2007 October: Domestic Violence

This month I will be concentrating on Domestic Violence, since October is National Domestic Violence Awareness month.

Three Landmark Cases on Domestic Violence:
This Day in History: Claire Joyce Tempongko murder 10/22/2000 San Francisco, CA

Maria Teresa Macias murder 4/15/96 Sonoma, CA *a landmark case for domestic violence victims*

Thurman case to be featured on Court TV

Some Domestic Violence Links

Wikipedia: Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence.org
National Coalition Against Domestic Violence Website
The National Domestic Violence Hotline
Home Sweet Home (THE best blog on domestic violence)


2 Responses

  1. Great resource for women of DV, wish we cure them from going back, again..
    Thats the said part.
    Mine in the death of his{my abuser}life, as I watched him just shot and feeling…..Thanks god, but that was just the night of 1999, I developed PTSD and it effects me every day of my life, suppressing and use alcohol of many pills, nothing could help me escape. Till I entered a hospital and had 58 days of full therapy, I am now set free from his night of horror and my Deputy, whom saved my life as my abuser/attacker stood over me with a gun in my face, he was ordered to put it down.at which time the abuser turned the gun of the deputy and the deputy shoot him 2 feet next to me as I laid on the ground all soaked in blood.
    Please ladies get some help please

    This an awesome website and I am glad to vent here, and if I was allowed I’d leave how to contact me, if your needing someone just to talk to.
    Many thanks for this site


  2. Hi My name is Elana. Last year, for about a year or more my husband would lock me in the closet for hours at a time. I would try to leave the house because of the mental and physical abuse he would inflict on me. My son that was 15 at the time witnessed this throughout the year, my younger sons would huddle in my oldest son’s bedroom. I filed a police report on the anniversary of the last time he locked my in the closet. The detective wondered why I didn’t report it sooner. I was too afraid. Help


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