Update: Nina Reiser murder *Hans Reiser convicted*

Nina Reiser

(Now that he has been convicted, just watch – he will want to deal for his sentence. He will tell where Nina’s body is. It is just a feeling I have)

Hans Reiser Murder Trial: Trance Music, Belly Dancing and the Minotaur
Prosecutor Says Evidence Proves Reiser Killed Wife
Reiser Prosecutor: ‘He’s Lying Through His Teeth’
Reiser Defense: Nina’s Death Hasn’t Been Proven
Jury Begins Deliberating In Resier Murder Trial
Jurors In Reiser Trial End Week Without Verdict
The Mystery of Missing Nina
Reiser Jurors Reach Verdict
Juror: Hans Reiser Planned the Murder, ‘Thought It Out’
Reiser Found Guilty Of Missing Wife’s Murder
Reiser Smiles As Sentencing Date Set; Appeal Vowed
The Chronicle’s Blog for Hans Reiser trial
News Archive: Nina Reiser murder

Hans Reiser in court


Breaking News: 3 people found shot to death in Little Village, IL home

3 Found Shot Dead In Little Village Home
3 found shot to death in Little Village house
3 apparently shot to death in Little Village
Police Suspect Drugs, Gang Activity In Little Village Shooting
3 shot, killed in S.W. Side

Iris Brown murder 1976 Burlington, VT *William Posey finally confesses to her murder*

                                                   Iris Brown

Ailing inmate’s confession solves 1976 murder
Confession solves 32-year-old murder
Alleged Killer Confesses to 1976 Murder
Inmate’s confession solves Vt. woman’s 1976 disappearance
Vermont; Iris Brown missing from Burlington in 1976
Federal Bureau of Prisons Inmate Information: William John Posey 01707-082

            William Posey

Breaking News: Murder-Suicide in Torrance, CA *Man shot and killed 2, wounded 1 then himself after being served a restraining order*

Cops: 3 Dead, 1 Wounded in Los Angeles Murder Suicide
2 Dead, 2 Wounded In Torrance Murder-Suicide
Police: 3 dead, 1 wounded in LA-area domestic murder-suicide
Three dead in Torrance murder-suicide

Update: Shymir Turner murder *mother, Asa Adams, convicted

Asa Adams Guilty in Death of Her Daughter
Verdict Reached in Asa Adams Trial

Gaetano ‘Tom’ Thomas Oteri murder 4/27/2008 Nashville, TN *Father of actress Cheri Oteri stabbed to death by roommate, Richard William Fagan*

                    Richard William Fagan

Songwriter Charged in Stabbing Death of Cheri Oteri’s Dad
Nashville songwriter charged in death of Cheri Oteri’s dad
Nashville songwriter charged in death of Cheri Oteri’s dad
Songwriter Arrested In Death Of Comic’s Dad
Man Arrested In Sunday’s Burgundy Hills Road Murder
Police Arrest Country Music Songwriter For Murder
Fagan bio and info
Inmate Information: FAGAN, RICHARD WILLIAM

Ann Fox Smith murder 4/25/2008 Aiken, SC *Middle school teacher stabbed multiple times*

      Ann Fox Smith

Aiken County Middle School Teacher Found Dead
UPDATE – Aiken Teacher Stabbed to Death
Aiken authorities investigating middle school teacher’s death
Aiken Teacher Stabbed To Death
Police: Kennedy Middle School Teacher’s Death Ruled A Homicide
Teacher was stabbed multiple times

Breaking News: Teen arrested for the shooting deaths of his family in Easley, SC

            153 Pine Lake Drive

Samuel Andrew Dickson Jr., 46 (father)
Martiza Hurtado Dickson, 46 (stepmother)
Melissa Giliam Salazar, 19 (stepsister)
Taylor Alex Dickson, 14 (brother)

Four bodies found at Easley home
Teen Arrested After 4 Family Members Found Dead at S.C. Home
Teen arrested after 4 family members found dead at SC home
Teen arrested after 4 family members slain
Son charged in 4 deaths
Neighbors ‘scared’ by killings
Deputies name “person of interest” in quadruple homicide

This Week on America’s Most Wanted

The NorCal Rapist: Since 1991, police believe that one man has been responsible for a series of sexual assaults on women in various Northern California communities. He’s been dubbed ‘The NorCal Rapist’ and since his last attack in October of 2006, cops have intensified the search for this serial predator.

The NorCal Rapist

Unknown Sean Aquitania Killer: On Sept. 14, 2007, Elk Grove School District bus driver, Cathy Snow, witnessed an unforgettable tragedy. At the end of her shift, a man ran along side her bus with a dying baby in his arms. He handed the child off to a stunned Snow, but it was too late…the 7-month-old baby’s injuries were far too severe. Now, authorities in Sacramento, Calif. are on the lookout for two men responsible for the murder of young Sean Aquitania Jr. who was injured during a home invasion robbery that also claimed his father’s life.

