Jessica Chanè Waldron murder 3/29/2009 Dallas, TX *Victim shot and killed outside a club*

24-year-old SMU grad shot, killed outside Dallas club
Woman fatally shot outside Dallas club
Woman Killed in Dallas While Waiting For Valet
$10,000 reward offered in shooting of woman outside downtown Dallas club
SMU Graduate Gunned Down Outside Nightclub

A YouTube video honoring Jessica


Michelle Chavez and Luciano Hernandez murder 3/28/2009 Fort Worth, TX *6 teens charged with murder*


Salomon Vallejo, 17
Jose Otero, 18
Ismael Gonzalez, 20
Christopher Sierra, 20
unidentified male, 15
unidentified male, 16

Police: 2 Dead, 2
Injured in Shooting

2nd person killed in suspected gang-related shooting identified as Fort Worth man
6 Charged with Teen’s Murder
Fort Worth police make arrests in Friday shootout that killed 2

Another murder-suicide in California: 6 people dead in Santa Clara murder-suicide

Calif Home Shooting

6 killed in home shooting in Santa Clara, Calif.
Six dead in Santa Clara shooting
Sixth person dies in California shooting
Two children who attended Sunnyvale private school among six people killed in Santa Clara murder-suicide

Breaking News: 23 year old Kerby Revelus massacres his sisters at a birthday part

Sisters Slaingirls
                            Bianca                                        Samantha                                                Sarafina

Bianca, 5 (it was her birthday party)
Samantha, 17
Sarafina, 9 (survived)

Mass. man killed sisters on 5-year-old’s birthday
Brother kills two sisters in Milton
2 sisters slain in Milton home
Mass. man kills sisters at 5-year-old’s birthday party
Man decapitates 5-year-old sister in front of officer
Sisters to be buried with brother who killed them

kerby 7-belvoir-road
                                        Kerby Revelus                                                                7 Belvoir Road Milton, MA

Breaking News: Nursing Home massacre – at least 6 dead and 3 others injured, gunman under arrest

                                     Pinelake Health and rehab

6 Shot Dead at North Carolina Nursing Home
Police: NC nursing home shooting kills 6, hurts 3
Eight killed in North Carolina nursing home rampage
Six Dead After Shooting at N.C. Nursing Home
6 Nursing Home Patients Dead In Shooting
At least six dead in Carthage nursing-home shooting

Missing: Sandra Cantu since 3/27/2009 from Tracy, CA

Sandra Cantu

Center for Missing & Exploited Children: Missing – Sandra Cantu
Missing Poster
California Search Team Hunts for Missing 8-Year-Old Girl
8-Year-Old Tracy Girl Reported Missing
Girl Missing In Tracy
Search for Missing Tracy Girl
Family Pleads For Missing Girl’s Safe Return
Missing 27 hours

Bizarre Circumstances Surround an Air Force Colonel’s Death — 48 HOURS MYSTERY — Saturday, March 28


shue with-wife-tracy
Colonel Philip Shue (L); Shue with wife Tracy (R)



In the spring of 2005, two years after losing his life in a violent car crash near San Antonio, Texas, Air Force Col. Philip Michael Shue was laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery. But while his widow, Tracy, accepted the traditional tri-folded American flag in his honor, the circumstances surrounding Col. Shue’s death were anything but traditional.

The cause of death was never in dispute. Col. Shue had suffered fatal brain injuries as a result of the crash. But exactly what led to this accident was beyond curious. Shue’s chest had a large gash, both his nipples had been removed and duct tape was wrapped around both his wrists and his boots. This accident turned into a bizarre case, one that would launch several investigations, by the military, the Texas Rangers and the Kendall County Sheriff’s Department.

Was there a crime committed? There were endless theories surrounding Col. Shue’s death. Was he a troubled man, driven to mutilation and suicide? Was he abducted and tortured?

A series of letters may hold the cryptic answers and an extraordinary court ruling may finally help Col. Shue’s wife and friends find the justice they seek.

48 HOURS MYSTERY brought in private investigator Joe Moura to sort through the theories and unusual evidence as correspondent Troy Roberts reports on “The Curious Case Of Colonel Shue” Saturday, March 28 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT), on the CBS Television Network. This broadcast is produced by Peter Henderson. Al Briganti is the executive editor. Susan Zirinsky is the executive producer.

Editors’ Note: Click here to watch a preview of the broadcast. CBS News 48 HOURS MYSTERY broadcasts are now available on iTunes.

