Psycho For Love: Richard Darren Emery killed his girlfriend, her children and her mother; Sentenced to death

Jane Moeckel, 61
Kate Kasten, 39
Zoe Kasten, 8
Jonathan Kasten, 10

Find-A-Grave: Jane Mary Campbell Moeckel
Find-A-Grave: Kate Elizabeth Moeckel Kasten
Find-A-Grave: Jonathan Douglas Kasten
Find-A-Grave: Zoe Jane Kasten
Mother, 2 children, grandmother killed in quadruple homicide in St. Charles, mom’s boyfriend charged
Dad of woman killed with young daughters, mom says boyfriend seemed nice
Missouri man could face death penalty for killing family
Prosecutors seek death penalty for man charged of killing 4 people in December 2018
Prosecutors: St. Charles man on trial for killing 2 women, 2 children ‘had a plan’
‘It was all my fault!’ – Richard Emery acknowledges killing St. Charles family
Richard Emery, accused of quadruple homicide, takes stand in trial
Richard Emery testifies in quadruple murder trial
St. Charles jury finds Richard Emery guilty of first-degree murder, penalty phase next
Jury finds man guilty of first-degree murder in killing of St. Charles family
Richard Emery convicted in deaths of St. Charles Co. family
Parents of Richard Emery’s victims take the stand as the jury chooses punishment
.3Jury recommends death sentence for St. Charles man found guilty of murdering his girlfriend, her family
Richard Emery formally sentenced for St. Charles quadruple murder
Judge sentences Richard Emery to death for 2018 quadruple murder


Custody Status:In Custody
Location:St Charles County Jail
Contact Facility:
Offender ID:2018122581
Date of Birth:02/26/1972
Additional Information:


Psycho For Love: Jason Flett killed his ex-girlfriend, Ramona Childress; Sentenced to 45 years in prison

Ramona Childress

Man arrested for missing woman’s killing
Human remains identified as belonging to Ramona Childress
Who was involved in the killing of Ramona Childress?
Court docs: Man who helped accused killer ‘afraid’ of Jason Flett
Jury convicts Jason Flett of ex-girlfriend’s murder
Spokane man convicted of murder in ex-girlfriend’s stabbing death
Flett gets 45 years for Childress killing
Convicted murderer Jason Flett sentenced
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Age 36
Gender Male
Race American Indian/Alaska Native

Ethnicity Unknown
Date of Birth May 25, 1986
ID Number 890020
Custody Status Date May 20, 2019 10:48 AM PDT
Custody Status In Custody
Custody Detail Monroe Correctional Complex
Book Date Oct 30, 2014 12:00 AM PDT

Monroe Correctional Complex

Serial Murders: Gypsy Hill killings and The San Mateo Slasher – Rodney Halbower

Veronica “Ronnie” Cascio, 18 [1/8/1976 San Mateo County, CA]
Tatiana Marie “Tanya” Blackwell, 14 [6/6/1976 [Pacific, CA]
Paula Louise Baxter, 17 [2/4/1976 Millbrae, CA]
Carol Lee Booth, 26 [3/15/1976 Colma, CA]
Denise Lampe, 19 [4/1/1976 Daly City, CA]
Michelle Mitchell,

Find-A-Grave: Veronica Ann “Ronnie” Cascio
Find-A-Grave: Tatiana Marie “Tanya” Blackwell
Find-A-Grave: Paula Louise Baxter
Find-A-Grave: Carol Lee “Beedy” Chapin Booth
Find-A-Grave: Denise Lynn Lampe
Wikipedia: Gypsy Hill killings
FBI links Peninsula cold case murders to Reno killing in 1976
Suspect, 71, charged in ‘Gypsy Hill’ cold-case killing of Denise Lampe
Alleged Gypsy Hill Killer gets two life sentences in raucous hearing
Man Convicted In ‘Gypsy Hill’ Killings Sentenced To Life In Prison
‘Gypsy Hill Killer’ convicted of murdering, raping two teens in 1976
Wikipedia: Gypsy Hill killings
Wikipedia: Rodney Halbower
Where Is Rodney Halbower Now?
10 Disturbing Facts Of The Gypsy Hill Murders

Rodney Halbower: The Gypsy Hill Killer

On the Case with Paula Zahn: Crime and Injustice



Pervert Alley: Dawan Fergusun, who was recently convicted of killing his 9-year-old special needs son, has been found guilty on several sex charges, including impregnating at least one young relative

