Yankel Rosenbaum murder 8/20/1991 Crown Heights, NY *Lemrick Nelson and Charles Price convicted of violating his civil rights, sentenced to prison*

Yankel Rosenbaum
Yankel Rosenbaum

2 counts of murder
uspect in ’91 Crown Heights Death Faces Trial as an Adult
4,500 Protest Jury Verdict In Stabbing
Jury Selection Is to Begin In ’91 Crown Heights Case
Lemrick Nelson guilty in Crime Heights stabbing
Civil rights convictions in the Crown Heights killing echo racial divide on Rodney King and O.J. dec
‘Chilling’ lesson for Limrick Judge
Man sentenced for murder during Crown Heights riot
New Trial for 2 in Killing of Hasid In 1991 Unrest in Crown Heights
Wikipedia: Crown Heights riot
City Settles With Family of ’91 Victim
’91 riot killer stabbed

Lemrick Nelson – acquitted in State court; convicted in federal court for civil rights violations, sentenced to 19 years in federal prison
Charles Price – convicted of civil rights violations, sentenced to 21 years in federal prison


Nelson Ruling

Register#: 46082-053
Age-Race-Sex: 37-Black-M
Release Date: 03-02-2005
Location: RELEASED


Register#: 53092-053
Age-Race-Sex: 59-Black-M
Release Date: 11-04-2009
Location: RELEASED


Vanessa Pham murder 6/27/2010 Fairfax, VA *Julio Miguel Blanco-Garcia charged with her murder*

Vanessa Pham
Vanessa Pham

Who Killed Vanessa Pham?
Vanessa Pham, Teen Found Dead in Car Crash, Was Stabbed to Death First, Say Police
Vanessa Pham, Teen Murder Victim, Remembered by Friends, Family
Vanessa Pham Seen Half Hour Before Death, Say Cops
Detectives Conduct 4th Canvas For Pham’s Killer
100 Days After Vanessa Pham’s Murder
DNA leads police to Vanessa Pham murder suspect
Suspect Still Wanted In 2010 Murder Of 19-Year-Old Vanessa Pham
Suspect charged in Vanessa Pham murder case
Man Arrested in Vanessa Pham Murder
Julio Blanco-Garcia, Vanessa Pham Stabbing Death Suspect, Arrested For Murder, Violated Immigration Law

Julio Miguel Blanco-Garcia
Julio Miguel Blanco-Garcia

Friends From Hell: Jennifer Christine Harris does not like to be unfriended on Facebook

burning house

Nikki Rasmussen and her husband were asleep in their home when it was set on fire. Jennifer Harris was arrested for setting their home on fire, apparently over some party, although she claims it was an accident due to Nikki’s affairs (which was none of Jennifer’s business anyway). Yeah, does not make sense to me either. Not sure how it could be set accidentally from outside the home in middle of the night. Jennifer also claims the charges were dropped, but I don’t think that is actually correct. She appears in the Iowa Department of Corrections Inmate Locator. It does appear she is on probation til May 2014, which means that the charges were not dropped. She did say she is paying for the damage. She was a teacher’s associate at Smouse Elementary School, but it looks like she is no longer there. All I can say is that being unfriended on Facebook is not the end of the world, or anything to worry about. And certainly nothing to burn down a house or do any other violent act.

Facebook Unfriending Sparked Iowa Arson Attack, Cops Say
Police: Facebook ‘unfriending’ drives woman to arson
Facebook figures in Des Moines arson case
Cops: Woman set fire to house of friend who “unfriended” her on Facebook
Jennifer Christine Harris, Des Moines, Iowa (arrested Nov 2011) [arson]

Frenemies: Playing With Fire


Jennifer Christine Harris

Name Jennifer Christine Harris
Offender Number 6548075
Sex F
Birth Date 10/17/1981
Age 31
Location Fifth Judicial District
County Of Commitment Polk
Commitment Date 05/10/2012
TDD/SDD * 05/10/2014 (tentative/supervision discharge date)

Supervision Status: Probation
Offense Class: C Felony
County of Commitment: Polk

News Archive: Morgan Young murder

Morgan Young and Joshua Heidbrink
   Morgan Young and Joshua Heidbrink

Morgan Young murder 1/02/2006 Chesapeake, VA *James Rickey Boughton Jr. charged in his murder*
Update: Morgan Young murder *Trial of James Rickey Boughton Jr delayed*
Update: Morgan Young murder *James Boughton Jr. convicted, sentenced to 38 1/2 years in prison*


James Boughton Jr

Offender Name: Boughton, Jr., James Ricky
DOC Number: 1404741
Inmate Number: 000000
Gender: Male
Race: Black
Location: Keen Mountain Correctional Center
Projected Release Date: 04/10/2042

Update: Morgan Young murder *James Boughton Jr. convicted, sentenced to 38 1/2 years in prison*

Morgan Young and Joshua Heidbrink
   Morgan Young and Joshua Heidbrink

News Archive: Morgan Young murder
Trial Mormon missionaries deaths to resume Wednesday
Chesapeake jury seated for trial in shooting of missionaries
Opening statements presented in missionary shooting trial
Jury hears conflicting tales in shooting of missionaries
Surviving Mormon missionary testifies in shooting trial
Case of missionary shootings goes to jury in Chesapeake
Attorney wants conviction in Mormon slaying thrown out
Boughton gets 38 years in missionary slaying, shooting
Chesapeake man sentenced in Mormon shooting case
Virginia man sentenced in Bountiful Mormon missionary’s death
Man who killed LDS missionary denied new trial


