Aromatherapy Spa and Gold Spa, along with Young’s Asian Massage Parlor north of Atlanta were all shot up, killing 8 people; One person is in custody

Xiaojie “Emily” Tan, 49
Daoyou Feng, 44
Delaina Ashley Yaun Gonzalez, 33
Paul Andre Michels, 54
Soon Chung Park, 74
Hyun Jung Grant, 51
Suncha Kim, 69
Yong Ae Yue, 63
Elcias R. Hernandez-Ortiz, 30 (survived)

Captain Jay Baker, the one who was leading the investigation, is no longer involved in this case. Announcing that the suspect was “having a bad day” is just offensive. It appeared that he was actually defending the suspect. Nothing he said made the tragedy any better at all. After all, the victims and their loved ones, co-workers, and others around ended up having a bad day, too. In fact, much worse than he had. He was not having a bad day. He planned this and did it on purpose. His actions showed that he knew what he was doing. He went to 3 separate places. I do hope he gets the ultimate sentence if he is convicted. My heart and love go out to all of the victims and their loved ones. I will continue to think of you each and every day. For those who want to leave comments, please remember: NO VICTIM BLAMING OR SHAMING for any reason.

What We Know About the Victims in the Atlanta Shootings
gofundme: Delaina Yaun family
gofundme: Hyun Jung Grant children
gofundme: Sun Cha Kim family
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GoFundMe page for sons of Atlanta spa shooting victim raises over $2 million
Authorities name all eight victims in Atlanta spa shootings
At funeral of Georgia spa shooting victim, ex-husband says her relatives think US isn’t safe. ‘And who could blame them?’
Friend Remembers Spa Shooting Victim as ‘Special’ Person and Proud Mother
America was always where she felt she belonged
Suspect arrested following deadly shootings at 3 metro Atlanta spas
‘A crime against us all.’ Outrage, grief after deadly spa shootings
‘Unspeakable tragedy’: Local leaders, Asian-American groups react to deadly shootings
Spa shootings: A timeline of events that left 8 dead in metro Atlanta
8 killed in shootings at 3 Atlanta-area spas, one suspect in custody
Georgia massage parlor shootings leave 8 dead; man captured
8 dead in Atlanta-area spa shootings, suspect arrested
Sheriff: No indication of racial motivation in deadly spa shootings; suspect had been there before
‘A crime against us all’: Atlanta mayor condemns deadly spa shooting spree
Georgia spa shootings: What we know about suspect Robert Long
Motive still unclear as 8 dead in shootings at multiple massage parlors
Suspect in Atlanta-Area Spa Murders of Eight People, Six of Them Asian Women, Pictured Behind Bars — Here’s What We Know
In one hour, Atlanta-area spa shootings left 8 dead, including 6 Asian women, local reports say
Police: Suspect claims shootings not racially motivated, says he targeted spas due to sex addiction
Atlanta spa shootings: suspect charged with murder after eight people killed – as it happened
Atlanta spa shooting updates: All victims identified; suspect disowned by church; Biden in Georgia says ‘silence is complicity’
Wikipedia: 2021 Atlanta spa shootings
Prosecutor Plans To Seek Death Penalty For Alleged Mass Shooter At Atlanta Area Spas
Prosecutor plans to seek death penalty in spa shootings
Spa shootings suspect indicted in 2 counties; Fulton to pursue hate crime charges
News Archive: Aromatherapy Spa and Gold Spa and Young’s Asian Massage Parlor murders


Deadly Duo: Gregory and Travis McGregory charged with the shooting murder of jogger Ahmaud Arberty

