Dunce’s Corner: Shane Roy Gillette killed Julie Ann Jorgenson in a fiery car crash he caused after indulging in illegal drugs in 2011; Sentenced to 10 years in prison

Julie Ann Jorgenson

Julie Jorgenson obituary
Find-A-Grave: Julie Ann Jorgenson
Man arrested in death of woman in fiery Salt Lake crash
Man arrested in death of woman in fiery Salt Lake crash
Utah man to be tried for allegedly causing fiery crash
Man gets up to 10 years in prison for fiery, fatal downtown crash
Man sentenced to prison for fiery, fatal downtown wreck
Utah man who caused deadly, fiery crash sentenced to prison
Man once called ‘time bomb’ asks for parole in 2011 death of woman
Tooele man once called a ‘time bomb’ broke into man’s house, assaulted him, charges say
Tooele man who killed woman in DUI crash, arrested again for assault

Shane Roy Gillette


Monsters Among Us: Geovanni Borjas raped and killed Michelle Lozano and Bree’Anna Guzman then dumped their bodies next to the freeways; Sentenced to LWOP

Michelle Lozano, 17 [4/25/2011]
Bree’Anna Guzman, 22 [12/26/2011]

Find-A-Grave: Michelle Lozano
Find-A-Grave: Bree’Anna Jovette Guzman
The Homicide Report: Michelle Lozano, 17
The Homicide Report: Bree’Anna Guzman, 22
Man accused of murdering two Lincoln Heights women will no longer face the death penalty
Man Pleads to Murdering Teen Girl, Young Woman in Los Angeles
Torrance Man Pleads No Contest to Murder and Rape in 2011 Killings
Man pleads no contest to rape, murder of teen, woman in 2011; dumping their bodies along LA freeways
DNA Ties California Man To 2011 Killings Of Teen And Woman Whose Bodies Were Dumped By L.A. Freeways
Man pleads no contest to murdering and raping women found dumped near L.A. freeways
Man sentenced to life for rape, murder of teen girl and young woman in Los Angeles
After DNA Obtained from Spit on California Sidewalk, Man Faces Life in Prison for 2011 Rapes and Murders of Teen Girl and Young Woman
‘Monster’ Who Raped and Killed Teen and Young Woman in 2011 Sentenced to Prison After Spit on Sidewalk Links Him to LA Murders


Boyfriends From Hell: Mark Allen Vanderhoof, convicted sex offender, killed his girlfriend’s son, Dennis Young

Dennis James Young

Find-A-Grave: Dennis James “Bubba” Young
Man faces murder charge in boy’s death
Boyfriend arraigned in death of 2-year-old boy
Man found guilty for murder of 2-year-old
Oregon toddler might still be alive if predatory sex offender had been on public website: lawsuit
PenPal Requests

Shattered Lives: The story of Dennis Young


Psycho For Love: Henry Hickman beat his wife, Cynthia, to death with a baseball bat; Sentenced to 40 years in prison

Find-A-Grave: Cynthia Moreland Hickman
Brooklyn Park man accused of beating wife to death with bat
Man Accused Of Killing Wife With Baseball Bat
Henry Hickman beat wife to death, set house on fire with his kids inside
Chilling call announced Brooklyn Park woman’s murder
Cynthia Hickman
Chilling call announced Brooklyn Park woman’s murder
Hickman pleads guilty to beating his wife to death in their Brooklyn Park home in February 2011
Hickman gets 40 years for brutal murder


Monsters Among Us: Rogelio Diaz Jr robbed and killed 69-year-old Evelynne Derricott with a hammer; Sentenced to 6 years to life in prison

Evelynne Derricott
Evelynne Derricott

Find-A-Grave: Evelynne Karen Williams Derricott
Elderly Tooele woman’s death ruled homicide
Elderly Tooele woman’s death ruled a homicide
Tooele police searching for suspect(s) who killed an elderly woman
Police seek leads in Tooele slaying
Man arrested in 2011 hammer beating death of Tooele woman
Man arrested in 2011 hammer beating death of Tooele woman
Tooele City police make arrest in 2011 murder of Evelynne Derricott
DNA evidence contributes to new arrest in 2011 murder in Tooele County
Police arrest suspect in brutal 2011 hammer death of Utah woman
DNA match helps nab suspect in 2011 murder of Tooele woman
WVC man charged with 2011 killing, thanks to rarely used DNA test
Charges filed in brutal 2011 hammer death of Utah woman
DNA match helps nab suspect in 2011 murder of Tooele woman
The Justice Files: Evelyn Derricott’s killer confesses
Burglar headed to prison after DNA on hammer linked Utah man to 2011 killing
Evelynne Derricott Murder: Where is Rogelio Diaz Jr Now?

