Rachel and Lillian Entwistle

News Archive: Rachel and Lillian Entwistle murder
In Memory of Rachel and Lillian Rose
Neil Entwistle Murder Trial
Boston Herald Blog about the case
Shocking new details in Entwistle murder case
Entwistle defense wants sleazy details quashed
Entwistle lawyer denied change of venue
Judge Refuses to Dismiss Murder Charge Against British Man Accused of Killing Wife, Baby
Murder accused fails in dismiss bid

Neil Entwistle in court May 2008

This Week on America’s Most Wanted

Ft. Myers Eight: Months after detectives recovered a cache of bones from eight men in a wooded area of Fort Myers, Fla., authorities have officially ruled the case a homicide. Cops continue to try to find out who the men are, and whether a serial killer is behind the gruesome mystery.

Ft. Myers Eight

William Santos: Police say illegal alien William Roberto Santos was considered a trusted member of his community, and was a dedicated member of his church. But police say this farm hand had a dark secret, and it wasn’t long before the whole community had figured out what he was really doing in Kentucky.

William Santos

Michael Registe: On the night of July 20, 2007, detectives in Columbus, Ga. responded to a shooting incident and found two student athletes shot execution-style inside of a Chevy Blazer. Cops say the suspect is on the run, and may have fled to the Caribbean.

Michael Registe

German Ramirez: On April 28, 2006, cops say two unsuspecting women were attacked by the same man, German Ramirez. However, police tell AMW that his first attempted rape involved the daughter of the woman he was dating back in 2005. Over a year later, Ramirez would strike again…two more times. Now, police in South Gate, Calif. are hoping that AMW viewers can help put German Ramirez behind bars.

German Ramirez

Ralph Skundrich: The FBI says Ralph Skundrich tried to pull off what he thought was a foolproof robbery scheme. When the plan unraveled, Skundrich was put on house arrest — but according to agents, his electronic monitoring bracelet wasn’t enough to keep this career criminal under wraps.

Ralph Skundrich

Muammer Aldailam: Muammer “Mike” Aldailam has evaded Bronx police for more than a month, but now leads are flowing in. Police are following leads all throughout North America so they can finally collar Aldailam. In a moment of passion, cops say Aldailam shot and killed his girlfriend after she tried to break off their relationship. Authorities believe Aldailam may be desperate to get back to his native country of Yemen.

Muammer Aldailam

George Navarro: Melesio Martinez was known simply as “Daddy” to his two small children. His wife describes him as a hard-working construction worker that worked ten hour days and still had time to play and entertain his kids. That all changed one night in September 2001 when the Martinez family went into a Granada Hills, California liquor store and ran into George Navarro.

George Navarro

Lorenzo Curry & Janora Sanders: Cops say Lorenzo Curry watched himself on America’s Most Wanted, then packed up his fugitive girlfriend and their young daughter and hit the road. It was lucky for him, because AMW tips put police only hours behind him. Now, U.S. Marshals are hoping your tips will get them caught for good this time.

Lorenzo Curry & Janora Sanders

Ramon Gaspar: Police say a 29-year-old woman was resting at a Los Angeles hospital after a surgery when a male nursing assistant, Ramon Eduardo Gaspar, entered her room. The day after the woman was discharged, she reported to police that Gaspar had sexually molested her several times. Cops continued investigating, and after making a public appeal, several more victims came forward. Now, he’s on the run from the law.

Ramon Gaspar

Leanna Warner: Cops in Chisholm, Minn. are not giving up on the search for 5-year-old Leanna Warner. The little girl went missing on June 13, 2003 when she stepped out of her house to go visit a neighbor. Now, cops are looking into people who attended a Chisholm event around the time when Leanna went missing, hoping to find new clues that will help them learn what happened to the little girl.

Leanna Warner

Sarah Fox Killer: New York City detectives are breathing new life into what seems to be a frustrating, cold case. The body of Sarah Fox, 21, was found murdered after a six day search in 2004. Now, cops are hoping your clues can help catch her killer.

