Possible Serial Killer: Homer Lee Jackson *Charged with 4 murders; How many more are out there?

Essie Carrie Jackson, 23 [3/23/1983 North Portland, OR]
Angela Dina Anderson, 14 [9/22/1983 Portland, OR]
Tonja Nannette Harry, 19 [7/9/1983 West Delta Park, OR]
Latanga Lee Watts, 29 [3/18/1987 Portland, OR]
Lawauna Triplet, 29 [6/15/1993 North Portland, OR]

Find-A-Grave: Essie Carie Jackson
Find-A-Grave: Tonja Nannette Harry
Find-A-Grave: Angela D. Anderson
Police: Cold case murder suspect now connected to killing 3 women, teen girl
Accused serial killer Homer Jackson confesses to some details of case, sources say
‘Weak’ case against accused serial killer Homer Jackson?
Prosecutors Announce New Victim In Decades-Old Portland Murder Cases
OR Supreme Court: State can’t present crime scene evidence from one of Homer Jackson’s alleged murders in trial of another
Accused serial killer indicted in fifth cold case murder in Portland
Superseding indictment identifies Homer Lee Jackson, 59, as the suspect in a fifth homicide
Homer Jackson walks free in plea deal that offered time-served for killing 4 women in 1980s, ‘90s
OR – Homer Lee Jackson, Portland – Charged with four murders from the 80’s

Homer Lee Jackson


Monsters Among Us: Joseph Reinwand charged with 2 different cold case murders; Convicted of both & sentenced to life in prison

Dale Meister, 35 [3/4/2008 Wisconsin Rapids, WI]
Pamela Reinwand [5/13/1984 Plover, WI]

Cold Case: The Unsolved Murder of Dale Meister
Family and friends remember Dale Meister
Wis. Rapids Man Charged in 2008 Slaying Accused of Violating Bond
Wisconsin Rapids man charged in 1984 death of wife
Wisconsin man charged with killing wife in 1984
Homicide defendant’s daughter takes stand
Meister’s brothers testify in homicide trial
Defense rests case in homicide trial
Reinwand sentenced to life in prison for homicide
Joseph Reinwand gets life in prison for killing Dale Meister
Reinwand’s second murder trial delayed by overwhelming amounts of documents, evidence
Trial begins for man accused of killing wife in 1984
Family, friends, experts testify in Joseph Reinwand murder trial
Jury finds Reinwand guilty of murder
Jury finds Reinwand guilty of murder
Reinwand gets life for wife’s 1984 death
Man gets life term for wife’s 1984 death
WI – Pamela Reinwand, 19, shot to death, Plover, 13 May 1984


DOC #: 00569593
Birth Year: 1959
Age: 57
Height: 5′ 8″ Weight: 156
Hair Color: BROWN
Eye Color: BROWN
PhotoDate: 01/10/2013

Institution: Columbia Correctional Institution
Region Unit Office: Unit 804 WI Rapids
Region Unit Agent: 8 04 04
131 24th ST
Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494
Maximum Discharge Date: 01/20/9999
Mandatory Release/Extended Supervision Date: 01/20/9999
Parole Eligibility Date:

Child Serial Killer: David Eliot Penton

Christi Meeks and Nydra Ross

His 2-month-old son
Christi Lynn Meeks, 5
Christie Diane Proctor, 9 (no picture)
Nydra Ross, 9
Roxann Hope Reyes, 3 (no picture)

Find-A-Grave: Christi Lynn Meeks
Find-A-Grave: Roxann Hope Reyes
Roxann Hope Reyes
Jailed child killer serving sentence in Toledo eyed in Texas case
Man charged in area girls’ deaths
Girl’s killer extradited to Texas
Ohioan may face execution in Texas
Former Fort Hood soldier indicted in old slayings
Ohio inmate gets life in killings of 3 Texas girls
N. Texas mother finds peace decades after daughter’s murder
Murderpedia: David Eliot Penton
Serial Killer: David Penton
Photo Gallery for Bogeyman
Cold cases solved: ‘Bogeyman’ tells girls’ murder tale

Bogeyman (very good book)

Most Evil: Predators


DavidPenton prison mug

Number: A245242
DOB: 02/09/1958
Gender: Male
Race: White
Admission Date: 05/24/1991
Institution: Southern Ohio Correctional Facility

Offense Information
KIDNAPPING Counts: 1 ORC: 2905.01 3
Committing County: Marion Admission Date: 05/24/1991 Degree of Felony: A1
AGG MURDER Counts: 1 ORC: 2903.01 3
Committing County: Marion Admission Date: 05/24/1991 Degree of Felony: AM

Sentence Information
Indefinite Sentence Min: 40 years
Indefinite Sentence Max: Life Sentence
Expiration of Max Sentence: Life Sentence