Major Stephen Badger murder 10/27/1995 Fort Bragg, NC *Fellow soldier, Sgt. William J. Kreutzer Jr, convicted of his murder and sentenced to life in prison*

                                     Sgt. William J. Kreutzer Jr

Army Paratrooper Guilty of Premeditated Murder in Sniper Attack
Soldier pleads to shooting rampage
Fort Bragg, NC, soldier pleads guilty to murder, assault in 1995 shooting rampage on Army post
Judge sets sentence for Bragg shooting spree
Kreutzer gets life term for Bragg shooting spree
Soldier sentenced to life for shooting comrades
Wikipedia: Stephen Mark Badger

Barbara Jo Nettlebeck and Bretta Joan Hawkins murders 3/20/2009 Orting, WA *Husband, Charles Nettlebeck, arrested for the ax slayings of wife and her daughter*

 Barbara Jo Nettlebeck Bretta Joan Hawkins

Charles Nettlebeck Had An Ax (excellent post!)
Updated – Charles Walter Nettlebeck Killed His Wife and Step-daughter With an Ax
Suspect in ax killings charged with murder
Estranged husband charged in ax slayings, tried to kill self, police say
Man charged in axe murders of wife, daughter

                      Charles Nettlebeck in court

Update: Dale Stark murder *Shellye Stark convicted of Dale’s murder!*

shellye-on-the-standOver the past 15 months, Shellye Stark and her boyfriend, Brian L. Moore have proclaimed her innocence. They continually said that during her trial, they would prove this. And she would show that she was the victim of domestic violence that forced her to shoot her husband, Dale Stark to death. Well, things did not go as planned for these lovebirds at all. In fact, they could not get much worse for Shellye. She was convicted of first degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder. And what about Brian Moore, the loving boyfriend that Shellye said got her out of prostitution, was so supportive that he has basically dropped out of sight to avoid being served a subpoena to testify in court. As a lawyer, an officer of the court, this is just the epitome of ethics, right? Yeah, of course I am just kidding. The problem is, these two, under “false identities”, have harassed many people over the last couple of years. In fact, they have both tried to post comments to this blog, trying to proclaim Shellye’s innocence and tell everyone how wrong they are and how paranoid everyone else is, but I did not approve those posts. I was also threatened with a lawsuit over this blog and everything that pertained to this case. The email was quite entertaining to say the least! I was even told the date I would be served. Well, I will be waiting! Anyway, justice has now been served. Shellye was convicted of Dale’s murder. She is facing about 45 years. So, if she serves out her entire possible sentence, she will be 91 years old when she gets out of prison. Hopefully, that is exacting what will happen. I would like to see her live out the rest of her life in prison, where she belongs. She planned and executed her husband, Dale Stark. She shot him in the back, which is NOT self-defense. Plus she shot him while he was on the ground. She gave him no mercy, and she does not deserve any mercy herself. As for her loving boyfriend, well, in my opinion, he has showed himself to be a coward and a low-life. As an “attorney”, he shows he has no ethics by purposely avoiding being served. As a boyfriend, he is useless as well. He showed no support for a woman he supposedly loved and wanted to marry. But with all of his online activities (which , that should have been a red flag for anyone who knew him. Supposedly his wife (yes, he has been married while carrying on with Shellye and maybe other women) has filed for divorce, so he will be free to continue the lifestyle he wants. But not with Shellye, unless he is able to join her in prison. And just maybe that will happen one day, to complete justice for Dale.

Suspect’s boyfriend calls case unjust
Stark back in jail after contact with witness
Stark violates release terms, sent back to jail
Prosecutor says Stark killing was carefully planned
Stark’s murder trial opens
Detective says murder scene seemed staged
Prosecutors claim Stark executed husband
Stark jury hears 9-1-1 calls
Slain man prone to violence, Starks’ son says
Stark witness says abuse led to killing
Stark juror cut for discussing trial
Husband had fetish, Stark says
Stark’s abuse called ‘very severe’
Stark testifies about being forced into prostitution
Stark spends second day on witness stand
Jury starts deliberations in Stark murder trial
Video of the reading of the verdict – watch Shellye’s reaction
Stark stunned with her reversal of fortune
Stark jury foreman speaks out
News Archive: Dale Stark murder

DOC Number: 330491
Offender Name: STARK, SHELLY L
Location: Washington Corrections Center for Women

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