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Dan Fryman murder 1/12/2004 Prospect, TN *Ex-wife, Donna Fryman, acquitted of murder as it was in self-defense*

Danny Fryman

Find-A-Grave: Melvin Daniel Fryman
Couple find contemporary furniture has local Pizazz
Jury Will Decide Whether Woman Murdered Ex-Husband Or Killed In Self Defense
Woman Acquitted In Ex-Husband’s Death
Woman found not guilty after shooting her X husband
Taylor woman convicted of murdering husband to be featured on TV show, ‘Snapped’
Facebook: Donna Fryman

Snapped: Donna Fryman
Hear No Evil: Death by Design

Donna Fryman


Deadly Neighbors: Kevin Lee Waggoner shot & killed his neighbor Michael Allan Woodby after a series of disagreements; Sentenced to 18 years in prison

Michael Woodby

Michael Andrew Woodby obituary
Man accused in bad-blood Union killing now faces first-degree murder charge
Search warrant for Waggoner property
Father, son indicted in TBI murder investigation
KCS security officer accused of shooting and killing neighbor appears in court
With one neighbor dead, records and video detail nasty Union Co. feud
Trial continues for former Knox County Schools security officer accused in deadly feud
New trial date set in Union County deadly feud
Son to Be Witness in Fatal Feud ; Man Charged with Killing Neighbor
Former Knox County security guard defends himself in murder trial
Man convicted of murder in deadly Union County feud
Jury convicts ex-Knox County Schools security officer Kevin Waggoner of second-degree murder
Union County man found guilty of murdering his neighbor
Kevin Lee Waggoner sentenced to 18 years for the 2013 murder of Michael Woodby
Kevin Lee Waggoner sentenced in shooting death of neighbor

Fear Thy Neighbor: Bang Goes The Neighborhood


TOMIS ID: 00569812
Birth Date: 08/05/1971
Race: W
Sex: M
Supervision Status: INCARCERATED
Location: NWCX
Sentence Begin: 07/30/2016
Sentence End: 05/14/2034
Parole Eligibility :
Parole Hearing:
Hearing Result:

Johnia Berry murder 12/6/2004 Knoxville, TN *Taylor Lee Olson charged with her murder; Hangs himself in jail; leaves letters suggesting another person involved*

Johnia Berry

Johnia Berry
Suspect arrested, charged in murder of Johnia Berry
Suspect arrested in murder of former ETSU student Johnia Berry
Johnia Berry’s Roommate Speaks Out
Trial Date Set for Johnia Berry Murder Suspect
Closing Memorandum: State v Olson
Statement from Noah Thomas Cox
Taylor Lee Olson’s suicide letters
Questions remain in Johnia Berry’s death
Johnia Berry Act Approved
Co-ed Johnia Berry, Dec. 6, 2004
Slain Student’s Mother ‘Very Upset’ Over Suspect’s Suicide

On The Case with Paula Zahn: Left in the Dark

Taylor Lee Olson

Monsters Among Us: Donnie Jones raped and killed Erika Megan Sharpton; Sentenced to LWOP

Erika Megan Sharpton

Erika Megan Sharpton obituary
‘Her name is Megan’: Mom wants people to know that murder victim was a person
Missing Tennessee Nursing Student`s Body Found
Woman found burning in Franklin County died of blunt force trauma
Megan Sharpton Murder Update: Arrests May Be Near
Suspect Charged in Death of Megan Sharpton
Suspect seeks to change plea in death of nursing student
Man Pleads Guilty To Megan Sharpton’s Murder
Jones pleads guilty in Sharpton murder
Man who killed Coffee County nursing student to spend rest of life behind bars
TN – Erika ‘Megan’ Sharpton, 24, raped & murdered, Tullahoma, 2 July 2012
Pain of daughter’s death too much for Tullahoma, Tenn., mom
Murder Comes to Town investigates tragedy of Megan Sharpton who was raped, burned and murdered

Murder Comes To Town: Answering The Call


TOMIS ID: 00232017
Birth Date: 04/27/1975
Race: W
Sex: M
Supervision Status: INCARCERATED
Location: TCIX
Sentence Begin: 02/04/2013
Sentence End:
Parole Eligibility :
Parole Hearing:
Hearing Result:

