Parents Gone Wild! Jeremiah Lovato sentenced to 119 years in prison for horrific abuse of adopted son

Jeremiah Lovato

Affidavit for arrest warrant
El Paso County man accused of severely beating his teen son
Jeremiah Lovato thinks he’ll get his son back (several articles there)
Man accused of abusing adopted son back in jail
Trial begins for man accused in adopted son’s brutal beating
Craig teachers suspected father was abusing adopted son
Adoptive dad, boy were “having fun together,” social worker testifies
Lovato trial update: teen describes abuse, threats
Jurors weighing fate of father accused of beating adopted teen
Man guilty of child abuse, sexual assault for beating adopted teen
Father sentenced to 119 years for ‘horrific’ beatings of adopted son
Colorado Springs father sentenced to 119 years or abusing adopted son
Abusive Father To Appeal 119 Year Sentence

Parents Gone Wild! *Robert Harford Jr. threw his 9-week-old daughter to ground because she would not stop crying*

Robert Harford Jr. pled guilty to manslaughter and was sentenced to 25 years in prison, but only has to serve 16 years apparently. But, of course, the cry-baby daddy is crying over his sentence. Waa.

Breeder says 16 years too long for killing daughter
Rockland father to be tried in fall
Police: Father ‘threw’ infant
Man Accused Of Manslaughter Makes First Court Appearance
Rockland man pleads guilty in baby’s death
Harford sentencing interrupted by courtroom outburst

John Robert Buckels and Janis Petkas McMahan murders September 1984 Montgomery County, TX *Seldon Wayne Colvin charged in cold case*

John Robert Buckels, 38,
Janis Petkas McMahan, 37

Arrest finally made in 1984 double homicide
DNA helps track down suspect in 1984 murders
Man Charged In Cold Case Slayings
Investigators: Suspect Arrested in 1984 Double Murder Cold Case

Seldon Wayne Colvin

Movies Based On True Crimes: Cross of Fire [rape and murder of Madge Oberholtzer]

Madge Oberholtzer

Madge Oberholtzer – Head of the State Commission to combat illiteracy
David Curtiss Stephenson – Grand Dragon of the Indiana Klan

Find-A-Grave: Madge Augustine Oberholtzer
Cross of Fire: Madge Oberholtzer
Wikipedia: Madge Oberholtzer
Stephenson appeal
Wikipedia: Indiana Klan
Wikipedia: D. C. Stephenson
Find-A-Grave: David Curtiss Stephenson
D.C. Stephenson: Infamous Noblesville Resident
Klan Jury Gets Girl’s Evidence
Klan Chief Serving Life Wins Right to Ask Parole
The Stephenson Story
Parole Looms In Murder
Former Indiana Klan Chief Freed From Sentence For Sordid Murder
Paroled Klan Boss Jumps His Parole
Find-A-Grave: David Curtiss Stephenson

Grand Dragon: D.C. Stephenson and the Ku Klux Klan
Guilty or Not Guilty? an Account of the Trials of the Leo Frank Case, the D.C. Stephenson Case, the

Cross of Fire

David Curtiss Stephenson

Fugitive: Jesus Roberto Munguia

Jesus Roberto Munguia

Wanted: Jesus Roberto Munguia
AMW: Jesus Roberto Munguia
Coroner’s office identifies woman found strangled in SUV
Murder suspect may be in Bakersfield

Charles Shanks murder 12/14/2008 Allen, TX *Wife, Kimberly, charged with his stabbing death*

stop the violence stop the violence stop the violence stop the violence

Kimberly Shanks
Kimberly Shanks

Police: Allen woman didn’t try to flee scene of husband’s murder
Woman arrested in husband’s slaying
Police: Allen woman killed husband after argument over loud Cowboys game

Dana Sena-Wease murder 11/14/2007 Anchorage, AK *Husband, James Wease, has been charged with her murder*

stop the violencestop the violencestop the violencestop the violencestop the violencestop the violence

Dana Sena-Wease
Dana Sena-Wease

Missing Anchorage woman was murdered
Body of missing Anchorage woman found
Anchorage man faces murder charges for wife’s 2007 killing
Anchorage man charged with 2007 slaying of his wife

Missing: Patricia Ann Donaldson since 8/27/2009 from

Patricia Ann Donaldson

Ohio’s Missing Adults: Patricia Ann Donaldson
America’s Missing Adults: Patricia Ann Donaldson

Missing: Karen Rosalba Grajeda since 1/11/1996 from Tucson, AZ

Karen Rosalba Grajeda 1996 ap to 15 years old
     Karen Rosalba Grajeda 1996                    age progressed to 15 years old

Missing Poster
The Karen Rosalba Grajeda Story
The Charley Project: Karen Rosalba Grajeda
Vigil Kept for Missing Girl
Plea for missing Tucson girl renewed
Somber anniversary

Susan Marie Schmidt murder 3/22/1978 Glendale, AZ *Cold case, ASU student shot to death in car*

Susan Marie Schmidt

30-year-old murder case still baffling
Susan Marie Schmidt – Case number 78-7990

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