Friends From Hell: Jennifer Christine Harris does not like to be unfriended on Facebook

burning house

Nikki Rasmussen and her husband were asleep in their home when it was set on fire. Jennifer Harris was arrested for setting their home on fire, apparently over some party, although she claims it was an accident due to Nikki’s affairs (which was none of Jennifer’s business anyway). Yeah, does not make sense to me either. Not sure how it could be set accidentally from outside the home in middle of the night. Jennifer also claims the charges were dropped, but I don’t think that is actually correct. She appears in the Iowa Department of Corrections Inmate Locator. It does appear she is on probation til May 2014, which means that the charges were not dropped. She did say she is paying for the damage. She was a teacher’s associate at Smouse Elementary School, but it looks like she is no longer there. All I can say is that being unfriended on Facebook is not the end of the world, or anything to worry about. And certainly nothing to burn down a house or do any other violent act.

Facebook Unfriending Sparked Iowa Arson Attack, Cops Say
Police: Facebook ‘unfriending’ drives woman to arson
Facebook figures in Des Moines arson case
Cops: Woman set fire to house of friend who “unfriended” her on Facebook
Jennifer Christine Harris, Des Moines, Iowa (arrested Nov 2011) [arson]

Frenemies: Playing With Fire


Jennifer Christine Harris

Name Jennifer Christine Harris
Offender Number 6548075
Sex F
Birth Date 10/17/1981
Age 31
Location Fifth Judicial District
County Of Commitment Polk
Commitment Date 05/10/2012
TDD/SDD * 05/10/2014 (tentative/supervision discharge date)

Supervision Status: Probation
Offense Class: C Felony
County of Commitment: Polk

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