Unknown Sean Aquitania Killer

Maribel Vasquez: For months, accused madam Maribel Rodriguez Vasquez has eluded arrest by federal agents for the atrocious crimes of illegally importing young, innocent girls from Guatemala and forcing them into the brutal life of sexual servitude. Law enforcement officials recently bolstered their efforts to find Vasquez by naming her as one of the FBI’s Top Ten Fugitives in Los Angeles and they say that it is only a matter of time until she is captured.

Maribel Vasquez

Jurel Roberson: When three army buddies on leave from Iraq headed for a night out to a Tucson, Ariz. nightclub, it seemed like the perfect recipe for some much needed rest and relaxation. However, cops say one of the men chatted up a woman, and her boyfriend — Jurel Roberson — may have taken their conversation the wrong way. Hours later, police tell AMW that Roberson gunned down 25-year-old Army Spc. Robert Glenn and left another man wounded in a deadly drive-by shooting.

Jurel Roberson

Delbert Sampson: Delaware State Police are seeking information on the whereabouts of a convicted child molester, Delbert Duane Sampson, who they say bolted from the state after failing to register as a sex offender.

Delbert Sampson

Roger Day: Investigators for the Department of Defense are gunning for a con artist with a knack for intrigue. Agents say Roger Charles Day, Jr. may have faked his own death in an attempt to escape prosecution for defrauding the DOD out of $8.4 million in defense contracts.

Roger Day

Pedro Ortiz: A South Boston teen, expecting a fair fight, set out to settle a score in his Dorchester, Mass. neighborhood. But when he arrived, he was mobbed by six attackers ranging in age from 16 to nearly 30. What ensued was a savage beating in full public view.

Pedro Ortiz

Brianna Denison: One day after Reno authorities found female remains in an industrial area of southeast Reno, an autopsy has tragically confirmed that the body is that of Brianna Denison. Police say that Brianna was found in a vacant, undeveloped field about 8 miles from where the 19-year-old college student was last seen. The field had up until recently been covered in snow and cops believe that her body had been there for more than a week. The autopsy showed that Brianna had been strangled and now Reno authorities believe that they have a serial rapist on their hands since DNA evidence has linked Brianna’s case to three other incidents. The Denison family spoke with AMW today to urge the public to keep a watchful eye for clues leading to Brianna’s killer because “now we’re on a manhunt.”

Brianna Denison

A Special Visit From Arnold Schwarzenegger: AMW host John Walsh met recently with Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the Governor said he strongly believes in DNA database collection, both to convict the guilty and to exonerate the innocent.

A Special Visit From Arnold Schwarzenegger

Sopranos Star May Have Info About The 30-Year-Old Murder of Starlet — 48 Hours Mystery

Aspiring actress Christa Helm (L); Tony Sirico 30 years ago (C),
better known now as Paulie Walnuts from “The Sopranos” (R).




In 1977, aspiring actress Christa Helm, who appeared in television shows such as “Wonder Woman” and “Starsky and Hutch”, was found stabbed and bludgeoned to death in front of her agent’s house. Now, 31 years after the case went cold, Helm’s daughter and investigators sort through a twisted web of sex, celebrity and possible blackmail in the hopes of finally finding her killer.

Helm was the classic small-town girl with big Hollywood dreams. Armed with her model-looks, the seductive blond left Milwaukee, Wis., and her daughter, eventually making her way to Hollywood. A fixture in the L.A. party scene, Helm was rubbing elbows with the rich and famous. Never at a loss for male attention, she kept company with a who’s who of A-list actors and musicians including Warren Beatty, Jack Nicholson, Mick Jagger and even the Shah of Iran.

In what many suspect was groundwork for blackmail, Helm kept a diary and even tape recordings of her star-studded sexcapades, both of which mysteriously disappeared after her murder. But Helm’s sex life was not limited to celebrities. A special cold case squad recently uncovered a long string of boyfriends and girlfriends that Helm had left in her wake, sometimes having multiple affairs at the same time and possibly breeding jealousy among those involved.

With many of Helm’s friends now dead or missing, and other insiders refusing to talk, the case has hit numerous dead ends. Among those declining to speak with police is Tony Sirico, better known for his role as Paulie Walnuts on “The Sopranos”, who investigators believe may have some useful information.

Despite these obstacles, Helm’s daughter and authorities remain undeterred in their quest for answers. Was Helm in over her head, murdered to shut her up? Was she the victim of a jealous lover? Or, was this simply a case of robbery?

Maureen Maher reports on 48 HOURS MYSTERY: “The Last Take,” on Saturday, April 26 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. This broadcast is produced by Chuck Stevenson and Paul Ryan, and Anthony Venditti is the field producer. Judy Tygard is the senior producer and Al Briganti is the executive editor. Susan Zirinsky is the executive producer.

Editors’ Note: Click here to watch a preview of the broadcast. Click here to watch an excerpt of Christa Helm’s movie debut, “Let’s Go For Broke.”

CBS News 48 HOURS MYSTERY broadcasts are now available on iTunes.com.

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