Ahmaud Marquez Arbery

Ahmaud Marquez Arbery obituary
Find-A-Grave: Ahmaud Marquez “Quez” Arbery
Ahmaud Arbery death: Continuing coverage
Ahmaud Arbery Murder Investigation
Ahmaud Arbery case: Georgia father and son arrested, charged with murder
Ahmaud Arbery shooting: A timeline of the case
Newly released 911 call made days before shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery
Georgia lawyer says he leaked Ahmaud Arbery shooting video to ‘stop a riot’
DOJ considering whether to pursue hate crime charges in killing of Ahmaud Arbery
Ahmaud Arbery shooting video was leaked by one of the suspects: report
What We Know About the Shooting Death of Ahmaud Arbery
Ahmaud Arbery died from multiple gunshot wounds, autopsy finds
The shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery: A timeline of a case that’s gripping the nation
Man who recorded Ahmaud Arbery shooting charged with felony murder
Man who filmed shooting of Ahmaud Arbery charged with murder
Ahmaud Arbery case: GBI doesn’t anticipate more arrests for felony murder
Ahmaud Arbery’s mom says others should be investigated in son’s murder
Georgia police department at center of Arbery murder investigation has disturbing past filled with scandals, corruption
Wikipedia: Shooting of Ahmaud Arbery
Trial date set in Ahmaud Arbery murder case
Suspects in Ahmaud Arbery shooting death indicted on federal hate crimes charges
Suspects in Arbery killing plead not guilty to hate crime charges

Gregory McMichael
Travis McMichael
William Roddy Bryan

Trial to begin 10/18/2021.




Update: Emanuel AME Church shootings *Dylann Roof convicted of all charges; Sentenced to death for federal charges*

Charleston 9

Ethel Lance, 70
Tywanza Sanders
Cynthia Hurd, 54
Rev. Depayne Middleton-Doctor, 49
Clementa Pinckney, 41 [State Senator, pastor]
Susie Jackson, 87
Myra Thompson, 59
Daniel Simmons, 74
Sharonda Coleman-Singleton

Monsters Among Us: Dylann Roof charged with killing 9 people in a Charleston, SC church
Sheriff: Jail inmate slugs man charged in church massacre
Charleston Church Shooting: Jury Selection Begins in Dylann Roof Federal Trial
Prosecutors detail months leading up to Charleston church massacre
Dylann Roof’s racist rants read in court
Jury in Dylann Roof trial hears chilling 911 call from woman intentionally spared during Charleston church shooting
Accused Charleston church shooter’s lawyers call no witnesses during trial
Dylann Roof jury to begin weighing his guilt as emotional testimony ends
Congregants’ Quiet Agony at the Dylann Roof Trial
Dylann Roof found guilty on all counts in Emanuel AME Church massacre case
Dylann Roof convicted in South Carolina church massacre
Dylann Roof trial: Jury returns guilty verdict
Dylann Roof Found Guilty in Charleston Church Massacre
Jury convicts Dylann Roof in Charleston church massacre
Wikipedia: Dylann Roof
Victim’s dad warns Dylann Roof: ‘Your creator … he’s coming for you’
Dylann Roof Is Sentenced to Death in Charleston Church Massacre
Dylann Roof sentenced to death for Charleston church shooting
Dylann Roof friend sentenced to 27 months in prison
Friend of Dylann Roof sentenced to 27 months for lying to FBI
Dylann Roof: Charleston Church Shooter Gets Nine Life Sentences in State Case
Dylann Roof appeals death penalty, convictions in Charleston church massacre
Appeals court upholds death sentence for Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof
Federal Appeals Court Upholds Death Sentence for Charleston Church Shooter Dylann Roof
Court upholds death sentence for church shooter Dylann Roof
Appeals court refuses en banc review of Dylann Roof death sentence
Dylann Roof: Racist mass killer appeals death sentence on grounds his victims were presented in sympathetic light in court

Dylann Storm Roof – federal: convicted, sentenced to death; state: pled guilty, sentenced to 9 consecutive life sentences
Joey Meek – pled guilty to lying to FBI, sentenced to 27 months in federal prison



Register Number: 28509-171
Age: 27
Race: White
Sex: Male
Located at: Terre Haute USP
Release Date: DEATH SENT


Register Number: 28599-171
Age: 26
Race: White
Sex: Male
Released On: 09/28/2018

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