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Psycho For Love: Ygor Arrudasouza charged with killing his transgender wife, Yunieski Carey Herrera

Yunieski Carey Herrera

HRC Mourns Yunieski Carey Herrera, Trans Latina Killed in Miami
Well-Known South Florida Transgender Woman Stabbed to Death by Husband: Police
Transgender Beauty Queen Is Allegedly Stabbed to Death by Husband in Their Miami High-Rise
Man confesses to killing ‘Yuni’ Carey in fit of jealous rage, police say
Transgender woman murdered in Miami
Transgender beauty queen allegedly stabbed to death by husband in Miami condo
Husband Kills Transgender Wife: Police (video)


Transgender Murder: Bree “Nuk” Black murder 7/06/2020 *Shot multiple times by her home, no suspect yet*

Bree “Nuk” Black

Authorities search for shooter in murder of transgender woman
‘Epidemic’: 5 more black transgender women found dead in past month alone, activists say
HRC Mourns Bree Black, Black Trans Woman Killed in Florida
Protesters mourn the killing of a Black transgender woman in Pompano Beach
Weeks After Transgender Woman Murdered, Broward Detectives Still Seeking Tips
Transgender woman shot, killed in Pompano Beach
Authorities search for shooter
Sheriff: Silence is standing in the way of ‘Justice for Bree’
gofundme: Bree Black

Update: Cemia “Ce Ce” Dove murder *Andrey L. Bridges convicted of her murder, sentenced to 15 years to life in prison*

Cemia “Ce Ce” Dove

Cemia “Ce Ce Dove” Acoff Dove murder 3/27/2013 Olmsted Township, OH *Victim found stabbed to death, no suspects in custody*
Cece Dove, Andrey Bridges: ‘Swamp Murders’—Missing Transgender Fatal Attraction Story Airs, Did Ohio Man Think ‘Cemia’ Was A Real Woman? (GREAT article)
Parma Man Charged with Murder of Transgender Woman Cemia Dove
Accused Killer of Cleveland Trans Woman Appears in Court, Makes No Plea
Andrey Bridges looked “crazy” the day of stabbing death in Olmsted Twp., witnesses say
Jury convicts Andrey Bridges of stabbing to death Cemia “Ce Ce” Dove
Andrey Bridges sentenced to life in prison in stabbing death of transgender woman
Andrey Bridges gets life in prison for murder of CeCe Dove
OH – Cemia Dove, 20, transgender, murdered, Cleveland, 27 March 2013
Cemia ‘CeCe’ Dove, Carl Acoff: Transgender woman’s pond murder on TV One tonight (GREAT article)

Fatal Attraction: Deadly Secret
Swamp Murders: Double-Crossed


Number A650493
DOB 12/06/1976
Gender Male
Race Other
Admission Date 11/20/2013
Institution Lake Erie Correctional Institution

Monsters Among Us: Dwanya Porche Hickerson stabbd Dee Whigham 119 times after finding out she was a transgender; Sentenced to 40 years in prison

Dee Whigham

Sheriff: Navy seaman accused of robbing, stabbing transgender woman
Miss. Nurse Dee Whigham Becomes 16th Trans Person Murdered in 2016
Dee Whigham, transgender Mississippi woman, killed after being stabbed in the face
Suspect in custody, charged with capital murder in St. Martin motel slaying
Navy sailor pleads not guilty in transgender woman’s stabbing death
Murderer of trans woman Dee Whigham sentenced to 40 years
Man sentenced for stabbing date 119 times after learning she was trans
Sailor pleads guilty to transgender woman’s brutal murder
She was stabbed 190 times, and her killer got a plea deal. The DA explains why.

Dwayna Hickerson

Mesha Caldwell murder 1/4/2017 Madison County, MS *First homicide of a transgender person so far this year; No suspects yet*

Mesha Caldwell

Sheriff investigates death of transgender woman
Coroner identifies body found in Madison County; Homicide investigation underway
Group: Nation’s 1st transgender killing of 2017 in Miss.
Mesha Caldwell: Mississippi woman is the first US transgender person reported killed in 2017
One week into 2017, Mississippi reports year’s first transgender murder
Coroner: Transgender woman shot multiple times
Mesha Caldwell of Mississippi May Be 2017’s First Transgender Victim of Homicide

This Day in History: Humboldt Triple Homicide – Brandon Teena, Phillip DeVine & Lisa Lambert murder 12/31/1993 Humboldt, NE

3 Humboldt victims

Brandon Teena/Teena Renae Brandon, 21
Phillip DeVine, 22
Lisa Lambert, 24

Find-A-Grave: Lisa Marie Lambert
Find-A-Grave: Brandon Teena
Find-A-Grave: Phillip DeVine
The Humboldt Murders
Woman Who Posed As a Man Is Found Slain With 2 Others
Cross-Dresser Killed Two Weeks After Town Learned Her True Identity
Brandon Teena murder trial 1995
Wikipedia: Brandon Teena
Reel Faces
Nissen: ‘I am the person who shot and stabbed Teena Brandon’
Brandon Teena: Anatomy of A Murder
John L. Lotter v Robert Houston, Warden 2011 (habeas corpus denied)
Federal judge calls John Lotter’s death penalty challenge ‘meritless’
Man on death row in ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ case is engaged to be married
Murderpedia: John Lotter

house where the murders took place

All She Wanted

Boys Don’t Cry
The Brandon Teena Story
American Justice: The Life and Death of Teena Brandon

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