Psycho For Love: Paul Anthony Knight killed his wife, Pamela, and dumped her body in Loudon County; Sentenced to 16 years in prison (no parole), to be served after he finishes his 25 year federal prison term

Pamela Knight

Pamela Kay Banks-Knight obituary
Pamela Knight’s son reflects on his mom’s life and death.
Paul Knight, Pamela Knight (GREAT article)
Suspect in the Pamela Knight murder case
Husband indicted in 2005 murder of wife
Husband of Pamela Knight, who disappeared in 2005, pleads to murder
Paul Knight admits killing wife who went missing for more than six years
TN – Pamela Knight, 35, Knoxville, 26 Oct 2005

Who Killed Jane Doe?: Her Whispering Bones


Register Number: 31975-074
Age: 45
Race: White
Sex: Male
Located at: Coleman I USP
Release Date: 01/31/2022

Murder In The Family: Joel Michael Guy Jr charged with killing his parents, Joel and Lisa Guy, and trying to dissolve their bodies in acid

dv awareness

Lisa and Joel Guy

Knox sheriff: Son dismembered, dissolved parents in acid
Baton Rouge man accused of killing, dismembering parents in ‘gruesome’ Tennessee slaying
Man accused of dismembering parents during Thanksgiving visit to Knoxville
Man charged with murdering parents
He was fine at Thanksgiving, his sisters said. But now he is accused of dismembering their parents
Joel Guy: Why He Mutilated, Dissolve His Parents in Acid
New details uncovered from case against man accused of dismembering parents
New info revealed in warrant for Baton Rouge man accused of dismembering parents in Tennessee
Man charged with murdering parents being brought back to Knox County
BR man suspected in Tennessee parents’ dismembering ordered sent back to that state




Deadly Wives: Susan Jo Walls, along with her daughter Dawn, got 2 friends to kill her husband, Larry Wells

dv awareness

Larry Walls Sr

Find-A-Grave: Larry Alan Walls Sr
Larry Walls Sr obituary
Four arrested in Walls murder
The price of a life: Wife, daughter charged in Walls murder
Murder was ‘quite cheap’; $400 payment, now $1 million bonds
Gearhardt pleads guilty to reduced murder charge
Walls trial opens
Call could have spared Walls’ life; TBI says abuse a factor in murder
Another Walls daughter testifies against mother
Wife convicted in plot to murder husband
Walls found guilty
Bedford County Woman Found Guilty for Plotting to Kill Husband
Walls faces life in prison
Four arrested for Bedford Co. murder
Walls gets new trial
State of Tennessee v Susan Jo Walls 2016 (conviction overturned)

Snapped: Susan Walls

Susan Jo Walls – convicted, sentenced to life in prison; Conviction overturned 4/2016
Dawn Walls – pled guilty, sentenced to 21 years in prison
Sean Gearhardt – pled guilty, sentenced to 25 years in prison
Jason Starrick – pled guilty, sentenced to 51 years in prison



TOMIS ID: 00536798
Birth Date: 09/06/1957
Race: W
Sex: F
Supervision Status: INCARCERATED
Location: TPFW
Sentence Begin: 08/12/2012
Sentence End:
Parole Eligibility : 11/27/2070
Parole Hearing:
Hearing Result:



TOMIS ID: 00547993
Birth Date: 10/07/1984
Race: W
Sex: F
Supervision Status: INCARCERATED
Location: WTSP
Sentence Begin: 08/12/2012
Sentence End: 09/11/2033
Parole Eligibility : 05/04/2015
Parole Hearing: 09/2018
Hearing Result:



TOMIS ID: 00547804
Birth Date: 09/05/1992
Race: W
Sex: M
Supervision Status: INCARCERATED
Location: MCCX
Sentence Begin: 08/10/2012
Sentence End: 01/13/2036
Parole Eligibility : 05/26/2020
Parole Hearing:
Hearing Result:



TOMIS ID: 00514185
Birth Date: 02/10/1987
Race: W
Sex: M
Supervision Status: INCARCERATED
Location: NWCX
Sentence Begin: 11/19/2012
Sentence End:
Parole Eligibility : 04/01/2071
Parole Hearing:
Hearing Result:

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