Parole Hearing Information
Next Parole Board Hearing/Review Month: March, 2027
Latest Parole Board Hearing/Review Type & Results: FIRST HEARING

Monsters Among Us: Elias Acevedo Sr charged with 293 criminal counts which include 2 murders, multiple rapes and kidnappings; He pled guilty, sentenced to LWOP – his total sentence is 445 years for all crimes

Pamela Pemberton and Christina Adkins

Pamela Pemberton [10/1994]
Christina Adkins, 18 [1995]

Sister of 1994 Cleveland murder victim Pamela Pemberton hopes for answers as case revisited
Elias Acevedo Sr., convicted Ohio sex offender, indicted on 293 counts, including murder, rape, kidnapping
Elias Acevedo Sr. indicted in murders of two Cleveland women
Medical Examiner: Human remains found last week in Cleveland belong to long-missing Christina Adkins
The longest of long shots: How authorities got Elias Acevedo to confess to two murders
Investigators return to former home of accused murderer Elias Acevedo, Sr.
Women’s underwear found in ceiling of Acevedo’s former home
Cold case investigation heats up after suspect is indicted
Justice: Elias Acevedo, Sr. charged with rape, murder and kidnapping
Cleveland man gets life for decades-old killings of 2 women
Elias Acevedo Sr. to serve life in prison for two murders and rapes of four family members

Elias Acevedo Sr
Elias Acevedo Sr

Monsters Among Us; Thomas Evan Noffsinger convicted for 1 murder, now charged with another, and person of interest in another

Victor Aguilar [3/3/1990] Marie Callender’s downtown 52 W. 200 South (no picture)
Felicia Pappas [4/6/1989] found at 4511 S. 600 East
Annette Hill [missing since 5/5/1989]

Victor Aguilar murder
Thomas Evan Noffsinger aka Thomas Trujillo – convicted of Victor Aguilar’s murder; sentenced to life in prison; parole board decided he will spend natural life in prison
Grant David Stensrud – convicted; sentenced to 5 years to life in prison; paroled 2007

Parole board orders killer to stay in prison until he dies
Is suspect in murder linked to other case? (part 1)
Missing (part 2)
Lawyers want confessions inadmissible in chef’s slaying
Murder trials delayed
Co-defendant pleads guilty in slaying of W.V. man
Grant D. Stensrud pen pal ad
Killer faces victim’s family, questions about other missing woman
Killer apologizes for 1990 murder; denies knowledge of other slaying
Man to spend life in prison for 1990 murder
Family thinks murderer is responsible for woman’s disappearance
Unified Police Solve a 23 Year Old Cold Case Homicide
Convicted murderer charged with cold case murder
UTAP: Cold Case Files: Felicia Pappas
Missing Persons: Annette Hill (Annette Cundiff) (almost to the bottom)
The Doe Network: Annette A. Hill
Is convicted murderer Thomas Noffsinger a serial killer?
Golden Gloves boxer fights in murdered dad’s memory


Name: Grant David Stensrud
Location: Community Supervisor (paroled 2007)


Offender Number: 60345
DOB: Sat, 8 Jul 1967
Height: 5 Feet 10 Inches
Weight: 185
Sex: M


Guest Post: Sarah Russel *Five High-Profile Murders That Are Still Unsolved*

Today I present to you an article written by Sarah Russel. This is the first guest post I have had. I hope to continue doing this!

Five High-Profile Murders That Are Still Unsolved

If you’ve ever watched Cold Case Files you know how many cases out there, murder or otherwise, that go unsolved. Sometimes there’s just not enough evidence or things never come together in a way that allows justice to be done. The same holds true for even high profile cases that attract a lot of media attention. Here are five major cases, in no particular order, that remain unsolved to this day.

1. JonBenét Ramsay:  The media and the American public were captivated by the murder of this tiny beauty queen. Found hidden in the basement of her Colorado home along with a ransom note demanding $118,000, the murder offered little in the way of evidence as there were no signs of forced entry and DNA results found no matches. Suspicion turned to her parents, both of whom were accused through ultimately excluded as suspects due to lack of evidence. Despite a supposed lead with Mark Karr in 2006, the case remains unsolved to this day.

2. Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls:  Occurring only months apart, many have suspected that the deaths of these two rappers are in fact connected. Both occurred in highly public settings but no witnesses or definitive evidence was ever found to bring a suspect to justice. Many have theorized that police corruption or a larger conspiracy within the rapper’s circle may have purposely stalled the case. Regardless, their deaths still attract a large amount of media and public attention to this day.

3. Black Dahlia:  It was the gruesome nature of the murder of young Elizabeth Short, later to be known as the Black Dahlia, which attracted a lot of attention to her case. Short’s body was found severely mutilated, having been cut in half at the waist and slashed multiple times. Despite numerous confessions to the murder (over 60 on record) there has been no conclusive evidence to link any one person to her murder. Some point the finger at Mark Hansen, a nightclub owner, others at Dr. Walter Bayley who lived a block away from the crime, but no real leads were ever found in the case despite intense media and popular attention.