James Boughton Jr

Offender Name: Boughton, Jr., James Ricky
DOC Number: 1404741
Inmate Number: 000000
Gender: Male
Race: Black
Location: Keen Mountain Correctional Center
Projected Release Date: 04/10/2042

Dorothy Dexter Moormeister murder 2/21/1930 Salt Lake City, UT *Still unsolved, lots of suspects*

Dorothy Mooremeister
Dorothy Dexter Moormeister

Find-A-Grave: Dorothy Grace “Dexter” Hugentobler Moormeister
Road Rage (GREAT article)
The Moormeister Mystery
Denies murder
A final record: The Doctor’s Wife
Victim of slaying
Mining Promoter Held In Utah On Murder Charge
Mine Promoter Held As Killer
Bring Suspect To Utah? Wait Expected
Hearing For Sadler Jan. 6 In Slaying
Husband Still Hopeful Mystery of His Wife’s Murder Will Be Solved
The Moormeister Affair
Dr. Moormeister Foils Armed Thug In Holdup Attempt
City of Saints

William Sadler
Charles Peter

Las Cruces Bowling Alley Massacre – Still a mystery over 20 years later

6 Las Cruces Bowl victims

Steven Saenz Teran, 26
Paula Antoinette Holguin, 6
Valarie Rose Teran, 2
Amy Houser, 13
Stephanie C. Senac, 34 [survived, but passed away 8/13/1999]
Ida Holguin, 30 [survived]
Melissia Repass, 12 [survived] (no picture)

Find-A-Grave: Steven Teran
Find-A-Grave: Paula Holguin
Find-A-Grave: Valarie Teran
Find-A-Grave: Amy Ailleen Houser
4 people killed in N.M. robbery
3 children among 4 killed in robbery
Man, 2 Daughters Mourned
Town Shaken By Bowling Alley Massacre
Suspects in bowling alley killings still free
Bowling alley death search expanding
Mexico to get slayers’ sketches
U.S., Mexico join to probe bowling alley shooting spree
Survivors hope show will help capture bowling alley killers
Unsolved Mysteries: Bowling Alley Murder
City honors teen survivor of bowling alley shooting
Worse murder in Las Cruces history unsolved 10 years later
Bowling alley massacre that rocked Las Cruces 20 years ago remains a mystery
New Mexico murders still a mystery after 21 years
New Mexico Survivors of Homicide
Las Cruces 1990 Bowling Alley Massacre Cold Case: New Technology, New Hope
Wikipedia: Las Cruces Bowling Alley Massacre
Las Cruces Bowl massacre still unsolved; $25,000 reward for information

Las Cruces Bowl, 1201 E. Amador Ave.
Las Cruces Bowl, 1201 E. Amador Ave.

Crime Junkie: INFAMOUS: Las Cruces Bowling Alley Massacre
Jensen and Holes: The Murder Squad: The Las Cruces Bowling Alley Massacre

A Nightmare in Las Cruces (I have seen this and it is very emotional, and very good. I do recommend it for anyone wanting to know about this tragedy)

Las Cruces Bowl suspects
Older and Younger Suspects in 1990

Dr. Ronald Franklin Gilbert murder 1/29/2013 Newport Beach, CA *Stanwood Fred Elkus charged with special circumstances murder

Ronald Franklin Gilbert
Dr. Ronald Franklin Gilbert

Dr. Ronald Franklin Gilbert Shot Dead; 75 y.o. Urology Patient Stanwood Fred Elkus Held
75-Year-Old Man Charged With Murder in Doctor’s Shooting Death
DA: Urologist killed in shooting was suspect’s doctor, suspect brought gun to appointment
Suspect in Newport doctor shooting talked of health problems
Retired Barber Who Shot Urologist Complained of Failing Health

Stanwood Elkus
Stanwood Fred Elkus

Edward Fuentes murder 6/25/1993 Los Angeles, CA *Eric Robinson and Lavont Guillory wrongfully convicted; finally exonerated!*

body tape

[The real murderer was Reggie Lucas, who was himself murdered (in retaliation) on 6/27/1993]

Exonerations: Eric Robinso
Exonerations: Lavont Guillory
Falsely Imprisoned Man Hoping For Settlement From City
Man wrongly jailed gets $1.75M
L.A. approves settlement

Rodrigo Abad Diaz murder 1/26/2013 Liburn, GA *Phillip Walker Sailors charged with his murder, for turning around in his driveway*

Rodrigo Abad Diaz
Rodrigo Abad Diaz

Man, 69, charged with murder in driveway shooting
Georgia man, 69, charged with murder after driveway shooting
Did a man shoot a driver dead for pulling into his driveway?
He Has A Name: Rodrigo Abad Diaz Shot Dead After Mistakenly Pulling Into Man’s Driveway!
Two portraits emerge of Lilburn shooter

Phillip Walker Sailors
Phillip Walker Sailors

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