St. Louis County jury deliberated for three hours before finding Ferguson guilty of sex crimes
Child Murderer Dawan Ferguson Found Guilty of Child Molestation
Missouri Man Who Killed Special Needs Son Convicted of Raping Minor Family Member After Claiming She Impregnated Herself with His Used Condom
Missouri Man Who Killed Disabled Son Now Guilty Of Repeatedly Raping, Molesting Stepdaughters
Dawan Ferguson found guilty of child sex crimes
Man who murdered disabled son convicted of raping child relatives, one got pregnant
Judge Hands Convicted Child Rapist Another Life Sentence, This Time for Murder of Special Needs Son
Fathers From Hell: Dawan Ferguson killed his special needs son, 9-year-old Christian; Sentenced to LWOP


Custody Status:In Custody
Location:St Louis County Jail
Race:African American
Contact Facility:
Offender ID:C362143
Date of Birth:03/18/1973
Additional Information:

Monsters Among Us: Arthur Levan Williamson charged with the hammer murder of his friend, Jim (Matthews) Nicolai, and the attack on his family

Jim Nicolai

Jim (Matthews) Nicolai, 57
Nicole Guertin, 35
Hunter Nicolai, 10
Rosie Nicolai, 5

James David Nicolai obituary
‘It’s not even something you’d see in a horror movie,’: Chesterfield murder victim’s brother describes tragedy
Detroit radio anchor killed in attack; 4 others injured
‘Endearing’ Detroit Radio Host, ‘Wonderful Dad’ Bludgeoned To Death With Hammer
Michigan Radio News Anchor Killed in Attack the Left Girlfriend and Daughter Wounded and 10-Year-Old Son Beaten, Bound, and Locked in Closet: Police
‘A family man’ WWJ anchor killed, his girlfriend & 2 kids injured in Chesterfield attack
Michigan Radio News Anchor Jim Matthews Killed in an Attack at Home Leaving 3 of His Family Members Injured
‘Not Even Something You’d See in a Horror Movie’: Gruesome Details Emerge in Attack that Left Michigan News Anchor Dead and His Family Hospitalized
Police: Chesterfield murder suspect in killing of WWJ anchor and attacked family, was invited guest
Man charged after Detroit radio news anchor killed, woman and 2 kids injured
Detroit radio anchor killed in attack; 4 others injured
Police find Michigan radio anchor dead, kids injured, suspected killer overdosed: officials
Suspect arraigned in radio anchor’s fatal Macomb County stabbing
Suspect facing murder charges after WWJ anchor killed, woman and children hurt in Chesterfield Township
Suspect in killing of WWJ anchor and attack on his family has 30-year criminal history
gofundme: Helping some kids…


Deadly Duo: Benjamin Lopez and Deangelo Gill viciously killed 73-year-old Laraine Pizzichemi, who was recovering from cancer, was hacked to death with a machete as revenge to her grandson

Laraine Pizzichemi

Laraine Pizzichemi obituary
Find-A-Grave: Laraine Pizzichemi
Arrests made after grandmother dead, grandson wounded inside Levittown home
Police: Long Island Grandmother Stabbed To Death In Revenge Plot Against Grandson
Levittown Man Sentenced For ‘Ruthless’ Machete Killing Of 73-Year-Old Grandmother
Levittown Man Sentenced to Life Without Parole for Brutal Machete Murder of 73 Year-Old Woman
Man Who ‘Hacked’ Cancer-Stricken Grandmother to Death with Machete During Home Invasion Is Sentenced to Prison

Benjamin Lopez – convicted, sentenced to LWOP
Deangelo Gill – pled guilty, sentenced to 17 years to life in prison


Age 28
Gender Male
Race Unknown

Ethnicity Hispanic
Date of Birth Sep 08, 1994
ID Number 2017090115
Custody Status Date Sep 14, 2017 05:09 PM EDT
Custody Status In Custody
Custody Detail Nassau County Correctional Center
Book Date Sep 14, 2017 04:58 PM EDT

Nassau County Correctional Center
100 Carman Avenue
East Meadow, NY 11554
(516) 572-4200


DIN: 19A4564
Race/Ethnicity: WHITE
Date of Birth: 08/14/1998
(age): 24 years old
Custody Status: IN CUSTODY
Housing / Releasing Facility: CLINTON
County of Commitment: NASSAU
Date Received (original): 12/23/2019
Date Received (current): 12/23/2019
Admission Type: NEW COMMITMENT
Latest Release Date / Type (Released Only):

Crimes of Conviction

Class A1

Class B

Sentence Terms and Release Dates
Under certain circumstances, an incarcerated may be released prior to serving their minimum term and before the earliest release date shown for the individual. As of 09/27/2022
Aggregate Minimum Sentence
17 Years, 0 Months, 0 Days
Aggregate Maximum Sentence LIFE
Earliest Release Date 09/11/2034
Parole Interview Date 05/2034
Parole Eligibility Date 09/11/2034
Conditional Release Date NONE
Maximum Expiration Date LIFE
Maximum Expiration Date for Parole Supervision
Post Release Supervision Maximum Expiration Date
Parole Board Discharge Date