4. Jack the Ripper:  In 1888, London was terrorized by a man, later to be known as Jack the Ripper, who attacked prostitutes throughout the city. The Ripper didn’t just kill his victims however, instead choosing to mutilate them, elaborately slicing them up and even keeping parts of their bodies as souvenirs. Police received several letters claiming to be from the Ripper himself, but many believed these to be faked and no leads were ever found in the case. The Ripper was such a mysterious figure that there was never even a lead suspect and the murders remain one of the great unsolved crimes of the modern era.

5. The Zodiac Killer:  This killer has gained renewed attention due to a recent movie made about the 1968 and 69 murders. Even with an investigation that led police to question thousands of suspects, and numerous coded letters from the killer himself, there was not enough evidence to definitively link any one person to the crime, leaving five or more murders (he claimed 37 but only five have been definitely linked) unsolved to this day, and the Zodiac Killer as one of the most mysterious serial killers never to be caught.

This post was contributed by Sarah Russel, who writes about the criminal justice masters. She welcomes your feedback at SarahRussel1234 at gmail.com. Her website is Masters In Criminal Justice.

Serial Killer: Timothy Wayne Krajcir *Confessed to 9 murders in at least 3 states, Missouri ,Illinois, and Pennsylvania; Sentenced to LWOP*

Brenda Kay Parsh, 27 [8/15/1977 Carbondale, IL]
Mary Evelyn Parsh, 58 [8/15/1977 Carbondale, IL]
Sheila Ellen Cole, 21 [11/17/1977 Cape Girardeau, MO]
Virginia Lee Witte, 51 [5/12/1978 Marion, IL] no picture
Myrtle Rupp, 51 [4/17/1979 South Temple, PA]
Margie Call, 57 [1/27/1982 Cape Girardeau, MO]
Deborah Renee Sheppard, 23 [4/8/1982 Carbondale, IL]
Mildred Wallace, 65 [6/21/1982 Cape Girardeau, MO]

Deborah Sheppard murder 4/8/1982 Carbondale, IL *Cold case solved by DNA, Timothy Krajcir charged with her murder*
Find-A-Grave: Margie Bertling Call
Find-A-Grave: Deborah Renee Sheppard
Find-A-Grave: Sheila Ellen Cole
Find-A-Grave: Brenda Kay Parsh
Find-A-Grave: Mary Evelyn Alexander Parsh
Find-A-Grave: Virginia L. Witte
Find-A-Grave: Myrtle V. Aungst Rupp
Former Lehigh Valley Resident Admits to 9 Murders
Illinois inmate Timothy Krajcir confesses to 5 unsolved Cape murders
Rapist Hid Killing Spree for Decades
DNA links sexual offender to nine slayings, police say
Sex Offender Who Admitted to Killing 9 in Missouri, Illinois Studied Law Enforcement
Serial Killer Learned Police Techniques At SIU
Krajcir Confesses to Murder in Williamson County
Who Were Timothy Krajcir’s Victims?
Confessed serial killer had law enforcement degree
Killer charged in 5 more deaths
Man Admits to Nine Cold Case Murders
Confessed killer has long history of crime, sexual deviancy
Krajcir’s Criminal Background
Serial killer’s confession comforts murdered woman’s son
Pennsylvania Authorities Say Krajcir a Murder Suspect
Murderpedia: Timothy Wayne Krajcir
Wikipedia: Timothy Krajcir
TV show to focus on 1977 Parsh murders
Suspect pleads guilty in 1982 Carbondale killing
Krajcir admits killing former student
Krajcir enters guilty plea
Suspect pleads guilty in 1982 Carbondale killing
Krajcir Sentenced to 40 Years for Sheppard Murder
Krajcir Sentenced to 40 Years for Murder
Serial killer faces five more charges
Killer charged in 5 more deaths
Profile: Timothy Wayne Krajcir

Timothy Krajcir 1979

In Cold Pursuit: My Hunt for Timothy Krajcir – The Notorious Serial Killer

Personal Justice: Deadly Obsessions
Very Bad Men: 911 to Murder
First Kill: Beauty Queen Killer
Beauty Queen Murders: Fashionista Fatality


