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Pervert Alley: Chester Arthur Stiles sentenced to 21 life sentences for raping and sexually assaulting children, including a 2-year-old whose assault was caught on video tape*

sex abuse ribbon banner

At his sentencing, he basically justified himself, saying he got more time than most murderers, and it was for a 12 minute video that did not including force, threats, drugs or violence. Wasn’t that wonderful of him? He seemed to think that sexually assaulting and raping children was no big deal, that there was no harm done, even though he had been the victim of sexual abuse as a child himself. He has absolutely no remorse for his actions, rather, he considers himself to be the victim. He is sick and repulsive and is right where he belongs. Now, maybe with some luck on his part, when he is eligible for parole, he may get a parole date. Let’s see, he will be eligible for parole after 140 years, which will be in 2149. I may be wrong, but I doubt he will even live to be 179 years old. So, society should be protected from him forever. Now, to rid society of the rest of the sex offenders that hurt us.

Do you know who this little girl is? Nevada authorities need help to identify and find this young girl who is a victim of sexual assault* (child has been found safe)
Trial begins in Las Vegas toddler video sex case
Trial Opens for Man Charged in Taped Sexual Assault of Toddler
Jury selected in child video sex case
Girl, 11, testifies in trial of accused rapist
Girl’s parents testify in trial of accused rapist
Man describes videotape that prompted search for Stiles
Ex-girlfriend says she saw Stiles in girl’s bedroom
Jurors watch graphic tape in toddler sex case
Jury begins deliberations in Stiles molestation case
Jury finds Stiles guilty on all 22 counts
Child molester gets multiple life sentences
Child molester Chester Stiles suffers injuries in prison fight
Federal charges dropped against child molester Chester Stiles
Wikipedia: Chester Stiles


Cold Case: Ginger Hayden murder 9/4/1984 Fort Worth, TX *Ryland Shane Absalon goes on trial for her murder*

Ginger Hayden

Whether random or intended, dead is dead
Timeline: A killing, a confession, a cold cas
A long wait for justice
Stabbed 57 times: New trial in teen’s 1984 murder
Texas man accused in 1984 killing of former high school acquaintance
Defense hammers at investigators over possibility ‘serial killer’ responsible for 1984 stabbing death
Murder Trial This Week for 1984 Slaying
Update: Ginger Hayden murder *Ryland Shane Absalon convicted of her murder; sentenced to LWOP*

Ryland Shane Absalon

Update: Bridgett Frisbie murder *Trial of Alexander Olivieri has begun*

Bridgett Frisbie

Bridgett Frisbie murder 4/3/2011 Katy, TX *Alexander Olivieri charged with her murder; Allegedly killed because she saw Olivieri do a drive-by shooting*
Facebook: LONG LIVE Bridgett Frisbie
Never forget Bridgett Frisbie
Prosecutors: 19-year-old shot girl execution-style to keep her quiet
Teen on trial in girl’s execution-style slaying
Update: Bridgett Frisbie murder *Alexander Samuel Olivieri convicted of her murder

The First 48: Into The Woods

Alexander Olivieri

Update: Jerry Sandusky trial *Prosecution and defense have rested; time for closing arguments*

Jerry Sandusky

News Archive: Pervert Alley Jerry Sandusky
Jerry Sandusky case: A timeline of key dates
Jerry Sandusky Trial: Day 1 Tweets Highlight Just How Disturbing Process Will Be
Jerry Sandusky Trial: The Defense Reveals Its Strategy
Day 1 of Sandusky trial concludes
Jerry Sandusky Trial, Day Two: Young Accuser Breaks Down
Sandusky trial: On Day 3, witnesses recall threats, rebuffs
Jerry Sandusky Trial, Day Three: The Defense Gets Steamrolled
Victim 9 describes screaming in Sandusky basement
Jerry Sandusky Trial, Day Four: ‘Was Mrs. Sandusky Home?’
Prosecution wrapping up Sandusky case
Defense says Jerry Sandusky has ‘histrionic personality disorder’
Jerry Sandusky trial: Full coverage of week 1
Jerry Sandusky trial: Live coverage of Day 6
Jerry Sandusky Trial, Day Six: Dottie Defends Her Man
A look at the 10 alleged victims in the Jerry Sandusky trial
Jerry Sandusky Trial: The Defense’s Risky Psych Defense
Jerry Sandusky trial: Lancaster County man describes his interviews with police, time with Sandusky
Jerry Sandusky trial: Defense rests its case without Sandusky’s testimony
Sandusky does not testify; defense rests
Jerry Sandusky trial: Live coverage of Day 7
Jerry Sandusky Trial: Three days of witnesses for the defense

Update: Hudson Family murders *William Balfour’s trial has begun; Graphic pictures shown of victims and family members testify*