Update: Cathleen Krauseneck murder *Husband, James Krauseneck convicted of her 1982 murder; Sentenced to years to life in prison*

Cathleen Krauseneck

Cold Case: James Krauseneck Jr charged with the ax handle murder of his wife, Cathleen; Trial has begun *The Brighton Ax Murders*
Brighton neighborhood remembers Krauseneck murder
The Brighton ax murder
Trial Begins For Upstate New York Man Accused Of Wife’s 1982 Ax Murder
Brighton Ax Murder Trial: James Krauseneck left town 24 hours after his wife was murdered in her bed
Closing arguments in the Brighton ax murder trial
James Krauseneck found guilty in Brighton ax murder trial
Jury convicts James Krauseneck of 1982 murder of his wife in Brighton
Man Found Guilty of 1982 Ax Murder of His Wife After the Case Went Unsolved for Nearly 40 Years
Former Professor Convicted in 1982 Murder of Wife Who Died from a ‘Strike in the Head with an Ax While She Slept’
Husband Found Guilty 40 Years After Murdering His Wife With an Axe
‘There was no reasonable doubt’: Juror in ax murder trial speaks on guilty verdict
Krauseneck receives maximum sentence for 1982 Brighton ax murder
NY man, 70, sentenced for using ax to murder his wife 40 years ago
‘Brighton Ax Murder’ Case that Inspired Horror Film Reaches Dramatic Conclusion: Judge Admonishes Condemned Man While Daughter Professes Father’s Innocence


Boyfriends From Hell: Mark Allen Vanderhoof, convicted sex offender, killed his girlfriend’s son, Dennis Young

Dennis James Young

Find-A-Grave: Dennis James “Bubba” Young
Man faces murder charge in boy’s death
Boyfriend arraigned in death of 2-year-old boy
Man found guilty for murder of 2-year-old
Oregon toddler might still be alive if predatory sex offender had been on public website: lawsuit
PenPal Requests

Shattered Lives: The story of Dennis Young


1977 Seaside Cottage murders: Harold Arnold Bicknell killed his grandmother, aunt, and 2 cousins after become angry that he had gotten a 14-year-old girl pregnant; Sentenced to life in prison

Josephine G. Smith, 66
Suzanne ‘Susan’ Harris, 27
Loreen Rene Ferguson, 15
Rachel Harris, 6
Rayleen Ferguson (survived)

Find-A-Grave: Josephine G. Smith
Find-A-Grave: Suzanne Harris
Find-A-Grave: Loreen Rene Ferguson
Find-A-Grave: Rachel Harris
Police hunt murder suspect
Police puzzled by knife slaying of four
Dropout jailed in knife deaths
Girlfriend found guilty of slaying
Board of Parole grants release to inmate who slaughtered 4 members of his family in 1977
Board OK’s parole for man who killed his grandmother, cousins, aunt in Seaside
Convicted Killer Harold Bicknell’s Parole Rescinded; Killed Grandmother, Cousins, Aunt In 1977 Seaside Mass Slaying
Murder in the Seaside cottage (very good article)
The Seaside Murders: 4 Females from 3 Generations in 1 Family, 1977 (great historical crime site)

Harold Arnold Bicknell – convicted, sentenced to life in prison
Terri Marie Milligan – convicted in juvenile court of murder,
Karen Kirby – convicted in juvenile court of accessory,


CDCR Number B94325
Age 64
Admission Date 06/20/1978
Current Location California Correctional Institution
Parole Eligible Date (Month/Year) 10/1983
The Parole Eligible Date displayed above is subject to change.

The parole eligible date shown above is the first date the inmate is (or was) eligible for a parole suitability hearing by the Board of Parole Hearings to determine if the inmate should be released. Inmates may earn credits for participating in rehabilitative programming, which may move their parole eligible dates to an earlier date. Inmates could also be found guilty of an institutional rules violation, which could result in a loss of credits that may move their parole eligible dates further into the future. Parole eligible dates may also change based on a variety of other reasons, including court orders, changes in law, and routine audits. Parole eligible dates displayed on this website are updated regularly.

Deadly Women: Jessica Lavon McBride killed her friend, Tracy Elaine Russell, over an argument about food stamps

Tracy Elaine Russell

Tracy Russell, 49
Victim identified in north Tulsa murder and arson, suspect arrested
Oakhurst woman admits to 2019 strangulation death
Tulsa woman admits to murder, attempting to light the victim’s body on fire
Defendant Admits to Killing a Woman and Attempting to Set a Fire to Conceal the Crime
Oklahoma Woman Admits Strangling Female Housemate to Death During Fight About Food Stamps and Trying to Burn the Body on Two Different Days

The First 48: The Price of Kindness


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