DNA: ID: Evelynne Derricott

On the Case with Paula Zahn: Hammer and Dust
Boodline Detectives: A Life Stolen


Offender Number: 246472
Offender Name: ROGELIO DIAZ
DOB: Wed, 16 Dec 1992
Height: 4 Feet 11 Inches
Weight: 128
Sex: M
Housing Facility: CUCF BOULDER
Parole Hearing: 05/2033
Parole Date: N/A

Boyfriends From Hell: Leo Ackley killed his girlfriend’s 3-year-old daughter, Baylee Stenman

Baylee Stenman

Baylee Nicole Stenman obituary
Find-A-Grave: Baylee Nicole Stenman-Jeanette
Facebook: Baylee Nicole Stenman-Jeanette
Southwest Michigan Links: Life sentence for Battle Creek man
Michigan Supreme Court Taking Case Of Man Convicted In 3-Year-Old Girl’s Death
MI Supreme Court now set to hear convicted child killer’s case
Judge orders new trial for Battle Creek man convicted of killing his girlfriend’s 3-year-old daughter
Michigan Supreme Court Overturns Murder Conviction In Child’s Death
Retrial begins in death of 3-year-old Baylee Stenman
Another emotional day of testimony at re-trial for Leo Ackley
Battle Creek man convicted in retrial in child’s death
Leo Ackley again sentenced to life in prison
Battle Creek man sentenced to life in prison for death of young girl
No new trial for Battle Creek man convicted of killing his girlfriend’s 3-year-old daughter
Battle Creek man denied third trial in child’s murder


Mothers From Hell: Julianne McCrery suffocated her 6-year-old son, Camden Pierce Hughes’ Sentenced to 45years to life in prison_

Camden Pierce Hughes

Police Seek Identity Of Child Found Dead
Memorial Being Held In Support Of Child Found Dead
Video clips of `blue-eyed angel’
Police: Woman In Custody In Boy’s Death Hospitalized
Boy In Maine Mystery Identified As Camden Pierce Hughes
Mother Faces Murder Charge In NH
Texas Mother Charged With Murder In Death Of Son In NH
Attorney: Mom wants to be in ‘heaven’ with son
Julianne McCrery: A portrait of wild, angry, doting parent emerges
Dead boy’s grandmother thanks community
Family To Claim Camden Hughes Body
Julianne McCrery pleads guilty in death of young son
Mother who smothered son gives emotion-filled statement: Sentenced to 45 years to life
Murderpedia: Julianne McCrery


Cold Case: Benjamin Wade Moulton charged with the rape and murder of Nicole Rose Scott, after he went to the sheriff’s office to confess

Nicole Rose Scott

Find-A-Grave: Nicole Rose Scott
Facebook: Nicole Rose Scott Memorial Page “Nikki”
Slain woman’s past includes foster homes, drugs, rehab
Man Confesses to Killing Florida Woman a Decade Ago: Sheriff
Man confesses to killing Nicole Rose Scott in 2011, saying he “couldn’t live with the guilt”
Florida man walks into police station, confesses to woman’s unsolved 2011 murder, cops say
Florida Man Who Confessed To 2011 Cold Case Killing Says He ‘Couldn’t Live With The Guilt’
Florida Man Who ‘Found Jehovah’ Confesses to Decade-Old Murder Because He ‘Couldn’t Live With the Guilt’: Sheriff
Florida Man Confesses to Murdering Woman in 2011, Told Cops He ‘Couldn’t Live With the Guilt’
FL – Nicole Rose Scott, 29, murdered, Sarasota, Dec 2011 *Man Confesses in 2021*


Dunce’s Corner: Thomas Randall Ainsworth sentenced to 45 years in prison after killing 18-month-old Colum Jacob Pack in a DUI crash

Colum Pack

Find-A-Grave: Colum Jacob Pack
Causing deadly crash gets man up to 45 years in prison as 2 families mourn
Utah man gets prison for causing fatal Christmas Eve crash
Utah high court reinstates prison sentence for driver in toddler’s DUI death
Utah high court reinstates prison sentence for driver in toddler’s DUI death
Thomas Randall Ainsworth v Warden Benzon 2021 (habeas corpus denied)


Offender Number: 123835
DOB: Sun, 30 Sep 1956
Height: 5 Feet 9 Inches
Weight: 209
Sex: M
Housing Facility: OQUIRRH
Parole Hearing: 03/01/2027
Parole Date: N/A

Monsters Among Us: Michael Joe Rice beat his 81-year-old mother, Ruth Rice, and raped her; Sentenced to 45 years in federal prison and LWOP state

Ruth Miller Rice obituary
Find-A-Grave: Ruth Miller Rice
OSBI Agents Investigate Possible Murder of Ruth Rice
Son Arrested in Rice Murder (and Rape)
Man charged in mother’s killing
Michael Rice DNA Recovered from Ruth Rice
Welch, OK, man faces charges in rape and murder of his mother
Welch man gives details in mother’s death, police say
Michael Rice Pleads Guilty; Life without Parole (State charges)
Grand Jury Indictments: Michael Joe Rice (about 2/3 way down)
Welch Man Sentenced to 45 Years in Federal Prison for Murder
Welch man sentenced to 45 years in prison for matricide
Oklahoma Man Gets Decades in Prison for Murdering His Mother, Raping Her When He Didn’t Know If She Was Alive or Dead


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