Update: Bruce Mendenhall *How many more victims will there be?*

mendenhall-truck.jpgLast week, a suspected serial killer, Bruce Mendenhall, was arrested in Tennessee by police who noticed his truck matched a description of a murder suspects truck. I post twice on this so far: Bruce Mendenhall – Truck Stop Killer and *possible suspect in Tammy Zywicki murder from 1992*. Inside his truck (a semi-truck, he is a long haul type driver), apparently there is a “treasure trove” of evidence, including alot of blood splatter. Apparently Mr. Mendenhall was either not too clean, did not care if he got caught, or, just as likely, he may have just recently murdered and did not have a chance to clean up properly (I am guessing he does not watch CSI to know that not cleaning up with at least some bleach would have been a good thing). He has allegedly confessed to 6 murders of women found mainly at truck stops in 4 states. Timeline
Other states are also looking at him for several murders. And a couple of those do appear to be serious contenders for him. One I posted on previously, Tammy Zywicki appears to be one of those cases. If this is the case, Tammy may have been his first victim. The FBI wants to talk to Bruce about her murder, too. FBI probes for link between possible serial killer, Zywicki and, of course, her family wants to know too. Families of other unsolved murders are wondering too if their loved one is one of his victims, such as Jennifer Smith 1 and Jennifer Smith 2. Also, Andrea Hendrix-Steinert , who was murdered a decade ago. And so many more, I am sure.

Many people are wondering, just Who Is Bruce Mendenhall A good question. He is a 56 year old truck driver, married, with 2 adult bruce-mendenhall-mugshot.jpgdaughters. He once even Ran for Mayor! Talk about having skeletons in your closet! This time, it is for real. His neighbors are of course stunned (aren’t they always?). They say he was strange, but not mean or non-friendly. Just strange. So I figure he was not a hit at block parties, if he even went. I am guessing he was very stand-offish with neighbors, if he even said hello it would be a lot for him.

So far I believe he has only been charged with the murder of Sara Nicole Hulbert, but I am sure in the next couple of weeks there will be more charges, and not just in TN. I do not know if there is any DNA evidence, but there is some kinds of “witness” evidence (to him being in the area, etc.) and of course, there is the confession. It is interesting to see that he confessed to 6 when he was only the suspect in 1 at the time.

Possible victims so far: (remember, some of these are only possible victims)

Deborah Ann Glover [1/29/07 Suwanee, GA] *confessed to*
Sherry Drinkard [2/26/07 Lake Station, IN] *confessed to*
Symantha Winters [6/06/07 Lebanon, TN] *confessed to*
Sara Nicole Hulbert [6/26/07 Nashville, TN] *confessed to*
Lucille Carter [7/01/07 Birmingham, AL] *confessed to*
Jennifer Annette Smith [4/05 Bucksnort, TN] *confessed to* I believe
Tammy Zywicki [8/23/92 Lawrence County, MO]
Latisha Milliken [missing since 2/07 Millersville, TN]
Tanya Estep (Robbins) [missing since 10/06 Millersville, TN]
Andrea Hendrix-Steinert [10/29/97 Evansville, IN]

sara-nicole-hulbert.jpg symantha-winters.jpg tammy-zywicki.jpg andrea-hendrix-steinert.jpg
Sara Nicole Hulbert
Symantha Winters
Tammy Zywicki
Andrea Hendrix-Steinert

News Archive: Serial Killer Bruce Mendenhall *Truck Stop Killer*
Families Of Missing Women Wonder If They’re Mendenhall’s Victims
Serial Killer Suspect May Have Killed Before Arrest
Woman Hitched Ride With Accused Serial Killer
Police probe new lead in 2006 murder

Update: Bruce Mendenhall, suspected serial killer *Possible suspect in Tammy Zywicki murder from 1992*

symantha-winters.jpg sara-nicole-hulbert.jpg dusty-shuck.jpg tammy-zywicki.jpg

Sarah Nicole Hulbert
Symantha Winters
Dusty Shuck
Tammy Zywicki (possible victim)
Michelle Carter (no picture)

News Archive: Serial Killer Bruce Mendenhall *Truck Stop Killer*
Confessed Killer May Be Linked To Zywicki Murder
Bruce Mendenhall Facing Charges In Death Of Sara Nicole Hulbert
Slaying suspect arrested
Suspect spawns search for a sixth body
Police probe new lead in 2006 murder
Small southern Ill. town stunned by truck driver’s confession
Truck Driver May Be Linked To Suwanee Killing
Trucker admits to killings

BruceMendenhall mug
Bruce Mendenhall

Chris Jenkins murder 10/31/2002 Minneapolis, MN

Chris Jenkins

Chris Jenkins Homicide: Someone Knows Something
Dive Team Tests For Clues In Jenkins’ Death
With Unyielding Resolve, Jenkins Sought The Truth
Jenkins’ Investigator Talks About Parents’ Pain
Police: Jenkins died after being thrown from bridge in 2002
Police: Jenkins Was Thrown From Bridge
Police say student’s river death ruled a homicide
Chris Jenkins case now ruled a murder
Chris Jenkins Murder
I-TEAM: Possible Suspect In Jenkins Killing
NBC’s Dateline covers Chris Jenkins murder mystery
Smiley face killers may be stalking college men

Dateline: What Happened To Chris Jenkins

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