Darnell Donerson, 57
Jason Hudson, 39
Julian King, 7

Jennifer Hudson Family Murder Trial: Live Tweets
Hudson Family Murders
Jennifer Hudson, Sister Provide Emotional Testimony At Start Of Family Murder Trial
Jennifer Hudson Testimony: Full Transcript
Focus Of Hudson Family Murder Trial Shifts To Crime Scene, Forensics
Jury In Hudson Family Murder Trial Shown Photos Of Youngest Victim’s Body
Defendant emotional as images of Jennifer Hudson’s nephew are shown in court
Fourth Day Of Hudson Family Murder Trial To Begin, After Graphic Photo Display
Jennifer Hudson stays out of courtroom during graphic evidence
Hudson family slayings trial turns to suspect’s infidelities
Schmich: Hudson family home stands in a neighborhood of despair
Hudson Family Friend: Balfour Threatened Hudsons At Child’s Birthday Party
News Archive: Hudson Family Murders


Jail ID#: 2009-0012336
Inmate Full Name: BALFOUR, WILLIAM
Date of Birth: 05/10/1981
Race: BK
Gender: M
Height: 507
Weight: 150
Booked Date: 02/23/209
Housing Location: 09-1B1-130
Bail Amount: *NO BOND*
Charges: 720ILCS 5/9-1(a)(1) [First Degree Murder]

Update: Eridania Rodríguez murder *Trial for Joseph Pabon has begun*

Studio of Eridania Rodriguez
Eridania Rodriguez

Eridania Rodriguez murder 7/7/2009 New York City, NY *Body found stuffed in an air conditioning duct in a utility room*
Updated: Eridania Rodriguez murder *Joseph Pabon has been arrested and charged*
NYC Skyscraper Murder Trial Opens
Murder Trial Begins For Man Accused of Killing Office Cleaning Woman
DNA under nails of cleaning lady left to rot in air shaft will prove suspect’s guilt: prosecution
Cleaning lady had no chance vs. ‘predator’
DNA clue in maid slay: DA
Cop Testifies About Finding Cleaning Woman’s Body in Downtown Office
Cleaning lady died a slow, painful death: coroner

Joseph Pabon

Update: Lily Furneaux-Wolfenbarger murder *Stepmother, Renee King, convicted of her murder, sexual assault; sentenced to LWOP*

Lily Furneaux-Wolfenbarger

Prosecutor: Renee King beat 2-year-old stepdaughter in rage over tantrums, defecation
Renee King murder trial: Doctor undermines defense bad back claim
Man arrested after fight at Renee King’s trial in stepdaughter’s death
Officer testifies Renee King never provided ‘straight story’
Child fell, defense says in stepmom’s murder trial
Accused New Haven woman’s expert counters prosecution
Stepmother Guilty In Sex Assault, Murder Of Girl
Renee King guilty of all counts in death of stepdaughter
Stepmom gets life in stepdaughter’s rape, killing
Stepmom gets life for toddler’s murder

Renee King at verdict

Update: Yeardley Love murder *George Huguely trial – Prosecution and defense rest; Jury deliberations begin Wednesday*

Yeardley Love

Va. lacrosse player had no ‘intent to kill,’ defense attorney says
Huguely Had ‘No Intent’ to Kill, Was a ‘Stupid Drunk,’ Defense Says
Defense expert in George Huguely trial: Yeardley Love probably smothered in her pillow
Prosecutor weeps while showing photos of Yeardley Love’s battered body during closing arguments
Huguely’s trial ends with less than impressive lawyering
Huguely trial could come down to details on videotape
Jury deliberations to begin on Wednesday in George Huguely murder trial

George Huguely going to court

Boyfriends From Hell: George Wesley Huguely V on trial for the murder of ex-girlfriend, UVA women’s lacrose player, Yeardley Love

Yeardley Love

Facebook: In Memory of Yeardley: UVA Lacrosse Player
Yeardley Love obituary
Remembering Yeardley Love
Mourners gather for Yeardley Love
Cockeysville woman, 22, killed in Va.
Murder of Yeardley Love
Virginia Lacrosse Murder Case Goes to Grand Jury
Murder trial of George Huguely in death of Yeardley Love set to start Monday
Police testimony: George Huguely had cuts, scrapes, bruises when arrested in Yeardley Love’s death
Virginia lacrosse player’s trial focuses on email
George Huguely update: More medical testimony expected in ex-U.Va. lacrosse player’s trial
George Huguely Trial: Officer describes beaten, bruised Yeardley Love
George Huguely Trial: Yeardley Love’s Brain Hemorrhaged from Force
Medical testimony: Yeardley Love’s brain injury caused by blunt force trauma
Defense expert says Love probably smothered in her pillow
George Huguely Trial: Defense Says Yeardley Love Suffocated After Drinking
Romantic Rival Testifies at U.Va. Murder Trial
Friend testifies Huguely lied about where he was the night Yeardley Love was found dead
George Huguely murder trial: Prosecution expected to rest on Wednesday
Lacrosse player’s defense team says Love died from asphyxiation

George Wesley Huguely V

Tashima Reddick murder 11/1/2008 Hartford, CT *Trial begins for Maurice Francis, who turned down plea bargain*

Hartford Police Make Arrest in November 2008 Homicide
Hartford man accused in girlfriend’s slaying found incompetent
Hartford Man Accused Of Murder To Have Competency Reviewed Again
Jury selection to begin in Hartford murder case
Jury Selection Begins for Man Accused of Driving With Dead Girlfriend

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