Breaking News: Huge Mafia Takedown *62 Gangsters Indicted*


Arrested or Still Wanted
Nicholas “Little Nick” Corozzo
Joseph “Jo Jo”/”Miserable” Corozzo
Vincent “Elmo” Amarante
John “Jackie the Nose” D’Amico
Thomas “Tommy Sneakers” Cacciopoli
Vincent “Vinnie Hot” Decongilio
Domenico “The Greaseball”/”Dom from 18th Avenue” Cefalu
Charles “Charlie Canig” Carneglia
Richard “Fat Richie” Ranieri
Leonard “The Conductor” DiMara
Ernest “Eyes” Grillo; Vincent “Skinny” Dragonetti
Angelo “Little Ang” Ruggiero Jr.
Mario “Lanza” Cassarino

Charles (Charlie Canig) Carneglia charged with the following murders:
Albert Geilb, shot dead in 1976 four days before he was to testify against Carneglia
Michael Cotillo, who was stabbed to death on Nov.6, 1977, in a fight in Queens.
Salvatore Puma, who was stabbed in a fight over money on on July 29, 1983.
Gambino soldier Louis DiBono in a parking garage of the World Trade Center on the orders of John Gotti.
Armored car driver Jose Rivera during a Kennedy Airport heist in 1990.

Nicholas Corozzo is charged with ordering the murder of Luchese crime associate Robert Arena and unintended victim Thomas Maranga in Brooklyn in 1996.

FBI Press Release
Feds bust Gambino bigs (has good information)
Gambinos’ greed their undoing
Informant in Mob Case Had Power, and a Wire
In Big Mob Sweep, Gambino Leaders Are Indicted
The Gambino crime family is dealt another crippling blow
Feds: New Charges in 7 Old Mob Killings
Gambino Family Goes Down in Feds’ Mafia Sweep
Turncoat taped Gambinos for Feds
FBI’s Gambino informant skips town, leaving pregnant wife in the dark
After Raid, New Leaders May Emerge in Mob Family
Mob lowlife Charles Carneglia charged in hero’s 1976 murder

charles-charlie-canig-carneglia-and-joseph-jojo-corozzo.jpg jackie-nose.jpg  nicholas-corozzo.jpg  joseph-vollaro.jpg

Pictured (left to right)
Charlie Carneglia, Joseph Corozzo, Jackie the Nose, Nicholas Corozzo, Joseph Vollaro

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