Sarah Fox Killer

Breaking News: 5 members of a San Clemente family found dead in their home

Five Family Members Found Shot to Death in Orange County, Calif. Home
5 people found dead in San Clemente home
5 Bodies Found In San Clemente Home
Five Family Members Found Shot to Death in San Clemente Home

Sallie Rohrbach murder 5/15/2008 Charlotte, NC *Michael Howell charged with her murder

 Sallie Rohrbach (with Michael Howell in the corner)

Charlotte police look for missing Angier woman
Search launched after missing Angier woman’s vehicle found
Missing Angier woman’s husband: ‘I’ll hope…
Police: Enough evidence to file murder charge in Angier woman’s disappearance
Missing State Worker: Murder Charge, No Body
Rohrbach’s body found in S.C.
Missing state worker’s body found in S.C.
Police Recover Body of Sallie Rohrbach
Authorities find investigator’s body near Charlotte, N.C.
Howell in court, Rohrbach body found
Man due in court in NC state investigator’s death
Spouse of slain NC auditor says wife was ‘a joy’
Slain insurance auditor laid to rest
Services held for Sallie Rohrbach
Services Held For Murdered Angier Woman

National Missing Children’s Day

Etan Patz

National Missing Children’s Day – May 25
National Missing Children’s Day: May 25, 2008
Take 25
Office of Justice Programs
Organization raises awareness for National Missing Children’s Day
Sunday is National Missing Children’s Day
‘The loss doesn’t go away’
Today is ‘Missing Children Day’ in NC
Missing children recalled today
“National Missing Children’s Day” spotlights Asha case

This Week on America’s Most Wanted

John Walsh At Sprint All-Star NASCAR Race: John Walsh and the AMW crew headed down to Lowe’s Motor Speedway in Charlotte, N.C. recently to catch the Sprint NASCAR All-Star Race, and to catch up with some of racing’s biggest stars, including Kurt Busch and Kasey Kahne.

John Walsh At Sprint All-Star NASCAR Race

Esther Reed: After almost nine years on the run, an AMW tipster brought accused con artist Esther Reed’s life as a fugitive to an end on Saturday night in suburban Chicago. Reed — who police say stole identities and conned her way into the Ivy League — faces 47 years in a federal lock-up and over $1 million in fines.

Esther Reed

Stanek and Ayers: Officer Doug Stanek’s dream was to become a police officer, but he couldn’t because of his weight. Instead, he became a paramedic for five years. What he didn’t know at the time was that after becoming a cop, the skills he learned as a paramedic would be the only things standing between his partner and death.

Stanek and Ayers

Aaron Garcia: Aaron Lopez Garcia’s no stranger to Washington law enforcement. As a Norteño gang member, he racked up multiple charges ranging from rape to assault; when he was sentenced to 10 years in prison, it seemed like the last anyone would hear from him for a while. But Garcia orchestrated a prison break and on November 29, 2006, he enlisted the help of fellow inmates to break out of the big house. While his cronies have all been captured, Garcia remains on the loose.

Aaron Garcia

Dennis Lilly: The warden at the last prison where Dennis Lilly escaped called him “just a little rascal”. Lilly has slithered his way out of four prisons and jails, and in his last escape from the Missouri State Penitentiary, he’s been gone the longest: since 1986. But a sighting as recent as 2001 has authorities hoping this clever criminal can — once again — be put back behind bars.

Dennis Lilly

Thomas Gleason: BMX Racing and teenage boys are not a good combination for Tom Gleason: after years of coaching kids in the extreme sport, police say he went too far and victimized several members of his team. Now, he’s racing to stay away from the cops and families aching for justice who want him caught.

Thomas Gleason

Leanna Warner: On Friday, July 8, 2005, police learned that Joseph Duncan, the man charged with kidnapping Dylan and Shasta Groene and murdering their family, wrote about missing 5-year-old Leanna Warner on his blog. Leanna has been missing since June 14, 2003. Investigators are looking into whether he might have had anything to do with her disappearance.

Leanna Warner

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